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Friday, December 27, 2019


This brief report is for the purpose of correcting and refuting a false statement using the name of Barbara Hartwell, which appeared in this article written by Karen Stewart, posted on Twitter, December 25, 2019.   

It is titled: Reply to Ramola!244&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AI2C_iKGRLJIttI

Those interested may read the entire article at link, above. My purpose is not to address the content, as a whole, but limited to the use of my name in connection with it.

First of all, I find it necessary to state, for the record, that I am not involved in any way with the so-called “Targeted Individual Community”, as it has been called by many who have joined various groups and/or are reporting publicly on related issues. Nor do I refer to myself as a “targeted individual.”

For the record, I have been a political Target of retaliatory persecution, as a government whistleblower, for many years. I am an independent investigator and journalist. I do not join groups, nor does anyone claiming to be a “leader” of these groups speak for me, nor has my permission to speak publicly about me. I'm aware that I cannot stop them from promoting false information in connection with my name, nor from promoting defamatory falsehoods. I can only expose them and refute their falsehoods for the public record.

Secondly, I am not personally acquainted with any of the individuals named in this article, (nor those unnamed), nor am I involved in any of their activities, with the one exception of Ramola D, a colleague and friend whom I have known since March, 2018.

Of particular importance to me is the issue of context in which my name has been used in this article, especially since the statement itself is false.

EXCERPT [Underlining mine]

"Thoughtful responses” - like sending me a screen shot (of my tweets) attributed to Barbara Hartwell, letting me know “they are watching me” and another screen shot of a tweet where I laud peace-making where possible and Ramola herself denigrates it as “a tweet from God” showing her contempt for peacemakers and perhaps the Judeo-Christian God?"

The context here, considering that an accusation is being made of  “they are watching me”; and other accusations of "Weinstein-Snitches", "Weinstein Club", etc. clearly show the intent of attaching such false labels to my name, when in fact at no time have I participated in any such actions.

Also notable is that my name is the ONLY one mentioned in connection with such derogatory labels. Only vague references are made to others being accused, which makes the reference to me all the more damaging, having been singled out for this false accusation.

So, before going further I need to state some facts, for the record:

I at no time sent any screenshots of Karen Stewart's entries on Twitter to Ramola, or anyone else, so how such could possibly be “attributed” to me I have no idea. I only know one thing for certain: it is a false statement.

No evidence has been presented to back up this claim; nowhere in any e-mails has the name Barbara Hartwell appeared in connection with the alleged “attribution”.

Any private e-mails between me and Ramola are just that: PRIVATE. No third parties are involved, not on my end, and as stated, I do not know the unnamed individuals under accusation, nor have any communication with them.

I do not use social media (including Twitter); however, Twitter is accessible for viewing by anyone, including those who do not have an account. Aside from “private” messages sent by one user to another, any public statement made on Twitter may be viewed by all and sundry. By the same token, recipients of “private” messages are able to publish them for those not having direct access.

Here is a public statement made by Ramola, on Twitter, to which Karen Stewart responded in the article:

"Further #KarenStewart has named those independent observers posting #Truth in rebuttal to her attacks on me as “Weinstein-Snitches” “Weinstein Club” highly derogatory, demeaning, absurd.
Not one of them had conferred with me rebutting her tweets…

18/ But wrote back on their own correcting her false allegations.
It is in fact these observers who can clearly see the #Truth of what has occurred over the last 2.5 years and are able to sift the wheat from the chaff in TI activism."

Karen Stewart responds:

"These “independent observers” all have previously joined in the “chase” shall we say, of those who have displeased Ramola. And have blindly defended her before, not being strangers to her coat tails. My assessment stands despite the attempt to obfuscate their close association with Ramola."

So, none of the persons being accused are named, not a one. Having access to their messages on Twitter, I have seen some of the messages in defense of Ramola, but again, I do not know them, nor am I involved in any way. Yet my name is the ONLY one given in the article. Why this is, I have no idea.

I have never once made any public statement which could possibly be considered defamatory against Karen Stewart. I have published some of her material, previously posted on Ramola's site, having received permission from Ramola, the original publisher. And that is the full extent of it. But considering this false statement made about me, I now find it necessary to remove that material from my website.

I have written reports in defense of Ramola, connected to various issues, including what is clearly an engineered defamation campaign being run against her. However, I speak strictly for myself, based on my own beliefs and principles. As an independent journalist for more than three decades, I certainly have no need to ride anyone's coattails, inclusive of Ramola. Nor would I “blindly” defend anyone, including Ramola. I defend those whom I deem worthy of my efforts.

Just as I expose those whom, upon information and belief, and via collection of facts and evidence, I deem to be wrongdoers, whether their offenses be criminal, and/or morally repugnant.

In both cases, such a decision is solely my prerogative, and not under the influence of others.

Some of these individuals, in fact, are the very ones who have viciously defamed Ramola on social media, including the promotion of lurid and patently false accusations. These are the same individuals who are now promoting the statements made by Karen Stewart, by disseminating them on Twitter.

One such character calls himself Andy Spoo. Here he repeats such statements:

"Interesting. I am being told #Ramola is calling people in a mass slander attempt. What a petty, dishonest person."

"It is... verified. Trusted sources."

And another such character, an anonymous coward claiming to be “Servant of Jesus Christ (Yahuwshua Messiah)”

"What is your theory about her? Why do you suppose she is doing this to you and so many of us? Is it just narcissism? Is she being coerced? Mind influenced by DEWs? Is she being paid? Is she a perp (and has she been all along)? Is she being threatened? I used to trust her.."

As far as I am concerned, these individuals are nothing more than shameless busybodies, engaging in malicious gossip and wild speculation on social media. Evidently, they have no better use for their time.

I have no doubt that the gaggle of ACTUAL “coattail riders”, snoops, snitches, busybodies and gossips, some of whom have flagrantly defamed my name with false accusations, will have a field day with this report, exploiting it to further defame me and my friend, Ramola. That is to be expected, it is the nature of the beast.

Needless to say, I vehemently disagree with Karen Stewart's viewpoints on Ramola, and her subjective perceptions of various individuals (named and unnamed) in her article, Reply to Ramola. But I am not involved, nor have any intention of becoming involved.

As stated, the purpose of this report is to refute the false accusations (including by contextual implication), that I am involved in “watching” anyone, or engaged in “snitching” or that any such actions are in any way “attributable” to me. 

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
December 27, 2019