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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barbara Hartwell Radio Interview: The American Awakening with Michael Herzog

Barbara Hartwell Radio Interview: The American Awakening with Michael Herzog.

November 29, 2008.

I was honored to be invited as Michael's first guest for his inaugural radio show on Oracle Broadcasting. In this two hour interview, I cover information on COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program); CIA propaganda campaigns and Psy Ops, as well as an overview on the New Age movement, just one tentacle of the Octopus, the New World Order.

As a longtime target of a libel/slander campaign in the "alternative media" (radio, TV and print) designed to discredit the truthful, accurate information I have exposed, I have been falsely accused repeatedly of being a "CIA disinfo agent".

Another libelous falsehood being promoted by my government-sponsored adversaries and their minions and stooges is that I am part of the nefarious COINTELPRO.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Unfortunately, due to these false charges (as well as others, some of which are bizarre beyond belief) I have been blacklisted from many radio networks over a period of years --which is just the result the perpetrators were aiming for.

I give Michael credit for having an open mind and for his discernment, for seeing through the machinations of these government liars, who sadly have infiltrated much of the alternative "Patriot" and "Christian" media. This is my second interview on The American Awakening; the first was in January, 2008 when Michael hosted the program on RBN.

[For detailed reports exposing COINTELPRO and names of criminal conspirators, see archives on this website, and see Sosbee vs. FBI 

For those interested in a firsthand account of the truth about how criminals in government are destroying our country and trampling the rights and freedoms of the Individual, based on my many years of personal experience as well as my intensive investigations, please listen to this program and decide for yourself.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 22, 2009