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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Shoddy “Journalism” by Hack Makia Freeman Misrepresents & Exploits the Name of Barbara Hartwell

On October 22, this article was e-mailed to me by a friend:

5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

I clicked the link, read the article and said to myself, Oh no! Not again. My name, exploited and misrepresented yet again, by yet another irresponsible hack “journalist”.

As is typical regarding these characters, I'd never heard of this woman, Makia Freeman. Also typical, she just dropped my name into her ill-conceived, poorly-researched piece, without bothering to learn the true facts about the case of Barbara Hartwell, which have been published by the original source (that would be me) for more than two decades, on my own website. Nor, apparently, had she even bothered to visit my website; for if she had, she could have taken the time to learn some actual facts.

Typically, rather than doing any real research, Freeman seized on one video, part of an interview with Chicago Health Television in 1998, recorded TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO. The interview followed a seminar called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption, presented by former CIA Chip Tatum, former CIA Barbara Hartwell, former FBI Ted Gunderson and Susan Ford (using the pseudonym Brice Taylor) who claimed to be a survivor of “Monarch”.

A video which was pirated by Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor and FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson, for which I NEVER SIGNED A RELEASE, for anyone to use EXCEPT to Chicago Health Television. (Bootleg, piracy, copyright violation.)

Ford (Taylor) and Gunderson then incorporated the video into a commercial propaganda video, called Mind Control Goes Public, filled with false information, produced by Susan Ford, and SOLD IT FOR PROFIT, through various outlets, including Amazon and one of their accomplices in promoting disinformation/propaganda, David Icke, the notorious peddler of bizarre alien/lizard people conspiracy theories.

Worst of all, these unprincipled scavengers then published it on the Internet and used it in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell, using titles like CIA Media Plant Barbara Hartwell Exposed! Or, CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Hartwell.

This video, grossly exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell, complete with defamatory titles attached, has been used countless times to promote disinformation and to falsify my professional background, which of course, was the agenda to begin with. And as usual, they are profiting off the exploitation and intentional infliction of emotional distress of a legitimate whistleblower, knowing I didn't have the resources to sue them, though I had actionable grounds to do so.

Now, to Makia Freeman's section on Barbara Hartwell. Since it is brief, I have copied the entire thing.

Barbara Hartwell

Ex-CIA agent Barbara Hartwell worked for 25 years in the CIA as an investigative and intelligence analyst. She is a mind control victim and childhood survivor of MK ULTRA. In this video clip she shares how she started getting attacked right after she “broke her programming” and started to go public in 1994. She woke up and realized she was living a double life. She was being used by the CIA to disseminate New Age propaganda with the purpose of confusing and distracting people – and as she puts it to bring in the New World Order. In the video she sits next to Brice Taylor, a famous mind control victim who like Cathy O’Brien was used as a mind-controlled sex slave to service the highest officials in the US and beyond. Hartwell emphasizes how Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent who became a tremendous investigator uncovering mind control, pedophilia and Satanism) was a great friend who helped her.

Hartwell talks about how she was attacked every single day. Sometimes she was tailed or followed; sometimes she encountered agents in her life posing as someone else; her phone was tapped; black helicopters flew over her house; and she received death threats. She reveals how she was hit with exotic weapons, which she describes as laser weapons and microwave pulse weapons, which sometimes knocked her unconscious.

First, I should make it clear that I find it unconscionable that this woman, Makia Freeman, presumes to exploit and misrepresent the name of Barbara Hartwell, to promote a “story” which is not hers to tell.

She places my name in the context of “Targeted Individuals”, which, if she had done any research at all, she would be aware that I have written numerous reports explaining that I do not identify myself as such, and that in fact I have clearly explained my objections to the term, as it does not accurately represent me, nor my experiences.

"She is a mind control victim and childhood survivor of MK ULTRA."

Freeman falsely states that I am a “mind control victim”, using the present tense. No, I have not been a mind control victim for many years. And though I am a survivor of MK Ultra, I have been out of CIA operations since 1994, which is a quarter century ago.

Again, she is using this video (over 20 years old) as the primary source about my background, when in fact it was only a few minutes of testimony which was presented in an interview, where I was only one of those being interviewed, in a context I did not choose.

"She woke up and realized she was living a double life."

This statement is simplistic and inaccurate. Freeman is apparently putting words in my mouth, based on speculation. I won't be baited into explaining myself, I will only say she has no business making such a statement AS IF it were authoritative, when she knows nothing about my history, only what she thinks she knows, based on her own very limited subjective perceptions.

"In the video she sits next to Brice Taylor, a famous mind control victim who like Cathy O’Brien was used as a mind-controlled sex slave to service the highest officials in the US and beyond."

Again, she cites that damnable video, as if it were the source of All Truth from On High. And the deliberate attempt to lump me in with Susan Ford (Brice Taylor), when in fact there is no commonality at all. Which, if Freemen had bothered to do any research, she would have known that I had exposed and denounced Sue Ford aka Taylor many years ago, explaining in great detail the true story of my brief association with Ford, and the damaging consequences to me.

As for Cathy O'Brien, I do not know her and have never had any contact with her, and again, there is no commonality whatsoever. I was, however, targeted by her (now deceased) husband and handler, Mark Phillips (whom I also never met), back in the 90s when I first went public. Phillips was harassing me by e-mail, attempting to draw me into his little containment operation. I publicly exposed him and published a notice telling him to mind his own damned business.

And now, the “journalist”, Makia Freeman, exposes her vast and profound ignorance about the life and times of Barbara Hartwell, with this gem:

"Hartwell emphasizes how Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent who became a tremendous investigator uncovering mind control, pedophilia and Satanism) was a great friend who helped her."

If Makia Freeman had half a brain, she would certainly be aware that over the past two decades (since 2000) I have written numerous reports, done countless radio broadcasts, all EXPOSING Ted Gunderson for his rampant criminality, both while inside the FBI (1951-1979), and afterward (1979- 2011, when he passed away).

I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Gunderson in 2000, for cause, when I discovered that he had been planted on me (1997); and that far from being “a great friend”, he had been tasked by CIA to attempt to draw me into his counterintelligence/containment operation/protection racket, in order to effectively neutralize me. He failed, but not without massive damages to me, the shock waves of which are still reverberating today, of which this article, as just one example, is evidence.

In fact, Gunderson is responsible for sowing the seeds of the huge and ongoing defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell, based on one outrageous lie: Barbara Hartwell is a CIA Disinfo Agent. This defamatory falsehood has been parroted, ad infinitum, ad nauseum by hordes of government minions and stooges right up to the present day.

Anyone who is interested in the facts and the truth (which clearly excludes the “journalist” Makia Freeman) may find numerous detailed reports exposing Gunderson and his accomplices on my website.

Now, note that Makia Freeman has included in her list of “Targeted Individuals”, the infamous Katherine Horton. Who, if Freeman had done any real research, would know is another purveyor of false information, which includes some of the same defamatory falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, as promoted by Ted Gunderson, including that I am a CIA Disinfo Agent. Gee whiz, what a coincidence.

And Freeman promotes the website of Horton as “informative”. I would only recommend this website to those who wish to be totally MISINFORMED, which is clearly the case regarding the “journalist” Makia Freeman.

Katherine Horton


"She runs the informative website"

"Her antidote to all this invisible abuse is make fun of everything and laugh at these manipulators as she exposes them."

No, in point of fact, Horton does a lot more than “make fun” of those she claims are perpetrators. In reality, she issues calls inciting violence and terrorism, and actually publicly solicits the MURDERS of intelligence and military personnel, including in the USA, a felony crime.

Now, the “journalist”, Makia Freeman, offers this:

"According to one TI man, EVERYONE is a target. Prisoners and veterans get hit the worst with electronic harassment. It has been reported that 70% of TIs are women with advanced education (e.g. university degrees). How much more evidence do people need to accept the existence of this phenomenon?"

I see no facts presented here, no reliable sources, and certainly no “evidence” as she falsely claims, only hearsay from an unidentified “TI man”, and some vague reportage of other unknown entities.

Freeman wraps up her article with this:

"It is important to note there is something you can do about this if you are a TI. You can join a group or organization dedicated to supporting TIs, such as the Surveillance and Harassment Survivor’s Alliance. Katherine Horton has a victim affidavit collection system."

Based on her incompetence as a “journalist”, who is not capable of even tracking down simple facts, I would warn anyone reading this to find reliable, trustworthy sources elsewhere.

Note that it is Katherine Horton who is promoted as having
"a victim affidavit collection system". For anyone who wants their name and private information harvested, so it can later be used against them by this fraud, Horton, go right ahead. Otherwise, mark my words: steer clear of this charlatan and any “journalist” who promotes her.

As for Makia Freeman, I am outraged at this presumptuous hack “journalist”, at her exploitation and total misrepresentation of my name.

Speaking for myself, an article like this, which purports to be in favor of the persons featured, is worse than outright defamation. Defamation is easy to counter. But false information, couched as being supportive, when it is anything but, is the most damaging of all. It negates the reality of a situation (in this case mine), or issue, and replaces it with propaganda which promotes an agenda –and that agenda has nothing to do with the truth.

Shame on you, Makia Freeman. By this terribly irresponsible action, you identify yourself as part of the problem, whether for those who identify themselves as “Targeted Individuals”, or anyone else who may be facing the serious issues addressed here. You most certainly are not part of any solution.

Barbara Hartwell
Former CIA
Political Target of Retaliation Against A Whistleblower
Exploited by Hack “Journalists”
Disgusted, Incensed, Outraged
October 26, 2019