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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


"Targeted Individuals" aka TIs: I first heard this term used in the mid-nineties, when groups were forming to address the issue of anti-personnel energy weaponry designed by the military/industrial complex and deployed by intelligence agencies against those deemed “subversives”, “dissidents”, or “enemies of the state”. (Read: Patriots, Christians, Defenders of Liberty and the Constitution.)

The people in these groups used the term (TI) almost exclusively to label anyone who was reporting assaults with these weapons. At the time, it was a “fringe” issue, and the reporting victims were relegated to the “tin-foil hat” crowd, and when not mocked, or called “crazy”, were mostly ignored.

Roughly a quarter century later, it appears that “Targeted Individuals” have become, if not a subject of common knowledge to the general public, at least a recognizable term for those interested in delving into government conspiracies. Note that I say conspiracies, not conspiracy theories.

A very large problem, however, is that, for the most part, conspiracy theories are what are actually being promoted, rather than conspiracy facts, or conspiracy reality. And this is by design.

When criminals (including those in government) are engaging in unlawful and nefarious activities (including assaults with directed energy weaponry) they will always engineer a propaganda campaign which “explains” the phenomena, in an effort to create a smoke screen, or a side show, to misdirect the attention of the public, once the actual conspiracies begin to come to light, usually by legitimate people: witnesses, victims, journalists, government whistleblowers, or concerned citizens.

The perpetrators will disseminate the propaganda and disinformation among the populace, by recruiting from among the groups and individuals who are reporting on the crimes and/or those claiming to be Victims/Targets of the criminal operations.

Some who become the recognized “leaders” of these groups are government operatives, but most are just aggressive, ambitious people seeking fame and/or money, otherwise known as stooges. They are given a playbook from which to operate, complete with designated terminology (such as Targeted Individuals); they are given a narrative to promote: WHAT is happening. WHO is behind the criminal conspiracy. WHY the criminal conspiracy is in operation. HOW the criminal conspiracy operates.

These narratives vary, but they are not based on factual information. They are based on the spin they want to promote, which serves the agenda.

The “leaders” are usually funded by government agencies (one way or another), so they have the resources to engage in the promotion of information (much of which is false), via media outlets such as websites, talk shows, discussion groups, and most recently, social media. They stage demonstrations and engage in advertising campaigns, including erecting billboards.

One important element is the Containment Operation. If the perpetrators can rope as many people as possible into the same corral, they can be fenced in and contained. They will spout the same terms, parrot the same “approved” phrases, promote the same information, much of which is false, as part of the agenda.

Those who allow themselves to be thus contained will also receive the “benefits” of a Protection Racket, which is always adjunct to a Containment Op. They are “protected” by the leaders and members of the group, as long as they follow the leaders, toe the line and promote the party-line.

Such characters will promote, support and endorse their leaders and team mates, with no thought given to their integrity or their truthfulness. They will overlook fraud, lying, deceitful behavior, even criminality. They are ready and willing to “take one for the team”. What they apparently don't understand is that the “team” operates only for an agenda and could not care less about them as individuals.

Should they dare to step out of line, or even to question the agenda, they will be summarily discarded, or worse, become the Target of vicious attacks by the Mob. For that is what they are, a Mob, with a herd/group think mentality. The same mentality that spawns Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Progressivism, Fascism, all totalitarian ideologies where the God-given rights of the Individual are not only utterly disrespected, but considered anathema to the objectives of the collective.

Then, there are the smear campaigns. Who will be targeted for a smear campaign? Anyone who is not part (as a dupe and/or accomplice/perpetrator) of the agenda. Anyone who reports factual information and acts independently of the groups. Anyone who is a legitimate journalist, human rights activist, government whistleblower.

This is a general means of operation, for ANY issue, but this report focuses on some the persons and organizations claiming to be advocates for Targeted Indviduals.

I should make it clear right up front that I am not, nor ever have been, involved with any of these groups. I am an independent investigator, intelligence analyst, journalist and government whistleblower.

And predictably, I have had a Target on my back for decades, including (but certainly not limited to) a massive smear campaign, engineered by government agencies, and carried out by their minions, lackeys and stooges.

The latest crop of these slanderers include some of the aforementioned “leaders” of TI groups and their sycophants.

Most of these unsavory characters I had never even heard of until I found my name being defamed by them on websites, on radio shows and social media. I do not know any of them personally – not a one. I have been accused of every dastardly deed imaginable. Bizarre stories have been fabricated about me, most of which would be laughable were they not so terribly damaging. Then, the army of stooges, busybodies, gossips and malicious liars are eager participants, who spread the outrageous lies far and wide.

I will begin by exposing (once again) a woman named Katherine Horton. I first heard of Horton when she was a member of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum, hosted on Ramola D's channel.

When the TCFF ended, due to the calls for violence and murder by Horton, I wrote a report in defense of my friend Ramola, after Horton began to run a smear campaign against her, totally misrepresenting the situation, while assassinating Ramola' character.

Horton then began a smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, promoting outrageous falsehoods for which she had no evidence whatsoever. Horton has claimed from the beginning that I am a CIA agent. Having no facts at her disposal, she simply parroted the mantra of long-running counterintelligence ops against me: Barbara Hartwell is a CIA disinfo agent.

I wrote several reports in which I refuted her false claims, and further exposed her as a malicious liar and promoter of violence and murder, using HER OWN PUBLISHED WORDS as evidence.

Horton continued her defamation campaign against me, and against Ramola, and was soon joined by more recruits, among her large audience of sycophants and stooges, many hiding behind screen names and false identities.

Horton's Twitter account and her website were finally taken down, due to violation of terms of service. Now, she has a new website (STOP 007) and new Twitter account, under a different name, still libeling Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D and others, still lying, still promoting her lurid “attack” charts and defamatory falsehoods.

On her new website:

Horton has reproduced her large section dedicated to libeling Ramola. She has also added a new section, to which Barbara Hartwell has been added:


The following list contains those individuals who have engaged in targeted time-wasting, harassment, libel, subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work, draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life. These people act to all intents and purposes as if they were agents and operatives for the Secret Services. If they are not, they should consider becoming such because they could be earning a lot of money with what they are doing anyway.

Barbara Hartwell: Disinfo Agent & Saboteur (Coming soon!)

Ramola Dharmaraj: (Indian), Libel Agent & Saboteur

There are other names listed, but they are not relevant for this report, so I have not included them.

I will start by addressing the false accusations, one by one, and refuting them with FACTS.

"have engaged in targeted time-wasting"

Horton does not specify what “targeted time wasting” means. It is a vague phrase which means nothing to me, and has nothing to do with me, nor any of my activities in relation to Katherine Horton.


I have never, at any time, engaged in any sort of harassment of Katherine Horton. This statement is patently absurd. I do not know her, have never had any contact with her, nor any communications.


Wrong again. Stating my opinions and exposing the fraudulence and criminality of Katherine Horton does not constitute “libel”. She doesn't know the meaning of the word, or chooses to disregard it. I simply used her own published words as evidence. And defended myself against her defamation of my name by refuting her false claims, including that I am a CIA agent.

"subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work"

Horton certainly has an inflated perception of herself if she actually thinks that I would waste my time engaging in “subversion” or “undermining” of her “work”. (What work?) As for “threats”, how dare you, you loathsome servant of the devil! I have never at any time made threats against this self-aggrandizing liar.

No sabotage either. Again, I don't consider Horton of any particular importance, nor do I engage in sabotage. Stating the facts works fine for me, always has. And if she wants to consider someone stating FACTS about herself to be smears, then she is probably too far gone in delusions of grandeur to recognize that her Targets can see her for exactly what she is.

"draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life."

What in the bloody hell does she mean by this load of horse manure! It is nonsensical garbage. Maybe her “psychological well-being” would improve if she stopped soliciting violence and terrorism, even MURDER against others.

As for her “personal life”, that is none of my concern. My ONLY concern as regards Katherine Horton is that she is a pathological liar, engaging in criminality (felony crimes) against law-abiding people; and that she has damaged MY name as well as those of some of my friends, including Ramola.

Now, a list of some of the individuals who count themselves among the so-called “TI Community” who have promoted defamatory falsehoods against Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell and others, as well as the accomplices who support, promote and endorse them.

Anyone (including those not named here) who supports, promotes and endorses these individuals is an accomplice to the defamation campaigns against legitimate people.


Katherine Horton
Midge Mathis
Richard Lighthouse (pseudonym) aka Owen Calvert
Frank Allen
Susan Olsen
Barbara Harrison
Chris Zucker
Tomo Shibata
Kerry Cassidy
Andy Spoo
Ortaine Devian
Deborah Anne Weber
Ella Free (pseudonym)
Janet Phelan
Matthew Aaron
Allison Ireland
Daymond Jones
Julianne McKinney
Deborah Tavares
Brian Tew
Alfred Webre
James Fetzer

Lastly, excerpts from this recent article by Ramola D, exposing some of the same characters.

Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice Promotes Targeted Smear

Posting, for the record, Midge Mathis‘ of Targeted Justice’s repeat-promotion on Oct 13, 2019, of Smear PedoSatanic meme put out by one “Andy Spoo” who appears to be a backseat operative running a smear campaign, in hopes of attacking credibility and reputation (mine) perhaps, or gaining name and fame (his) perhaps, or just misdirecting all who read or watch my interviews and reports on Targeting — which seek to inform the nation and the world on FISA/Surveillance/NLW abuses and inhumane neuro-experimentation projects, and have been doing so, despite nonstop personal persecution of the writer with noxious neuro/nano/NL/DE/Psy weaponry, since 2014.

It seems like the character-attacks against me from various parties including Midge Mathis are never-ending, since I am noticing a new efflorescence of attacks on Twitter — mass stoning and mobbing seems to be incited and escalated by the circle of courtiers surrounding her, inclusive of Ella Free, Deborah Weber, Ortaine Devian, Andy Spoo, and others.

Targeted Justice’s promotion and support of Agent-Provocateur Calls to Violence, Open Deceit, Smear Attacks, Revisions of History, Disinfo Regarding Targeting Technologies, Fabrications, Inventions, Outright Lies and the most outrageous False-Accusations of “money-laundering” and “inciting-violence” through Midge Mathis’s support of Dr. Katherine Horton, Andy Spoo, Deborah Weber, Richard Lighthouse speaks for itself–again visible on Twitter and Youtube and on the Targeted Justice board of advisors, anyone can check these for themselves.

I would not be noting any of this, or wasting time paying attention to it, except for the historic record: since the absurd and vicious attacks on my name, writing, and reportage — from people who say they are supporting and representing and acting for targets of Govt. persecution — appear to be ongoing. I find it extraordinary, and appalling; obviously I am not going to be silent and take this abuse, it adds to the abusive and wrongful Mafiosi State Terrorism and COINTELPRO directed at me as a writer and journalist exposing Government crimes, I am documenting it.


In summary, I would ask anyone who is reading this report, who is concerned with the issues raised here, and more importantly, concerned with the truth, to do their own research and to search diligently for FACTS and EVIDENCE.

To search for reliable sources of information which can be verified by multiple sources.

Those of us whose good names are being vilified by baseless accusations by malicious liars with an agenda, know that it is not only our names, but our very lives which are being destroyed by such diabolical calumny.

Don't let these liars win! If they do, it is all of us who stand for the truth who will lose.

Barbara Hartwell
October 22, 2019




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Horton also solicits affidavits from victims, promoting court cases as a legal remedy for crimes against persons. She urges the victims to remain “calm”, no matter what.
Why then, does she herself behave in such an utterly frantic, hysterical and lawless manner? She rants and raves, cursing and dropping F-bombs, exhorting her reading and listening audience to engage in violence and terrorism, and goes so far as to actually publicly solicit the MURDERS of intelligence and military personnel, including in the US of A.
Why solicit crimes against persons, when she claims to be trying to STOP the crimes? Under US law, solicitation of murder is a felony crime. But then, she doesn't live here. However, many of her followers DO live here, as do some those she has clearly named as her Targets.



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