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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Unsolicited Opinion? Keep It to Yourself!

"I call a spade a spade..and a spic a spic."
--Maggie Roddin, host of The Unsolicited Opinion
There is an extremely disturbing and dangerous trend sweeping across these United States.
Why are so many people who claim to be "patriots" involved in promoting and espousing racism and bigotry?
From my observations, this trend has escalated at an alarming rate. I have addressed this issue often in my writings, as well as on radio broadcasts, exposing the names of quite a large number of these racists and bigots, especially those who would make scapegoats of several racial/ethnic groups, announcing in their articles and/or broadcasts that certain groups of people are responsible for all the ills, all the evils of the world.
Foremost among the scapegoated groups which the "patriots" denounce are the so-called: "Zionist Jews"; "Edomites"; "Ashkenazi Jews"; "Khazar Jews"; "Jews"; "the lower races" (anyone not white); the "Spics" (referring to Mexican/Hispanic peoples) and on and on it goes...
The white supremacist bigots who are spreading this hate propaganda (for that is exactly what it is) are lumping all persons who happen to be of a particular race, ethnic origin, bloodline, into a generic category and attributing wholesale blame and condemnation, simply because of the blood that flows through their veins, rather than recognizing them as individuals, all given life by the Creator, each responsible, and to be held accountable, for their INDIVIDUAL actions, be they good, or evil, in nature.
These so-called "patriots" are loudly and aggressively proclaiming that they are NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!...and clearly take pride in their racist remarks; they smugly wear their bigotry as if it were a badge of honor. But ironically (and tragically), racism and bigotry are becoming the new reactionary "politically correct" party line for those who boast that they are "fighting" the New World Order and "warning" others about the persecution of Christians, the police state takeover, etc. etc. etc. They actually seem to believe that they are deserving of credit for "waking people up to the truth". But there is no truth in such bigotry --the truth that any decent person will recognize is that there is absolutely nothing honorable about it.
Some of these white supremacists are very simply filled with hate, but others have foolishly allowed themselves to fall prey to the very "herd mentality" they so vehemently denounce.  Their hate propaganda identifies them as a veritable lynch mob, rather than being individual persons of integrity, honor and spiritual discernment who think for themselves. And, as one by one, these bigots parrot the racial slurs of the others, and the peer pressure increases, the hate mob expands.
I should make one thing very clear: I do not support "hate crime laws" that infringe on freedom of speech, or any other God-given unalienable rights, as protected under the Constitution. People have the right to say anything they want, including racists and bigots, and should not be criminalized for so-called "hate speech".  And (thank God!)  those of us who oppose racism and bigotry on moral and ethical grounds, have the same right of free speech --and I think it's way past time more of us exercised it!
I should also make it clear that I do not have any degree of tolerance for criminals, such as illegal aliens (from any country) who have invaded our borders. No doubt, such an invasion is happening, and the fed government is doing absolutely nothing to stop it. But my objection is only to the illegality, NOT to the ethnic origin of the persons themselves.
No, we should not have to "press one for English". No, we should not have to accommodate a foreign agenda or alien culture which threatens to destroy our way of life. No, there should not be "amnesty" for illegal aliens, nor should they be allowed any of the privileges for which they do not qualify under the law. If they don't belong here, if they are criminals, by virtue of being illegal aliens, they should be sent back whence they came.
It is the fed government which is allowing these problems to occur, and what's more, it is by design. But despite the corruption and criminality of the fed government, the kind of flagrant bigotry which threatens to erupt in 'race wars', only serves to foment more hate, to divide and conquer. Bigotry never results in any kind of justice, not for the bigots, and not for their scapegoats.  
Now, by way of example of the hate propaganda certain "patriots" are gleefully promoting, here's an anecdote which clarifies my point.
Just last Sunday, I had turned on a radio broadcast, while doing household chores, not knowing what show would be on. The host was a woman named Maggie Roddin, and at the time I tuned in she was in a discussion with her guest (I don't remember his name, only that he said he was Canadian.)
The guest kept complimenting Roddin, saying, "Maggie, you're a REAL American!", and effusively telling her how great she was for her "activism", etc.
Ms. Roddin's response to all this praise? She blurted out this statement: "I call a spade a spade... and a spic a spic."
At that point came a commercial break, after Ms. Roddin said, "Don't change that dial!"
But after that ignorant and hateful comment, I certainly did change that dial. Disgusted and outraged, I turned off the show.
I'd heard bits and pieces of Maggie Roddin's show before (RBN and Orion Talk Radio), called The Unsolicited Opinion, and didn't think much of it. I found Ms. Roddin's attitude to be generally aggressive and obnoxious, her speech to be coarse, and the very sound of her voice grated on my nerves.
Then, there were the frequently repeated comments, like "It's ALL the fault of the Zionist Jews!", in Roddin's vehement denunciation, no matter what the problem, no matter what the situation. Most of Roddin's callers were of the same ilk, backing up her bigotry and cheering her on, as if she were the quintessential "American", the REAL American, a walking icon of freedom and liberty.
But when I heard her racist remark about "calling a spade a spade and a spic a spic", and her cheerleader guest, filled with admiration for such an attitude, I decided this bigot deserved some additional public exposure.
As it happened, the day I heard the offensive portion of Roddin's radio show, I had just come home from church. A member of our congregation had died that day, and this lady was well-loved by all. I was standing outside the sanctuary after the service when I heard the sad news. Tears came to my eyes, and a friend, also grieving our loss, gave me a hug, saying to me, "I love you". This friend, by the way, is Hispanic. She and her husband are true Christians, believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who actually live by their creed of "love one another", not just by saying the words, but by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the poor, sheltering the homeless. Some of whom are Hispanic, and far more of whom, are not.
Can you imagine what my Christian Hispanic friend might have felt if she had been visiting me, and heard the despicable racist comment by Maggie Roddin about "calling a spic a spic"?  Slapping a crude and derogatory label on a person, simply because of her ethnic origin? And from the tone of her voice, Maggie Roddin was obviously seeking and expecting approval for her ethnic slur. No doubt, considering the apparent make-up of her listening audience, she got it.
I have other Hispanic friends as well, all of whom I love, and all of whom I daresay would be as disgusted as I was upon hearing this "Unsolicited Opinion".
It doesn't surprise me that Roddin would call her show "The Unsolicited Opinion". That title speaks volumes, as I thought the very first time I heard it. It is redolent of the mentality of an aggressive busybody, someone who is hell-bent on getting right in your face, foisting upon you her ignorant and misguided opinions, whether you want to hear them, or not.
Speaking for myself, I'd really, really rather not.  As for "The Unsolicited Opinion", I surely wish that Maggie Roddin and her bigoted pals would keep it to themselves.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 12, 2012
offensive. A contemptuous term for a Spanish-speaking person from Central or South America or the Caribbean.
n. Offensive Slang  Used as a disparaging term for a Hispanic person.
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