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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

PREPOSTEROUS, SENSATIONALIST BOASTS & BOGUS CLAIMS: “The Story of the Century”, “Whistleblower Retaliation on the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes”

This report will be short and to the point. It was something I was hoping not to have to write, but in good conscience and on principle, I cannot let it pass without stating my position, because my name has been falsely drawn in, lumped in, and grossly exploited by groups of people who call themselves “targeted individuals”, including by Ramola D and some of her associates.


I have nothing to do with these “targeted individuals”, their groups, or their so-called “TI community”. I will not allow my decades of work as an investigator, an advocacy journalist and CIA whistleblower to be tainted by ambitious, aggressive amateurs seeking fame and fortune for themselves by exploiting the work of legitimate government whistleblowers.

To add to the damages, Ramola D has been sending out defamatory e-mails, with false accusations against Barbara Hartwell, claiming that I am “wrong” about the subject matter in some of my reports; that I am “protecting operations” which she claims she is a “target” of.

She stated that my reports would be:


damaging to the testimonial and fact-based journalism I and others have done on the subject of targeting and fusion center and intelligence operations against people.”  


These messages were sent behind my back to at least 2 of my friends.

Aside from the fact that she does not know what she is talking about regarding these subjects, these messages grossly insulted my honor and were a clear attempt to turn others against me and to discredit my professional work.

The recipients (at least the ones I know of) acknowledged that she is “way off base” and that she had no business attempting to meddle in my work or to misrepresent me, for her own self-serving purposes.

More to the point, it is NONE OF HER BUSINESS what I choose to publish. It did not involve her and had nothing to do with her. Until she foolishly decided to stick her nose where it does not belong, to defame a person who has never done anything wrongful to her.

And now, she is making extravagant boasts about herself, claims which have no basis in fact, which should be clear to any person familiar with the subject matter.


Here are just a few quotes from articles by Ramola D, on her site, The Every Day Concerned Citizen:

[NOTE: Emphasis in bold type is mine, BH]

"Ramola D, she has discovered, was used as the Prime Subject for the Halleluia Project (or whatever it was called) to demonstrate AI to the world using the MK principles of Dark and Light which every test subject in the project — known to the world as “Targeted Individuals” subject to extreme persecution –knows as MK ULTRA Cognitive Warfare being played on them. As a consequence her witness of extreme persecution is extremely crucial for the whole world to hear. This is a Press Statement from the world’s pre-eminent journalist exposing the Artificial Intelligence Project as a Satanic Project designed to bring demons into the minds of all human beings and spirit entities into every corner of the world through nanotechnology. There is much more to say but let’s send this out for now."

"Alex Crosbie Exposes the Story of the Century: Unlawful and Unethical AI-Driven Neurowarfare and Cognitive Warfare Being Conducted in Whistleblower Retaliation on the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes"

"...all readers are exhorted to send in a complaint to the United Nations or any other international body with any kind of plausible profile in promoting human rights."

"...projecting her [Ramola D] as a God figure through AI"

"She is in fact the Prime Victim of Extreme Satanic Ritual Abuse which is what every single “Targeted Individual” has been put through now for several decades in the USA and worldwide."

"This must be fully investigated at the highest levels in every single country in the world and with the United Nations Commission of Human Rights."


I have no idea how she came up with these bizarre boasts about herself. In my opinion, none of these claims has any basis in fact, nor are grounded in reality.

I won't bother to elaborate, but will only say that the writing is on the wall. Make of that what you will.

What is abundantly clear is that she seeks public acclaim and sees herself as being at the direct center of every single subject, while at the same time, claiming that ALL so-called “targeted individuals” have the exact same experiences, for the exact same reasons and by the same perpetrators. This is an absolute falsehood, as anyone who has any knowledge on these subjects would know.

And makes the outlandish, preposterous claim that SHE, she alone, is “the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes”.

For those interested in some facts, for a change:

She is NOT a whistleblower. Period. Not on any of these subjects. Anyone may do the research, find documents in the public domain, send out for FOIA reports and get any of the information to use for publication. As in fact, many have done, over a period of decades. She is not reporting anything that is new, no original or unique content. And she lacks the credentials of a whistleblower, never having been inside of any government agency.


Same goes for being the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist”.


There are numerous well-known journalists who have actually exposed detailed information on all these subjects. I won't name them, but their work (going back decades) can easily be found by anyone interested.

Unless the so-called “classified” crimes have been declassified (as many have been) she would have no way of knowing about them, no more than anyone else. If in fact she was “exposing” classified information (which she is not) that in itself would be considered a crime. I can guarantee, she has no access to classified information.

As for MK Ultra, she has really gone off the deep end with this claim. She was not a part of MK Ultra, in any way, shape or form. And from what I have seen of her writings on this subject, she has no idea what she is talking about. I should know, and in fact do know, coming from a CIA family with deep roots in OSS and military intelligence, and having been recruited into this operation before she was even born.

And yet, she claims that she is the “the World's Pre-Eminent Journalist” and "whistleblower" on the subject of MK Ultra?????????????????

This statement is not only utterly bogus, it is downright idiotic.

She is also encouraging her readers (and all those she calls “TIs”) to report these crimes to the United Nations, which is an evil Luciferian organization, tantamount to the One World Government and New World Order.

The UN's “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, is the furthest thing possible from defending anyone's human rights! These devils in fact seek totalitarian slavery for every man, woman and child on the face of the earth. But obviously, she has no idea of this.

Lastly, I must state, with absolute clarity, that, in light of these preposterous and fraudulent boasts, as well as her defamation of my good name, I, Barbara Hartwell, cannot in good conscience, nor on principle, endorse or support anything promoted by Ramola D.


That I do not want my name ever used in connection with Ramola D or her associates/supporters.


And I ask that my readers disregard anything said by her or her associates/ supporters, in which my name appears, in perpetuity. None of it has anything to do with me.

Barbara Hartwell

In Defense of Truth & Honor

December 13, 2022