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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 - Back to Our Christian Roots or Onward to 1984?






NOTE: This article was sent to me by my friend and brother in Christ, JR Harrison, National Director of The Natural Family Foundation and host of Last Call: Christian Radio with a Sting. I am a regular listener to (and fan of) the Saturday morning show.

I am honored to be able to publish this article as the first on this site for 2022.

Barbara Hartwell

January 4, 2022

2022 - Back to our Christian roots or onward to 1984?


By JR Harrison 

As we look back at the past two years, it would be easy to say with a huge sigh, “At least we have those bad times behind us!” and leave it at that. Yet, as we turn the corner into the New Year 2022, we must recognize this is arguably one of the most significant turning points in American history. Will we continue with this Covid paranoia caused by a mysterious pathogen, an ever evolving virus, a supposed threat to all mankind and a chameleon-like enemy that we can’t accurately define let alone fight? Or, will we peek behind the curtain and find out what is really happening so we can succeed in putting the past two years behind us?


The 1984 Scenario – Behind the curtain 


At Christmas I gave all my children George Orwell’s book 1984, a warning from Sir George about the dangers of totalitarian governments and where it inevitably leads nations. The book describes a continuous global war yet there is no true enemy; in fact, there is no war at all. Big Brother uses this imaginary and endless war to keep control over the citizens of the fictitious country of America, oops I mean Oceania.


As you read Mr. Orwell’s book, you will clearly see not only the trappings of totalitarian rule, but also a curious story line that describes very aptly what the entire world is now experiencing. In the book, just as in our nation today, the incredible power of fear – especially of the unknown - and what it did to Oceania is well documented. Now please reflect on how we have let our fear of the unknown allow our elected representatives to become our 'rulers.' We have fallen asleep at the wheel and let them become dictators who spew out pretended legislation not spelled out in the Constitution as within their power to control. The results are the tearing down of our American economy, our liberties and most importantly the creation of division within our family of citizens.

We all remember 911, the fear, angst and frustration: a hidden enemy, right? Think about this; fear of Covid is doing more damage than 911 fears ever did and in an incredibly shorter time period. As bad as those times were in 2001, it actually brought families and our nation together versus today where we find our contemporary civil war not only dividing family members, but keeping them at arm’s length while masking our expressions of love for each other.


As a result we find ourselves at a crossroads as we step into 2022. Good citizens are at each other's throats. Hate, fear, resentment resides just below the surface and with only the slightest prompting explodes with incredible force, further separating “we the people.” Parents have lost stewardship of their children, the government has control of all information, and the news media is spreading 1984-like propaganda for big brother. Are we not to the point where Nazi Germany was when well intended citizens spy on and report their neighbors to the "authorities?" “Those who forget history are destined to repeat it”- Right?


Is all lost or will we have a second chance? That my friends is totally up to the US portion of the USA. As bad as it seems, let us remember, God is in control. Today’s battle and accompanying symptoms actually presents great opportunities when you consider that God seems to work best through his people and offers the wisdom to do so ...just saying.

The solutions to these problems will not be found in Washington, D.C. or even your State House. We the people must own the solutions, starting with our own house and then by actively participating in the local governmental process in some manner. At this grassroots political level you are more personal and not just a number. It would also help if the reluctant church were to come alongside the family in this process as well and I'm not talking about simply praying and singing praises to God. This is the who and the what in this proposed change process for the coming year and beyond.

The how is much more detailed to elaborate on in this article but suffice it to say that in the public arena we the people must start by personally informing our local government servants that they are just that, servants. Secondly, these elected representatives need to be reminded that they took an oath, which is sworn and sacred. That oath is to protect we the people from the overreaches of the Federal / State and even County “authorities” and intercede on our behalf when necessary to guarantee our liberties and freedoms will be upheld.

The when is now of course! History informs us where this downward cycle of freedom ends when power goes unchecked. It ends in tyranny. Let me translate that for you: quite simply, it ends in slavery and bondage. The state becomes the "daddy" not only over you but more importantly over your children and grandchildren.

The Devil is in the Detail

During the month of January, will be providing expert advice and direction on exactly what all of this reclaiming of America might look like. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of tuning in to this Saturday morning talk show to learn what “The doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” is all about and how the local Sheriff and/or local grand juries can assist in this great task before us. Let us declare that 2022 will be a time in our lives where we set the stage and determine the path “we the people” will take.

Yes, perhaps it is time for that much ballyhooed reset. But in order to do this correctly, we must recognize that this transformation can only be done by digging back down to our nation’s Christian roots. That means getting back to following the “laws of nature and of nature’s God" because as we all know “where the spirit of the Lord is, there you find liberty.” Amen


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James (JR) Harrison is a husband, father, veteran, business owner, and author of the soon to be published book "Roman's II" which draws eerie parallels between the former Roman Empire and what is happening in America today. "History", as James correctly notes in his book, " . . .is the story of families, the stronger the family the greater the journey".

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