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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tangled Web of Malice & Deception: Deconstructing the False Narrative Woven by the Self-Proclaimed “Supremely Logical” & “Incorruptible” Ex-NSA Analyst Karen Melton Stewart













This report addresses (once very tiresome it gets...) the seemingly endless saga of Karen Stewart's outrageous, unprincipled and horribly injurious defamation campaign against a number of individuals, most notably, for the purposes of this report, Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell.

As is often the case with these aggressive characters, who take it upon themselves to attack me with no provocation, making injurious accusations with no basis in fact or truth, Karen Stewart does not know me. Nor, as is clear from the many and repeated libelous falsehoods she plasters all over Facebook and Twitter, does she have the slightest clue what she is talking about, regarding my professional background, including, but not limited to, being FORMER (NOT current) CIA, or, regarding any other areas of my past/current professional work.

Most damaging, I have been falsely accused by Karen Stewart of being CIA; of being a “CIA handler”, including of Ramola D, Cassandra (who are friends and colleagues, nothing more), and, oddly, of a number of other individuals, NONE OF WHOM I even know, with whom I have never had any involvement whatsoever, and no form of contact – EVER.

For the record: I left CIA operations, once and for all, in January, 1994. That is nearly TWENTY SEVEN years ago. I state this in my own defense and because, in opposition to the moral vacuity of Karen Stewart, facts and truth really do matter to me. As does my honor. And as does the fact that the ongoing slander against my good name has done massive damage, not only to me, but to my friends, my family, my colleagues, and to anyone seeking the truth about the issues I cover, on this website and in other venues.

Being that she claims the status of “NSA whistleblower”, this, unfortunately for her Targets, will cause those among her audience who lack discernment to take her statements at face value, or as gospel truth, and attribute credibility where in actuality, none is due. Such liars are also dangerous to anyone who blindly accepts what they are promoting, as sooner or later the truth will come out, leaving them tangled in the web of lies, from which they may not be able to extricate themselves before the damages are irreparable. No legitimate whistleblower uses lies as a weapon to destroy others. In my estimation, Karen Stewart has no business claiming any such status.

What she has done (like many others of her ilk, going back decades) is to purposely and with malice aforethought, incite suspicion and discord, thereby encouraging others who follow her lead, no matter how twisted the path she navigates, to jump on board the HATE bandwagon; to participate in gossip fests; to parrot her insidious lies, for which she has never once been able to furnish the slightest bit of evidence. I repeat –NEVER ONCE.

I, on the other hand, as the injured party, from whom she – make no mistake – drew first blood, have collected and documented voluminous evidence against Karen Stewart, in the form of her own words, published on social media, and eagerly promoted by her entourage of slavish followers, a veritable lynch mob of belligerent ignoramuses, hell-bent on the destruction of the reputation of a person they do not know, namely Barbara Hartwell.

Ramola D, her former colleague, clearly the primary Target of this malicious defamation campaign by Karen Stewart, has repeatedly exposed and refuted the many outrageous lies of Stewart and her accomplices, just as I have done. She has been directed to cease and desist –but like a two-ton bulldozer, she pushes on, leaving filth and destruction in her wake.

It is important to recognize that though Ramola and I are friends and colleagues, each of us engages in entirely separate and independent courses of action; have different views and affiliations, which at times coincide, but in most cases, do not. Karen Stewart has foolishly attempted to lump us together, as if I (“CIA agent”) and Ramola (“CIA asset”) were one entity, marching in lockstep, in some nefarious plot against the “supremely logical” and “incorruptible” Super Hero, NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart. Or, in a contradictory variant of this tale, that Ramola has paid bribes to Barbara Hartwell to slander Karen Stewart on what she describes as my “nothing site”.

These accusations are not only contradictory, they are nonsensical, as any of our respective friends or colleagues could attest. (And have done, in any number of SEPARATE cases.)

Here, some excerpts from an article by Ramola at her site, EveryDay Concerned Citizen.


"While it seems much of her posts are repeats of her original lies with new distortions and skewing of fact, she seems to have added in a few ultra-new lies and smear-and-abuse attacks lately, aimed at Cassandra, Alex Crosbie, Barbara Hartwell and myself, which I will address, to set the record straight.

Clearly Karen is so vested in her false narrative at this point she believes she needs to keep repeating it. What she also repeats is her inversion-attacks: gossiping frantically on Twitter and making a 1000 obsessive posts on me on Facebook, she then announces I am the one speaking and writing incessantly about her.

No surprise probably by this point but it appears Karen Stewart is fixated obsessively on spreading lies and smears, judging by her repeat tweets, Facebook posts and trivial smearing gossip at both spots with the very Mob she once sought to quell. I am recording these libelous attacks for media history.

...I want to note the language and tone with which Karen attacks Barbara Hartwell is profoundly shocking and indicative of the depths to which she has sunk. It is laughable that Karen attacks Barbara here for her stated knowledge of psychology, putting her on a weird competitive platform with the psychologist “experts who backed her” who supposedly declared her “supremely logical and incorruptible” as she has often bizarrely boasted, while attacking Barbara’s dismissal of her baseless claims of me as a “malignant narcissist” (projection of her own base traits, it appears)– a “diagnosis” she (unqualified to diagnose anyone) pulled out of a hat and decided to stick to, since she repeats it nonstop on Facebook and Twitter building multiple narratives each time around this delusion.

Extraordinary that she would dare to call independent writers like Barbara Hartwell and Alex Crosbie “flying monkeys,” but that is part of her false-reality-construct she clings to and keeps repeating like a mantra, hoping it will stick.

Extraordinary, as noted above, her casual smears of people as “Ramola’s Weinstein gang” and labels of us as “stalkers” and 'psychos.'"


Thank you, Ramola, your truthful comments are much appreciated.

Karen Stewart's main platform (aside from Twitter) for her defamation campaigns is a Facebook page which she calls PERPS and Nutcases. In previous reports exposing Karen Stewart I have taken quotes, which serve as evidence of her many lies, which I have soundly refuted – with facts, that is.

Some new libelous entries on Facebook and Twitter recently appeared. I will not provide Stewart a platform for her long-winded, malice-driven ramblings against others, into which she always manages to throw my name, where in point of fact there is no relevance, nor involvement whatsoever. I am NOT, and never have been, involved in the so-called “targeted individual community”, of which Karen Stewart has crowned herself Queen, and on behalf of which she has appointed herself, judge, jury and executioner.

And were I actually a CIA handler, as accused, I would certainly not waste my time, nor the Agency's resources, on the likes of this self-aggrandizing, pathological liar and her gaggle of ignorant, attention-seeking government stooges.

I will take excerpts, limiting them to the comments attacking Barbara Hartwell.

Anyone who wants to read the long-winded screeds in their entirety may do so at:

(WARNING: Assuming you are a reasonable, decent individual, have a barf bag at hand, you'll need it!)

"The Remarkable Pathologial Illogic of RamolaD / EverydayConcerned Blogger"


"Through MY efforts, you could have gotten an invitation to a very important future meeting and a book deal. But no, YOU blew it.

And poor Barbara, you have proven to be a Mockingbird nightmare to this remedial CIA handler. She has even come out with pathetically ludicrous accusations to try to defend your misbehavior, like the people you have TRIED to ENLIST in YOUR typical malignant narcissist retaliatory, cover-your-ass smear campaign..."

Now Stewart launches into cloak-and-dagger mode, and boasts about a “very important meeting” and “book deal”.

Probably referring to those “white hats”, from 'Q', with whom she has dropped hints she is in secret contact. If she revealed their identities, or, heaven forbid! the details of “The Plan” , she would have to kill you.

Yes, I've noted that, like many others with a lack of discernment, Karen Stewart has long been promoting 'Q', along with “The Great Awakening”, and its slogan, “Trust the Plan”.

Clearly, she is unaware that 'Q' is a counterintelligence operation, designed to lull its gullible adherents into a false sense of complacency, in anticipation of a “victory”, which will never materialize. She is entitled to her fantasies and her delusions of her own great IMPORTANCE. She and her fellow dupes are free to “Trust the Plan”, however foolish is this idea. But I digress...

Again, she must throw my name in to her accusations against Ramola, this time, not only as a CIA handler, but as part of Mockingbird. But what, precisely, are the “pathetically ludicrous accusations”? Of course, she doesn't say. But then, she has only ever given vague generalities of that which she accuses me.

I however, have been extremely specific. My reports are based on truth and facts. None of which she dares to cite, as she cannot refute them. She can only fabricate one absurd story after another, in the hope that they will be believed.

"Stick to the proven, easily manipulated, feeble-brained people in your own circle. You just showed the quality people your ass of your own volition and are suffering the consequences of obsessively destroying your own false image bit by bit. As well as the reputations of your flying monkeys now forever linked to you publicly, and deservedly so."

Firstly, I am not a part of any “circle” involving Ramola. As it happens, I do not know the people Stewart refers to.

As for the so-called “quality people” Stewart names (see her screed for details), they have nothing to do with me. I don't know any of them. But, given what, and whom, they publicly promote, support and endorse (including the liar Karen Stewart) I would avoid them like the plague, under any circumstances.

Karen Stewart seems obsessed with “flying monkeys”, a label she attaches to any associate of Ramola, including Barbara Hartwell. How typical of someone, lacking any facts, any evidence, to slap on such a stupid epithet...but unfortunately for her, it won't fly...any more than the monkeys do.

Next item: Another long-winded screed, this one titled:


Again, I have taken only excerpts, in which the name of Barbara Hartwell is dragged in, as usual, with no relevance whatsoever. And contrary to her claims, I would not stoop to “spar” with the likes of Karen Stewart. I have only ever exposed and refuted her many lies, as she rolls them out, like a tide of raw sewage.


"As is so typical of the malignant narcissist (RD), one who oversteps her boundaries to try to forcefully manipulate and ham-handedly offends someone she assumes she can control, who then reacts to her bad behavior with entirely appropriate offense, the malignant narcissist will desperately rewrite facts to make the villain the victim then have gullible ignoramuses take up her gauntlet on her false pretenses which the fools have no first hand experience with. She lies to them so they can parrot her lies to defend her. Its merely an echo chamber of manipulated or choreographed regurgitations of the Makignant narcissist’s delusional explanations."

As always, Stewart begins with the false premise that Ramola is a “malignant narcissist”, and proceeds from there to elaborate on the concocted story she is trying to sell, nonsensical as it is.

But there's a serious problem, that being this is a “diagnosis” which she is unqualified to make, motivated only by sheer malice, just as are the rest of her false accusations against Ramola, against Barbara Hartwell, and others.

"Take Harpy Hartwell, who claims she had nothing to do with Ramola harassing me, screenshotting my tweets, then repeatedly emailing me my own tweets while cc’ing her Weinstein gang (and mentioning “this is for Barbara”) to show me they “were watching me”. That is called cyberstalking, Ms. Hartwell. Welcome to the 21st Century. It is a crime totally appropriate to report to the police especially when you have sent a couple cease and desists that went ignored. (Or did Ramola fail to tell you that?) Harpy Hartwell then runs with the Ramola lie that I have declared myself “Supremely logical” according to NSA psychologists”. I said that having taken the highly respected Myers-Briggs psychological battery at NSA (given throughout government and industry and INDEPENDENTLY GRADED outside those institutions), that mine showed I belonged to a “rare personality type that was quote: known to be extremely logical and incorruptible”."

Now, she has the effrontery to accuse me of criminality!


For the record, as I have stated more than once, I have never, at any time, taken screenshots of anything posted by Karen Stewart, for the purpose of “harassing” her, nor have I e-mailed such things to her, or anyone else. Nor have I ever “cyber-stalked” her, or anyone else.

I have committed no such “crimes”, and if Karen Stewart in fact reported such to the police, as she has boasted, using my name (or Ramola's), then she is guilty of making a false police report, which IS a crime. And, if I knew which police department to which she made such false reports, I would call them to set the record straight. But of course, I have no way of knowing what she has in fact done – or not done.

Except, hiding behind the false identity of “Robert Sau”, on a fraudulent Twitter account, which she obscenely named “Ramola's Sphincter”, she posted a statement, “Dear Boston Police” and proceeded to name Ramola as a “stalker”. This, after her monstrous invasion of Ramola's privacy, by posting her street address and a photo of her house, thus inviting real criminal stalkers to harass her and her family at their private residence!

Furthermore, I have never at any time, been “involved” in any sort of harassment of Karen Stewart, including with Ramola, whom she has also falsely accused.

And for the record, anything I have publicly stated in my reports, regarding Karen Stewart's boasts of being “supremely logical” and “incorruptible”, came from HER OWN PUBLISHED WORDS. NOT from any other source, including Ramola.

Here, the evidence, an exact quote from Karen Stewart, in her published “Response to Ramola”:

"Laughable. But it does follow the narcissist’s defense mechanism of playing the victim when caught in bad behavior. She may want to look up “facts” vs “demonstrable spin”. And she may want to look up my proven Meyers Briggs tested rare personality type, INTJ for some insight. Supremely logical, incorruptible. And remind herself that I have several professionally administered and evaluated psychological evaluations through my ex-employer, the National Security Agency (NSA) which I handily passed and am vouched for in addition by two independent senior psychologists."

So much for Karen Stewart's brazen false accusation that I “ran with the Ramola lie”.

And again, she throws my name into her paranoid fantasies about Ramola, and I am accused of the devil knows what else, as some sort of co-conspirator:

"Barbara then in an astonishing remedial bassackwards assessment, claims Millicent, a Christian pastor, and a host of others in the TI Community that Ramola first tried to coerce and bully into helping her obsessively attack Dr. Horton then myself, those who dared tell her “no” based on THEIR integrity, are actually “MY gang” and that I apparently was plotting with them all along to hound and harass her years before Ramola drove me away in late 2019. No thought enters that pea brain that Ramola independently offended all those people individually by her own little self, over a period of months and years with Ramola’s typical narcissistic selfishness and boorishness, and NO ONE PLOTTED AGAINST HER TO “MAKE IT UP”. Oh, but she struck most of the people she imagines as having no reason to resent her insults and manipulations, as a boorish, pushy narcissist... but that can’t possibly be THEIR independent, adult, assessments of HER HABITUAL BEHAVIOR, which they had the misfortopune of experiencing, could it? Can’t possibly be independent validation of aberrant, pathological personality traits Ramola displays over and over and over and over, eh? (To those she cannot control “so must destroy”)."

These accusations are absolutely outrageous! What the hell is she talking about here? It is gibberish. How dare she put words in my mouth!

For the record, I have never made any such “assessment”, nor any such “claims”: "that I [Karen Stewart] apparently was plotting with them all along to hound and harass her years before Ramola drove me away in late 2019. No thought enters that pea brain that Ramola independently offended all those people individually by her own little self, over a period of months and years", about Millicent Black, Katherine Horton, or anyone else.

I do not know these individuals, and again, I am NOT involved in the so-called “TI community”, in any way, shape or form. I have accused no one of any such “plots”.

Furthermore, it is not my concern about Ramola's past dealings with any of these individuals, nor have I commented on that publicly. Unlike Karen Stewart, I mind my own business, which she seems incapable of doing, as exemplified by her totally unscrupulous spreading of utter falsehoods about me, in her little circle of malicious gossips on social media.

And I don't give a tinker's damn about Stewart's repeated citations of Millicent Black being a “pastor”. So what? This gives her no special status; what's more, hearing her speak on a number of occasions, it was clear to me that not only does her version of “Christianity” leave much to be desired, but that she is lacking in the most rudimentary forms of spiritual and intellectual discernment – such as, that she has promoted abortion (murder of an unborn child) as a “woman's right”, under Roe vs Wade, which is NOT a “law”, only an opinion of the Supreme Court, and being UN- Constitutional, null and void.

But Stewart continues her crazy rant, with this load of absolute rubbish:

"Noooo, ALL of those people just got together in kindergarden to plot against her decades ago, right Barbara? Just like when I sat out and ignored Ramola’s year and a half abnormal obsession with persecuting and cyberstalking Dr. Horton, after telling both to knock it off... according to your “logic”, that was just MY oh-so-clever way of “plotting against Ramola”, right? Ignoring her is plotting against her, just like IGNORING Ramola and Katherine’s attacks and NOT READING THEM was ACTUALLY “reading Katherine’s lies and believing them”. (Shall I call and arrange transport for you to the funny farm yet?) And of course, in “Ramola-world”, because SHE tells people like Federick LaRoche, Alex Crosbie, you, what to say and evidently heavily scripts it for at least two of you, “I” had to be doing the same for YEARS before Ramola offended me past the point of no return, right? Again, typical narcissist inability to take responsibility for her OWN pathological bad behavior. “Everyone she has ever offended in her lifetime was actually plotting against her with everyone else throughout her entire life!!!” In fact, they ALL “READ KATHERINE’S LIES ABOUT RAMOLA AND BELIEVED THEM”, no matter how many years or DECADES before THAT fight, they PLOTTED to write Ramola off for her aberrant, rude, selfish, overbearing behavior, right?"

What in the bloody hell is she yammering on about? Why drag my name into this convoluted, delusional plot concocted, in her apparent paranoid fantasies, by Stewart? I do not know any of these individuals. I am not involved with them. I have never made any such statements which she is attributing to me. I have never accused anyone among these individuals (none of whom I know) of “plotting” against Ramola.

These absurd concoctions and flagrant lies come straight from the convoluted “logic” of Karen Stewart, not from me.

She rants on about the “malignant narcissism” of Ramola AS IF it were an established fact, then claims I am following some “script” written by Ramola?

If anyone is a candidate for the “funny farm”, it is surely Karen Stewart. This obsessive ranting and lying is a clear indication of some very serious psychopathology.

"Then Ramola complains to Sherri G. that “Karen and Robert Sou’s IP addresses are not the same so I cannot prove she is behind it, but I’m going to continue claim it anyway”. (Never pass up a chance to play the victim. - Jesse Smollet). Nevermind NO proof and dubious other circumstances - Barb just jumps on the NO PROOF NEEDED BANDWAGON while screaming that Millicent’s eyewitness account to my claims is “no proof”. It’s all a plot!!"

Again, again, I DO NOT KNOW any of these people. And I have never, at any time, said anything about any “eyewitness account”. Nor have I “screamed” any such things.

This is all pure fabrication and lunacy. And why is my name thrown into this filthy web of lies?

"….something Barb knows nothing about, eh, being such a “good” Christian by Ramola’s twisted self-serving definition, that she gladly attacks people without getting her facts straight and just aping Ramola’s lead?) No problem with that False Witness thing in Ramola’s redefined Christianity, eh?"

Now, I am accused by this raving lunatic of  "attacking people without getting her facts straight and just aping Ramola’s lead?)"

No, unlike her, I have all the facts straight before I ever say a word. But I have yet to see a single fact presented by Karen Stewart.

These false accusations by Karen Stewart have no basis in reality. That she would taunt me and try to bait me is an exercise in futility, but she has certainly shown herself to be a hysterical harridan of the lowest order.

Next item:

"Alex Crosbie and Barbara Hartwell WERE NOT PRIVY TO THOSE EXCHANGES. So THEY brainlessly parrot Ramola’s rushed cover story she spoon feeds them. They brainlessly add 1 + 1 and think it equals 11."

Here, she refers to some business with Ramola, in which I had NO INVOLVEMENT. Yet I am accused of “parroting” a “cover story”. I have never, at any time, even commented on such a “story”. And I do not know Alex Crosbie, so there is no “THEY”, as she claims.

However, I will say this: Having read some of Alex Crosbie's comments, he appears to me to be an intelligent, insightful person, capable of discerning fact from the malicious fiction promoted by Karen Stewart.

More insane ranting:

"But no, contrary to logic, according to ignoramus Alex, Harpy Hartwell and Ramola, “Karen just flipped on her."

Again, the brazen lies. I have never, at any time, in any of my reports, stated any such thing as: "Karen just flipped on her."

Here, yet another false accusation, against Ramola and Barbara Hartwell:

"Write something on my own FB side page and Ramola runs to mommy Barb for help. Hmmm. Protecting an asset, Barb? Maybe you should not have actively encouraged your narcissistic brat to attack ALL the other kids on the playground, eh?"

More spiteful, taunting accusations with no basis in fact. Now, I am accused of “actively encouraging” Ramola to “attack” people. I have done no such thing. Nor have I seen any “attacks” by Ramola against anyone. Why Stewart would believe that I have any interest in any of these inconsequential individuals, much less having any motive to “attack” them, I have no idea. But she is hell-bent on making a scapegoat of me, that much is clear.

"I love the fact that Hartwell claims “Ramola has treated HER well so she cannot see the malignant narcissism” against HER. WELL, DUH. If you had READ Jungian psychology as you claim (and you delusionally imagine is the same as getting a psychology degree and practicing 30-40 years like the experts who back me) would you not know the BASIC FACT that malignant narcissists do not attack those they are in “lock step” with, but only those who tell them “no” or refuse to be controlled by them?"

Once again, Stewart puts words in my mouth, words I never spoke and never wrote, at any time. I have made no such “claim”. Worse, she states these lies as, “I love the fact”.

Unlike Karen Stewart, I don't issue unsolicited psychological diagnoses against people, simply because I don't like them. But, more to the point, she is unqualified to make any such diagnosis, so nothing she says would ever carry any weight.

For the record, Ramola has never been my client. Nor has she asked for any psychological diagnosis from me. But I know her well enough to state that she exhibits no such characteristics which could possibly brand her as any kind of narcissist, much less a malignant one. A statement I AM qualified to make, contrary to Stewart's false claims about my credentials, of which she knows nothing.

She rants on, as in her obsession, but devoid of any facts, she will say anything she thinks will serve to discredit me.

I have no such “delusions”, nor do I have any reason to compare myself to these “psychologists” she appears to worship as omniscient and irreproachable.

And she knows nothing about any CIA operations in which my professional services were utilized, including in debriefing and profiling intelligence and military personnel, as well as foreign officials or defectors, some of whom came out of Soviet Gulags.

CIA cares nothing for “psychology degrees”. No, they are concerned only with what works, what is effective. They are concerned with RESULTS. Any incompetent person would have been sacked, which I was not. I am a defector, not a retiree.

"And were you both not in lock step in a video on Ramola’s site, attacking almost EVERY OTHER TI leader for “not doing as Ramola said to and helping her attack Dr. Horton”? I’m sorry, in what part of the CIA did you work? The remedial or special ed part?"

Now, Stewart brings up a podcast I did with Ramola, in 2019. The issue covered was containment operations, of which I spoke based on my expertise in psychological operations and counterintelligence.

I exposed facts and my considered professional opinions about several persons identifying themselves as “targeted individuals” and leaders of the so-called “TI community”, whom I consider to be charlatans, liars, shills, etc. None of this had anything to do with Karen Stewart.

And my assessments and analysis had nothing to do with anyone “not doing what Ramola said to”. As for Katherine Horton, whom I do not know, I have never considered her anything but a charlatan, con artist and grifter, and have no reason to believe she holds any sort of doctorate in anything –except, perhaps, in promoting horseshit by the trowel-full to her many gullible followers, for which she collects some hefty fees, for "counseling", for which she is most certainly unqualified.

She, like Karen Stewart, accuses me of being CIA, and has promoted outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, on her website, on social media, and on her interminable video rants, calling for violence and murder, dropping F-bombs, while hunkering down in an aluminum bunker.

Karen Stewart, at the end of this lunatic rant, concludes with this:

"I’m sure Ramola and her flying monkeys, Alex Crosbie, Barbara Hartwell, etc. can twist this into people plotting in smoke-filled, back rooms against their little godess Ramola, eh?"

Any claims of “twisting” or “plotting”, projected on to others, are products of the truly twisted psyche of Karen Stewart, whose tangled web of lies and false accusations will undoubtedly at some point unravel, leaving her the victim of her own unscrupulous machinations.

 Supremely logical and incorruptible?

Not a snowball's chance in Hell. 

Barbara Hartwell

Target of Self-described “NSA Whistleblower”, the “Supremely Logical” & “Incorruptible” Karen Melton Stewart

November 29, 2020



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