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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spotlight on Maureen Nemaizer: A Web of Lies & Weaponized Whining

I have published numerous reports exposing the offenses of Howard Nemaizer, a used car salesman (doesn't it just figure?), an extremely aggressive interloper, ambitious amateur and opportunist who is trying to make a name for himself by latching on to legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, copying and parroting the work of others.

Nemaizer is a name-dropper and gate-crasher who bulldozes his way, uninvited and unwanted, into the business of anyone he thinks he can exploit for his own self-serving ends. In short, he's an unprincipled busybody with no respect whatsoever for the privacy and personal boundaries of others. Worse, he is a malicious pathological liar, as demonstrated by the diabolical calumny he has added to the already existing massive smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell.

The smear campaign, that is the core of this entire issue, though Howard Nemaizer is only one of numerous participants attempting to ruin the reputation of Barbara Hartwell. None of the dime-a-dozen government stooges (including Nemaizer) have any truthful, factual information that could actually be a basis for even compromising my credibility, much less destroying it.

Where are the facts? Where is the evidence to back up the facts? Nowhere to be found. It simply does not exist.

These pretentious fools have nothing that could possibly comprise factual information, so they resort to parroting the lies of the government agents who designed the defamation campaign many years ago, the most prevalent of which is that I am a “CIA disinfo agent”, courtesy of FBI chief Ted Gunderson. The little squawking parrot, Nemaizer, threw that one in too, just as I knew he would, just as all the other stooges of his ilk (such as Ken Adachi, Tim White, Alex Studer, Pam Schuffert, James F. Marino, Charles Bruce Stewart, Larry Lawson, Brenda al) have done.

But of course, it gets worse. Having nothing of substance to report, these self-appointed Town Criers, driven by spite, and often by envy of those who have the actual credentials, knowledge and experience which they lack, fabricate stories about Barbara Hartwell, and disseminate them far and wide, via their social media grapevines. 

For these scandal-mongers, malicious gossip, the more lurid the better, is the coin of the realm. This malicious gossip (which has no basis in fact) is then in turn passed on to numerous other social networks, where their fellow busybodies trumpet the libelous falsehoods. X-tra, X-tra, read all about it! BEWARE: Barbara Hartwell is an evil CIA disinfo agent....We read it on too many sites for it not to be true!

But in the case of Howard Nemaizer, the falsehoods he promotes are far more damaging, because of the unfortunate fact that for a short time (roughly a year and a half) he was actually acquainted with me and due to his dishonest nature, seized the window of opportunity to bear false witness against me, once he realized that I had zero tolerance for his exploitation and misrepresention of my name.

Add to this the misfortune that I was stranded in his house under terrible circumstances, again, due to his dishonesty, which exacerbates the situation further. That is why I find it so important to establish, for the record, that Howard Nemaizer is a malicious and unrepentant liar.

My first reports on Howard Nemaizer were published in protest of his exploitation and misrepresentation of my name and website. He took it upon himself to “tell the story” of Barbara Hartwell, promoting inaccurate information, some based on his own wild speculation, and often falsely stating that I was “one of his closest friends”, thus implying that he had “inside information”. It's not his story to tell, but these characters just can't seem to mind their own business, and leave others to tend to theirs.

As always, my reports were based on facts, backed by evidence, which I presented, in the form of Nemaizer's own written and published words, from his websites, “Howard Nema dot com” and “TRUTH TALK NEWS”. I also cited videos he had published on You Tube, where my name was grossly misrepresented and exploited, and where he published material stolen from me, in violation of a good faith verbal agreement. In the case of Howard Nemaizer, “good faith” is a concept alien to his mentality of aggression, exploitation and total disrespect for the personal boundaries, the privacy and the property of others.

Despite my initial polite request that he remove the false information and fraudulent promotions in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell, despite my subsequent demands, my warnings to cease and desist, Nemaizer arrogantly chose to disregard my protests of these offenses and left the fraudulent promotions (in one such case, by his own admission, “more than 200 posts”) on at least two websites he owns, “TRUTH TALK NEWS” (a flagrant misnomer, if ever there was one) and “Howard Nema dot com” (using a pseudonym instead of his actual name).

Nemaizer's first response to my rightful protests was to publish a defamatory notice (February 24, 2015), making false accusations and stating that he wanted to be PAID to remove the fraudulent material. That alone should suffice to show his true character as a dishonorable person and malicious liar.

But Howard Nemaizer didn't stop there. Some time later (November 9, 2015) Nemaizer published another defamatory article, chock-full of outrageous lies, libelous falsehoods, in which he added insult to injury by his monstrous invasions of my and my family's privacy.

This was a full-blown assault on Barbara Hartwell, a false narrative with no basis in fact, and for which he presented no evidence (there was no evidence), only fabrications, in his attempt to try to justify the unjustifiable, to defend the indefensible.

What exactly was he trying to defend and justify? The horrible, unprincipled way I was treated by him and his wife, and their similarly atrociously ill-mannered, low-class friends. His false pretenses, false promises in making an offer of “sanctuary” at his house, when I was in a dire emergency situation, about to lose my second home in three years, and nearly all of my possessions.

As a result of Howard Nemaizer's lies, and his fraudulent bait-and-switch offer of “sanctuary”, I was stranded for 29 days in a dark, dirty, cold, damp, mildew-and-mold-infested basement, unfit for human (or animal) habitation. Until, that is, a directive was issued by Maureen Nemaizer that I, a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution, must be OUT BY NOON on December 21, 2013.

All that being said, as just a bit of background information, I'll get to the point of this report, which is that unfortunately for anyone who becomes a Target of Howard Nemaizer's aggression and fraudulent schemes, there is another Nemaizer lurking in the background, pulling his strings and whining hysterically in his ear: his wife, Maureen Nemaizer. And Howard Nemaizer has nothing on his wife when it comes to being a liar, an aggressive busybody, a snoop, snitch, gossip and Town Crier of other people's personal business. I mean, she revels in such unscrupulous pursuits.

Considering the fact that Maureen Nemaizer has also published libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell (which have now been spread far and wide via social media), I find it necessary to expose the facts, once again, in defense of the truth and of my honor. I will not allow the malicious lies of Maureen Nemaizer to stand unchallenged. She, like her husband, brought this exposure on herself; she has earned it and richly deserves to reap the toxic fruits of her labor.

Because I do not participate in any form of social media, I don't have access to the Facebook pages of Howard or Maureen Nemaizer. Nor would I want to waste my time slogging through their trash for more evidence of their outrageous lies. I already have more than enough of that to make a very solid case against them.

But I do know that Maureen Nemaizer posted a number of defamatory comments on her husband's website, “Howard Nema dot com”. I haven't seen them; I was alerted to this by my best friend and fellow Target of government-sponsored defamation, Geral Sosbee, who is as outraged as I am about the unscrupulous activities of both Nemaizers and the extreme damages to me.

Geral Sosbee too was driven into financial destitution and homelessness, a direct result of the FBI's campaign to neutralize him. And Geral and I are not the only ones. This same pattern of events has repeated itself time and time again, in cases of whistleblowers who refuse to back down in our stand against government corruption.

One reason I refuse to revisit Howard Nemaizer's defamatory article (once was enough) is because I was also informed by Geral that the infamous perp (stalker, blackmailer, forger, identity thief, porno-monger, etc. etc.), Todd Brendan Fahey, was engaged in his usual obsessive, filth-laden calumny against Barbara Hartwell, right there on the same page with the Nemaizers. Birds of a feather – vultures, that is.

Maureen Nemaizer called me “evil”, I do know that much. This, from a woman who attends heavy metal concerts where devil worshipers congregate, and where Bibles are burned onstage as part of the show. This, from a woman who issued the directive that a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution, with an elderly cat to care for, be thrown into the street in the dead of winter, and on a satanic “holiday”, no less, the winter solstice, December 21. (A coincidence?)

This, from a woman for whom lying is second nature and who expected me to become a participant in her deceptions, when she dropped the bombshell that she had fabricated a false story to tell her parents about why I was at their house on Thanksgiving.

But there's much more where that came from...

It became clear to me that Maureen Nemaizer never meant for me to be welcome in her home. Trouble was, I was never informed of this very important fact beforehand. This is because Howard Nemaizer lied to me, not only about that, but so much more. As far as it was possible to do, he misrepresented the entire situation regarding the so-called “sanctuary” he offered. And there was hell to pay, at least for me.

Not until I was already there, when it was too late to reconsider the offer of “sanctuary”, when I was stranded in that godforsaken place with all my remaining possessions, did I find out the truth. And that is when the bombshells began to drop, courtesy of Maureen Nemaizer. She played the role of “bad cop” (not difficult, I'm sure) while her husband pretended to be “good cop”.

Every bombshell that fell was dropped by her, while her husband was conveniently absent.

First, she told me that she had fabricated a story to tell her parents, who were coming for Thanksgiving dinner. My presence there as a “guest” was to be kept a secret from her parents, she said. This was news to me, like all the other “conditions” of which I was not told beforehand, but with which I was expected to comply. When I told her that her “story” (complete with many false details) was a lie, she whined, “Well, I had to tell them SOMETHING!”

I did not agree to be a part of any such deception. As far as I was concerned, it was none of Maureen Nemaizer's parents' business why I was there. And no way was I going to sit there and discuss my personal business with strangers, especially as part of her misguided scheme to trap me in her own web of lies.

But I soon learned the truth about the Nemaizers and their pathological household, where lies were the standard policy, where deception ruled, and where truth had no place to rest.

Howard and Maureen Nemaizer lived in fear of what her parents would think, and planned their activities accordingly, including the lies and coverups.

(I once watched a video of Howard Nemaizer, on “TRUTH TALK NEWS” with one of his cohorts, in which Nemaizer was bitterly complaining about his in-laws. He said, “They've been trying to control our lives for the past 20 years!” So, Nemaizer proclaims this in a public video, with apparently no concern about airing his own dirty laundry.)

From my observations, not only have the in-laws “tried” to control Howard Nemaizer's life, they have very obviously succeeded, as I witnessed firsthand.

What kind of man would live in thrall to the opinions and beliefs of his in-laws? Afraid to make a move without their approval. Fabricating lies to feed them, in fear that they would learn the truth. The same kind of man who lacks the cojones to stand up for the truth.

So instead of basing his real life on the pursuit and defense of the truth, he hosts a “virtual reality” show which he names “TRUTH TALK NEWS”. It is a facade he hides behind, while appropriating the work of others, who have actually shed blood, sweat and tears for love of the truth and in its defense. He really needs to grow a set.

But back to Maureen Nemaizer. The next bombshell she dropped was that they would have to ask permission from their landlord to have a guest staying at their house. I was told that according to their lease, there was a limit as to the number of days a guest could stay.

When I asked why I had not been informed of this very important fact beforehand, I was given no straight answer, only some vague whining that there might be a “problem”. Howard Nemaizer then tried to assure me that he was “sure” they could work something out, and not to worry. “Don't worry”, that was a phrase I heard repeatedly from Howard Nemaizer, during the course of the whole hellish ordeal. But the “worries” were always based on my accurate assessment of reality, which Nemaizer sought to minimize or negate.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that she had called the landlord to inform him that they had a guest. I was down in the dungeon (as I called it) when Maureen Nemaizer opened the door upstairs and yelled down to me: “The landlord says you can't stay here!”

This woman has some of the worst manners I had ever encountered in my life. Shouting from room to room is simply not done, not in my world.

From this point on, all hell broke loose in the Nemaizer residence. Now that it had been determined by Maureen Nemaizer that there was a “deadline” by which I must leave (which I had been very anxious to do from Day One, despite the fact that I had nowhere else to go), Maureen Nemaizer began to lay on the pressure.

The Nemaizers then tried to farm me out to some of their low-life friends, including a man who was verbally abusive to me, and who arrived at their house so drunk, he passed out cold in their driveway.

Did Maureen Nemaizer care? No, she tried to get me to agree to go and stay in this guy's basement, with no concern whatsoever for my safety. Hell would freeze over before I would even consider such an outrageous idea.

But of course, I was criticized and blamed by Maureen Nemaizer for declining this absurd proposition.

I later learned, from Howard Nemaizer, that she had been making phone calls to various organizations, seeking “charity” on my behalf, without my knowledge or consent.

At one point, she actually had the gall to suggest that I should go to a “homeless shelter”.

I was harassed, subjected to hostile interrogations and intrusive personal questions, which I declined to answer, considering the fact that my private life was none of her damn business.

Maureen Nemaizer was gossiping about me behind my back, with her parents (“God only knows what she's been telling her parents!”, shouted Howard Nemaizer at me, when he exploded with anger, blaming me for the consequences of his own lies, to me and others).

She was gossiping with the neighbors as well. The same neighbors Howard Nemaizer falsely accused me of talking to, in his smear piece of November 9, 2015, when in fact I did not know any of them, and had never spoken a word to any of them.

He claimed that the landlord forced me to leave, because I had talked to the neighbors, who informed the landlord that I was there. No, not at all, it was Maureen Nemaizer who called the landlord, as previously stated. Just another lie from Howard and Maureen Nemaizer.

Then, Maureen Nemaizer, this ignorant busybody, in her relentless offensive against me, actually tried to psychoanalyze me. I was accosted with accusations: “I think you have ISSUES!”, she screeched at me, in efforts to blame me for things she knew nothing about, and over which I had no control.

From my observations, Maureen Nemaizer is like a cheap 2-speed blender. Speed 1: whining. Speed 2: screeching. I can only imagine that speed 3 would result in a smoking melt down.

In my opinion, Maureen Nemaizer is a vacuous half-wit, a harpy and a hysterical woman afraid of her own shadow, who lives in constant fear of “what people will think”.

What will the neighbors think? What will my parents think? What will my friends on Facebook think? Oh my GOD, WHAT WILL THEY THINK!

Having no control over her own life, having allowed others to do her thinking for her, she has become a slave to the opinions of anyone and everyone who crosses her path.

Under other circumstances, I could pity her. But when this foolish woman tries to destroy my good name, when she insults my honor, when she fabricates false stories, and lies to cover her own abject cowardice, when she hurls blame at me for events which took place ONLY as a direct result of her husband's false pretenses and false promises, she can best believe I will stand up for the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.

Speaking for myself, I don't gvie a flying flip “what people think”. They can think whatever they please, as long as they don't voice their opinions in a public venue by their libelous falsehoods in connection with my name. Then, guaranteed, they'll have a serious problem.

How dare you, Maureen Nemaizer!

What will people think?

I leave that to their own discretion, their own discernment, at least for those with eyes to see, ears to hear.

By their fruits shall you know them.

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