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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


On May 1, 2018 Ramola D and I attempted to record PART 3 of a series of interviews addressing counterintelligence operations by government agencies against whistleblowers, dissidents, journalists.

In the past two interviews there was also sabotage, including an echo on my end of the line throughout the podcast, which was distracting, to say the least. In PART 2 the podcast was cut off and Ramola had to begin over again and then splice the two parts together, a time-consuming task.

Yesterday evening was the worst sabotage yet. The echo on my end was there throughout, but we managed to record despite it. But then, the line was cut and Ramola's computer was suddenly crashed, and the issue under discussion is very telling, considering Ramola's recent assault by school administrators who have fraudulently labeled her “mentally ill” and wrongfully reported her to Child Protective Services.

The issue under discussion at the time we were cut off due to the computer crash was punitive psychiatry, otherwise known as political psychiatry, used as a weapon to discredit/silence whistleblowers.

Please see this report (2002) from which I was reading excerpts when Ramola's computer suddenly crashed.

KGB-style Punitive Psychiatry for American Dissidents by whistleblower Ed Schooling, former military and LAPD.


This excellent commentary was sent to me by whistleblower Ed Schooling [2002] ex-military and retired from LAPD. Ed has established a track record as a sharp investigator and has been an extremely reliable source of information for myself and other researchers over a period of years.

What Ed says here about whistleblowers having their sanity impugned by government-sponsored whore psychiatrists and their cronies and minions is certainly true. This outrage has happened to many of us who have told the truth about government corruption and illegal black operations which we witnessed; were directly involved in; and/or were victimized by.
[See: Targeted for Terror: Ex-FBI Agent's Gruesome Ordeal, re Geral Sosbee, as just one such case of a whistleblower whose sanity was impugned simply because he reported FBI corruption and defended the Constitution. They threatened him with incarceration in a psychiatric hospital unless he retired! And the persecution has never stopped, it continues to this very day.]


Every American whistleblower, whether he/she was police, intelligence agent or operative, government or private worker all know that for decades if you blew the whistle on your leaders, superiors, fellow workers, your agency, or company, you were sent to "whore shrinks" who always diagnosed you as having some type of mental disorder.

This was especially true if you did not "recant" your allegations, if they gave you that chance. These whore shrinks would write whatever they were told to write about you by the powers who paid them. And this was not about political dissent, rather about reporting major corruption.

Therefore if your facts of corruption were true, they would label you as a mental case. End of any internal investigation.

There is not much difference between these American whore shrinks and the Soviet shrinks of the past. In America, instead of doctors and nurses torturing "dissenters" or "militants who want to report corruption," the whistleblowers' superiors and co-workers would use CIA/KGB/NAZI style dirty and illegal tactics to attempt to destabilize, break down, and discredit the whistleblower. These were willingly taught to police departments for example by CIA. Of course the FBI and other agencies also use these tactics.


Now, here we are, in 2018 and these outrageous accusations against journalists and whistleblowers continue as a nefarious scheme to silence and discredit anyone reporting on government corruption.

Last I heard from Ramola, we will have to do the interview all over again, if it turns out the recording was lost, due to a second crash of her computer last night as she was attempting to recover what we had managed to record.

Much of the rest of the recording covered the late FBI chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson and his continuing involvement in counterintelligence operations against whistleblowers (including Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee) for more than three decades after he retired from the FBI in 1979.

Ramola and I agreed that this was the best of all three interviews, not only for the content, but also because on that evening I was able to overcome the severe allergies which put stress on my voice.

PART 3 will eventually be done (at least I hope so), but meanwhile Ramola is under attack by the school system and Child Protective Services, who have thrown a wrench into her work as a journalist.

Barbara Hartwell
May 2, 2018