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Saturday, May 14, 2022


"The Jews, they are bad people, they are not of a good bloodline."

"They have always been practicing their cannibalism and ritual murders."

"The Holocaust hoax is the biggest hoax on humanity."

-Reggie Fashbaugh, promoter of numerous Jew-haters, on The Jews, from a discussion on a podcast, March, 2022

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

Isaiah 54:17


As of May 8, 2022 this website, associated with Reggie Fashbaugh, was no longer online. When I went to the site:

I got this notice:

502 Bad Gateway

And from the Wayback machine, only an old version of the front page was shown:

None of the other content was available. So any evidence (except that which had been previously collected from the site) has now been scrubbed. The question is, why?

As mentioned in a previous report, the website had been modified (seemingly hastily) shortly after it was exposed for its lack of legitimacy, for being devoid of any real substance, for its promotion of Luciferian leftist slogans, for false information, and for the roster of charlatans, snake oil salesmen, frauds and worst of all, rabid Jew-haters, who were endorsed as so-called “experts” on child trafficking, MK Ultra and SRA. All of which had been exposed on my website, some going back at least two decades.

And I can't state this strongly enough, whether or not anyone wants to acknowledge it: Some of these Jew-haters are part of a network of individuals and organizations which openly promote vile propaganda about the so-called “Jew World Order”, about the fraudulent and thoroughly discredited “Protocols of Zion”, about their support of white separatist/supremacist ideologies (“Christian Identity” and others), of those who call the Holocaust a “hoax” (as does Reggie Fashbaugh) and even of neo-Nazis, who unabashedly proclaim their support of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler.

All of this is in the public domain, has been documented ad nauseam by its adherents and as such is irrefutable evidence of who these people are, their collective mindset and worldview. This is a disgrace! It is disgusting and appalling!

Here is the question which should arise for any reasonable, independent thinker who values honor and common decency:

Who, in their right mind, as a born again believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, truly led by the Holy Spirit, could possibly support, promote or endorse such utterly satanic filth?

No true, genuine Christian that I have ever known (as well as those with whom I am not personally acquainted, but whose ministries I know of) would ever promote, support or endorse such Jew-haters, or their odious beliefs.

And that one issue alone would suffice for me to denounce anyone who is a participant, in any way, shape or form, to shun them, and to expose them as anti-Christian, as reprobates of the lowest order.

It would appear that the organization, Tiny Hearts Brigade, which was soliciting members and donations, has been shut down, though no public announcement has appeared, at least not to my knowledge.

The website promoted THB as a “ministry”, and the primary subject addressed was child trafficking. So it is possible that the principals (including Reggie Fashbaugh) will continue whatever it was they claimed to be doing, perhaps under another name, or in a different venue. Time will tell.


I now find it necessary to address some related issues. From my observations, Reggie Fashbaugh, along with some of her associates, seem to have gathered a considerable amount of support, from those identifying themselves as Christians, including those who are involved in public ministries which solicit membership and donations.

I should first make something crystal clear. As an independent investigator and journalist, I and I alone am responsible for any and all statements made in my reports, including those exposing Reggie Fashbaugh and her organization, Tiny Hearts Brigade. I do my own investigations, my own research, and collect and develop evidence myself. And I speak (in print or otherwise) strictly for myself. By the same token, no one speaks for me, nor is anyone authorized to do so.

That being said, I need to make it clear that I am in contact with a number of Christians who share my views, both in general terms (including denouncing and shunning Jew-haters) and specifically in regard to the publicly promoted statements of Reggie Fashbaugh and her supporters.

It has come to my attention that some of these supporters have made public comments (in print or on video) which I have seen or heard myself, and which I find it important to address, in defense of my own honor and that of some of my friends, all brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I, as the author of several reports exposing Reggie Fashbaugh and her organization, Tiny Hearts Brigade, have been falsely accused by supporters of Fashbaugh, including of the practice of “yellow journalism”, of “playing the Jew-hater card”, of “making assumptions”, of acting “impulsively”.

Here are two brief descriptions of yellow journalism:

Yellow journalism: the use of lurid features and sensationalized news in newspaper publishing to attract readers and increase circulation.

Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers.

-Britannica dot com

Idiomatic Journalism which is sensationalistic and of questionable accuracy and taste.

-American Heritage Dictionary

FACT: All evidence given in my reports is comprised of actual statements (verbatim) made by Reggie Fashbaugh. I have documentation of these statements from videos, including dates.

Nothing I have reported has ever been distorted, exaggerated, nor exploitative in any manner.

There has been no sensationalism involved, ever. Nor has it ever been my motivation to attract readers or increase circulation.

As for “playing the Jew-hater card”, what exactly does that mean? I have simply called a Jew-hater a Jew-hater, for which there is irrefutable evidence.

I have made no assumptions, nor have I acted impulsively.

In addition to these false accusations, I have heard others, on a public video, in which there was a group discussion by supporters of Reggie Fashbaugh, which included talk of my reports, which were displayed on the screen, seemingly to be used for target practice. They were described as "hit pieces", which I find ludicrous, as they were based on facts.

My main concern is that some of my friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) were falsely accused as well. In what I can only describe as a witch hunt, these “Christians” were making accusations of “gossip” and “backbiting”. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was never any gossip involved, except by the group defending Reggie Fashbaugh, though they were attempting to defend the indefensible, to justify the unjustifiable.

The individuals they named had simply tried to warn others, and had openly stated their concerns. Their concerns were dismissed or ignored. Yet, they were called cowards and were accused of being influenced and swayed by what the accusers claimed was false information in my reports. I know for a fact that these accusations are not true. These individuals made it clear that their views were their own, arrived at by their own perceptions, not by anything said by me, even though they agreed with my views.

Of course, as usual, I was accused of being CIA, or, considering that I am actually EX CIA (Once CIA always they say), that would be an indictment against me. My background is irrelevant, yet apparently they will use it against me in order to pursue their own agenda, which seems to be to defend Reggie Fashbaugh, a Jew-hater, at all costs.

In my opinion, the cowards are those who would try to sweep the whole issue under the rug, to make excuses for evil, and what is so clearly anti-Christian behavior, rather than to openly denounce it, as true Christians would do.

As true Christians have in fact done, and have only been vilified for their efforts.

I thank the Christians who have stood up for the truth, and on principle, regardless of the consequences. That is an important part of what it means to be a Christian. And it is surely a matter of honor.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

May 14, 2022


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