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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nazi Propagandists: Liars From the Pit of Hell

....& Their Stooges, Minions, Shills

Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell on Truth Talk News

Hosted by Howard Nema

Thursday, May 31 

9-10 Eastern Time

Janet Phelan sent out an announcement of this evening's program:

The anti-Jewish impetus lurking within the “patriot movement” has raised its ugly head. Websites and radio shows galore are now denouncing the Jews as the cause of all the world’s troubles. Are we seeing Hitler redux? Tune in tonight from 9-10 ET as host Howard Nema , Barbara Hartwell and I talk about this disturbing development on the political scene.

Not long after this notice was posted, the host of Truth Talk News, Howard Nema, received a harassing telephone call from Timothy Patrick White, notorious psycho-stalker, predicate felon and fed snitch, who "made a deal" (2002) for a reduction in his prison term (sentenced to 4 years, served only 5 months) in exchange for libeling/slandering, harassing, threatening, stalking designated Targets, including Barbara Hartwell and Janet Phelan. White (a sex pervert/predator and transvestite) was convicted of drug-trafficking, yet never even charged for the felony crime of possession of child pornography.

This psychopath, Tim White, has harassed every single talk show host (by telephone and/or e-mail) who invited Barbara Hartwell or Janet Phelan to be a guest on their programs. White's harassment of Howard Nema began several months ago, and today he called once again to fill Howard's ears with more outrageous lies about Hartwell and Phelan.

(Congratulations, Tim White! You've stupidly managed, once again, to get your name exposed for the maggot you are.  See reports on this site exposing this whackjob, Tim White.)

On tonight's program, we will expose by name some of the Nazi propagandists, Jew-haters and bigots who have infiltrated the "patriot" community, in a loosely organized network, some of whom are counterintelligence agents, and most of whom are their minions and stooges.

Most have links to the others' websites, and they promote, support and endorse one another. 

**A coward hiding behind the name "Zion Crime Factory". He doesn't give his real name on his website, but we tracked him down and apparently his name is Mike Delaney. Why is he hiding his real name? It's what cowards do.


After viewing all of the following videos and documentaries with an open mind, you will become Jew-wise, anti-Zionist, anti-Communist, anti-Israel, a Holocaust denier, and pro-Hitler/National Socialism (if your brain is functioning properly, that is). So go grab some popcorn, sit …

Patriotard Lies About Hitler

Mike Delaney also runs another nauseating website called Prothink.

This Nazi scumbag, Mike Delaney, this brazen defender of Adolph Hitler, has been interviewed on a number of  radio talk shows, including "The Unsolicited Opinion", hosted by Maggie Roddin on RBN. Maggie Roddin, exposed in one of my recent reports as a despicable bigot ("I call a spic a spic" and similar comments re "the Jews"), is one of many useful idiots parroting the Nazi propaganda.

Roddin is a screeching harridan who has the single most horribly grating female voice I have ever heard, a loudmouthed belligerent ignoramus who uses an idiotic slogan , "redistributing the truth, one word at a time", and repeatedly boasts, like a broken record, that she is "not politically correct", and that she has the "courage to speak the truth" --unlike those who are afraid they will be called "haters", "racists" or "bigots". In reality, she is simply parroting the hate propaganda of the controlled opposition, serving as their mouthpiece and lackey.  And clearly, seeking attention and approval for doing so.

Another promoter of Zion Crime Factory: Deanna Spingola

This time Deanna Spingola and I mainly discussed the holohoax as well as shills in the “truth” movement and their tactics to push Jewish disinformation on unsuspecting people seeking answers. We also touched on the lies told about Hitler, Nazi Germany and the slanderous disinfo peddlers who relentlessly smear Hitler’s good name and why we must fight these lies to bring down the Jew World Order.

And lastly, just a sample of others who will be further exposed:

**Alma Ott (aka "True Ott), "Edomaniac":  A rabid bigot who calls Jews "Edomites" and blames them for EVERYTHING.

**Alex Studer: Another Jew-hater, Ott's toady and parrot who promotes and sells paraphernalia emblazoned with the slogan: NUKE ISRAEL

**American Free Press: CIA propaganda mouthpiece published by Jew-hater and Hitler advocate Willis Carto, and with which the late FBI Chief,  COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson was heavily involved.

A copy of the AFP, with the headline, "Will the Feds Murder Sherry Jackson?" was sent to the prison where Sherry Jackson was incarcerated, and (as Sherry stated in one of her newsletters) she was immediately placed in solitary confinement, where she was kept for five months. All because of this newspaper and those foolish enough to subscribe to it, falsely believing it promotes "truth".

The "patriot" movement is heavily infiltrated by these propaganda mills (radio, TV, print journalism) and large numbers of people are unfortunately buying into it. They think they are getting "truth" and "news" which they won't find in the mainstream media, when all the while they are allowing themselves to be indoctrinated, and falling into a different type of trap.

Boycott the bigots and their lies from the Pit of Hell!

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