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Friday, September 18, 2020

Mob of Twits on Twitter Conduct Gossip Fest Against Targets: Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell











The twits on Twitter are running amok! It seems they have no better use for their time than spreading malicious gossip, including about people they don't know. For in truth, lacking any facts, much less the slightest scintilla of evidence to support their wild and lurid claims, gossip is all they can come up with.


And since the name of Barbara Hartwell has been dragged through the mud in their latest gossip fest, I find it necessary (though tiresome) to expose their foolish little game and refute their asinine smears. With FACTS, that is.

Following, just a small sample of statements which comprise defamatory falsehoods, spread like wildfire among the mob of twits on Twitter, the primary Targets being Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell.

It is important to mention that I do not use social media, and that my policy is never to engage these characters directly, but rather to gather evidence of their slander and/or false information (using their own words), knock down their baseless lies, expose them for what they are, and set the public record straight.

I am not, and never have been, involved with any groups of people who call themselves “targeted individuals”, nor do I have commonalities with them.

I will begin with statements by one Karen Stewart (KS), who has taken it upon herself, with a vengeance, to attempt to discredit Ramola D, her former colleague, and Barbara Hartwell, a person she does not know. It has become clear that Stewart has designated herself as the ringleader of the mob of twits on Twitter.

Previously, KS has accused me in numerous Twitter and Facebook posts, of being CIA, evidently parroted from numerous of my enemies who have been promoting this falsehood for more than two decades. The same has been claimed by a number of Stewart's allies/accomplices in their smear campaigns against Barbara Hartwell, among them Katherine Horton and Penny Shepard, two very aggressive loudmouth frauds and liars, neither of whom know me, nor have any facts in their feeble arsenal, only defamatory fabrications, which they have spewed repeatedly and relentlessly.

The latest absurd twist, conjured up by the twits, is their conspiracy theory that Ramola D is a “CIA asset”, a “puppet”, totally under the control of CIA agent Barbara Hartwell.

Here, some quotes from Karen Stewart.


Referring to Ramola D:

"Exactly, malignant narcissist, egomaniac, control freak but she is becoming more and more overtly unhinged for all to see."

"Scum of the earth, likely CIA asset under Hartwell’s control. I was warned about Slander Queen and Psycho Hartwell a long time ago. Seems like they are soulmates, vipers from the same brood. Garbage people. #Mockingbird"

I have seen no evidence whatsoever for any of these vile accusations against Ramola. What I have observed is that Ramola is defending herself against this mob of twits, these belligerent ignoramuses, all seeking public attention, no matter at whose expense. What I have seen is that Ramola is very capable of defending her own position, and exposing the falsehoods promoted by the mob of twits, with FACTS, that is.

Now, here comes more rabid name-calling by Karen Stewart. “Slander Queen and Psycho Hartwell”.

So it's way past time I expose some FACTS, regarding this so-called “warning”.

One such “warning”, I happen to know, was issued by one Janet Phelan, left-wing agitator,”Progressive” (read Marxist) propagandist, advocate of the United Nations, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, gossip and busybody extraordinaire, who has publicly made it known she is a friend and supporter of Karen Stewart.

I broke off my association with Phelan in 2012, for cause, as a result of her unscrupulous attempts at manipulation/meddling, her invasions of my privacy and stunning betrayals, such as discussing me with my known enemies, behind my back. This has all been documented in detail, in my own defense. (Find reports on this site.)

If there is one thing I've learned, over many years, it is that you can never, ever trust a hardcore leftist!

What is particularly significant is that Phelan operates not out in the open, even regarding very PUBLIC issues, but dishonestly and surreptitiously, through whisper campaigns and gossip. She has filled the ears of certain mutual acquaintances with poison, and also has spread her poison through social media (Facebook) where she thought I would not see it. When the gossip and slander was revealed to me by friends who had access to her Facebook posts, I exposed it out in the open and set the record straight, as I always do.

Janet Phelan also has a habit of harassing people by e-mail, demanding that they stop supporting Barbara Hartwell, accompanied by veiled threats of “trouble”, should they not comply. I have received these e-mails from Phelan's Targets, but out of respect for the privacy of the recipients, have not made them public unless I had express permission.

Some of Janet Phelan's PUBLIC false claims against me (on Facebook) have been:

That I am running a “libel site”.

That I am a “character assassin”.

That I am promoting “depraved lies”.

None of these statements are true, and as usual, she has never once stated what these supposed “depraved lies” were. I, on the other hand, reveal the specifics of actual lies (in their own words) promoted against me (as I am doing here) and can easily refute them with facts. So much for Karen Stewart's parroting of “sources” that I am a “Slander Queen”.

Why she calls me a “Psycho”, I have no idea, except that perhaps she just threw that in for good measure, hoping it would fly. It won't.

Next item: A character named Nina Gonzales, whom I had never heard of, until I saw her comments on Twitter, trashing Ramola's name, with no evidence.

Nina Gonzales, referring to Ramola:

"She has got #Trolls out there & it seems like she is trying to gather #Dirt on people in an attempt to get people into legal trouble. In other words she is dangerous to #TIs & Probably to the whole #TICommunity. Mark my words."

Yes, I have “marked her words” and they are memorialized right here. Has Ms. Gonzalez ever seen the words of Karen Stewart, who threatened Ramola publicly that this was a “police matter”, and later actually contacted the Boston police in reference to Ramola, and boasted of this on the same fake Twitter account, posing as “Robert Sau”, and where she egregiously invaded Ramola's privacy, by posting her street address, accompanied by a photo of her house?

The same Twitter page where Ramola and Barbara Hartwell were depicted by lurid images of demons, accused of being satanists, and accused of being CIA agent and CIA asset.

Thus inviting real “psychos” to stalk and harass Ramola and her family at their home, placing her teenage daughter at risk. What kind of person would do such an utterly despicable thing? Only someone motivated by extreme malice, with no respect whatsoever for the privacy, or even the fundamental rights of others.

Now, continuing on with her defamatory falsehoods about Ramola, Karen Stewart writes:

"#RamolaCrapola (FB Page/emails). On-going. She lies, manipulates, defames many for her ego and control issues but decent ppl rightfully REACTING to HER habitual BAD behavior and pushing her away are somehow to blame? Delusional. #EccEveryday #RamolaD #RamolaDharmaraj"

And this:


"I have to agree. Evil desperately masquerading as “virtuous truth teller”. Yet she betrays herself, and surrounds herself with proven vermin."

Proven vermin? Proven by what evidence? I guess she refers to anyone who supports Ramola. Unfortunately for Stewart, there are many of us, and none of whom would ever be influenced by the calumny promoted against her.


Then, there are other twits who have eagerly joined the Twitter mob, chiming in with their ignorant comments. I can't be bothered tracking down all their comments, but here are a few names I have seen, all of whom can be described as stuck on stupid:

Audrey Ann Bolin

Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause)

Tiffany Fontenot

Andy Spoo

Rick Macy

Ella Free (aka Eyerly Felder)

Ortaine Devian (aka Jeff Hedrun)

Timothy Shelley (Fighting Monarch website, anonymous coward who promotes the slander of Katherine Horton against Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell)

Why do so many of these idiots use false names? The cowards are hiding behind pseudonyms for a reason.


And lastly, one particularly whiny moron named Howard Fisher, posturing as a tough guy, while promoting a video of charlatan Katherine Horton, with this caption:

"Welcome to the revolution, motherfuckers."

This is his idea of a revolution, led by the likes of Katherine Horton, along with the mob of like-minded twits, gossiping on Twitter?

Some revolution. 

What a motley crew of quislings and stooges!

As always, by their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

Target of the Mob of Twits on Twitter

September 18, 2020