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Monday, February 22, 2016

In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer (aka Nema) as Presented on "Howard Nema dot Com" & "Truth Talk News" (2)


Please read PART ONE before continuing.

In PART TWO I will cover the time period beginning in late 2013 and will focus (once tiresome it gets...) on refuting the many lies promoted by Howard Nemaizer, especially in his outrageously defamatory smear piece of November, 2015, which has now been spread far and wide by other like-minded malicious liars.

As stated in PART ONE, I will use Nemaizer's own words as evidence that he discredits himself in his efforts to cover his wrongdoing by fabrications, character assassination, bearing false witness, and leveling false accusations against the injured party, Barbara Hartwell. The false narrative promoted by Howard Nemaizer has absolutely no basis in fact, and nowhere within it can the truth be found.

In 2013, I was facing the loss of my home for the second time in three years, along with most of the possessions I'd gathered over a lifetime.

But before I go further, I find it important to explain WHY this happened to me. One of the primary goals of the evildoers who run a neutralization campaign against a targeted government whistleblower is to drive the Target to financial destitution and ultimately, homelessness. In my case, after many years of persecution, they finally succeeded. (I'm sure those cotton-pickin' bastards were popping the champagne corks and gleefully high-fiving each other down in Langley, Virginia. And as far as I am concerned, they can go straight to Hell!...where they are already heading in a handcart.)

To make matters worse, the Target is likely to be abandoned and/or betrayed by at least some of the people from whom he/she may have had a reasonable expectation of support. The sad truth is that most people won't support the Target who is openly and unabashedly standing up against a tyrannical federal government. They cave in to intimidation tactics, or they buy into the lies disseminated in the carefully crafted defamation campaign, meant to discredit the Target, to foment suspicion, and ruin his/her good name.

Most often, those close to the Target flee in fear, blaming the Target for all the evils which befall him/her. It's one of the oldest stories there is...blaming the victim. Blaming the victim, rather than caring enough about the truth, and the principles for which the victim stands, to place the blame squarely where it belongs: on the perpetrators.

The classic pattern repeats itself, time and time again, and is anything but accidental. It is by design: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation. They aim to see that the Target is without resources, under constant stress, and left to stand alone against relentless persecution. Eventually (they hope) it will lead to a total collapse, or better yet, the death of the Target, which they can “plausibly deny” had anything to do with their campaign of havoc and destruction.

Anyone who believes that the criminal perps of these campaigns don't have the resources or the vast network of accomplices to achieve their goals, is greatly mistaken. The adversary here is the most powerful government on the face of the earth, which is awash in corruption so deep it can barely be imagined –except by those of us who have seen it firsthand, by personal and professional experience.

The fact is that there is a war on whistleblowers, waged by the U.S. Government. Nothing new here, it has happened throughout the history of the world. Stand up against tyranny and corruption, and you will be targeted by the perpetrators of evil, every time.

I am only one of many whistleblowers to be driven into such a catastrophic state of affairs. In fact, this has happened in most every case I have investigated, as well as those credible cases I have read or heard about. It has happened to my friends and colleagues who are whistleblowers, former FBI, IRS, CIA, DOD, DIA, law enforcement, military, etc. etc.

The case I know best is that of former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee. Decorated combat veteran (Vietnam). Attorney (former prosecutor and judge.) Recipient of letters of commendation from the FBI (including for Civil Rights), and of the American Jurisprudence Award.

And yet, because he honored his oath to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, because he defended the unalienable rights of ALL (incuding suspects), because he reported the crimes of his colleagues in the FBI, refusing to be complicit in any wrongdoing, he was forced out of the FBI under threats of losing his liberty, his sanity was impugned, and he has suffered more than three decades of political persecution.

Abandoned by his former colleagues, his friends and his family. Driven into bankruptcy, then homelessness. Forced for a time to live in his car, unable to find a place to live, as no landlord would rent to him, a result of the FBI's defamation campaign against him. There are no exaggerations here, no fabrications, only the hard and irrefutable facts (documented in great detail on his website, Sosbee v. FBI), in citing just a portion of the civil and criminal offenses suffered by Geral Sosbee.

I give these examples in order to provide context for the dire situation in which I found myself in 2013. I did nothing to bring this situation on myself. At least nothing wrongful, unlawful, unethical or irresponsible. This is simply what the whistleblower can expect for exposing the truth and taking a stand for Liberty, and against tyranny and corruption. My situation was the direct result of the government's campaign to neutralize me. I know this to be the truth, for I have lived it. And I don't give a tinker's damn who believes otherwise.

However, when someone (in this case, Howard Nemaizer) takes it upon himself to present a false narrative about MY life in a PUBLIC VENUE, I will stand in defense of the truth, and of my honor. And as always, the readers may make of it what they will. No matter what anyone believes, no matter the many lies told by my enemies, it won't change the objective truth, or the facts.

I had no resources, no reliable source of material support, and no one I could depend on for any type of assistance.

Once I knew that there was no possibility of staying at my home in Maine, since I could no longer pay the rent or bills, I began to search for some solution (even if only temporary) which would allow me to survive what I knew was coming. The deadline by which I had to vacate my home was the end of November, 2013.

I had no money to rent another place to live, and I'd had the same experience as Geral Sosbee: After I lost my first home in Maine (also the result of machinations by the government), no landlord would rent to me, once they put my name in a search engine and found the results of the massive defamation campaign –in fact, exactly the type of malicious lies, the trash now being promoted by Howard Nemaizer, as well as other like-minded enemies of Barbara Hartwell.

(During the period of time since I left CIA operations, in 1994, I had been forced to spend a total of two years (1995-97) and eight months (May-December, 2010) in motels, with my possessions in storage. It was CIA's way of keeping me under unofficial “house arrest”. But as of 2013, I was forced to sell nearly everything I owned, give it to charity, or leave it behind, as I could not afford to pay for storage.)

I was in such abject poverty that I was forced to go to food pantries, such as those run by the Salvation Army, as I could not afford even to buy groceries. The Priest at my church helped as much as he could, but the church had limited resources. Other Christian charities in my neighborhood also gave what they could, for which I was grateful. It enabled me to stay alive, but only just barely, still going without many of the most basic necessities.

For months before the deadline, as soon as I was certain of the date I needed to leave, I contacted everyone I could think of, those I thought might be able and willing to help me. But all of my close friends and family lived hundreds, or thousands of miles away, and lacked the resources to assist me.

I should mention a very important point: that I had never asked Howard Nemaizer for any kind of help, much less to provide sanctuary. Such a thought wouldn't have occurred to me. But Nemaizer, entirely of his own volition, made an offer of sanctuary, and despite all my efforts to find another situation, it was the only offer I received.

Not knowing what else I could possibly do, in order to survive, I accepted his offer. Which turned out to be one of the most disastrous mistakes of my life, resulting only in more losses, more damages, more extreme stress, and some of the most disrespectful and abusive treatment I had ever received, from Howard and Maureen Nemaizer and their ill-mannered, low-class friends.

In fact, this offer of “sanctuary”, and the horrible events which accompanied it, placed me in a far more life-threatening state of dire emergency than the one from which I had come. As stated in a previous report, Out of the frying pan into the fire...

I had no idea what I was walking into, because Howard Nemaizer's offer of “sanctuary” turned out to be anything but. For, as far as it would be possible to do, he had completely misrepresented the entire situation. He lied to me, withheld vital information, failed to tell me the real nature of the “accommodations” and circumstances, made false promises and assurances, all of which combined to cause disastrous consequences to me.

Not only did Howard Nemaizer lie to me in his original offer, he also lied after the fact, about his deception and his wrongful actions, in the twisted and libelous version of events he has presented for public perusal. What he has done, all told, is beyond despicable.

And again, in defense of the truth, and of my honor, I won't allow the lies to stand. For me, there is nothing that generates outrage as much as a liar, especially one who bears false witness against me in attempts to negate everything I stand for, who insults my honor and then arrogantly thinks he can get away with placing the blame on me for his own wrongful and injurious actions.

Two things are important to state right up front: That I explained to him in great detail exactly what my situation was. And that, based on what I told him, his offer was given with certain explicit assurances, all of which he reneged on.

Had he told me the truth beforehand, I could have made an informed decision to accept his offer –or upon consideration, decline the offer. But Howard Nemaizer, by his many misrepresentations, deprived me of that opportunity.

I have listed these assurances in a previous report. I won't repeat them here, except what I consider to be the two most important:

I was assured that I would “not end up homeless” in the street, but that I would have a safe place to stay (his house) until I could find a way to relocate. He actually stated this as a “promise.”

I was told that he had discussed the situation with his wife, and that there was no problem in that regard. I was assured that, “we have the room”, that I would be welcome, and that it was “okay” with his wife.

But in all Nemaizer's assurances, nothing could have been further from the truth.

Instead of the promised “sanctuary”, until such time that I was able to find a way to relocate, the reality of what I endured at the hands of Howard Nemaizer almost beggars belief. I have already documented all this in greater detail than will be given here. In the interest of brevity, the following will suffice.

The “room” in Nemaizer's house was a cold, dark and dirty basement, with no source of heat and no natural light, permeated by damp, mildew and toxic black mold and infested with insects. There were leaking pipes and a rumbling furnace, among other dreadful “amenities”. It was unfit for human (or animal) habitation. If that alone were not insufferable, read on...

Ultimately, Nemaizer's actions resulted not in any kind of “help”, but rather in 29 days (to be exact, from November 22 through December 21, 2013) of hellish stress and trauma, which ended with an edict from Maureen Nemaizer that I, a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution, must be thrown into the street, having nowhere else to go.

Now, to some of Howard Nemaizer's lies, as given in his smear piece of November, 2015.

"There has been much omitted from her attacks like the money I gave her and took her in when she faced homelessness. Barbara Hartwell lived at my home rent free in “squalor” for six weeks eating fried shrimp and filet minion provided by yours truly."

First, Nemaizer's claim of “six weeks” (42 days) is a lie. As stated, it was 29 days.

Secondly, as Nemaizer was well aware, I am a vegetarian, as I have been for well over 40 years. So he lies, misrepresenting me yet again, while misspelling “filet minion”. It is “mignon”, fool. And no, I don't eat the dead bodies of tortured, brutally slaughtered animals.

"My wife didn’t like the idea at all, but she went along with it and we took Barbara in."

Again, Nemaizer failed to inform me of the truth: that his wife, as he states here, “did not like the idea at all.” I had no way of knowing this until after I arrived there. In fact, he stated that his wife would welcome me into their home. He lied. Had I known the truth, I would never have accepted the offer, no matter how desperate my circumstances. I would never set foot in a place where I was unwelcome. That is a matter of honor, one I'm sure Nemaizer is incapable of understanding.

"In those 6 weeks she didn’t lift a finger to help around the house and even disobeyed wishes to make her presence living in Our home a secret from my in-laws and neighbors, who ultimately informed my landlord, by which time my wife was already quite sick of Barbara and her non-conformity of house rules."

Again, the lie of “6 weeks”. At no time before I accepted his offer was I informed by Howard or Maureen Nemaizer that my presence was to be kept a “secret”. This, like so many other “conditions” was dropped as a bombshell, after I was already there.

I at no time agreed to such a condition, nor to participate in the deceptions of these two liars. Maureen Nemaizer in fact fabricated a story and lied to her parents, without my knowledge or consent (sound familiar?) and then expected me to become a part of the deception. As for the neighbors? I did not know any of them and never once spoke to any of them. It was none of the neighbors' business.

As for the landlord, again, I was not informed beforehand of any conditions regarding him. If busybody neighbors “reported” the presence of a guest in their house, it had nothing whatsoever to do with anything I said or did. As for “disobeying house rules”, I think it might behoove Howard Nemaizer to make a reality check and rein in his delusions of grandeur, if he thinks I am required to “obey” his whims.

"The first opportunity BH had to “blow her cover” with my in-laws happened that Thanksgiving eve, when she claimed being so exhausted, she couldn’t wait for my in-laws to leave and reported she was going to go to bed, causing immediate and constant conflict. BH knew that day that we told her NOT TO LET ON she was living with us to Our in-laws."

What's with the capital O in “Our in-laws”? And they are HIS in-laws, not hers. Or, is he perhaps affecting the Royal "We"?

Again, I never agreed to participate in Howard and Maureen Nemaizer's deceptions. Nor was I a part of an "undercover" operation.

If Howard Nemaizer is so afraid of incurring the disapproval of his in-laws, that's his problem, not mine. But coward that he is, he couldn't man up and stand for his right to determine what goes on in his own home.

"Believe me, the 6 weeks were full of conflict between me and my wife. I had Barbara’s back. In retrospect, I realized how I was duped."

No, I don't "believe" him. Why should anyone believe this pathological liar? Again, it was 29 days, NOT 6 weeks.

Any conflict between Howard Nemaizer and his wife he now blames on me? Had I been told the truth about this dysfunctional family and their routine habits of lying and deception, in which I was expected to participate as a “condition” of “house rules”, I would never have set foot in that godforsaken place.

And Nemaizer claims he had my back? Not by a long shot. By my standards, a liar can never be trusted to have anyone's back. For if he lies to others, it is certain that he can be expected to lie to you. Which he did, countless times.

"After BH was forced to leave by my landlord, I stored her belongings for more than 6 months for free."

More lies. I was not forced to leave by his landlord. The truth is, an edict was issued by Maureen Nemaizer. Specifically that I be OUT BY NOON on December 21, 2013.

And though I was hounded relentlessly by this hysterical, whining harpy, from the first time this directive was issued, I immediately made it very clear that, no matter what else happened, she need have no worries, that I would be leaving. I would never stay in a place where I am not welcome. Again, it is a matter of honor, something these people clearly do not begin to understand.

My possessions were stored there for 5 months, not 6.

And when finally I was able to scrape up the money to hire movers to retrieve my things, I discovered, much to my dismay, that Nemaizer had stolen a number of valuable things from me (including mail addressed to me, forwarded to his house after I left).

To add insult to injury, Nemaizer, the busybody, blabbed my personal business to the movers, invading my privacy, after promising me he would not discuss my business with anyone. He later fabricated a ridiculous story about this, in attempts to cover his wrongdoing, and published it along with his many other outrageous lies.

In PART THREE, I will conclude this report, addressing Howard Nemaizer's subsequent exploitation and misrepresentation of my name and website, followed by his defamatory assaults and monstrous invasions of my and my family's privacy. 

More lies will be exposed and refuted.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 22, 2015

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