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Monday, May 30, 2011

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Program: Malicious Slander of Sherri Kane, Len Horowitz and Barbara Hartwell

Ken Adachi is a charlatan and snake oil salesman who runs a website rife with New Age quackery and government-sponsored disinformation, called "Educate-Yourself". For more than a decade, he has also served as the primary PR shill for FBI/CIA COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson.
For the same time period, Adachi has concurrently been running an outrageous libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, at the behest of his government overlords, who are using him and many of his fellow minions and stooges in attempts to discredit CIA whistleblower, Barbara Hartwell.
"Ken Adachi" is a pseudonym, stolen from a well-known deceased Canadian journalist of that name.  Adachi is also using the name Peter Boudreau, which from all indications, appears to be his actual name (but then again, maybe not, considering Adachi's deceptive and dishonorable character) to run additional scams, such as promoting New Age communes for collectivist living. Note also that this ad appears on the notorious "Zeta Talk" website, run by yet another New Age hoaxster by the name of Nancy Lieder, whose organization Adachi is known to have been involved with, and which he also promoted on his website.  
The purpose of this report is to refute the latest malicious slander promoted by Ken Adachi, on a radio program (May 26) hosted by another lying charlatan and disinformation specialist, Don Nicoloff.
But before I get to that, a couple of examples of the hoaxes perpetrated by Adachi and his cohort, Don Nicoloff, are in order.
Since the idiocy of these hoaxes --"General Jeremiah" from the "United Galactic Federation" making a phone call to Don Nicoloff, promoted with great fanfare; and photos purporting to show that Michelle and Barack Obama are really "reptiles"--  speaks for itself,  I won't even bother to comment.
By all means, go to Adachi's website and see all the prolific nonsense for yourself:
[Extraterrestrial Contact: Don Nicoloff's 50 Minute On-Air Conversation with
the United Galactic Federation from 26,000 Miles in Space on Friday, May 29, 2009

"Something of extraordinary importance and significance occurred during Don Nicoloff's radio show, Evident Footprints (more info below), on Friday, May 29, 2009. A phone call came in near the end of Don's regular Friday night interview with researcher, inventor, and scientist, Jim Murray. The caller said his name was General Jeremiah from the United Galactic Federation and that he was calling Don from a large spacecraft called the Alliance, located 26,000 miles above earth."

Barack & Michelle Reveal Reptilian "Baggage" at London Airport 

The title given to this latest radio show is "Defending Ted Gunderson", on which Ken Adachi, and yet another New Age charlatan, promoted heavily on Adachi's website, and also by Don Nicoloff, ZS Livingstone, are the guests.

I decided to listen to this radio program for the purpose of refuting the outrageous lies I knew would be hawked there. This was the first time I had listened to Ken Adachi, or heard his voice; before this, I had only seen Adachi's libelous falsehoods in print.

It did not surprise me that the man calling himself "Ken Adachi" (a common Japanese name) has the low-class Brooklyn accent, and the low-timbered  frog-croak of a mobster. He sounds like one of the capos from the Genovese Crime Family, and for all I know, he may be one....

His voice is so grating and offensive that I found it difficult to listen, but I held out at least long enough to take notes on the lies being promoted about Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane and Dr. Len Horowitz, in the first segment of the show.

Following some of Nicoloff's commentary on Obama, coupled with some hokey music from Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, Adachi was given the floor.

Ken Adachi opened his monologue (there was no conversation or discussion with Nicoloff or his other guest, Livingstone) with a long-winded ploy for sympathy for Ted Gunderson.  Adachi began by describing in gory detail the symptoms of Ted Gunderson's cancer.

I feel it is important to say that despite my adversarial relationship with Ted over the past decade, I take no pleasure in the fact that he is suffering from such a dreadful disease, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, even my worst enemy (and even now, Ted is far from being that.) I have sympathy for him and to this day, I still pray for Ted. The love I once felt for him is hard to simply  dismiss, and the heartbreak I experienced as a result of learning the truth about his criminal activities still hurts.

But the issue here is not about heartbreak or sympathy. For me, it is, and always has been, primarily about justice.  And when someone is promoting lies about me, and persecuting me and mine (my friends, family and colleagues) in order to cover up his crimes, I must stand up for the truth, no matter the consequences.

As for Ken Adachi, Gunderson's minion and stooge, he does not know me.  And yet this aggressive loudmouthed New Age busybody has taken it upon himself to stick his nose in my business for the purpose of destroying my good name; to promote the blackest of lies ; to assassinate my character with impunity; to promote the most diabolical of calumny against me.

Ken Adachi, in a few words, is a lowlife lying scumbag.  And worse...but I'll refrain from using that kind of language here.

Adachi begins his slanderous diatribe by attacking investigative journalist Sherri Kane. He claims she is on a "mission" to "smear Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp" (sound familiar?) and that she has written  "untrue, scurrilous and slanderous comments" of the "poison pen" variety.

Next, Adachi (misogynist that he is) attacks Leonard Horowitz, stating that he has "taken up with "this woman" (Sherri Kane), who "replaced his wife", and Adachi (busybody that he is) speculates on what Horowitz's family have had to go through because of his association with Sherri Kane.

Why in hell doesn't Adachi mind his own damned business and stop his malicious gossip and lurid speculation (that's all it is) about the lives of others!?!

Of course, this despicable old busybody and gossip has, for the past decade, been doing the same thing to me.  On this particular occasion, Adachi drags my name out (as usual) and accuses me of being a "CIA flunkey", and claims my purpose is to "smear and discredit Ted."

Adachi then launches into his usual blatantly false version of events in his dramatic production:  "The True Story of Barbara Hartwell and Ted Gunderson" (X-tra, X-tra, read all about it!)

As always, I will refute every malicious lie from Adachi with the truth and the facts.


Barbara Hartwell "contacted Ted", and said she was a "MK Ultra victim", saying "Please help me."


1) I did not "contact Ted", asking for his help. 

2) I never at any time during the course of my association with Ted Gunderson, described myself to him as a "MK Ultra victim".

3) I first met Ted Gunderson at the Global Sciences Congress, in Denver Colorado, in 1997, where he and I were both speakers.

4) It was Ted who first approached me (he invited me out for a drink after the lectures), not the other way around. Before this time I had never heard of Ted Gunderson.


Ted "provided money and protection". He "took her around" to his lectures with Brice Taylor and "allowed her to speak" using "his time". She was "never invited" to any conferences "in her own right", but was "riding the coattails of Ted Gunderson and Brice Taylor."


1) In the entire time I knew Ted Gunderson, he contributed a grand total of $100.00 to me, which he sent me by check. (Thanks, Ted...big spender!)

2) As for the "protection" provided by Ted? There was none to speak of. Unless you consider what Ted told me was his idea of "protection": That he let it be known that he had "arranged for retaliation" (yes, murder) if anyone from the opposition tried to take me out. Nice guy.....

Otherwise, I had my own bodyguards when I found it necessary, and they were all well-trained by the military. So much for Ted's "protection".

3) I was INVITED as a speaker at the Global Sciences Congress, 1997 (where I first met Ted). I was invited by Dean Stonier, the conference organizer.

Here is some evidence which refutes Adachi's lie that I was "not invited":

Listed under "SPEAKERS":

Barbara Hartwell - The Politics of Liberation [title of lecture]

If I was "not invited", why were my name, and the title of my lecture, included on the conference  program? (I still have my hardcopy program as well). I had my own time slot, which had nothing to do with "riding the coattails of Ted Gunderson", much less Brice Taylor. I did not even know "Brice Taylor"  (pseudonym used by Susan Ford), nor had ever heard of her, until I met her at the same conference where I met Ted Gunderson, where I had already been scheduled as a lecturer.

4) Ted Gunderson never "took me around" to any conferences where we both appeared. In each case, (even if Ted and I met there by prior arrangement), I was invited by the conference promoter; I arranged my own transportation (and paid for it myself); and I certainly did not need Ted Gunderson to "allow" me anything.

5) As for Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, she at no time had anything to do with any of my professional work.  I had worked with Ted in various ways, but not Susan Ford, with the exception of one seminar (in which I was INVITED by ex-CIA agent Chip Tatum to present with him, along with Gunderson and Ford), and in a television interview which followed the seminar.  Unlike Ted and myself, Susan Ford and I never collaborated in any ventures. (I don't work with amateurs, and the only "professional" work Susan Ford ever did was prostitution.)

Susan Ford, the so-called "Monarch sex slave", whose background and experiences had no commonality with mine, was another aggressive busybody who tried to tell me what I should --and should not-- be saying, doing and exposing. I had no tolerance for this kind of meddling, and when she started brazenly interfering in my professional business, I refused to have any further  dealings with her.

She actually started calling conference organizers, telling them they should not have me as a speaker, because I was not "deprogrammed", according to the methodology she promoted, some kind of dangerous electronic technology which she was selling for a hefty profit. In fact, Susan Ford effectively had me blacklisted from a number of conferences because of her various malicious lies.

In truth, I think she was worried that I would steal her thunder, and that Ted
was paying too much attention to me for her liking.  All I was interested in doing was exposing my own information and going after the bad guys, with no interference from busybodies and grandstanders like Susan Ford.

Ken Adachi has, for years, been parroting the lies of Sue Ford about Barbara Hartwell, using this false information in attempts to discredit me.

After describing Barbara Hartwell an "utter ingrate" for all the purported
"help" from Ted Gunderson and Sue Ford, Adachi then went on to tout the virtues of Ted Gunderson as a "decent man" who only tried to "help humanity and his country."

He claims that until Hartwell came along to assassinate his character,  Gunderson was "relatively free of attacks" from the media. He also boasts that he, Ken Adachi, "debunked" all the lies of Hartwell, who is an "outrageous, pathetic pathological liar".

No Adachi, you government stooge and despicable calumniator, that type of liar would be you. And the only thing you have debunked is your own credibility, with your ludicrous New Age Space Brother hoaxes, your transparent con games and scams, and your staunch defense of bad guy government operatives and criminals like Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp.

Adachi then reverts to his attack upon Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz, stating that they are engaging in the "same slander", accusing Ted Gunderson of being COINTELPRO, and that this is "utter rubbish".

And just like Gunderson's CIA crony, male-supremacist, misogynist, Anthony Hilder, Adachi blames Sherri Kane for what he says Len Horowitz has "devolved into".

Horowitz, says Adachi, was "hoodwinked by this woman", and has "disgraced himself" along with "disgracing his family, his wife and kids", by "parading around with this woman".

Who in hell does Ken Adachi think he is? Now, he's a moral crusader, telling people how to live their lives? And how dare he pass judgment on Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz!

Ken Adachi, the belligerent ignoramus, as usual, is talking about people and issues which he knows absolutely nothing about. 

He never address the real issues, nor supports his claims with any facts, much less provides any evidence. 

Instead, he's engaging in wild speculation, spreading malicious gossip and weaving his usual tall tales, at the expense of those he has targeted for his outrageous libel and slander, all in the interest of "Defending Ted Gunderson."

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 30, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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