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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Penny Shepard aka “Agent X” Targets Barbara Hartwell for Exploitation, Misrepresentation & Promotion of False Information

"I am the REAL Eleven depicted in Stranger Things. The CIA is the secret gov which runs earth. THEY are malevolent Drago Reptilians and Greys who are stealing our DNA; making clones and anomalies in DUMBS. They are WAR- They are DECEPTION; they are a SPECIES of SATAN(s) in the bible."

-Penny Shepard aka “Agent X”,  from her website

I was recently informed that a woman named Penny Shepard, calling herself (idiotically) “Agent X”, has been exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell on a Twitter account, and promoting false information in connection with my name, as well as the names of certain family members and former colleagues, in relation to MK Ultra and related issues.

Typically, I never heard of this character until I was informed by a colleague (a “known associate”), a few months ago, that this woman had been attempting to extract information about me.

Subsequently, this Penny Shepard started exploiting my name publicly on Twitter and sending “private” messages to my colleague in attempts to extract further information –which I can guarantee she will never get – not from any friend of mine.

When I checked a website she runs, I found exactly the kind of gibberish I was expecting: Penny Shepard promotes bizarre conspiracy theories about “reptilian aliens”, along with the doctrines of demons, claiming that the God of the Bible is actually Satan....and on and on in this twisted vein of demonic ideology...

She endorses such characters as Fiona Barnett (a lying devil worshiper who has made abhorrent false accusations against a number of genuine Christians, such as Doug Hagmann, Craig Sawyer) and makes the same claim as Barnett, that she was “raped by Billy Graham” (whose name she misspells as “Billie Graham”.)

I cannot stop such aggressive characters from promoting false information in connection with my name, or from exploiting my name, for whatever their agenda may be. These despicable characters are everywhere, especially on social media, and there seems to be an endless supply of them, as new ones pop up on a regular basis. I can't even keep track of them, it would be a full time job.

I do not ever engage such characters in discussions, arguments or debates, publicly nor privately. I have no dealings with such unscrupulous persons.

I can only EXPOSE them for their injurious exploitation and lies and make it crystal clear that their offenses will not be tolerated.

For the record, I am issuing a public demand that Penny Shepard CEASE & DESIST from exploiting my name.

Should she continue as an aggressor against me, I will take all legal and ethical measures necessary to stop her.

And for any such characters (including Penny Shepard) who attempt to contact me through “known associates”, here is an excerpt from a NOTICE on my website:


Barbara Hartwell does not use intermediaries for any purpose. No person or entity is authorized to speak for or about the personal or professional business of Barbara Hartwell.

The readers are asked to DISREGARD any comments, communications, publicly or privately stated, which claim to be speaking on behalf of, or by proxy, relating to Barbara Hartwell. Any and all such communications are to be construed as unauthorized, fraudulent and as misrepresentations (or 'false light') of Barbara Hartwell, and of this website.

Barbara Hartwell does not have a public e-mail address or telephone number for use by readers of this site, or the general public.

Any and all “known associates” (including those editors/publishers of websites, radio/TV hosts, etc. who publish the work of Barbara Hartwell) do NOT function as intermediaries, or conduits, for the purpose of passing messages by e-mail, telephone or post.

No communications sent to third parties, which are intended for Barbara Hartwell, are to be assumed to have been received or read by Barbara Hartwell. Barbara Hartwell does not respond to third party communications.


So, for all the scavengers, gate-crashers and name-droppers who are hell-bent on digging up information in attempts to exploit and/or discredit the name of Barbara Hartwell, I have to wonder WHY they do not simply READ THE NOTICES on my website.

No, never mind, how silly of me to wonder...these unscrupulous characters have ZERO respect for the privacy and personal boundaries of others.

Their motives are clearly only to promote themselves, with sensationalist claims, boasting of their exploits and connections, at the expense of others, whom they do not even know.

May God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon them all.

Barbara Hartwell
December 1, 2019