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Friday, July 30, 2021



I received by post a document, dated June 22, 2021, sent by one Ellen Atkin. It is titled:

Public Legal Notice to Barbara Hartwell

from Ellen Atkin

I have scanned/copied the entire document (two double-sided pages) and the envelope. I will give only excerpts here.

The purpose of this report is to soundly and definitively refute the many false claims and injurious accusations of Ellen Atkin, and to expose her (once again) as a fraud, a liar, and malicious aggressor, engaging in harassment and now, making threats of “legal action”.

First, there is nothing “legal” about this “Public Legal Notice”. Atkin, lacking all authority to do so, has simply fabricated a list of bogus “charges”, all of which are entirely baseless.

Furthermore, Atkin's attempt to engage me directly by sending this threatening notice to me by post is regarded as harassment. I hereby put Atkin on public notice that any further attempts at direct communication (by post or otherwise) will be reported as harassment, having been designated as unwanted communications by me. There will be no direct communications to Ellen Atkin, only public reports exposing such harassment and any other offenses, as they are committed by Ellen Atkin.

If I should receive any further mail by post from Ellen Atkin, or by any of her associates/accomplices it will be marked REFUSED by the post office and RETURNED TO SENDER.

Here, I have copied portions (excerpts) of the document. My rebuttals follow.

"I, Ellen Atkin, of Boston Bar, BC, VOK 1CO, do hereby put Barbara Hartwell of no fixed address, USA, on formal legal notice in regards to charges of defamation, slander, conspiracy and libel.


Barbara Hartwell has made several (5 noted on this document) rambling blog posts on her free google blog(s) that I, Ellen Atkin am a fraud, a liar, an identity thief and worse. I, Ellen Atkin, rebuke her baseless accusations. To make these accusations publicly is itself a crime. Accusing another of crimes with no evidence is itself a crime. Ms. Hartwell states:

"I have exposed Ellen Atkin in several reports, as a liar, a fraud, an identity thief, an aggressive and ambitious opportunist and rabid publicity hound."

Barbara Hartwell is amply aware of her intentions to cause me and my family harm with baseless accusations. I do hereby charge Barbara Hartwell with the very serious crimes of libel, slander, defamation and conspiracy."

Atkin here accuses me of various “crimes”. Under what authority to level such charges? What statutes? In the United States, or Canada? If “crimes” have been committed, why does she not cite the specific criminal codes?

Answer: Ellen Atkin, in her ignorance of any laws, makes false and injurious accusations, with ZERO evidence to back up her claims. If she has “reported” such “crimes” to lawful authorities, anywhere, I have not heard of it. What's more, if she has done any such thing, then she has made a false police report, which IS most certainly a crime.

Ellen Atkin presumes to make a statement with no basis in fact, regarding Barbara Hartwell's “awareness” and “intentions”. This is pure subjective speculation, along with malicious intent to misrepresent Barbara Hartwell, and as such, holds no veracity, much less authority.

Atkin states:

"To make these accusations publicly is itself a crime. Accusing another of crimes with no evidence is itself a crime."

Again, Atkin displays her ignorance of the law. Which crimes? Under which system of law? Under what authority?

I have committed no crimes against Ellen Atkin and she has no “legal” standing, much less authority, to make such a statement.


Barbara Hartwell spreads false information to the general public as of this day via her personal free website(s), about me, Ellen Atkin. She seeks to cause harm to my reputation personally and professionally."

In point of fact, I have never, at any time, spread “false information” about Ellen Atkin. I have stated my opinions, as a journalist, upon information and belief, based solely on Atkin's own published articles, and her false claims, including that of claiming the identity, as herself, of a published photograph of a child (taken 1961), whose birthdate is given, on the original photo, as 9/17/1953. This has been established as a fact.

After aggressively staking her (false) claim (identity theft), Atkin then tampered with the photograph, in obvious efforts to deceive the public, by changing the original, removing text, and adding her own fraudulent text and comments, along with what she claims is a childhood photo of herself. This is known in legal terms as spoliation. She has destroyed evidence (the original photo) for the purpose of advancing a false claim. And yes, she has purposely committed an act of identity theft.

Furthermore, she herself openly admitted in a video, that she “does not know” if the photograph is of her. She further stated, that “nobody knows”, presuming to speak for all and sundry, for all time, which is a blatantly false statement. The only relevant statement from Atkin was that SHE DOES NOT KNOW. And that says it all.

And yet, in direct contradiction of her own admission, she has continued to promote the baldfaced lie, in many venues (including her website, “MK Ultra Girl”, on social media, in radio/podcasts) that she, Ellen Atkin, is the “REAL MK Ultra Girl”.

And yes, this is indeed obstruction of justice. In that, a real person, a real victim of MK Ultra atrocities (whoever she may actually be), has had her true identity and horrific plight usurped and exploited by an opportunistic fraud, thus depriving the real victim of any justice, should she, or her family, choose to seek it. Or for that matter, any interested persons seeking justice for victims/survivors of MK Ultra.

"This is Barbara Hartwell's first notice from myself, Ellen Atkin, to retract her statement against me."

To which singular “statement” does she refer? I have been falsely accused of making a number of “statements”. For the record, no statements made by me in reference to Ellen Atkin, will be retracted.


Barbara Hartwell conspired with Ann McClean to libel, slander and defame my name with no evidence other than the malicious intent of Ann McClean. Ms. Hartwell takes up the task fervently by accusing me of fraud, grifting, lieing [misspelled by Atkin] ,obstructing justice and identity theft with NO evidence."

I have never, at any time, “conspired with Ann McClean”, or anyone else, for any purpose, in regard to Ellen Atkin. As stated in previous reports (see links below) I did not know Ann McClean (aka Ann Diamond) at the time I published my first report exposing Ellen Atkin. My report was based solely on the published writings of Ellen Atkin.


Barbara Hartwell has slandered, libeled, defamed and discredited my name publicly (Ellen Atkin has done legitimate business online for over a decade. Ellen Atkin continues to do legitimate business online.)

I charge Barbara Hartwell with malicious intent to cause my professional business to falter or cease altogether. I, Ellen Atkin, have had to rebuke inquiries as to my credibility both personally and professionally because of the wilful [misspelled by Atkin] harm to discredit my name."

Atkin's claim of “legitimate business online” is vague, and irrelevant, as it has nothing to do with any of my reports exposing Ellen Atkin, on specific grounds. And, for the record, I have no reason to believe that Atkin has any legitimacy whatsoever. There has been no “malicious intent” in relation to Atkin's so-called “professional business”. I know nothing about that and could not care less. My only concern has ever been Atkin's fraud and lies in relation to her utterly bogus claims, and her subsequent lies about Barbara Hartwell, once she was exposed.


Barbara Hartwell has repeated Ann McClean's slander about me, word for word, I charge Barbara Hartwell with malicious intent to cause other internet publishers of the MK Ultra genre to repeat, embellish and foment an extraordinary basket of lies, slander, defamation and libel directed at my name, Ellen Atkin specifically using the word Fraud. (Ramola D did just that) Accusing someone of fraud with no evidence is a very serious crime."

I am aware of no “slander” published about Ellen Atkin from Ann McClean, nor anyone else. Nor have I “repeated” any statements from Ann McClean, including “word for word”.


I have published an article by Ann McClean (aka Ann Diamond) exposing the truth about Ellen Atkin, which I found to be factually accurate, and with which I am in basic agreement.

As for “evidence”, her opinion of what constitutes evidence is seriously flawed. The photo of “MK Ultra Girl”, which Atkin has stolen and appropriated for personal gain is itself hard evidence of fraud on the part of Ellen Atkin. (See my previous reports for clarification.)

As for “other internet publishers” on MK Ultra, they are legion. More to the point, such publishers have nothing to do with me, my website, or my reports. I speak strictly for myself, based on my own professional investigations and standards, and my opinions, viewpoints on any subject matter (including MK Ultra) are strictly my own. There has never been any “malicious intent” on my part to “cause” anyone to repeat anything published by me. And I am not responsible in any way for the stated opinions or published material of others.


I do formally charge Barbara Hartwell with conspiracy in the case of responding to Ann McClean's intentions to harass and cyberstalk me and my associates, which has occurred and stands today on Ms. Hartwell's free google blog."

At no time have I “responded” to any form of intent, by Ann McClean, or anyone else, to “harass and cyberstalk” Ellen Atkin or her associates. Furthermore, I have seen no such intent from Ann McClean, nor have I ever personally engaged in any form of cyberstalking or harassment. I have simply published reports exposing the fraud of Ellen Atkin, as in my opinion, has Ann McClean. If Atkin regards this as a conspiracy, she apparently needs to get herself educated on the actual meanings of the words, “harassment” and “cyberstalking”. And it might behoove her to remedy her vast ignorance of the law.


Barbara Hartwell has repeated the lies and slander of Julie Tanny Gold by republishing the lies JTG published about me. This has served to discredit my family's very real participation in the Montreal Experiments Class Action lawsuit. Our lawyers at Consumer Law Group are in possession of the evidence offenders claim I do not possess. This has served to discredit the entire lawsuit but mostly it has harmed me and my family."

I am aware of no lies and slander published by Julie Tanny Gold. I merely cited her comments (with which I am in agreement, based on my own research of the published material of Ellen Atkin) that Ellen Atkin is a “fraudster”.

I have no interest whatsoever in any lawsuits in which Atkin, or anyone associated with her, may be involved. Nor have I published anything in relation to those lawsuits, nor about any “evidence” anyone claims she does not have. I am not involved in any way, shape or form. It is not my concern. None of this has anything to with me, or my reports exposing Ellen Atkin for the fraud she is.


Ellen Atkin seeks to resolve the issues of this notice by having Barbara Hartwell issue a formal written retraction and apology of her libel, slander, conspiracy and defamation sent to me, Ellen Atkin [e-mail address deleted] AND made public on her website(s) and her social media accounts and stand forth for a period of 2 years."


If no such resolution is forthcoming within a period of 2 weeks from this date, Monday, June 22, 2021, then I Ellen Atkin, will pursue further legal action against Barbara Hartwell."


I, Ellen Atkin, seek to pursue this matter to a fair and just conclusion for the highest benefit of all parties concerned within 2 weeks of this date, June 22, 2021."

Ellen Atkin, clearly, is not only a fraud and a liar, she must be seriously delusional if she believes she can threaten me with “legal action”, based on her crackpot “conspiracy” theory of nonexistent collusion to stalk, slander, libel, etc. etc.

There will be no apology and no retractions. Absolutely not. How dare this odious harridan even suggest such a thing! All material published by me will stand, as is. If Ellen Atkin tries to strong-arm any publisher of my material, to censor and delete my reports, as she did to Ann McClean, I will simply publish them elsewhere. This is the typical tactic of cowards and bullies, trying to use censorship to cover up the truth.

The only “resolution” coming from me will be to continue, in righteous outrage, to expose Atkin as the fraud, liar and aggressive opportunist she is.

As for Atkin's claim of “her social media accounts”, I do not use social media, and never have done.

She speaks, foolishly and absurdly, of “all parties concerned”. I am not concerned in any way with any “parties” to whom she refers.

It is now July 30. Atkin's threatened “deadline” is long passed, but is absolutely meaningless to me. I can only surmise that Atkin will now continue with her harassment, with more threats of “legal action”.

And so I will close by repeating my previous demand to Ellen Atkin:


Barbara Hartwell

July 30, 2021




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