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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Monday, February 14, 2022




Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

John 8:44

Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God will fight for you.

Ecclesiasticus of Sirach

I have exposed the many offenses (civil and criminal) of an unrepentant liar, fraud and blasphemer named Howard Nemaizer in numerous reports since 2014. I should begin by making it clear that I am certain there are very few people who would ever have the slightest interest in the likes of Howard Nemaizer. Why would they? He is only one of the hordes of aggressive, unprincipled characters who roam the Internet, seeking whom they may devour, ruled by worldly ambition, attempting to make a name for himself by poaching and parroting the legitimate work of others, while exploiting their names for his own unscrupulous ends. They are a dime-a-dozen, so who cares?

I have no reason to expect that anyone would care, one way or another, about the offenses this reprobate has committed against Barbara Hartwell.

My purpose in exposing him, very simply, has to do with pursuing JUSTICE, even if I am the only person who cares. I want it on the record.

I make it a point to name names, to document and expose the evil deeds of my enemies, for the public record, so that anyone who is interested may have the opportunity to know the truth. So that I may be vindicated by the truth, which is based on verifiable facts and supported by evidence. And so that others may be warned, lest they too fall prey to the schemes of an evildoer.

That said, this report has one primary focus: My horrific ordeal of the Dungeon, in the home of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, where I was trapped and stranded for 29 hellish days, from November 22, to December 21, 2013. For without knowing of this, it might be difficult for anyone to comprehend the level of my outrage, my righteous anger, against Howard Nemaizer.

Some brief background will clarify the situation: In 2010, I was forced to sell my home in Maine, an old 3 storey New England Victorian beach house, in which I had invested everything I had, but which, through machinations of the government, I was about to lose my entire investment, unless I sold it, for far less than its worth. This situation was engineered against me by the government, and I won't give further details, except to say that to drive me to homelessness was the goal. Unfortunately, they succeeded.

After the sale of my house, I was forced to live in motels for 8 months, with all my belongings in storage, because I could not find a rental property. No landlord would rent to me, for several reasons. 1) I was a ghost in the system, and had no credit history. 2) I had no official employment history. 3) The massive defamation campaign against me on the Internet, filled with outrageous lies, which CIA had set in motion to discredit me and make me into a pariah, to be shunned and ostracized. I had been falsely accused of every dastardly deed imaginable, as part of the government's retaliatory vendetta against me. Who would want to rent a property to a so-called “CIA assassin”, or, a “con artist”, or, a “terrorist”, or, a “right-wing anti-government extremist”? All of which are the blackest of lies.

In December of 2010, I finally found a rental property in the same neighborhood of my old house. The landlords were Christians and they had not searched my name on the Internet. I lived there for three years, that is, until the next disaster struck. That being, my primary source of material support was cut off suddenly and unexpectedly. By 2013, I knew I would be forced to move again, by the end of the year, as I could not afford to pay the rent. I had no money, I was totally destitute, and had nowhere to go.

I did all in my power, trying to find help. I had only a few months to find somewhere to go, even if only a temporary place, until I was able to relocate.

But my efforts were fruitless. There was not a soul who cared enough to help me, despite the fact that I made it clear that I was in a life-threatening situation.

That was when the next disaster struck. It came in the form of an offer of “sanctuary” from a person who at the time I considered a friend, namely Howard Nemaizer. But as I soon learned, to my great dismay, his offer was fraudulent, a bait-and-switch set up which not only caused me additional losses and damages, but nearly cost me my life. All because of Howard Nemaizer's many lies, misrepresentations, false pretenses and reneging on his promises. Howard Nemaizer showed himself to be a totally dishonest and dishonorable person.

Nemaizer told me he had a “room” in his house where I could stay until I was able to find another rental. He promised that he would help me move my possessions, at least those things which were absolutely necessary, that I could not afford to lose, and could store them at his house until such time as I was able to move them to another location.

In desperation, when no other offers of any help came, I accepted his offer, not having anywhere else to go. I was forced to sell most of my belongings, including furniture, antiques, family heirlooms, for pennies on the dollar, since I could not afford to pay for storage. Some things I gave away, including to Christian charities. In short, I lost most of everything I owned, the precious possessions of a lifetime.

But I had no idea of the horrible ordeal that was in store for me, when I learned that Nemaizer was not a friend, but a liar with an agenda, an agenda which was not in the least concerned with my welfare.


As it turned out, in his offer of "sanctuary", Howard Nemaizer had lied about everything. As I discovered, the “room” he said was available was actually the cold, dark, filthy, unheated basement of his house, a true Dungeon. It reeked of damp, mildew, and toxic black mold. It was unfit for human (or animal) habitation. Since I suffer severe allergies, I was ill the entire time I was there. My elderly cat, Kyra, also became ill with respiratory ailments, from which she eventually died, 18 months later. She had been perfectly healthy before being trapped in the toxic Dungeon.

Nemaizer had lied by telling me his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, would welcome me to their home. As I soon learned, nothing could have been further from the truth. She, being an aggressive busybody, like her husband, thought she could interrogate me with intrusive personal questions, which were none of her business. I later learned that she had been gossiping with her friends, and that behind my back, she was invading my privacy, making phone calls, to the devil knows who, attempting to make “arrangements”, without my knowledge or consent.

I learned, on the second day I was there, that their landlord did not allow visitors to stay more than 2 weeks, something that Nemaizer failed to tell me until it was too late, and I was already stranded there, with what belongings I had managed to salvage before leaving my home. Now, I was placed under intense pressure to find another place to go.

Another bombshell dropped: the fact that Nemaizer had failed to tell me that Maureen Nemaizer's parents had been told lies about the fact that they had a “guest” (I was treated as anything BUT) staying there. Maureen Nemaizer expected me to lie to her parents, as she had done. Nemaizer's inlaws did not live there, and had no business with me, and I refused to be a part of some coverup they hatched in order to deceive others. There was no reason for me to ever even speak with them. I refused to take any part in their web of deception. Being for all intents and purposes, a captive, I suffered through a Thanksgiving dinner with his inlaws, and then was later insulted and shouted at because I refused to become a part of their web of lies.

On the day (November 22, 2013) that Howard Nemaizer came to my house in Maine, to pick me up and move my possessions, he brought with him a friend, named David St John, who was to drive my car to Connecticut, while Nemaizer was driving a rental van (far too small to hold the possessions I needed to take with me, which I discovered at the last minute). I was also shocked to learn, after the fact, that David St John was a convicted felon, for the offense of drunk driving. Under the law, he was not supposed to be driving anything but his own car. But now, he was driving my car, because Howard Nemaizer never warned me that I would become a part of an illegal scheme. If the police had stopped us, I would have been arrested, along with the unlawful driver. Again, Nemaizer put me at risk, by never telling me the truth. This is criminal negligence and reckless endangerment. Had I known in advance I never would have agreed to this, no matter how desperate my situation.

I had told Howard Nemaizer, well beforehand, that I needed him to get some things off the shelves in the basement of my house, that it was imperative that I take them with me. Due to disability, I could not lift the heavy boxes myself. This, he promised he would do, when I told him, more than once, ahead of time, how important it was.

But when the time came, he shrugged it off, and casually told me that there was “no more room in the van”, and that he “had no time” to get the things I needed. Among these possessions were all my camera/video equipment and computer software. And worst of all, my entire collection of videos and audiotapes, including evidence from investigations, and every single tape (video and audio) of my cable television shows and other guest interviews, and my terrestrial radio shows, going back to 1987. I lost all my professional work, hundreds of tapes, which can never be recovered, a shattering loss. All because of the lies and false promises of Howard Nemaizer.

During most of the time I was stranded there, I had no Internet access, due to the fact that Nemaizer reneged on his promise to set up my laptop computer, which was my only way of communication by e-mail, which I needed to try to get help.

But by then, Maureen Nemaizer had issued an edict: That I must be “OUT by noon on December 21, 2013.” I was harassed on a daily basis by this harridan, and I told her that she need not worry, that I had no intention of staying there, no matter what might happen to me. According to my code of honor (something the Nemaizers could never begin to understand), I would never have stayed in a place where I was not wanted, no matter the consequences.


Maureen Nemaizer, at one point, actually had the effrontery to grossly insult me by suggesting that I go to a homeless shelter. AS IF that would ever happen...over my dead body.

But unbelievably, it got even worse. Now the Nemaizers tried to farm me out to some of their lowlife friends. And never in my life had I had the misfortune of being around such low class, vulgar ill-mannered persons.


Here is an excerpt from a previous report, describing the events that transpired. As God is my witness, this is the truth of what happened, difficult as it may be for some to believe.



NOTE: HN is Howard Nemaizer. 

Only a few days from the “deadline” (High Noon on December 21), HN received a phone call from Dave. I was told that a friend of theirs, who lived in the same town, might be willing to offer me a place to stay.

So I told them that I would have to speak to this person directly, and meet him in person, to find out exactly what the situation was, before I could even consider it. I had only been told that his name was Steve, that he lived with his ex-wife (?), somewhere on the other side of town.

HN gave me a phone number to call Steve. When I did, I was shocked at being greeted with a string of curse words and foul language. WHO? WHO the f--- are you? I tried to explain that HN had given me his number, and what it was in reference to. It was obvious that this guy was blind drunk, and I mean three sheets to the wind. I was further horrified when I was subjected to a string of insults (I won't repeat them here). I was unable to carry on a conversation with him, and finally gave up, thanked him for his time, said goodbye and disconnected the line.

I told HN about the “conversation”, but he only shrugged and said something like, Well, Steve has some problems... Some problems? I would say that was a vast understatement, without ever having met the man.

When HN later called Steve himself, I was told that Steve did not remember even having talked to me (not surprising in the least), but that he had “sobered up”. Don't worry, said HN, Steve's a good guy, he's my “brother”, and I trust him.

(So, now he actually expected me to trust this guy? This was getting weirder and more horribly unsettling by the minute. I wasn't used to being around the kind of people whom Howard Nemaizer counted among his friends, and trusted “brothers”.)

Next, I was told that Steve had been invited to have dinner at their house the next evening, so that I could meet him. The only thing I can say about what happened next is, you can't make this stuff up (nor would want to).

Steve arrived, in a miasma of alcohol fumes, and staggered into the living room. He was unsteady on his feet, and slurring his words to the point where his speech was incomprehensible. I was just sitting there, as he was introduced to me, not knowing what I could possibly say. After a couple of minutes, I went outside. I badly needed some fresh air. Steve soon followed me to where I was standing, and I thought maybe I could try to have a conversation with him, though it seemed unlikely that this would be possible.

Then, suddenly, he fell down hard, to the side, nearly knocking me over (fortunately, I have very fast reflexes), and was lying on his back on the concrete. He didn't move, and when I tried to speak to him, to ask if he was okay, he didn't answer me. He was evidently unconscious.

I ran back into the house to get HN and his wife, telling them that Steve was passed out cold in the driveway. They followed me out, and tried to speak to Steve, but he didn't answer. So they grabbed him by the arms, trying to lift him up, and finally succeeded in getting him to his feet. They walked him back into the house, and planted him on a couch.

They tried to reason with him, saying that they would drive him home, as he was in no condition to drive himself. But he insisted that he would be staying for dinner, and that no, he didn't need a ride home.

This went on for a few minutes, HN and his wife arguing back and forth with Steve. Then, all of a sudden, Steve shot up off his seat, running out the door, sprinting across the yard, jumping into his truck. He took off with tires squealing, rubber burning, like a bat out of hell.

I then told HN, He's in no condition to drive. He could kill himself, or someone else. And I asked, Aren't you going to go after him? HN's answer was that he didn't know where Steve lived. (???) And besides, he said, he'd been in this condition before; he was “sure” that Steve would be fine.

(Clearly, drunk driving was not considered a problem, in the mind of Howard Nema. No matter who might get hurt or even killed, no matter who might sustain irreparable damages.)

As for HN's wife, she was extremely distressed. I said to them, If you're not going to go after him, then at least I think we had better pray for him to make it home safely. (This suggestion got only vacant looks, as if it never would have occurred to them, but I did pray for him, silently, as I was very seriously concerned about what might happen.)

But after this terribly unsettling event, I made it very clear that there was no way I was even going to consider going to stay at this guy's house. The wife, still very upset (Oh my God! Oh my God!), said to me, Well, I don't blame you! No, no, that would NOT be good! I don't blame you!

But the next day, she changed her mind. I was now informed that Steve had called to apologize, that he wanted to offer me a place to stay. I couldn't believe this. Both HN and his wife had witnessed this extremely disturbing behavior, and yet they actually thought I would even consider placing myself in that kind of danger? I had never even had a chance to speak with this friend of theirs, and could only imagine the type of circumstances, or the unstable (to put it mildly) behavior to which I would be subjected. No way. No way in bloody freaking hell.

But, she said, he has a nice big house, they have the room... (Where had I heard this before?) I said, I don't care if he has a palatial mansion with liveried servants, the answer is NO.


Aside from all this horror, I learned, to my dismay, that the Nemaizers are heavily involved in the filthy, satanic heavy- metal culture of devil worship. While I was stranded in that godforsaken place, I was shocked to discover that Maureen Nemaizer was attending heavy metal “concerts” where Bibles were burned onstage, while the crowd was giving the two-horned devil worship salute.

I later learned that both Nemaizers were fans of/participants in the devil worship culture. Here, one such devil worshiper, Ronnie James Dio, of Black Sabbath, promoted on their Facebook pages, and elsewhere.











For all Christians, I ask you, what Christian could possibly bear to be stranded in such a horrible place? A Dungeon in the home of devil worshipers. It was one of the worst experiences of my entire life.

I was delivered from that hellhole, just as I was about to be thrown into the street by the Nemaizers, on December 21 (a satanic holiday) only by the grace of God.


Howard and Maureen Nemaizer have continued to lie, promoting outrageous calumny against Barbara Hartwell, as they do to the present day. They spread malicious gossip on social media. They have lied about everything that happened when I was stranded in that hellhole in attempts to cover up their own wrongdoing. The damages to me have been extreme and severe, as their libelous falsehoods have also been spread far and wide by their many accomplices. 


The Nemaizers have falsely accused me of being a CIA agent, "the devil", "evil and wicked", a "liar", a "con artist" and on and on in this vein. They have parroted the very lies spread by the government, in their attempts to discredit and neutralize me.

So I will continue to expose the crimes and civil offenses of Howard Nemaizer and to pursue JUSTICE.

Here is my warning to the Nemaizers and their many lowlife accomplices.

May your names live in infamy in perpetuity, in accordance with your evil works, and may God's swift and terrible JUSTICE be visited upon every last one of you.














Barbara Hartwell

A Christian, Persecuted by Devil-worshiping Liars

February 14, 2022


~injurious exploitation of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell

~false witness against name and reputation of Barbara Hartwell

~fraudulent use of the name and images of Barbara Hartwell, including on devil-worship websites

~defamation, libel, slander, false light

~ theft and fraudulent appropriation of intellectual property of Barbara Hartwell, Internet piracy, copyright infringement

~monstrous invasions of privacy


~intentional infliction of emotional distress

~theft of personal property

~theft of postal mail addressed to Barbara Hartwell

~criminal negligence

~reckless endangerment


Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee for the Defense: Howard & Maureen Nemaizer's Abusive Treatment of Destitute, Disabled Senior Citizen



To add more evidence against Howard Nemaizer, of the lies he fabricates, of his demonic practices and his vile hypocrisy, in his attempts to justify the unjustifiable, in trying to deny what would be glaringly obvious to any true Christian, here are links to reports which expose the truth about Howard Nemaizer.

I have no doubt that God-fearing Christians, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, will be appalled!

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (?): Howard & Maureen Nemaizers' Anti-Christ Spirit


As a Christian minister for nigh on forty (40) years (ordained 1979), I have had a broad range of experience with the supernatural realm. Christians are called to engage in spiritual warfare, though most Christians today are not taught in the churches the vital importance of this.

Many do not even believe that demons are real. Maybe they don't believe in demons, but most assuredly, demons believe in the followers of Christ.

By the same token, there are many ignorant people who believe that the heavy metal rock culture, where tribute is openly paid to Satan, is “only entertainment”; it is only harmless fun, they say, and they will mock Christians who admonish against it.

They believe that as long as they are not directly participating in formal satanic rituals, they are “safe” from the spiritual consequences. Or, if they are atheists, they believe there are NO consequences whatsoever.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

(And there are no atheists in Hell.)

The occult culture of witchcraft and satanism, especially in heavy metal, its primary vehicle of delivery, is a corrosive influence which destroys lives.

This diabolical culture is directly connected to pornography, “sex magic”, satanic ritual abuse practiced against children, and sex predators in human sex trafficking.

Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either grossly ignorant, or willfully evil.

Howard Nemaizer, Advocate of Demonic Blasphemy: "On a Mission from God"



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