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Sunday, February 14, 2016

In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer (aka Nema) as Presented on “Howard Nema dot com” & “Truth Talk News”

The unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of one’s personality, the publicizing of one’s private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or the wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, in such manner as to outrage or cause mental suffering, shame, or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

"Barbara Hartwell is a coward. She is such a coward that she can only attack people from behind the veil of her blog. She doesn’t even permit comments on her blog.”

Howard Nemaizer, from his libelous article, published on 'Howard Nema dot com', November 9, 2015
Gunderson (Gun) is one of the biggest frauds ever to claim to be a whistleblower. He was a cointelpro master in this country. Anyone who praises him is seriously mistaken, and anyone who claims that Gun was a patriot is not informed, or is falsifying the record. Barbara has written online about her association with, and my knowledge of Gun.
As for Barbara Hartwell, she is a national treasure, braver than any man I ever saw in combat or in the ranks of the fbi. Indeed, none even compare to her integrity, loyalty and honesty.
If she offended someone, then I question the person claiming such offense. She stoops to no one, she tries to please no one, and she addresses events & characters as they realistically appear to her. She is the best and most straightforward friend I have ever had. She has been my constant friend for about 15 years, and never in our thousands of calls and emails has she offended me. 

--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee, in defense of Barbara Hartwell, against all detractors, minions of Ted Gunderson's counterintelligence cabal & parrots such as Howard Nemaizer

"I move ahead, not backward"... "pay me for my time"  
--statement by Howard Nemaizer aka Nema in response to public demand by Barbara Hartwell that he remove his fraudulent notices from his websites.

"Mr. Nema,

One cannot move ahead unless he corrects his errors of the past. As for payment, Barbara deserves payment for the countless hours spent trying to stop misrepresentations of her on your site."

Geral Sosbee, in defense of Barbara Hartwell, against the lies of Howard Nemaizer

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

John 8:44

This report will thoroughly expose the many and varied injurious actions of one Howard Nemaizer, of Torrington, CT, using the pseudonym “Nema”, who runs a website called “Howard Nema dot com” and hosts a show called “Truth Talk News”.

The purpose of this report is to set the record straight, to document the truth and the facts for the public record, so that the outrageously false narrative fabricated and promoted by Nemaizer (some of which has been parroted from others among my longtime enemies/detractors) will be completely refuted, the lies exposed for exactly what they are – a cowardly and unprincipled attempt to cover his own wrongdoing by character assassination of the injured party, Barbara Hartwell.

If there is one thing I hold sacred, in addition to my Liberty (and all the God-given rights I possess as a Sovereign Child of God) it is my honor. I have shed blood, sweat and tears, I have fought against liars, thieves, criminals, traitors and tyrants, in defense of my honor, when it was impugned, insulted or otherwise desecrated. I have done the same for others who are honorable, among my friends, family and colleagues, most especially former FBI agent, Geral Sosbee, just as he has done in support of me.

One cannot possibly defend honor without wholeheartedly embracing truth, for a liar has no honor and will attempt to steal it from others for his own unconscionable purposes. Such is the case of Howard Nemaizer, one of the most dishonorable persons I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I will present a timeline of events for Nemaizer's offenses against Barbara Hartwell. The evidence presented here will consist not of my opinions, nor of my beliefs, not of any form of speculation, but of Howard Nemaizer's own words, as spoken or written in public articles and/or videos, and in lettters sent by post or e-mail, all of which address public issues.

Note the phrase: PUBLIC ISSUES. It is the key to this analysis of Nemaizer's wrongful and injurious actions against Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer is responsible for massive damages to the good name, personal and professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell. Were this a private matter, had it ever been so, I would not find it absolutely necessary to address it in public reports, of which this is only the latest.

Among other offenses, Nemaizer has engaged in the following injurious actions: misrepresenting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell; exploiting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell for self-serving and unscrupulous ends; portraying Barbara Hartwell in a false light; publishing knowingly false information in connection with my name; publishing fraudulent notices in which my name was included in a list of persons (including Howard Nema aka Nemaizer) described as “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, when in fact no such partnership(s) ever existed, and when in fact I had publicly denounced two of the listed persons, namely Janet Phelan and Harry Link, for cause, and of which Howard Nemaizer was well aware at the time he first published the fraudulent notice, which by his own public admission, was posted more than 200 times, beginning in February 2014.

These offenses were followed in short order by defamation, the publication of libelous falsehoods, slander, malicious lies and outrageous fabrications against Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer also engaged in monstrous invasions of privacy, coupled with libelous falsehoods, against me and members of my family.

Nemaizer published material, in the form of video and audio, stolen from Barbara Hartwell, without my knowledge or consent, thus violating a good faith verbal agreement. These materials had been specifically intended for sale by Barbara Hartwell, NOT for free publication for all and sundry on the Internet.

Nemaizer stole the fruits of my labor, and also the name, “The Barbara Hartwell Chronicles”, chosen by me and being my private property. Once something is published on the Internet, however unlawfully, it can never be retracted or expunged. All it takes is one additional unscrupulous person to copy and disseminate the material and it becomes fodder for any and all to peruse, grist for the mill of wild speculation, food for the vultures to come screeching down from their perches, driven by bloodlust, to tear the victim limb from limb. When the injured party is already a high profile Target of massive defamation, libel/slander campaigns, there is no remedy, especially when she lacks the resources to sue the offender(s).

But defamation is only one aspect of the damages wrought by Howard Nemaizer. Through his many lies, false pretenses and promises, his misrepresentations, his deceptions and manipulations, he compromised my security and endangered my safety, during a time (2013) when I was in a life-threatening situation, due to having been driven into complete financial destitution and homelessness, the direct result of a neutralization campaign, the objective of which was to destroy my life.

Nemaizer set me up so that this disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution, would have been thrown into the street. Which was precisely the goal of my adversaries in the government, their retaliation against a CIA whistleblower. Against all odds, and despite the machinations of Howard Nemaizer, it was only by the grace of God that I survived.

Howard Nemaizer, also through false promises and deception, was directly responsible for losses of my property, of great value to me, none of which can ever be replaced. He also engaged in direct theft of my property, including stealing mail addressed to me.

But to make matters far worse, Howard Nemaizer's outrageous lies, his invasions of privacy, his exploitation of my name and website, are not limited to his own primary venue, a site called “Truth Talk News” (a flaming misnomer, if ever there was one!). Now, Nemaizer's noisome trash has been published all over the Internet, amplifying the damages to me a thousandfold.

The pack of rabid jackals who have long ago been tasked by their government masters with destroying the personal/professional reputation, the life and livelihood of Barbara Hartwell, have seized upon Howard Nemaizer's defamatory articles, filled with malicious lies, and disseminated them far and wide.

I refer to such individuals as Todd Brendan Fahey and Timothy Patrick White (among others), career criminals, fed snitches, forgers, identity thieves, pathological liars, stalkers, psychopaths, blackmailers, extortionists, porno-mongers, sex predators (including targeting children), among the most loathsome characters ever to pollute the Internet with their ever-proliferating filth, and desecrate all that is sacred and honorable on God's green earth.

These vile reprobates have already been thoroughly exposed by their Targets (including Barbara Hartwell and my best friend and fellow defender of Liberty, Geral Sosbee), especially on this website.

The focus in this report will remain squarely on Howard Nemaizer, for his contribution to the massive libel/slander campaign spawned by evildoers among corrupt government officials, and carried out by their stooges, minions and toadies, ongoing for more than two decades. I now name Howard Nemaizer as a government stooge, minion and toady, for his participation in these inexcusable activities.

So, I will begin at the beginning. What I was later to see as the extreme misfortune of an acquaintance with Howard Nemiazer began in 2012. I had been invited as a guest on his program, “Truth Talk News”. I had never heard of him and only agreed to this interview because friends of mine, also journalists, asked me to join them on Nemaizer's show for the purpose of exposing some common enemies, including the late FBI Chief, COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson.

Howard Nema (aka Nemaizer) presented himself as a “patriot”, as a resistor of tyranny, as an honest person who defended Liberty, as well as the U.S. Constitution. But as I was later to learn, nothing could be further from the truth. For eventually, Howard Nemaizer exposed himself, through his own words and actions, to be nothing more than an aggressive, obnoxious busybody, a scavenger, a gate-crasher, an interloper, an upstart amateur wannabe, seeking fame and fortune by latching on to the hard won experience, knowledge and expertise of a legitimate, bona fide government whistleblower, namely Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer then invited me back on his program to discuss various issues and events and especially to expose counterintelligence operations, which is one area of my expertise.

Based on my discussions and interactions with Howard Nemaizer, I could see that he knew virtually nothing about these operations, but that observation did not arouse suspicion on my part. In fact, it was typical for a person with no professional background or experience in these matters, and I believe that if someone is sincere in being willing to learn from others who do have the knowledge, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. How else can they become educated? At least that was my thought at the time.

But as time went on, as I observed the behavior of Howard Nemaizer, I began to see that he was trying to present himself as an expert, an authority, in areas where he lacked the knowledge and experience. At first, I didn't think much about this, as it was not of concern to me –that is, until he started throwing MY name into the mix, dropping my name into his written commentaries, and citing me as a “source” on his radio/TV programs, intimating (falsely) that I was “a close personal friend”, at a time when I had only known him for a few months.

On a few occasions, I corrected errors he had made in connection with information he was promoting, especially if my name had been included in his comments. On several occasions, he apologized to me and made corrections.

What I did not know at the time was that Howard Nemaizer had taken it upon himself to be an unwanted, uninvited PR rep for Barbara Hartwell. I hadn't seen all his comments, plastered all over his websites, on Facebook, etc. , all the social media which his ilk uses to get publicity for whatever they are selling, or promoting, which is usually done in attempts to make a name for themselves for ego gratification and/or material gain.

I don't use social media, never have, never will. I only found out that Nemaizer was exploiting my name, and promoting false and fraudulent information in connection with it –and the huge extent of it-- after I had broken off contact with him in early 2014, for good cause.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. As stated, my first contact with Howard Nemaizer was in the Spring of 2012. I appeared occasionally on his radio shows. After knowing him for a few months, I considered him a friend. During that time he had never done anything (at least not that I knew of) which might raise a red flag.

Then, in 2013, I faced a crisis of unprecedented proportions. I was about to lose my home in Maine (the second home in three years, the first of which I owned), along with almost everything I owned.

It was as a result of this disaster that Howard Nemaizer showed his true colors, and revealed himself not as a “friend”, or fellow “patriot”, but as a viper, ensconced in a nest of vipers, where I ended up having to fight for my survival, as a result of Nemaizer's false promises, false pretenses, misrepresentations and outrageous lies.

To be continued in PART TWO....

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