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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Letter in Support of Investigative Journalist Ramola Dharmaraj

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22

Rhinebeck, NY 12572

April 28, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of investigative journalist Ramola D/Dharmaraj, editor of The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

Ramola has informed me, in recent telephone conversations and by e-mail, of some very disturbing information regarding false, injurious and defamatory public allegations levied against her by administrators of the school her child attends.

As I understand it, the principal, Richard DeCristofaro Jr. (and possibly other school administrators) of her child's school has made totally unsubstantiated, and what I can only call wild, accusations, based not on any facts, nor evidence, but solely on Ramola's distribution of a public document reporting on anti-personnel weaponry, deployed against her and many of her professional colleagues, some of whom are scientists with expertise in such technology; some of whom are former intelligence professionals, who have studied and documented the use of these weapons against themselves and associated persons.

It is a well-known and prolifically documented fact that such electro-magnetic weaponry exists and has been operational for decades, used by the military and intelligence agencies (including but not limited to FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DOD, DARPA) against persons deemed “dissidents”, whistleblowers, journalists and expositors of vital information which should be of concern to every American who values the God-given, unalienable rights and liberties enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights contained therein.

Ramola reports that she met with the principal of the school, Richard DeCristofaro Jr. and the vice principal, Susan Shea Conner. Subsequently, the deputy superintendent, Kevin Mulvey and the senior director of student support services, Maura Papile informed her husband that they were concerned and would be contacting Child Protective Services.  

A CPS case worker, one Terri Ellis, then contacted Ramola and her husband, first by leaving voicemail, next by a hand-delivered document in their mailbox, and finally pressed for a home visit, for the purpose of determining whether an “investigation” should be conducted into her home life, based only on the false allegations by the school administrator(s).

During the home visit, the case worker stated that a report had been made by one or more of the school administrators, making the following allegations:   

The mother is extremely mentally ill, delusional, psychotic, and does not take medication.

The mother has an untreated mental illness.

The mother is a published author and journalist and seriously mentally ill.

This, with no evidence whatsoever of the veracity of these false and defamatory allegations, what can only be seen as a misguided, baseless and biased subjective opinion, from a person (or persons) unqualified in any way to make such a “diagnosis”. Absolutely outrageous!

Perhaps an even greater offense is the wrongful action such that these school administrators took it upon themselves to interfere in the private affairs of a family and attempt to usurp the parental rights over a minor child, which they had absolutely no business doing.

As I understand it, Ramola was then informed that "neglect" could  include "untreated mental illness" in the home.

Ramola reports that the CPS worker would not specifically identify the person(s) who made the false report, saying Massachusetts State Law protected their identities.

So, Ramola D, a diligent, hardworking, conscientious investigative journalist, and a caring, attentive and supportive mother, has now been falsely accused – injurious, defamatory, malicious allegations, it cannot be stated too many times! – and supposedly, under the 'State Law' her accusers are “protected”.

Where is the “protection” for this mother, who has broken no law, committed no offenses, civil or criminal? And now, she is prevented from even facing and confronting the false accusers. Again, outrageous beyond belief!

Ramola's privacy (and that of her family) has been egregiously invaded, she has been subjected to extreme emotional distress, intentionally inflicted by persons who do not know her, and who have summarily and with no just cause, labeled her “mentally ill”, “delusional”, and parlayed these false allegations into an accusation of “neglect” of a child.

I became acquainted with Ramola D when invited as a guest on her podcast, to discuss (among other issues) FBI and CIA counterintelligence operations, including the aforementioned anti-personnel weaponry.

I have found Ramola to be very well-educated on the many subjects she covers; she is a brilliant writer and a compassionate listener, especially for the guests (including myself) who have suffered horrific injustices at the hands of government agencies, their crimes against persons and humanity at large. Including – and it cannot be stressed enough – assaults with remote high-tech directed energy weaponry.

She has been courageous in reporting on these issues, and is now (like so many of us) facing the retaliatory wrath of those whose criminality she has exposed.

I am one of many former intelligence professionals, an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist, who, for more than a quarter century, has been documenting and publicly reporting on the high-tech anti-personnel weaponry used against us.

I am not a scientist, but I have worked with scientists in various disciplines, as well as with private investigators under former contract with government agencies (including CIA) in gathering evidence of this technology in field investigations. My colleagues possessed the cutting-edge technology to track the psychotronic and directed energy weaponry, as well as to identify military frequency signals.

I have worked as a journalist (print, radio and TV) since the 1980s, including in mainstream media. I am a former Press Representative for Amnesty International.

Among my areas of professional expertise are psychological operations and counterintelligence. I am also a Christian minister (ordained 1979, D.Div.), specializing in pastoral counseling, and trained as a psychoanalyst (Jungian and other methods.)

I am a survivor of CIA black ops (covert operations, including MK Ultra) which routinely used such psychotronic technology and anti-personnel weaponry on both “test subjects” and military/intelligence personnel, which has been widely reported and documented, by me and numerous others, for decades.

The criminal perpetrators of these campaigns against those targeted (most notably including former intelligence professionals turned whistleblowers, journalists, human rights activists, liberty-loving patriots and defenders of the Constitution) have, as an exercise in “plausible deniability”, in order to continue these violations and crimes against humanity, implemented a scheme to silence and/or discredit those who, as persons of decency, integrity and conscience, as conscientious objectors, document and publish such information, in defense of the founding principles of this nation; of the rule of law in this Constitutional Republic; and of “the consent of the governed”. In defense of unalienable rights, bestowed by our Creator, rather than privileges issued at the discretion of the government.

The scheme involves impugning the sanity of the Target, making false allegations of “paranoia”, of being “delusional”, of “mental illness”. Their objective is to remove the Target (one way or another) from the public arena where her expositions are heard and where her activism may gain support from other concerned citizens who are becoming aware of the threat to anyone who speaks out, and ultimately, to humanity at large, by this out-of-control juggernaut of government agencies run amok.

Back to the school administrator(s). Their offenses should absolutely not be tolerated. Libel, slander, defamation, “false light” misrepresentation, character assassination against Ramola D's good name; as well as harassment, invasion of privacy, and the intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

The offenders should be issued a directive to cease and desist from all such offenses. They should be held accountable for all damages to the injured parties. A demand for a public retraction of all false allegations, and for a public apology to Ramola D.

We the People must stand up against such tyrannical and totalitarian systems in government, which have infiltrated and have become a systemic corruption in the schools, as well as other public institutions.

I consider it a moral imperative, and my duty, especially as a Christian, as a patriot, as a human rights activist, and no less importantly, as a grandmother, to do all in my power to support those, most certainly including Ramola D, who stand on the front lines in defense of liberty and justice for all. The future of this nation depends upon it.

Barbara Hartwell

Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA


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