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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More on "The Unsolicited Opinion": A Fool Speaks Out

On Sunday, May 13, I posted a report on my website, titled, The Unsolicited Opinion? Keep It to Yourself!
 Janet Phelan forwarded me some comments addressing my article, written by one Bob Hurt, apparently posted on a discussion group, and/or sent to a list. 
I am not a member of any groups or e-mail lists; nor do I have a public e-mail address, precisely because I dearly wish to be left in peace and spared the "unsolicited opinions" of the army of busybodies who populate the Internet --and that is my prerogative.
But since Mr. Hurt demonstrates exactly the type of aggression, bigotry and ignorance I find it so important to expose, and which I stand firmly against, I decided to take this opportunity to refute his little screed and set the record straight.
My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Bob Hurt wrote:
"Hartwell's article constitutes an unsolicited opinion.  I certainly did not ask for it.  Did you?"
[BHP: Unsolicited opinion? As a journalist, I write articles, which I post on my website. Anyone who takes the trouble to read the notices on my site may see that I clearly state that: All material published on this site is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of it what they will.
I do not post my reports on discussion groups, nor do I join them; I do not seek "feedback" from the readers, nor do I wish to engage them in discussions or debates. As far as I am concerned, they can take it or leave it.  In this case, Janet Phelan decided to post my report on a message board which I've never heard of. I did not post the report myself and so was not offering an "unsolicited opinion" to anyone, including members of that group, or this Mr. Bob Hurt.
If someone chooses to comment publicly on my writings, they are free to do so. They are certainly free to disagree with my viewpoints, but I have no part in "soliciting" any such responses, nor does anything I publish constitute an "unsolicited opinion".]     
"Furthermore, she displays the very bigotry she decries, basically showing hatred for fundamentalist patriots and Christians who comment honestly on what they consider dangerous racial / social / government trends.  Then she largely agrees with them about criminal behavior in government.  If she had taken her time and drilled a little deeper she might have commented more honestly about the ISSUE over which Maggie, whom she clearly hates, issued racial slurs."
[BHP: These statements by Mr. Hurt are nothing but unwarranted assumptions, involving his own subjective speculation. Nowhere in my report do I show "hatred" for anyone, nor "bigotry" against anyone, including Maggie Roddin. I do not know Maggie Roddin and have no reason to hate her.  
Disagreement (vehement as it may be) with the opinions of one woman (Maggie Roddin) and her like-minded supporters does not constitute "hatred" or "bigotry".  And only a fool would draw such a conclusion.
Mr. Hurt is dead wrong again. Nowhere in my report did I express "agreement" with Roddin et al. The brief facts I presented about criminality in government (related in this case to the subject of my report) come solely from many years of my own experience, and my own investigations, NOT from parroting the pundits and propagandists of controlled opposition in the so-called 'alternative media', as it appears Roddin and her associates do. 
Namely, those who blame the "Zionist Jews", or simply "the Jews", for everything that is wrong with the world --and, who have no compunction about demonizing any other entire group of persons (individually and collectively), simply because of their ethnic heritage. That is hate propaganda, and I call it exactly what it is. There is some "honesty" for you, Mr. Hurt.
And I don't need instruction about how to proceed in addressing the issues of concern to me --which is precisely what Mr. Hurt, yet another aggressive  busybody, offering his own "unsolicited opinion" is trying to foist upon me. Mind your own business, Mr. Hurt, or take the consequences.]
  "That raises questions.
1.  Do races exist?
2.  Do racial groups exhibit general trends of behavior or evolve any particular culture?
3.  What is the largest racial group in the nation?
4.  What are the fastest-growing racial groups in the nation?
5.  Do any racial groups present any particular kind of demonstrable, statistically evident danger to any others?
6.  Do religious groups exist?
7.  What is the largest religious group in the nation?
8.  Do religious groups exhibit any general trends of behavior or find most support in any particular type of culture?
9.  Do any religious groups constitute a clear and present danger to any other?
10. What are the fastest growing religious groups in the country?
11. Do any racial/religious groups constitute more of a benefit to the nation than any others, and in what way?"
[BHP: These questions from Mr. Hurt are irrelevant; they are HIS questions and have nothing to do with my report. I did not write the report with the purpose of addressing any such questions. The topic of my report was very simply hate propaganda and the bigots who disseminate it, with the focus on one particular talk show host whom I have found to be particularly aggressive and offensive, and for my own reasons. If Mr. Hurt is concerned with these particular questions, he is free to seek his own answers or to solicit the answers from those interested in communicating with him. I am not one of them.]

"You see the problem here with Barbara Hartwell's hysterical, hateful, anti-politically-uncorrect comments by Maggie?  She never delved into the possible justification for Maggie's comments, never checked to see whether Maggie might have suffered or witnessed some terrible traumatic event caused by members of some racial or religious group."

[BHP: "Hysterical"?  "hateful"?  How typical from a pretentious fool, projecting his own biases and unbridled emotions on me. Mr. Hurt does not know me. He has no idea what I have, or have not, "delved into".  And I am not required to explain myself, or justify myself, or my viewpoints, to anyone. As far as I am concerned, there is no "justification" for the flagrant bigotry of a person going on the public airwaves, "calling a spic a spic". Maggie Roddin has the right to free speech. Does that make her speech "just"? Not in my book, and I'll say so anytime I please.]

"Maybe Barbara forgot about the 9-11 incident, the race riots over Rodney King's beating, the genocide in Darfur and Rwanda, the incessant clamoring of Mexicans over taking their land back from the US, the mindless hatred of George Zimmerman by black activists in and out of government occasioned by the unwillingness of the Sheriff and State Attorney to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman even though his assailant had caused the incident in which the assailant lost his life."

[BHP: Here again, Mr. Hurt brings up issues which have nothing to do with the particular report he has chosen to comment on, and turns it into a personal  attack against Barbara Hartwell. Again, he engages in wild speculation about my motives, or my purported knowledge/viewpoints (about which he knows nothing), and spouts off his own opinions about these issues, which were not addressed in this particular report. What's his point?]

"Barbara forgot all about that and didn't bother inquiring, so just as has happened in this forum, she derailed the discussion, preventing anybody from making any point, and substituted therefore the non-point of bigotry complaints."

[BHP: What's with this guy? He thinks he has some kind of supernatural radar by which he can determine what's in my mind? What he claims I "forgot"?  What I know, or don't know? What I did or did not "inquire" about? Wrong again. He doesn't have a clue. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with the report I wrote. 

But more to the point, who the hell does this busybody think he is? It's none of his damned business, and it might behoove him to recognize the fact that I did not personally "derail" anyone's discussion, as I DID NOT POST MY REPORT ON ANY FORUM. I wrote a report and posted it on my own website. Period. It was later posted on a forum by someone else. That in no way requires me to answer to any idiot who comes out of the woodwork and wants to chime in with his ignorant comments.

But if Mr. Hurt enjoys putting his idiocy on public display, far be it from me to try to stop him.

And how dare he presume to address me, a person he does not know, by my Christian name? He is not on a first name basis with me and never will be. But how very typical of an intrusive busybody such as he is.

"By presenting her hateful, prejudicial commentary, Janet, you apparently intend to justify Wolf's hateful derailing of the discussion about improving the nation through benign eugenics programs, which he did by calling me a bigot and racist.  Do you have anything meaningful to contribute to that actual issue, or do you intend to snatch one opportunity after another to jam your political views about racism and bigotry down the throats of all who will tolerate it?"

[BHP: Well, now Mr. Hurt attacks Janet Phelan, about issues which again, have nothing to do with me or my report. If Janet found my report to have merit, and she posted it on a public message board, that's fine with me. But for me, that is where it ends.  I am not a member of this forum, do not know the persons he refers to, and have no interest in anything but refuting his moronic statements about Barbara Hartwell.] 

"It seems never to have occurred to you or Wolfgram that tha ACTUAL issue warrants intelligent discussion and debate.  Even Barbara admitted government, with full support of some political parties, seems intent upon doing precisely the opposite of benign eugenics through refusal to enforce immigration laws and eject those who have entered the USA illegally."

[BHP: Wrong again. I "admitted" nothing of the kind (and don't call me by my first name, fool). Again, I simply wrote a report.  Mr. Hurt, like others of his ilk, is again engaging in speculation, making unwarranted assumptions, and putting words in my mouth. If Mr. Hurt wants to refer to  statements I made, then why doesn't he stick to what I ACTUALLY wrote, if he is so hell-bent on discrediting my statements?]

"She goes blind, deaf, and almost dumb with insane rage over the way Maggie expressed herself.  She intends to shut Maggie up or force her to express herself according to Barbara's view of political correctness.  I don't see how anyone could esteem Barbara any more than Maggie for such ridiculous behavior.  That's something the two should handle privately, off line, outside the forum.

In the same vein, you and Wolfgram ought to take up your complaints against me, Zerman, etc., privately, not in this group.

In the future we can do that, if you don't mind. Please send my response to your undisclosed recipient list."

[BHP: Ridiculous behavior? Take a closer look in the mirror, fool!]

"She goes blind, deaf, and almost dumb with insane rage over the way Maggie expressed herself."

Who is "she"? Who is Mr. Hurt referring to? Janet Phelan? or Barbara Hartwell? He doesn't specify and consequently does not make himself clear.

And how dare you, you presumptuous fool!  "Insane rage"? It appears this applies to you, Mr. Hurt, which you once again project onto others. No one (neither Janet Phelan nor I) could possibly be described by any rational person in such a manner.

As for Maggie Roddin, I don't know her.  I have no agenda whatsoever in regard to her, and unlike this crew of aggressive busybodies you hang with, I have no interest in "forcing" my opinions on anyone, nor silencing anyone.  I am not a member of any forum, but if Janet chose to post my report there, that was her prerogative.

And I have to wonder again, who the hell this character, Bob Hurt, thinks he is? Now, he's telling Janet Phelan what she "should" be doing? She posted a PUBLIC report on a PUBLIC forum. Mr. Hurt chose to comment of his own volition. And now, he wants to offer not only his "unsolicited opinion", but his unsolicited advice (even worse!), while not even making it clear to whom he refers, Janet Phelan, or Barbara Hartwell.

Mr. Hurt:

I reserve the right to state my views, in my own reports, on my own website, or on radio broadcasts where I am invited to speak, on the issues of concern to me. Speaking strictly for myself, I consider any kind of bigotry, racism and the accompanying hate propaganda to be despicable, to be evil, an abomination to God.

And thankfully, there are others who agree with me, including Janet Phelan. Their decency and integrity is the main reason I have chosen them for my friends and colleagues.

As for you and your ilk, who call yourselves "patriots", May we forget you were our countrymen.

And here's my prayer for all the bigots, racists and hate-mongers of the world:

May God give you a love of the truth...but if you don't have eyes to see, or ears to hear, then may God's Swift and Terrible Justice be visited upon you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 16, 2012

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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