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Tuesday, December 6, 2022








The image shown above is just one of numerous such defamatory falsehoods promoted by one Karen Melton Stewart, on one of her countless Twitter accounts which she uses for the purpose of spreading extremely injurious, outrageous lies and malicious gossip against Barbara Hartwell.

I only just found this particular Twitter page a few days ago:

Exposing PERPS and NUTCASES who live to attack others.

The repeated defamation on each of more than SEVENTY such images with various additional text messages is:


@ECCEveryday @NHSCorrupt


@EquestrianBree and CIA Handler, Barbara Hartwell-Weinstein Gang

















Karen Stewart, as a false accuser, acting with malice aforethought, is making claims that Barbara Hartwell is a “CIA Handler”. And specifically, a “handler” of several individuals whose names (including as labels) appear in the text.


I left CIA operations in 1994, as a defector, never to return.


I have never, at any time, had any dealings with any of the named individuals which involved CIA or any of their operations, in any way, shape or form.


I do not even know Amy Rayboun (“TI Investigator”), Galina Kurdina (aka Helen Kurdin) or “Equestrian Bree” and have had no contact or communications of any kind with these individuals, ever.

FACT: I had never heard of Amy Rayboun until I noticed that she was exploiting my name on social media, in connection with s0-called “targeted individuals” and their groups, also in connection with false information and lurid gossip on any number of subjects.

Outraged, I posted a public notice and a directive for her to CEASE & DESIST, which she disregarded. I then published a report exposing Rayboun as a pretentious poseur, an amateur with no credentials and no legitimacy. She is also being heavily promoted on Every Day Concerned Citizen, by Ramola D. As should be obvious, I have no control over what anyone else publishes. My only concern is my own name and work being misrepresented and/or exploited and/or defamed. Period.

FACT: I have no idea who this “Equestrian Bree” is. Again, I never heard of her until Karen Stewart began promoting false information, specifically that Barbara Hartwell is a “CIA Handler” for this individual. Period.


As for Galina Kurdina, I never heard of her either, until I saw my name being exploited yet again, and falsely linked with others calling themselves "TIs" (including Amy Rayboun, who Kurdina also promotes) on her own website, yet another group promoting "targeted individuals".


FACT: I have absolutely nothing to do with these individuals and their "TI" groups, never have done, never will do. So WHY are they hell-bent on exploiting my name! They really need to learn to mind their own business and stop sticking their noses where they don't belong, and leave my name OUT of their speculative gossip.

Parenthetically, if in fact I were a “CIA Handler”, as Stewart claims, I would certainly not recruit rank amateurs, such as the individuals listed here (Amy Rayboun, Ramola D, "Equestrian Bree", Galina Kurdina) by Stewart. None of these individuals has any training in, or even basic knowledge of, intelligence work. It is clear to me that when they mention these issues, they don't know what the hell they are talking about. It would certainly behoove them to stop talking.

Karen Stewart began her defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell in late 2019, which has continued ever since that time. I do not know Karen Stewart personally. I had heard some of her radio interviews, in which she was talking about being a NSA whistleblower, some time in 2017. At first, I thought she was legitimate. That is, until she began her attempts to try to discredit me, claiming I am CIA, a CIA handler, making all kinds of other false accusations and spreading malicious gossip on social media, along with some of her accomplices, a gaggle of gossips and busybodies, seeking fame and fortune for themselves by making false claims about people they do not know.

A legitimate whistleblower does not spread outrageous lies about people. And they certainly don't make accusations of this nature, with absolutely no evidence to back up their claims. That alone definitively disqualifies them from the status of whistleblower.

And speaking of making accusations, I need to make one thing perfectly clear: I personally have never accused Karen Stewart of being COINTELPRO, CIA, nor any such thing. Others may have done so, but none of that had anything to do with me. Anyone interested may check my reports (some given below) and see that no such accusations have ever been made by me. I do not care why anyone is making false accusations. My concern is only the fact that they are doing it.

Furthermore, if I state that someone is CIA, FBI, etc. etc. it is always because I have direct personal/professional knowledge and can back it with evidence.

What I have seen happening for many years, is that ambitious, aggressive amateurs love to accuse any person, gratuitously, of being CIA, FBI, etc. etc. They engage in wild speculation, having no evidence to back up their ridiculous claims. And/or they parrot what they have seen or heard from others of their ilk.

One reason they do this is that they foolishly believe they can make themselves look “important” by pretending to be a “target” of intelligence agencies, when nothing could be further from the truth. As well, some of them may be delusional. But no matter the reason, the fact remains that they are promoting damaging falsehoods and that they will be held accountable (at least by me) for their injurious lies and slander.

The damage to those falsely accused is still very real. I have been a target of unconscionable attacks by these unscrupulous characters for decades, and have suffered inestimable damages to every area of my life. I have published numerous reports exposing these government stooges, toadies and lackeys, as well as the actual government agents who, in some cases, feed them the false information.

For such offenses I have a zero tolerance policy. And I guaran-damn-tee, there will be consequences, though most of these characters are far too stupid to know what those consequences might be.


These individuals have all been in collusion with Karen Stewart (at one time or another) to defame and falsely accuse Barbara Hartwell, including the lie that I am CIA or a CIA handler.

Frank Allen (Targeted Massachusetts)

Midge Mathis (Targeted Justice)

Katherine Horton (STOP 007, Joint Investigation Team)

Penny Shepard (Shepard Entertainment)

Janet Phelan (LA Progressive, Veterans Today, Hollywood Progressive, NEO)

Millicent Black (Refuge from the Storm)

Eylerly Felder aka Ella Free (Freedom for Targeted Individuals)

Deborah Anne Weber

These individuals (including Karen Stewart) are also heavy promoters of the evil United Nations (One World Government, New World Order) and Nils Melzer, to whom they have “appealed” in connection with their “targeted individual” horseshit. Anyone who trafficks with this totalitarian entity is an enemy of Liberty and the US Constitution, which they also pretend to support. Abject hypocrites, one and all.

The fact of the matter is that I have only seen a fraction of the libelous falsehoods being disseminated far and wide by these aggressive liars, because I do not use social media and am “locked out” of seeing most of the defamation, much of which is posted on Facebook, to which I have no access at all. I can occasionally see some of what is posted on Twitter, but most of the time I am prevented from even being alerted to the injurious content.

In any case, I have one way of dealing with these stooges, gossips, busybodies, grandstanders, frauds, pathological liars, charlatans, psychopaths, cyber-stalkers:

I do not ever engage them directly in arguments, debates or conversations.

I have no dealings with them whatsoever.

I issue a public warning for them to CEASE & DESIST.

I EXPOSE them in a report, for the public record. I refute their defamatory falsehoods with facts and evidence (as I am doing here).

The one thing that always works like a charm is to publish their exact quotes. I can easily refute them, and aside from that, I just let them hang themselves with their own words. As they always do.

Now, I believe it should be glaringly obvious to anyone with even a modicum of reason and discernment, that Karen Melton Stewart is displaying obsessive behavior by spending so much time, in so many venues (mostly numerous Twitter accounts), repeating the same defamatory phrases and images, over and over and over. For the past three years, since 2019.

That she is doing this for the express purpose of the intentional infliction of emotional distress; to destroy my good name; to assassinate my character; to make false claims about associations I do not have, with people I do not know. To draw my name into a false construct and narrative of her own design, for the purpose of discrediting my professional work as a journalist and CIA whistleblower.

Karen Stewart is hereby warned:

CEASE & DESIST from all exploitation, defamation, invasions of privacy and any and all other injurious actions against Barbara Hartwell. This warning also applies to anyone (named or unnamed) who is in collusion with Karen Stewart to perpetrate these offenses.

Barbara Hartwell

CIA Whistleblower

The Truth in the Record

Target of Karen Melton Stewart & Accomplices

December 6, 2022

Now, here are just a few samples of the malicious, obsessive defamatory content produced and published by Karen M. Stewart against Barbara Hartwell.

I find it ironic that she titles the Twitter page: PERPS & NUTCASES, who “live” to spend their time “attacking others”, which describes her and her accomplices perfectly!

But before going further with samples of the defamatory content, here is just one moronic comment from one of the many gossips and busybodies who apparently have nothing better to do with their time than engaging in malicious defamation of legitimate professionals they do not know.


Deborah Weber wrote:


"Idiot sh*t-for-brains #MidgeMathis, #RamolaD, a once dear friend #KarenStewart, & anyone else defaming me in any way, shape or form (B.Hartwell confessed, if you missed it, she's trapped) when you defame me you make yourselves look bad. You are falling prey to clever psyops et al


As for the #terrorist trailer-trash whackjob known as Barbara #Hartwell smearing me with her psychotic nonsense - wasn't me, toots! Better look to those who impersonate real #TIs or Barbara just made the whole thing up, same with #RamolaD This doesn't fare well for the @CIA"

Again, I never heard of this loathsome creature until I found her defamatory comments against Barbara Hartwell on social media, including in collusion with Katherine Horton, a foreign criminal provocateur who actually makes terrorist threats and solicits the murder of intelligence professionals and government officials on social media.

Weber has repeatedly slimed out of the woodwork to promote absolute nonsense and paranoid fantasies she cooks up in her addled brain (if she has one at all).

I have “confessed” to nothing and have no idea what she is blathering on about. If anyone is a “trailer trash whackjob”, here she is, projecting her severe psychopathology on others. Unbelievable.



A reminder that this defamatory statement was inserted into  every image posted:


@ECCEveryday @NHSCorrupt


@EquestrianBree and CIA Handler, Barbara Hartwell-Weinstein Gang








...Says the woman who actually continues to obsessively, pathologically make false accusations and launch attacks against others, as amply demonstrated in this report.












EXACTLY! That is precisely the M.O. of Karen Stewart, as demonstrated by her utterly hypocritical and obsessive attacks. She describes herself perfectly.

And, for those who have the slightest doubt about exactly who and what this woman is, there is an abundance of evidence against Karen Stewart in these reports.

(Make sure to have a barf bag at hand--you'll need it!)



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