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Friday, February 26, 2016


"All the crimes committed by all the jailed inmates do not equal in total social damage the crimes committed against them."

The whistle-blower is often pursued by killers in fbi and police with the same deadly goals as cops and fbi share in their daily crime spree across the country.”

Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

NOTE: I have been reading and studying Geral Sosbee's crime reports for the past decade and a half. As a friend, I have also had the privilege of his confidential briefings on documented, but unpublished circumstances and events involving police/fbi corruption.

Those who follow the mainstream news media may hear, on a regular basis, reports of police brutality, beatings, even killings, of innocent people by out-of-control police. It seems that now, trigger-happy police will shoot first, and ask questions later. But for many of the victims, there is no “later”.

In some cases, FBI and police team up to perform public executions, especially in high profile cases where citizens are protesting federal overreach of constitutional authority, even when such protests are peaceful and by any reasonable standards, acts of nothing more than civil disobedience. The victims are then slandered by the police and their accomplices in the news media, in attempts to blame the victims of these hideous crimes.

Geral and I have collaborated, over the past 15 years, on hundreds of reports, all with specific factual information, naming the names of criminal perps, most not from the general population, but from intelligence/law enforcement agencies.

As Geral says, FBI & CIA are terrorists. I could not agree more, from my own personal and professional experience.

Ask yourself: What's wrong with this picture?

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 26, 2016

The Posada Adventure Continues

Re: Detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville Texas Police, a three month adventure for me and my wife as we try to document fbi crimes against us.

Below is my letter dated February 25, 2016, to the Texas AG, Secretary of State, and the Honorable Renee Oliveira regarding the fbi's unlawful and prejudicial interference with duties of the DA and the Brownsville Police Department.

Enclosed as attachment is a copy of the record of admissions by DA and police as to their unlawful refusal to investigate offenses that I have outlined with high State officials over the past three months.

AG File 598043

Ken Paxton
Attorney General of Texas (AG)
P. O. Box 12548
Austin, Texas 78711-2548

Re: Open Records . Evidence of fraud by Brownsville, Texas Police Department (BPD) and Cover up by DA and DA investigator.

On this date I received the information shown below via PDF email from the Cameron County Records and DA offices at
Trista Lorraine Valdez:

Lorraine Valdez
Cameron County Courthouse
Civil Legal Division
1100 East Monroe Street
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Office:(956) 550-1345
Fax:(956) 550-1348

* On 1-15-16 DA Investigator George Delaunay confirms that he prejudicially contacted the fbi via email at: ‘

in reference to GERAL SOSBEE (SOSBEE).

On 1-15-16 Joanna Serrato sent the following message to DA Saenz regarding GERAL SOSBEE:

Sergeant Robert Martinez stated that “Sosbee became very upset that Posada was investigating the headlight at Charlie Clark Nissan.”

SOSBEE reported the matter to BPD Internal Affairs Officer Rolando Vasquez. Posada was “…uncertain as to whether an
offense had actually been committed at all.”

GERAL SOSBEE comments on the above two items as follows:

The records and my statements that I have previously submitted to the Texas AG and others show the following with reference to the Posada caper and items one and two mentioned above:

The DA and his investigator, after contacting the fbi, prejudicially and unlawfully refused to allow me and my wife to meet with the DA investigator regarding the offense committed by Detective Adrian Posada.

The statement by Sergeant Martinez is patently false in that Martinez never communicated with SOSBEE regarding the Posada failures; so, Martinez falsifies the record when he reports that Sosbee is ‘very upset.’ Indeed, at no time did Martinez nor Posada make any effort to speak with SOSBEE about the crime that Posada refused to investigate.

The statement by Posada that he is ‘uncertain that an offense had been committed at all’ is an admission of Posada’s initial wrongful failure to accept a police report from SOSBEE and his wife.

Posada’s creative report on the CCN service department is a transparent effort to cover up his wrongful actions. He impliedly threatened me and my wife (during the initial meeting in his office on or about 11-20-2015) when he stated that “filing a false police report is a crime’’. 

Posada also incredibly and with hostility stated to me, “take the medication.” Posada’s report on file now in the BPD is false.

The record shows that Posada made no legitimate investigation of the case, that he paraded about in the Charlie Clark Nissan Dealership (CCN) with his handcuffs protruding; that he intimidated the service manager by asking leading questions as though Posada is an attorney cross examining an hostile witness; that Posada never spoke with the actual mechanic (Marco Gonzalez) whose written statement I provided to the AG and others; that Posada, in his visit to CCN, was intent on trashing my complaint of felony stalking and criminal vandalism of my car probably by fbi operatives; that Posada asked absurd questions of the service department at CCN by stating, “is it possible that a loose wire fell out”; that Posada and Martinez and Vasquez all covered up the unprofessional handling of my legitimate report; that Commander Paschal confirmed in his own inquiry that my report was correct and truthful; that the DA and his investigator, and the BPD officers mentioned herein, together with the very fbi hoodlums who commit a string of serious crimes against my person, slandered me and attempted to prevent any inquiry of the many offenses committed against me, my wife and my property over the past decade in Brownsville and Harlingen,Texas and elsewhere.

Police reports are on file with BPD and Harlingen, Texas Police Department, on many crimes against me.

I have asked all authorities to open a public integrity case against Posada and others and I have shown that the fbi interfered with this case, thereby prejudicing all police and the DA against me.

All authorities including the State Bar Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel refuse to address these issues in deference to the thugs of the fbi.

I repeat my request for a public integrity case against the miscreants mentioned herein and I ask that the police records be corrected to include this information on police offenses as I have documented over the past three months.

Commander Paschal also wrongly refused to order a supplement report to the false Posada report.

Thank you.

P.O. Box 1548
Brownsville, Texas 78522
(956) 509-1454

CC: Secretary of State, Honorable Rene Oliveira (for information)
A copy of the Serrato report provided by Trista Valdez (reference above) is sent by US mail.
*fbi contact with DA attached


Police and fbi brutality reveal a very macabre, deranged and sick culture.

Systemic brutality and murderous mindset characterize the USA police state today where innocent individuals are routinely attacked or killed by police and fbi (et al). In most cases the police and fbi seek to tag their victim as a potential future misdemeanant, but in actual practice the crimes committed by fbi and company constitute some of the most serious and definitive felonious offenses.

In our society the so-called law enforcement community are a group of thugs, brutalizers and killers who, while trying to create or manufacture a misdemeanant, engage in multiple felonies against their Targets. These felonies often include torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide, beatings, and killings.

All the while the media and the public accept the dramas as though the police community is justified in their high crimes.

EG: Often, we hear that a man or woman 'had a weapon, refused to drop it', and that the police/fbi "had" to shoot and kill the suspect.

The truth is that no such killings by the fbi/police are justifiable because alternate methods are always available. Killing is a preferred SOP at the fbi and police academies.

Thus, one may reasonably conclude that the real criminals in this country are often cops/fbi who are licensed and free to engage in their unconscionable attacks, while mostly innocent individuals are often locked away or murdered by the presumed protectors and enforcers.

Finally, the whistle-blower is often pursued by killers in fbi and police with the same deadly goals as cops and fbi share in their daily crime spree across the country.

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