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Saturday, October 28, 2023

YELLOW JOURNALISM: Exposing & Refuting False Information & Defamation Against Barbara Hartwell by Ramola D aka Dharmaraj


Ramola D aka Ramola Dharmaraj, publisher of The EveryDay Concerned Citizen, has been promoting defamatory falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell since 2022.

To my knowledge, it began with sending defamatory messages to at least two (2) of my (then) friends, behind my back, making false accusations against me and sowing discord in efforts to turn these individuals against me and enlist them in support of her own agenda. By that time I had broken off any association with her, since mid-2021.

She then escalated to sending unwanted messages to me personally, copying these individuals, AS IF they had anything to do with her unwarranted meddling and defamation, which they did not. Or, AS IF there were some involvement of a collective group of associates (these two individuals, as well as Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell), which again, there most certainly was not.

At no time was I ever personally involved in any group activities with any of these individuals, but solely as regarded separate personal and/or professional relationships with each one. Period.

By such aggressive interference, she way overstepped, showed no respect for their personal boundaries and invaded their privacy, just as she did to me.

When I realized that she was not going to stop this aggressive behavior, I addressed these issues publicly by first exposing her unscrupulous actions and issuing a warning for her to stop meddling in my business, to stop gossiping, sending defamatory e-mails to others, making false accusations against me (July, 2022).

I did not use her name in my report, but by the content there was no doubt that she would have known that she was the person it referenced. She chose to disregard it, and later, falsely claimed I was “slandering” her.

In June, 2023, she sent a lengthy letter to me by e-mail, again copying the same individuals, and weaving a false tale about them into the message, again AS IF all individuals referenced were part of some group, and spewing yet more defamation against me, more false accusations.

She denied the statements of fact, backed by evidence (in the form of exact quotes from her) exposing her defamation of my good name, and tried to pin the blame on me for her own indiscretions and unscrupulous actions.

I do not respond to such defamatory and insulting messages. My policy is to publish them, exposing the wrongful actions of the sender and refuting the libelous content for the public record. But, in respect for the privacy of the copied individuals, I deleted their names from her letter.

But she was evidently hell-bent on stirring up as much trouble as possible. She then published the letter to me on her website, naming the individuals copied, further invading their privacy and disregarding their personal boundaries, just as she was doing to me.

By her actions she had made one thing crystal clear: She has absolutely no respect for the personal boundaries, the privacy, or even the fundamental rights of others. This is the behavior not only of an extremely intrusive busybody, but possibly even of a sociopath. She will keep pushing to get what she wants, no matter how wrongful, no matter the expense to others.

Of course, I was outraged at the arrogance, the lack of integrity and the aggression of her behavior. So once again I published a rebuttal, refuting her false accusations and exposing her wrongful actions against me.

To add further insult to injury, she then decided to add my name to a section of her website, titled “SWANS AGAINST SLANDER” (how stupid can she get?) and create a public section of her website for the purpose of defaming my name and making further false accusations.

I have taken the time, tiresome as it has been, to publicly expose her unscrupulous actions against me, and to refute her many lies and false accusations, in reports on this site. (See bottom of report for links.)

Her injurious actions are a serious concern for me; my good name and my decades of professional work have been entirely misrepresented and my honor trampled in the dirt by an individual who has shown herself to be an unscrupulous opportunist and publicity hound seeking public acclaim for herself, no matter at what expense to others, including Barbara Hartwell.

Some of this defamatory material has been permanently and prominently displayed on the front page of her website, under the very silly title, the aforementioned “SWANS AGAINST SLANDER”, in which she makes accusations against a number of others, lumping my name in with these characters; and additionally under a separate heading, publishing libelous falsehoods against the name of Barbara Hartwell.

The primary false accusation of “slanderer” has been fraudulently affixed to my name, along with other false accusations. As for being a “slanderer”, it is clear that, being the only one promoting defamatory falsehoods, she is projecting her own wrongdoing and character flaws on me.

For the record: As long as this plethora of false and defamatory information against Barbara Hartwell remains prominently displayed on her website (or elsewhere) I will continue to cite it and refute it. The longer it stays, the more it is accessed by her readers, the more damage to me it causes.

Then, there are those who take the defamatory material from her website and run with it, posting it all over social media, where it is then scavenged yet again by the hordes of busybodies and scandal-mongers, who have no better use for their time than to compete for hit counts, click bait and “likes” at the expense of great damages to a legitimate person (that would be me) they do not know.

This is absolutely despicable, and utterly dishonorable, under even the most lax of standards. Ramola has shown herself to be a practitioner of yellow journalism. I can no longer attribute the slightest credibility to anything she publishes.


She is the one individual responsible for all the damages she has set in motion, and who will be held accountable by me.

There is an old saying from the military: It doesn't matter who fired the bullet. What really matters is who paid for it.

And then, there is 'first blood'. The person who draws first blood is the aggressor. And the aggressor is always in the wrong, without exception.

In all this, I have only defended myself against an aggressor. Which I will continue to do.

The more damage her defamation causes to me, the more I will do all in my power, by any and all lawful and ethical means available to me, to counter the falsehoods with facts and evidence.

I have no dealings with Ramola Dharmaraj.

I am asking nothing of her, nor am I making any demands.

No quarter given, none asked.

In a public warning I stated that there would be consequences for her wrongful actions against me. This was not a threat, only a statement of fact. Actions (for good or ill) always have consequences.


I find it necessary to state the facts (once again) for the public record, so that anyone who has been reading or hearing the defamatory falsehoods promoted by Ramola Dharmaraj will have the opportunity to know the truth, whether they choose to believe it, or not. As always, the readers may make of it what they will.

For roughly three years, between 2018 and 2021, I was a frequent guest on her podcast and I considered her a friend. However, I realized to my dismay that she was a busybody who was meddling in my business, disclosing private information I had shared in confidence, talking about me behind my back, and exploiting my name on her website, podcasts and social media by linking my name to people and subjects which were irrelevant, and even in some cases antithetical to my views and the principles I support.

These individuals included New Agers, leftists/progressives, advocates for the evil United Nations, and Jew-haters (for whom I have zero tolerance), a number of whom she herself heavily promoted. If she herself wants to promote/support such individuals, that is her prerogative, but to drag my name into any connection with them and their political views, which are anathema to me, is entirely unacceptable and wrongful.

From my observations over a period of time, Ramola is sorely lacking in both discretion and discernment, and has serious 'boundary issues', with a tendency to show no respect for, and thereby overstep, the personal boundaries of others, both strangers and acquaintances. Put bluntly, she is an aggressor.

She also tends to arbitrarily lump various and disparate persons into one broad group, thus negating the differences which make them individuals. For example, she will often use phrases such as: 'we ALL'; 'ADVICE TO ALL' 'notice to ALL'; 'ALL of us'; 'every single person'; 'everyone who has experienced' (fill in the blank) such and such...

Such sweeping generalizations only muddy the waters of any subject and present commonalities where none exist, rather than accurately distinguishing between very different persons or groups.

Her subjective perceptions and/or opinions reached by consensus (such as the panel discussions she frequently hosts) do not equate in any way to objective reality, though her presentations on various issues would seem to indicate that this is what she believes.

Disagreement with a person's opinions and viewpoints, and directing them to stop meddling in my business and exploiting my name, is solely my prerogative.

And, as a former profiler for US government entities (including various agencies, police departments, internal affairs, DA's offices, etc. etc.), I am qualified to offer a psychological analysis, based on my observations. Stating a professional opinion on the character of an individual certainly does not constitute any form of 'slander', contrary to any of her subjective beliefs.

During the time I was associated with her, I explained repeatedly that protecting my privacy was very important to me; that my life is not an open book; that I do not use social media; that I am a recluse with no interest in socializing or networking with strangers; and that I do not allow anyone to speak for me, or on my behalf, without explicit permission.

But for whatever reason(s), she disregarded my clearly stated policies and wishes, and that became a serious problem for me, as my name was bandied about, grossly exploited, misrepresented by her and by some of her associates, amateur wannabes and gatecrashers, participants in the social media culture of snoops, snitches, gossips and busybodies, with no respect for the personal boundaries of others.

Many of these persons (including Ramola) called themselves “targeted individuals”, and considered themselves members of the so-called “targeted individual community”.

As far as I am concerned, I've never been involved with them and I want nothing to do with these people, or their 'TI community'. I have nothing in common with them, I do not share their stated values or beliefs, and many are leftists who advocate for “appeals” to the evil United Nations, in the false belief that this entity is a protector of human rights.

This group includes Ramola D herself, who traffics with the UN via appeals by letter and publicly encourages (even implores) others to do the same, claiming that her “life is in grave danger” and that “all journalists” (that ALL again) should be making appeals to them on her behalf.

From where I stand, as a defender of Liberty and true human rights (not the so-called “human rights” of UN standards), no promoter of such an evil entity as the UN (whether out of ignorance or skewed leftist values) could ever be trusted to adhere to moral absolutes. As she has certainly proved by her actions.

Suffice it to say that after some time of knowing her, I realized that my beliefs, my values, my principles, were in many cases the exact opposite of those espoused by Ramola. By her actions and by what she supports, promotes and endorses, it appears that she is a New Ager, a progressive/leftist who holds to anti-Christian values and ideologies. She is a collectivist who shows no respect for God-given unalienable individual rights, most especially including the right to privacy.

And worse, she was projecting her own views on me, falsely assuming I shared them, and in some cases, even attempting to impose them on me. What a nightmare.

I had no intention of getting into a conflict with her about these issues, privately or publicly. I decided that just quietly walking away would solve the problem. But unfortunately for me, she didn't respect my right to do that, either.

I should make it abundantly clear for the record that I have never once done anything wrongful to her. The fact that I have been falsely accused of this (by Ramola, and by at least one former “friend” whom she managed to influence to turn against me) was cause for righteous outrage at this terrible injustice.

But I can't control what others believe, nor would I waste my time trying to change their minds.

I can only say this: For those who do understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible. 

They will either perceive and discern what is true and what is false, or they will not.

They will either act with integrity and honor, or they will not.

And they will live with the consequences of their decisions, right or wrong, good or evil.

On principle, I mind my own business and never presume to interfere with that of others.

I have no wish to bring discredit on anyone, unless by their own acts of aggression against me and/or others, it is warranted.

In this case, it is certainly warranted. I have only, by necessity, acted in my own defense by publicly setting the record straight about the falsehoods she was promoting and by warning her to stop the gossip and the meddling, the defamatory messages she was sending behind my back to certain of my friends.

She disregarded my warning and instead began to publicly drag the names of unrelated third parties into her self-created drama, while exploiting my name where it was entirely unwarranted. A drama in which she cast herself as the innocent and persecuted victim of every imaginable government and non-government entity, domestic and foreign.

She has shown herself to be an extremely aggressive character, a prolific self-promoter ambitious for worldly fame. She uses many venues to promote herself, primarily a website called The EveryDay Concerned Citizen, and numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter (aka X), plus several video platforms for a podcast called Ramola D Reports.

She loudly touts herself as a “truth journalist”, claiming to publish “fact-based” articles. But in actuality, “truth” or “facts” are rarely to be found among her preposterous claims. Not the many self-aggrandizing claims about herself, nor the idiotic claims she has been making about Barbara Hartwell, in the form of defamatory falsehoods.

Among these bogus claims about herself are:

[NOTE: Those in quotation marks are her exact words, not mine.]

That she is a “Human Rights Attorney”.

That she is the subject of "Whistleblower Retaliation on the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes"

That this so-called “Whistleblower Retaliation” is "The Story of the Century".

That she is “the Prime Victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse”.

That she is “exposing classified information”.

That she is “the ONLY journalist”, or “the one lone journalist” or “the top journalist”, covering any number of subjects. Including ones I can guarantee she knows virtually nothing about.

Such as:

She has no expertise whatsoever on: “Black Ops”, “MK Ultra”, psychological operations, counterintelligence.

She has never, at any time, had access to any form of “classified information”. She cannot “expose” what she herself does not have, and does not know.

Yet to hear her boastful claims, a gullible person with no discernment might believe she has cornered the market on “exposing” these topics.

Given her prolific promotion of all these falsehoods, anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and discernment, will understand that, contrary to her claims of “fact-based” articles and “”truth journalism”, rather, she is a braggart, a liar and a fraud. And/or is laboring under delusions of grandeur.


Here are some exact quotes from Ramola D. These messages were sent to two of my friends, behind my back, in attempts to influence them against me. My comments follow, preceded by my initials, BH.

"I am afraid she is in my view damaging the testimonial and fact-based journalism I and others have done on the subject of targeting and fusion center and intelligence operations against people."

BH: My reports (published on the Internet since 1995) preceded anything published by her by more than two decades. My actual investigations go further back than that, to the 1980s.

My work is based on professional expertise in certain areas, most notably psychological operations and counterintelligence.

What expertise has she to offer on these subjects? None at all. At best, she is collecting the stories of other people making claims about being “targeted individuals” and publishing the material, along with her own subjective opinions and rank speculation.

And to suggest that a former intelligence professional such as myself is “damaging” to her articles on “intelligence operations”, which it is clear she knows nothing about, is utterly absurd, as well as arrogant as all hell.

My work has nothing whatsoever to do with her, nor any material she publishes, nor her viewpoints on “targeted individuals”.

Her claims are absolutely preposterous!

"Amazing how it Never ends -- because so many are protecting these operations. And sadly it looks like Barbara is too, now, with these absurd statements!"

BH: Now, I am accused of “protecting operations”. Based on what evidence, exactly? Again, as usual, she has nothing. To accuse me of such a despicable thing is grossly insulting to my honor, and I will defend my honor, even if no one else will.

After all I have lost (most of everything I owned), shedding blood, sweat and tears to defend Liberty and stand against government corruption, my honor is about all I have left.

I won't allow some arrogant little upstart with pretensions of her own importance to brand me with such a label, when nothing could be further from the truth.

"She seems to be claiming that only government whistleblowers are persecuted the way she describes and all else are fabricating wrong!"

BH: Yet more speculation here, based on her subjective opinions. Not a fact to be found.

For those interested in actual facts, I have never at any time made any such claims. I have accused no one of “fabricating” anything. Nor have I ever stated that “only government whistleblowers” were the targets of any particular type of persecution.

She is certainly free to believe what she will, including that I am “so wrong!”. But once she publishes it by sending defamatory messages to others and/or posting in any venue, then I will certainly make sure to counter it with the truth and the facts.

Bottom line: She has nothing whatsoever on me, which could possibly discredit me or my work. No facts. No evidence. No legitimate witnesses. Certainly nothing at all that even comes close to the “truth”.

So much for her “fact-based” articles, touted as “truth journalism”. She wouldn't recognize the truth if it slapped her right across her smug face. Her outsized ego and delusions of her own importance are standing in the way.


Here are some links to defamatory content against Barbara Hartwell published by Ramola Dharmaraj.




"Listing the articles here written over the years in response to defamation and slander directed against this writer and journalist in apparent and misplaced COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence disruption and discrediting programs classically aimed at political organizations, by their definition) for standing up for Americans, citizens worldwide, human rights, and exposing government crimes against many. These articles are being collected here for archival purposes and to set the record straight on all the many encounters recorded herein."

"Each of these articles addresses the specific situation they have described, and presents the truth of each as well as the opinions of this writer, all being written and published only in response to public and private campaigns of defamation and slander run by the parties named against this writer. In addition, the writing and publication of these reports (and podcasts accompanying them on occasion) has been attended by much whistleblower retaliation, described within them as well as in other reports and social media posts. These reports of slander therefore are very closely linked to the intense COINTELPRO-style actions of physical DEW/Neurotech retaliation, cyber-hacking retaliation, online-platform-takedown retaliation, social-harassment retaliation, reputation-assault with false psychiatric labels by miscreants, family-hacking and life-takedown retaliation, as well as numerous death-hits, assassination attempts and other forms of retaliation compounding grievous, untenable retaliatory harm this writer and whistleblower journalist has reported and is reporting elsewhere."

BH: First of all, as I have stated many times, Ramola Dharmaraj is not a “whistleblower journalist”, as she boasts.

She entirely lacks the qualifications.

She was never an insider, never an employee, in any government entity or corporation.

She has no background, no training, no direct personal or professional knowledge of any “operations” which she claims to be “exposing”, because she was never involved in any way, shape or form.

She has never, at any time, had any access to “classified” information, which she boasts she is “exposing”. This is an outrageous lie.

She holds no credentials whatsoever which could possibly qualify her as a "whistleblower" or "whistleblower journalist".

She has never been more than an ordinary civilian, like many others, doing research on the Internet and publishing articles.

She has not published or “exposed” any factual information which is new, unique, extraordinary, proprietary, exclusive, or otherwise not available to the general public, to anyone with a computer and access to the Internet. A high school student could easily come up with any of the information on the topics she covers.

I have no reason to believe that anyone would be “retaliating” against this woman, and certainly not any government agency.

As former intelligence, and as an experienced professional, I can guarantee that CIA (nor any other gov entity) would not have the slightest interest in the likes of her. She's an amateur-wannabe, trying to make a name for herself by making preposterous false claims about herself and by latching on to people who do have the credentials. In the eyes of any US (or foreign) intelligence, she would be regarded as a nobody.


Listed are some of the articles published on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen, in which the name of Barbara Hartwell appears.

Some are defamatory, others were published before I broke off my association with her, for cause.

As previously stated, I am not requesting nor demanding that she remove these articles. I only want it on the record that I do not any longer endorse or support anything coming from this woman, or published on her site, including anything using my name.

I now regret having done any interviews on her podcast, though obviously at the time I was not aware of her lack of legitimacy and her lack of integrity.

In closing, I should make it clear that I have no animosity against Ramola, and never have had any malice in my heart.

But I do have every reason for righteous outrage, at having my name trashed for no other reason than that I have defended myself against falsehoods being promoted about me, and rightfully protested the exploitation of my name, for a self-serving agenda.

Barbara Hartwell

October 28, 2023


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