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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rumor Mill News, Controlled Opposition & Selective Censorship

"Remember, RMN is NOT a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship and I am the ruling dictator!" 

--Rayelan Allan  April 14, 2004

This report is a brief follow up to my previous report:

Caveat Lector: New Age/NWO Government Disinfo at Rumor Mill News

In November 2003, I resigned my posting privileges at Rumor Mill News. The editor of the site, Rayelan Allan, turned a simple public letter of resignation by me into a huge brouhaha, and dragged many of her New Age busybody cohorts into a firestorm of controversy, accusing Barbara Hartwell of being CIA and running a psy op against Rumor Mill News.

The actual truth is far simpler: I am an INDEPENDENT investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist. I am not an amateur, I am not a team player, and I don't take orders from any person or entity. I answer to no one, save God Almighty, and that is between me and God.

My personal/professional policy has always been (and will always remain) that I refuse to be censored, by anyone, for any reason. Period.  I also have a zero tolerance policy for leftists and busybodies, with their group think, communist, consensus mentality, their meddling, their relentless unsolicited advice, and their violations of the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals --in this case, me.

Why is this so difficult for some people (busybodies and leftists) to understand? Why won't they just go about their own business and leave others to tend to theirs? Why do think they have the right to stick their noses in other people's business --or to tell them what they "should" be thinking, believing or doing? To shove their New Age leftist ideology down the throats of others?

If it's one thing I can't abide, it's a busybody! And by their very nature, all leftists are busybodies.

I stand for the God-given rights and liberties of the INDIVIDUAL.  Always have, always will.

Which is why I found it necessary to remove myself from association with Rumor Mill News, a place where the rights and liberties of the Individual are not respected, much less even recognized.

I've addressed various aspects of this issue re Rumor Mill News a few times over the intervening years, but I haven't bothered (at least not yet) to refute most of the voluminous nonsense being promoted by Rayelan and the numerous others who attacked my good name with libel and slander, making me into a scapegoat for their own ignorance, stupidity, lack of integrity and cowardice.

Rayelan Allan has proven herself to be a narcissist and a megalomaniac.  From her comments it is abundantly clear she believes the world revolves around her website and that anyone associated with it is a mere satellite, serving at her pleasure. In her own words, she is the "dictator".

That may be acceptable for those who have chosen to be a part of the so-called "Rumor Mill News Family", which is headed by Rayelan Herself, who considers herself something on the order of a Supreme Pontiff, charged with the spiritual welfare of her subjects. And yes, in her New Age delusions of grandeur, she has actually stated that she considers herself divinely ordained for such a role. But I can guarantee that no self-respecting person would bow before such a tyrant.

In another instance, she has proclaimed, "There is only one silver bullet and it is named Rumor Mill News". Many other such ludicrous --and delusional--  statements have been made, and Rayelan is certainly free to believe what she will -- but when she uses me (and others) as scapegoats, in her pathetic attempts to glorify herself, to aggrandize her ego, or to save face, then I will do what is necessary to refute the outrageous lies, for the public record.  I will eventually get to every single lie, but I only have so much time available, and I've reached my limit for today.

My agenda, as an activist, a government whistleblower, a patriot and a journalist, is, and always has been, very simple: To defend Liberty and  God-given Individual rights for All; to expose the truth about criminals --by name-- who would attempt to trample those rights; to put bad guys out of business, especially those who are harming innocent children, who cannot defend themselves.

These scumbag criminals belong behind bars, where they will never be able to hurt another child again. These evildoers are destroying the lives of entire families, not just the children they target for their satanic exploitation.

People like Rayelan Allan and her ilk of New Age busybodies, are promoting, defending and enabling the very evildoers who are destroying this nation! Whether directly --or by their silence, and their lame excuses of why they refuse to expose the evil they know to be happening right under their eyes. 

They are subverting all that I personally hold sacred --and then trying to push the blame on those of us who WILL fight the evil openly, who WILL name the names of criminal perps, demonic liars and evildoers, no matter the consequences to ourselves --something which they lack the courage and integrity to do.

Get behind me, Satan!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 23, 2011

Following are a series of messages posted on Rumor Mill News, as well as on a website owned by another New Age charlatan and disinfo specialist, Fintan Dunne. It was Fintan Dunne who first accused me of being CIA (at least on Rumor Mill News) --and even worse-- of being in collusion with Brenda Negri, a psychotic stalker and criminal, accomplice of fed snitch Tim White, and yet another minion of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson.  

Rayelan immediately jumped on the Barbara-Hartwell-is-CIA! bandwagon driven by Fintan Dunne, and then wove her own tall tales about psy ops against Rumor Mill News.

These messages all followed on the heels of my letter of resignation from Rumor Mill News. I post them here for the public record. They are self-explanatory, and reveal the inconsistency, the duplicity, the hypocrisy, the double standards of two of the writers, Rayelan Allan and Fintan Dunne; the ignorance and foolishness of a third (Rob Daven), and in one case only (Nandi) a clear perception of the truth.

[Note: Nandi was banned from RMN shortly after posting her comments in defense of Barbara Hartwell. Some of her comments were removed, as was my article, CENSORSHIP AT RUMOR MILL NEWS, which she posted on my behalf.]



Re: "A Message From Barbara"


"Before I begin, let me make it clear where I stand in  relation to Barbara Hartwell -for I hold no prejudice.

I am on the record taking Barbara's side in a clash of views she had with Henry Makow over sexual politics.

Barbara even carries a link to my article on her website at:

The article I wrote was: Sex, Politics & The Battle For Victimhood Supremacy

So, by any fair assesment, I am favorably disposed towards her.

However, the email Barbara is circulating (which I just got) entitled "Censorship At Rumor Mill News" is way over the top.

As an agent posting on Rumor Mill News Forum, I have had more than one disagreement with Rayelan Allen in my time here.

At least once this was about someone with whom she had close links. Yes, there was fire and understandably even hard words.

But let me tell you what I found. I found Rayelan to be fair. Period. I can render no greater compliment. Fairness is a vital quality in someone running a news opinion website with a broad spectrum of opinion.

No matter what I wrote or how she felt about it, I was never subjected to censorship, nor thrown off the agent list.

Barbara is attempting to portray as censorship what was not. Rayelan made it clear that she could post links to "Negri" material offsite, but not persist in forum posts about her.

And I have to say, as an impartial observer -she had good reason.

Frankly, whatever the merits of Barbara's points about Negri, they sure often had all the appearance of a personal vendetta.

I'll tell you why. The tone was not the kind of level comment one would expect from a professional presentation of facts.

It was chock full of derogatory personal comments about Negri, and another person repeatedly depicted as a "cross-dresing conspiracy theorist." [Tim White]

To be fair, all this distracted from the facts at issue, and even worse, the sheer volume of it flirted with slander.

The Internet is full of flame wars, but there is only so much a responsible publisher can allow that to continue without taking legal risks or loosing credibility for the website.

In fact, I thought she was offering good advice to Barbara when emailing her about this. There is a point reached where you only bolster someone by constantly harping on about them.

Perhaps it would bring some balance to say that I have no definitive proof of the motivations of Brenda Negri or about the irrelevant attire and sexual orientation of Negri's friends.

In her email, Barbara says this: "But the bottom line is this: I WILL DO THINGS ANY WAY I SEE FIT. APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and will have NO INFLUENCE over me or my actions."

Wow! I am a stubborn Taurean, but even I don't think I could make the above comment. I live in a world of other people, and their opinions positive or negative must be allowed for.

Barbara was the one who immediately escalated Rayelan's rather friendly rebuke into a cause for immediate resignation. Personally, I would have at least negociated an agreed basis for my opinions rather than peremptorily resign.
Now she is castigating Rumor Mill News in emails which will surely circulate far and wide on the Internet.

One further point, and a serious one at that.

So far this whole business has encompassed directly or peripherally: Brenda Negri, John Decamp, Ted Gunderson, George Pender, Tim White, the McMartin 's, Jeremy Floyd, Michael Trudeau, Stew Webb, Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert, and now Rayelan Allen.

I'll tell you one thing.

I don't know where Barbara Hartwell fits into all this.

But there is an "Op" going down. That is unquestionable now.

There is an Op going down."

25th November, 2003
"nFormed Sources"
Fintan Dunne, Editor


"Yes, an op so it seems.

I've actually followed this whole story quite closely. I'm a big fan of Stew Webb and Jeremy Floyd, and I've always questioned who Alex Jones really was, so when Barbara broke the story, I was jumpining into the trail as fast as possible.

Now, after listening to Jeremy Floyd's version of the story ( as well as Stew Webb commenting on the accused, I've come away with the taste of something funny in my mouth.

I'm not going to get involved between the whole "Did RMN censor Barbara Hartwell", but I tell you this, something is a float. Why is GCN/Alex Jones/Michael Trudeau remaining so "hush hush" on the subject? As for Barbara being right, I'm most sure that she was (I'll refrain from mentioning him).

But this is just what THEY want... distract us with these petty fights over weither RMN silenced someone (Though, personally, I think Rayelan was perfectly within her rights, as title holder to RMN).

Barbara, I ask you this, is it worth it for all of us to spend all this time posting these big letters of discontent, or would it be more prudent to forget about your personal feelings and realize that we are on the dawn of the destruction of America?

The Op's that THEY create (who ever THEY may really be) always distract us from the things that are the most important. Just like Micheal Jackson has become the sacrifical goat to the Mainstream Media, this whole mess has become the RMN version.

Rob Daven"


"Yes I believe there is an op going on too. RMN has become so new agey it is sickening. How convenient that when Barbara had posting privileges NONE of you said a word to her in the forum nor in the lounge. It is very easy to jump on a bandwagon when you know there will no protest from the opposing side.

Why is it that those who draw their line in the sand and dare ANYONE to cross it must be under some programming influence or a part of some ops movement to tear RMN apart? Isn't our purpose here to fight the NWO? If you don't like how someone else is fighting them it still does not give you the right to tell them to change. Battles are fought in many different ways and the minute you cannot appreciate the battle of a fellow warrior then maybe YOU are the one who needs to take a step back!

Maybe if Barbara had been a "team player," been more cliquish, bought into the New Age hogwash being spewed here, she would not have been forced to resign. In recent months we've lost HeraldAP and now Barbara...yeah something stinks to high heaven alright, but it sure isn't them.



I do not fault Zapper in anyway for doing this. He was only doing what I had asked him to do!! I had just told him to keep a watchful eye on the forum while I am working. I was worried about more flame wars and more Barbara Hartwell posts by Nandi.

I specifically told him that I wanted NO MORE Brenda Negri or Barbara Hartwell on RMN.

However... as all of this has unfolded, I realize that I am going to have to break this new rule, myself! and try to set the record straight... either that or get pulled down even further into the quicksand of a government Psyop!!

From my personal experience with government psyops, I feel the article that Fintan wrote presented an accurate picture of how they work. I should know, I have been on the receiving end of more of them that I want to remember! Once the attack is over... and I can see clearly again, it was always so obvious. But in the middle of a psyop, with government operatives swarming all around you... posing as friends... there is no way of knowing left from right, up from down ar truth from lies. It takes a while for the dust to settle. Only after the dust has settled and emotions are no longer raging, can one understand what has happened.

Fintan and I have gone round and round on many different matters. We have had heated arguments. But Fintan is still an agent because I respect the quality of work he does. The article that Zapper deleted... ON MY ORDERS... is another example of the way Fintan puts the pieces of the puzzle together and enlightens all of us.

After reading what he wrote, I sadly have to state, that I believe he is right!! I have no idea how long it will take for the dust of this current "war" to settle... of if it ever will. But it is obvious that someone in government is using Barbara Hartwell AND Brenda Negri to try to bring down the credibility of RMN. 

Whether either of them KNOW they are being used is another matter which is ONLY known to the government operatives who are behind the attempt to silence or discredit Rumor Mill News!

Hopefully I will be finished with the article I am writing before morning!



"Looks like it was our friendly board Zapper who axed my post. 

And it was not Rayelan. I'm happy to report.

So, let me just say this.

I do not engage in flame wars.

I don't conduct vendettas.

I don't post libel.

If Zapper's zapping finger is fast enough to delete a post without explanation within minutes of it coming online, then it should be fast enough to provide a reasonable explanation.

I had gone way beyond the Hartwell vs. Negri context. So, that's why I went elsewhere with my information.

But I can certainly see the joke that within 24hrs. of my defending RMN saying I have never had a post deleted or been censored.... I get a post deleted & I get censored.

Joking aside though. This isn't a game. People are being imprisoned, tortured. People are being shot & blown up around the world. Being denied civil liberties.

So if I make a POLITICAL post --not a personal attack post-- about my opinion as to the political motivations of Negri and Hartwell...

Then that is a political post. This is not a living room. It's a public forum for POLITICAL analysis. That is what I do.

I have written enough journalism to tell the difference between POLITICS and personal attack.

I don't think Zapper has.

I will not waste time on Hartwell or Negri.

My only reason for covering it was that my interpretation might help highlight a broader general CIA modus operandi.

However, tracking back the issue might be useful in revealing where some high profile individuals fit into all this.


It's worth repeating the last line of my deleted post which went: Now... Let's see... Where WERE we before all this."


"I did NOT ban Fintan! Evidently he has decided he no longer wants to be part of RMN and he has chosen this lie to extricate himself!


FROM RAYELAN (Responding to a New Age moron calling herself "Esclarmonde".)

"Thanks for posting this. This thought was in the back of my mind... and I was trying to figure out what the stories are that the PTB don't want posted on RMN right now!!

Come on readers and agents, help me out... IF anyone is still caught up in the Fintan Flap -- just pull up a list of all of his recent posts and you will see that he was NOT very happy with me or with RMN. In fact he used RMN to takes swipes at me every chance he could. I knew he was getting ready to resign... but I also knew he wanted the "privilige" of being banned.

He got neither. He didn't get banned and he didn't resign. He just took his toys and went home. We have had many people do that over the years. Many have been welcomed back once we forgot the reason they left. However, there are some who will NEVER be invited back. Fintan is one of those!

So... let's lay the cards on the table. I have suspected Fintan of working for an intelligence agency for quite some time. So have many other people.

I also suspected Joe Vialls of the same thing. However, I could not prove it, I only suspected it and so I followed age old advice about holding your friends close and you enemies even closer. As I saw their work begin to change and become filled with emotion rather than logic I knew that something BIG was getting ready to happen.

When you are worked up into a frenzy, you can't think straight. There are many writers on the internet who appear to have been trained in this type of writing. When you encounter one of these people you will know it. You walk away from their article ready to kill.

Who is sponsoring these kinds of writers? Do you think that this kind of talent just comes naturally? Do you think you are just born to be able to write hate filled propganda meant to stir up your follow humans so they will rebell, demonstrate or go to war!

Geobbels was a master of this and what he taught his German students has been taught to other people all around the world.

On television we SEE the ads that they use to influence us... On the Internet the approach they have to take is different. They find and train INFLAMERS - and these inflamers pack your head with half truths, distortions and phoney photographs to make you see the world the way they want you to see it.

When I think I have one of these on RMN I watch for years to be sure that I am right. Then when the line is crossed, the Plug is pulled.

Howeverm in Fintan's case, I didn't PULL the plug... he did! I guess this means that whichever way this attack is coming, it will come from an angle that we have not been attacked before.

I would like to ask our RMNews Agents to see if we can keep focused on the REAL news and try not to let others focus our attention on this current so-called "banned agent" distraction. Most of our readers could care less if Fintan posts here. If they want to read him, they can bookmark his page and visit anytime they want.

So let's take Esclarmondes's good advice and try to figure out what it is that the PTB don't want the RMNews Agents to discover.

Start putting the pieces together... I have a feeling that whatever it is they don't want us to see is a BIG ONE!!



"Remember, RMN is NOT a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship and I am the ruling dictator!" - Rayelan Allen 14 April '04

As of today I am no longer a member of the Rumor Mill News forum, an alternative news site. My posting name there was nFormedSources.....

As of today I am no longer a member of the Rumor Mill News forum, an alternative news site. My posting name there was nFormedSources.

Of late, Rayelan Allen - the publisher of RMN has been on a spree of banning agents from her forum. The stated reasons vary. But the real reason is that the imperial system is under pressure because of events in Iraq, and anyway Rumor Mill News was past its sell-by date as a vehicle for spinning disinformation.

All this may be news to you, although rumors about the Rumor Mill have been increasingly ventilated on the Internet over the last year. If you ever visited the site you may have seen a lot of interesting anti-establishment material posted there. Could it be a disinfo site?

Let me give those unfamiliar with these affairs, an outline of the disinformation tactics used to twist your perceptions of what is going on in the world. A little background first.

To understand what is going on, you need to know the establishment´s tactics for dealing with the flood of information freely available on the Internet. It boils down to this: "If you can´t beat ´em, join ´em."

Fact is, there is no way to stop information coming out on the Internet. And they know it. The Net is too leaky, so any attempt to squelch information would only draw attention to the very material in question.

And so they have invested heavily in the Internet. They own websites, activist groups, political commentators, analysts, writers. The lot. The same tactics used to penetrate mainstream media have been used on alternative media --and some. A small army of online con artists are deployed in this manner. It´s a big budget enterprise which has covered the Internet in pseudo alternative websites.

Here´s their reasoning:

This way they can drown out legitimate investigation with a host of false trails, dead ends and fabrication. And, their fingers are on the delete button for really sensitive information.

Operating the websites themselves offers the advantage of being able to highlight the tailings of rubbish and ignore the nuggets of dangerous truth. Finally, throw in a generous dash of esoteric New Age mumbo-jumbo, which muddies the waters still more; and before you know it, you can´t tell the wood from the trees.

Rumor Mill News used to have some outstanding wood. Now it´s mostly trees.

In the period immediately after 9/11, some talented researchers and journalists were posting there. Many stories broke first on RMN. I even broke some of them there myself. For independent journalists like yours truly, RMN offered the chance to bring an alternative take on world events to a large audience.

Small matter that there was a lot of disinformation packed around the truly insightful material. Independent researchers were only too capable of putting their views and arguing their corner against naysayers. The forum thrived.

There was only one problem. The information coming out on RMN was often truly groundbreaking. For a website committed to pumping out disinformation, this was a significant drawback.

Then, during 2002, there were a number of key occasions when the forum went off-line after sensitive information had been posted. The site operators claimed on these occasions that hackers had done the damage. It´s a common claim.

But independent researchers are a cynical and wary bunch with a lot of experience of detecting when they are on the receiving end of BS. Many key individuals got so suspicious that they left. That was the beginning of the end.

As 2002 rolled into 2003, a new tranche of posters arrived on the site and the emphasis became much more new age and far less geopolitical.

The editorial spin intensified. The angle being pushed was that G. W. Bush was a member of a "Faction 2" which was going to save us all from NWO World Government. This view was increasingly promoted by Rayelan Allen and others. Another tale to feature on RMN was the infamous Nesara alternative currencies scam.

But the rush to the exit was already on. More posters left. The traffic to the website dropped. We were entering the final phase.

A new piece of software was added which allowed the site operators to edit the forum listings so some posts would not appear. The listings have many examples of hanging posts --where the first and main post in a sequence is not listed --instead the third or fourth post is shown. Click on that post and sure enough --you can see that there were prior posts in the thread. But you only get to see them if you stumble across them by accident. Furthermore some posts were quietly deleted altogether.

Then a "Lounge" was added, to which only forum posters, or "agents" had access. Regular visitors could not see the content of the Lounge, where the flow of information to the main forum was controlled. Some "agents" actually ask in the Lounge for permission to post certain material. Yep, that´s how low things have sunk.

Why did I stick so long on RMN? Well, as I say, I mostly used it a channel for getting the truth out. I just ignored the disinfo and the diversions.

But, to continue at this point would be simply lending credibility to the spin running on RMN. I´m not saying everyone who posts there is knowingly spreading disinfo. But RMN is not a home for open investigative reporting. Which is why they want me out. RMN is now a G. W. Bush political spin site.

At least, with... say, Free Republic forum, what you see --rabid Republicanism-- is what you get. They got strong views there and that´s just fine with me. Actually, "Freepers" gave me my best unknown tale of Bill Clinton and 9/11.

Free expression is fine. What bugs me is the plethora of subterfuge agents who pretend to be what they are not. It´s time to get a clearer view of who is, and is not, on the side of truth.

John Kaminsky in his latest article "Shadow of a hologram" hints at the need for the 9/11 movement to root out pretenders. And Carol Valentine in her recent article "911 Lawsuit Is A Booby Trap" goes on record with grave doubts about the direction of the Mariani 9/11 suit against the Bush administration.

Push is coming to shove. But, we need to proceed with care, because there is a confusion agenda the establishment is trying to sow among its opponents.

This article was not meant to make a comprehensive case against RMN. It´s not worth the effort. There are more important tasks. I am only too happy to leave. And take this opportunity to thank the many readers of the site who have corresponded with me. To get my news and analysis articles, visit my website My material is unlikely to be on RMN.

So before inevitable allegations fly that I am a ´plant´ trying to subvert freedom of expression, here below are a few quotes and a summary of the establishment lies I have been exposing over the last few years. You decide what you believe.

[Not included]

After all, that´s what free speech is all about.

Fintan Dunne 6th May, 2004"


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA