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Monday, August 2, 2021


"Well, I have owned the mk ultra girl photo. You can't research it without being led to my work. I am not stupid. I know how to influence. So they all know. It is a big hush hush, but they all know me. I have forced change much of this media gong show, but few believe or support me."

"By now it is safe to assume that everybody knows that I lay claim to that image. Others come, others go. Nothing has changed from my POV. IMO, I made the correct decisions from day one. I planted a flag and stood my ground. Others come, others go."

-Ellen Atkin, self-appointed “leader” and “social media influencer”, statements from her monstrous publicity campaign to deceive the public via fraud, evidence tampering, and identity theft, making a false claim that she is “MK Ultra Girl” (birth date 9-17-1953) from a photo taken in 1961

I recently posted a report addressing a “Public Legal Notice to Barbara Hartwell” sent by post to me from Ellen Atkin, which I thoroughly refuted with facts, point by point, and closed with yet another CEASE & DESIST demand regarding Atkin's continuing threats and harassment against me.



I had not bothered locating this document online, though I knew it must be posted, but later found this article by Atkin, which includes links to three such “public legal notices”, against Barbara Hartwell and two other individuals, namely Ann McClean and Julie Gold.

Before I begin ripping this latest defamatory screed to shreds, I should point out several salient items:

~That Ellen Atkin has never once included any FACTS, none whatsoever, when spewing her venom. In promoting her false narrative, she limits herself to false accusations and fabrications, accusing her Targets of engaging in a “conspiracy” against her.

~In this case, Atkin has concocted, and is heavily promoting, a totally baseless accusation of collusion among three separate individuals, Barbara Hartwell, Ann McClean and Julie Gold. Each of whom, at different times, and in various articles, has exposed Ellen Atkin as a fraud. I happen to know that there are many others who recognize the same glaringly obvious truth, albeit they may not have publicized their observations. So, according to Ellen Atkin, just because three individuals have separately arrived at the same conclusion, that must mean there is a “conspiracy” against the actual fraud who has been exposed as such? No logic here, no facts, but certainly nothing new from Ellen Atkin.

~That at the time of my first report, exposing Atkin as a fraud, I did not know, and had never heard of either Julie Gold or Ann McClean, and had not read anything published by either one of these persons.

~That I searched for their names only AFTER Ellen Atkin made her ridiculous false claims that Barbara Hartwell was “cyberstalking” her, under the supposed influence of these persons.

~That I subsequently decided to contact Ann McClean and Julie Gold to alert them to the fact that Atkin was making false accusations against them in connection with my name.

~That I spoke to Julie Gold only once, briefly, on the telephone, and have had no further contact with her since that time, in the early spring of 2020. In one of my reports, I included a brief notice which had been posted by Julie Gold, a warning to all and sundry that Ellen Atkin is an “internet fraudster”. A statement with which I wholeheartedly agreed, based solely on my own observations of the published material of Atkin. Yet, according to Ellen Atkin, this must be a “conspiracy” against her.

~As for Ann McClean (aka Ann Diamond) I contacted her as well, with the same alert. I later, by Ann's permission, posted her article (excerpts), titled MKULTRA GIRL: ANATOMY OF A FRAUD.

And that is the full extent of it, as far as any of my public exposure of Ellen Atkin, in connection with these ladies. There was no collusion, no “conspiracy”. And sure as hell, no “cyberstalking”. I have never in my life (privately, nor publicly) “stalked” anyone. Stalking is an act of aggression and against my principles. But then, principles have no place in Ellen Atkin's skewed world.

No, no, no. No stalking, no collusion, no conspiracy. These absolutely false accusations by Ellen Atkin are libelous fabrications, for which she has NO EVIDENCE whatsoever.

And yet, she obsessively continues this sleazy defamation campaign, with no end in sight. And most recently, is threatening “legal action” against Barbara Hartwell.

I won't presume to speak further about Julie Gold or Ann McClean, except to say that from all I have seen, in my opinion, their published statements about Ellen Atkin, as a fraud, are truthful, accurate and factual. And that here, I speak strictly for myself, as always.

Here is the defamatory article by Ellen Atkin. Again, I can easily refute her false statements, with FACTS.

My comments are given after each paragraph.

Undoing the Cult Psi Op at MK Ultra Girl

by Ellen Atkin

"Since Sept. 2020, I have been laying low in order to straighten out the kinks in the go forward mkultra crime cult exposure plan. I was also emotionally devastated coming back from the Walk With Us rally & documentary 3 week cross country trip to fight for the class action and visit my sister and do my own research when my beloved male cat Boomer (a rare lynx point Siamese) was gone. The dreadful circumstances point to my 87 year old Chinese landlady with deteriorating mental health issues as the cause. So, I had to move or else be consumed with the same rage and grief that has haunted me my whole life because of the mkultra programme and what it did to me and my family."

Ellen Atkin's proclamation of her emotional state has nothing whatsoever to do with me, or anything I have ever publicly stated in reports exposing Atkin. It appears she is baiting the hook with a sob story, in the hope of soliciting sympathy from her audience. And it is totally irrelevant as regards her effrontery in exploiting and defaming my name for her own self-serving, unconscionable ends.

"Life is a metaphor. Like inner, like outer. This is also reflected in the crimes that have sprung up against me SINCE the forming of the class action began. I am victim of a slander campaign that has seriously effected my professional and personal life. Some people may wonder how this can go on. Well ask yourself how the planet got in this mess and it is the same answer."

Here, she waxes philosophical, as phony as a 3 dollar bill, as she calls herself a “victim” of a “slander campaign” and claims that “crimes” (of which she has accused Barbara Hartwell) have been committed against her. Now, she sets the stage to let the false accusations fly.

"When I broke programming, which I chart as Jan. 16th 2016, the day I went public with my mkultra girl history, the first mkultra grifter cult pawn, Ann McClean (aka Diamond) set out to contain me. Her campaign against me was taken up by Julie Tanny Gold, who seeks to represent all the members of the class but has not yet attained official, lead plaintiff status after 3.5 years (wonder why?). Then another internet crank named Barbara Hartwell took it up. This trio can be blamed for the demise of justice for our case."

Here, I must make it clear that I have no reason to believe a word of anything Ellen Atkin says, about “programming", or anything else. Since she has proven to me that she is an abject fraud, and has told so many lies, I can only cite the legal maxim, “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus”. But now, she drags in the name of Barbara Hartwell, a person she does not know, with whom she has no commonalities in any way, shape or form, to call me an “internet crank” and pin the blame on me for her own dishonesty and flagrant aggression. How utterly despicable.

"Imagine that, the worst crimes post mkultra programming against me, are perped by the very people taking up the cause. What cause, one must ask? Are these people wounded mind controlled fractured multiples operating like puppets to their old mkultra handlers? I say yes. Why would anyone try to kill the goose that laid the golden egg?"

To make it abundantly clear: I share no “cause”, nor ever have done, with Ellen Atkin, contrary to her arrogant and apparently delusional claims. Here, she attempts to lump me in with herself and unnamed others of her ilk, when nothing could be further from the truth. And makes outrageous false accusations of “perps” and “wounded mind controlled fractured multiples operating like puppets to their old mkultra handlers”.

It appears that Atkin is projecting her own twisted psyche upon others, in order to lay the blame on her designated Targets (including Barbara Hartwell) for her own serious psychopathology. Speak for yourself, Atkin. For the record, I have no “handlers”, nor am I anyone's “puppet”.

She then, in her flaming delusional grandiosity, describes herself as “the goose that laid the golden egg”. Can she possibly be serious? Not surprising, as her ego-based boasting and self-glorification is splashed over everything she writes or speaks.

All this, while knowing nothing whatsoever of my professional or personal background. It should be noted that never, once, has Atkin ever been able to produce as much as one actual statement of fact in relation to Barbara Hartwell. Nor has she ever been able to refute even one of my statements. She is in possession of no facts, so she fabricates ludicrous accusations, hoping that if she keeps repeating them, they will stick.

"I have been actively deprogramming for over 5 years, publicly. No mystery there. Thus sprung MK Ultra Girl campaign. A very effective campaign. Effective because I, unlike these other 3, worked around the programme enuf so that I became a professional aerial photographer, self employed, self funded, self motivated. I also spent 2 years as an account executive where I sold millions of dollars of advertising to every facet of professional activity."

Again, Atkin has the effrontery, the hubris, to place me in her own self-designated false category, and dares to make a comparison, where there are NO commonalities, NO similarities whatsoever, past or present, or ever will be, in perpetuity. I couldn't give a tinker's hot damn about her programming or public deprogramming. If she wants to continue to expose herself as a parading fool, with her boasting and posturing, and make a public display of her psychopathology, that is her problem. But none of this idiocy has anything whatsoever to do with me. Leave my name OUT of your paranoid fantasies, you one-woman freak show!

"I spent years building an internet business studying internet marketing. I own good equipment, that I invested in myself and with supporters help. In short, I have proven myself as a consummate professional for over 30 years. Just check out my linked in profile. It is impressive. The puppets, not so much."

Just more of the usual boasting. Who cares? And what does this have to do with the false accusations against Barbara Hartwell, such as calling me a “puppet”? Nothing, as usual.

"However, the despicable malice openly enacted by the puppets is but a mirror of the attitudes my fallen family enact. I have taken up the responsibility for the entire inner and outer families lack of it. For that I have been kid gloved by the system controlling the family, but they would never be so stupid to entrap themselves for all the world to see. No they just hide like parasites behind the money they stole from my mother's inheritance on her side and silence from the other."

What in the bloody hell! Again, Atkin has the gall to drag my name, referring to me as a “puppet” and “parasite” (how dare you, you loathsome creature!) into her own sordid family history, and accuse me of “mirroring” their attitudes. No way in hell, and I have no interest in her family. The only fact I know of, which has been published, is that her sister is a convicted murderer. Atkin is way out of line here. This is absolute calumny, to compare me to such reprobates.

"The class action lawsuit is finished as a tool for justice. It is nothing but a containment field against me, clearly. Me and my sister (disabled since 16 years old when she got 13 shock treatments and her lifelong prescription drug addiction for displaying bipolar tendencies) are the smoking guns to the grandest exposure of the mkultra program in Canada. I can imagine that if Justin Trudeau began deprogramming publicly would there be such a powerful comparison to my story."

Naturally, as always, Ellen Atkin places herself at the center of the action, claiming there is a “containment field” around her. If there's not, maybe there should be; it might serve as a form of damage control, to stop her from running amok, bulldozing her way into the business of total strangers, making outrageous claims and spreading vile falsehoods.

"So, the next step in this freak show is to deliver legal notices to the puppets. The first and second rounds to charging the puppets are underway. It will mean the dissolution of the class action, but that has to happen. We are 4 years into the process and it can be summed up as a negative return. We don't have a lawsuit, we have a sullen TBMC slave destroying people's reputations while she sucks the life out of all the time and energy of effective creative forward momentum by a few individuals who are actually doing all the work for the lawsuit. When ever a victory happens it is not from her actions, but she takes credit for it. This can't go on."

Yes indeed, the freak show. Starring the one and only MK Ultra Girl, Ellen Atkin. Who will soon be “charging the puppets”.

"Personally, I am secure but not secure enuf while the shifting sands of time try to bury all truth everywhere. I can finally focus back on my professional life after months of real action I had to undertake to elevate my position. Thank you to my supporters who are the very best people. I am now in a much better position to move forward. I had to secure a very important aspect of my case and I did. I will reveal later as it is very sensitive and will spell the end of the cult against me, if the demons don't destroy me, which they won't. But if they do, you know the truth. Then I guess I will be martyr which will be used against the truth just like all the martyrs the cult has created to control the future.

For now, I can't see that happening. There is only one MK Ultra Girl."

Now, she's in danger of becoming a martyr, as demons try to destroy her? There is a “cult” out to get her?

I think it's a fair guess that Ellen Atkin is seriously, seriously, delusional. But that is not my problem. No quarter asked, none given.


Get the hell off my case, Atkin. NOW. Or take the consequences.

And yes, there is only one “MK Ultra Girl”, as shown in the photo of an 8 year old girl, taken in 1961, whose birthday is September 17, 1953.

And I can guaran-damn-tee, it is NOT Ellen Atkin.

Barbara Hartwell

Target of the One Woman Freak Show, Ellen Atkin

August 2, 2021