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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Malicious Gossip on Social Media from Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart: Obsessive Rampage of Defamatory Falsehoods Continues
















Karen Stewart, a former NSA employee, began her defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell in late 2019. The apparent primary motivation for this, at least that I could see, was simply that I am a friend of Ramola D, for whom Stewart has demonstrated a white-hot hatred, after their professional collaboration ended. But none of that had anything whatsoever to do with me. I was not involved, nor was I even personally acquainted with any of the other persons who were involved, including Karen Stewart.

As is more than likely, an additional motive was provided by Stewart's friend, Janet Phelan, an aggressive busybody, left-wing agitator and UN advocate, with the mentality of a Marxist, a notorious intelligence groupie who insinuates herself into the good graces of former intelligence professionals by currying favor, for the purposes of self-promotion and gaining credibility in association with their names. If Stewart wants to talk about “quid pro quo journalism”, of which she falsely accuses Ramola, she might take a closer look at her sycophantic supporter, Comrade Phelan.

Phelan (since 2012, when I ended my association with her, for cause) has been spreading slanderous gossip against Barbara Hartwell, in her typical whisper campaigns (by semi-public e-mail and semi-public social media posts), falsely claiming that I am a “character assassin” who promotes “depraved lies” on a “libel site”. And I know that I have not seen a fraction of the slurs she has been spreading, and so have no possible way to refute them – publicly, that is. Anyone who actually knows me (as Phelan did, in the past) will know that I will say the same things to a person's face, or in a public report, as I will say to others privately. I am no diplomat, nor does it concern me “what people will think”. I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I am nothing, if not direct and blunt, offenses to the thin-skinned, like Janet Phelan, be damned. It will be no mystery where anyone who knows me stands with me. All they need to do is ask. They will hear the truth, like it or not.

The truth is, though I don't hate her personally, I loathe everything Janet Phelan and her ilk stand for, being anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-Liberty, anti-American. And I have stood up publicly and clearly said so, while Janet Phelan, lacking integrity and courage, hides in the shadows, engaging in insidious gossip behind the scenes, while openly promoting deceptive political rhetoric. And I don't underestimate the damage she has done to my good name, for which I intend to continue to hold her publicly accountable.

But enough of Comrade Janet Phelan. Back to her friend and supporter, Karen Stewart. Some of her endlessly repeated, self-aggrandizing claims to the fame she so obviously seeks, are that she is “The ONLY NSA whistleblower” ever to come forward in support of “targeted individuals”. That she is a “peacemaker”. That she has been deemed “supremely logical” and “incorruptible” by psychologists administering the Meyers Briggs test.

It would appear that she believes that just by repeating these mantras, she has exonerated herself from any form of wrongdoing. But, as is always the case, her actions, not her boastful claims, tell the true story. And her actions, as I have documented in a number of reports, belie every single claim. Karen Stewart has discredited herself, as a malicious liar, never once providing any evidence for her outrageous calumny.

The motley crew of like-minded accomplices, all spewing their trash, on Facebook and Twitter, include (but are not limited to): Frank Allen (Targeted Massachusetts), Katherine Horton (STOP 007 & JIT), Janet Phelan, Midge Mathis aka Doris Clause (Targeted Justice), Nina Benita Gonzales, Howard Fisher, Erik Karlstrom (911/NWO & other sites), Kola Boof, Tiffany Fontenot, Penny Shepard (Shepard Entertainment), Ellen Atkin, Allison Ireland, Andy Spoo, James Lico, Millicent Black (Refugee from the Storm), Ella Free aka Eyerly Felder (Freedom for Targeted Individuals), Deborah Weber, Barbara Harrison...and a plethora of anonymous cowards, intelligence groupies, government stooges, hypocrites and quislings. These contestants all seem to be vying for public attention in a Social Media Clown & Freak Show.

And as far as I am concerned, not a one of them has any credibility, not where publishing accurate, truthful, factual information is concerned.

Now, to the recent article (October 21, 2020) from Karen Stewart on her Facebook page, PERPS and Nutcases.

Definitive Reply to Psycho Ramola Weinstein Flying Monkey Stalking Gang.

Anyone may go to the link to read the entire screed, chock-full of salacious gossip against various individuals. I will address only those excerpts in which my name has been included, according to Karen Stewart's continuing false accusations.

It is important that I state that I do not use social media, nor am involved in its Internet culture. I am not involved in any way with the so-called “targeted individual community” promoted by Stewart and her associates, nor do I identify myself as a “targeted individual”. Yet, these liars, shills, and busybodies continue to throw my name into their gossip fests, AS IF I am “one of them”, which I have never been, and never will be.

"Just ask Frank Allen, Ella Free, Midge Mathis, Eric Karlstrom, Allison Ireland and all the other people dedicated to fighting for TI’s, who dared decline to join in Ramola’s “Harvey Weinstein-esque gang” of on-line sycophant, character assassins and attackers on stand-by, like @NHScorrupt Cassandra, @Dublin_TI Crosbie, and the minor but infamous blogger, Barbara Hartwell, now joined by recent recruits and similar ilk people to Ramola, Helen (Galina) Kurdina, and Amy Rayboun."

Here, Stewart names some of her accomplices in her defamation crew, against Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell, Cassandra and others.

My name is included in her accusation of: “...Ramola’s “Harvey Weinstein-esque gang” of on-line sycophant, character assassins and attackers on stand-by...”

FACT: I am not, nor have ever been involved in any way, with any of the individuals named here. With the exceptions of Ramola and Cassandra, I do not even know them. This is the old tactic, “guilt by association”. And in this case, THERE IS NO ASSOCIATION.

To claim I am part of such a “gang” is preposterous. But typical, for a pathological liar, with a self-serving agenda, who has NOTHING factual or truthful she can slap on her Target.

Stewart throws my name into the mix, as “the minor but infamous blogger, Barbara Hartwell”.

FACT: I have worked as a professional journalist, including in mainstream media (print, terrestrial radio and cable TV) and since 1995, on the Internet, for a total period of more than 40 years. To call me a “blogger” is idiotic, but the best she can come up with as an insult, considering she has no facts at her disposal. But unfortunately for her, malicious, baseless insults don't change the facts.

Next item, continuing her outrageous lies against Ramola:

"And further, she will obviously recruit, bribe and flatter a plethora of useful idiots to continue her vicious slander campaigns as proxies after she is called out serially abusing people, all the while howling, she is the “injured party!”, she is the “injured party!” always, and repeatedly, hoping people do not see through her text-book, toxic malignant narcissist serial abuse. “Its not me, it’s THEM – ALL of them plotting against me!” when she is the master plotter, manipulator, bully. Who actually purposely gathers and encourages useful idiots to attack? Ramola does. I know, having once been on “good” terms with her, watching behind the scenes."

Karen Stewart, being the harpy she is, has harped endlessly on the idiotic, baseless accusation that Ramola is a “malignant narcissist”.

I can guarantee, if that were true, she would not be any friend of mine. Ramola has never treated me with anything but kindness, courtesy and respect. Nor has she ever asked me to “attack” anyone, including Karen Stewart. No, the only reason I had for EXPOSING (not attacking) Karen Stewart was in self defense, against her malicious, baseless, libelous falsehoods. She was the one who drew first blood, not I.

Now, Karen Stewart once again brings up her self-aggrandizing claims of Meyers Briggs tests, which she foolishly thinks place her in a stratospheric category far above mere mortals, the plethora of evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

"Now, I am sorry if YOU have NO such validation…. Other than your… “friend Safari Club Barbara” who once read a book on Jungian theory and acted as a counselor at CIA? Highly bizarre assertion, but ok. Not real sure that compares to numerous consistently passed standardized tests relied on by the Federal government and other important entities over decades and the evaluations of THREE highly skilled, experienced professionals with over 30 years experience EACH, vouching for me. And no one of consequence vouching for you but largely medically untrained flying monkeys expecting something in return. So this is my response to your year-long harassment and actual slander campaign of someone who simply did not want to play your sick game. Hope it was not too “supremely logical” for you or the Weinstein gang publicly affiliated with you"

Now, she comes up with this piece of idiocy: Safari Club Barbara” who once read a book on Jungian theory and acted as a counselor at CIA?”

Karen Stewart, in her obviously obsessive desperation to discredit me, by any means necessary, has no idea what the hell she is talking about.

FACT: I did not “once read a book on Jungian theory.” I read many books, most of which I still have in my collection. I was trained as a Jungian analyst, by professionals. The training takes years, and includes a requirement that the candidate for certification must engage in two (2) years of analysis by a Jungian analyst, all of which I completed. I later went on to conducting a private practice (aside from anything to do with CIA), and give seminars at Jungian institutes in New York and Connecticut.

As for the “Safari Club” she throws in, connected to my name, there are two such “clubs” I have heard of. One being a conspiracy involving CIA, circa 1976. The other being Safari Club International, an organization to protect hunting rights for thrill-killing macho morons.

Neither of which I have ever been involved with, in CIA, or otherwise. I have fought, and protested, and lobbied against hunting since I was a teenager, as an animal rights advocate and activist.

What in the bloody hell is wrong with this woman, Karen Stewart? She has NOTHING on me, but her extreme malice clearly supersedes the “supreme logic” or “incorruptible” personality of which she shamelessly boasts, in her arrogance and hubris.

Forget the Meyers Briggs test, already. Get some serious therapy for psychopathy, before it is too late.

And get the hell off my case, or take the consequences.

Barbara Hartwell

October 31, 2020



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