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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Penny Shepard, Gate-Crasher, Name-Dropper, Intelligence Groupie, CIA-Wannabe: Continued Exploitation & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell

Late last year (2019) a woman calling herself Penny Shepard began slinging my name around on Twitter, on a number of other sites and on a sensationalist trash website she runs called Shepard Entertainment, which is anything but “entertaining”.

The site is filled with puffed-up, grandiose fantasies, in which she, Penny Shepard, plays a starring role in everything from television programs (X-Files, Stranger Things) which she claims were based on her life, to CIA's MK Ultra program, to her claim of being a “supersoldier”, to her claim of involvement in the Montauk Project...and the devil knows what all else.

If it happened, rest assured, she was there, at the center of it all, or so she would like the audience of her “entertainment” site to believe. Possibly, along with the plots of these TV shows, she also copied the script of Forrest Gump, which might explain her ubiquitous presence and its unprecedented importance throughout known history.

To cite the old phrase: You can't make this stuff up. But evidently, she did make it up. It appears she is that desperate for public attention.

To judge by her writing, she is under-educated, certainly as regards the use of the English language. Her spelling is atrocious, including in the regular misspelling of the many names she drops. Aside from that, she could not write her way out of a wet paper bag, if her life depended on it. Fortunately for her, it doesn't.

Typically, I had never heard of this character until I learned from a colleague that she was attempting to use known associates of mine to extract information about Barbara Hartwell and my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA. This happens on a regular basis, as these interlopers, busybodies and curiosity seekers try to use my associates as intermediaries and sources of information. I don't have a public e-mail address, as I seek no contact with the public. I don't answer questions, and don't wish to be harassed and intruded upon by characters like Penny Shepard, who have zero respect for the privacy and personal boundaries of others.

I would have simply ignored her, in the hope that she would just go away, until I was informed that not only was she asking all sorts of intrusive personal questions of my associates, she was now publicly exploiting my name and publishing her rank speculation, along with false information in connection with my name, including references to my family members and former professional colleagues, most specifically the late FBI chief Ted Gunderson.

Outraged by her continued snooping, gate-crashing, exploitation and defamation, I wrote a few reports exposing her and issued a CEASE & DESIST directive. But as is usual with these aggressive characters, she chose to disregard it and instead became even more aggressive in her attacks, with name-calling, character assassination and false accusations, including that “Barbara Hartwell is CIA”, that “she is a satanist”, "she is cointelpro", “she is a liar”, etc. etc.

I should make one thing crystal clear: This woman does not know me, nor will she ever. I have no dealings with such characters, nor do I ever engage them in discussions, arguments or debates. My policy is always the same: To EXPOSE them, to refute their false claims and defamation, and to direct them to cease and desist in a PUBLIC notice. There is no direct contact involved, ever.

My ONLY concern is that Penny Shepard continues to exploit and defame my name, to engage in invasions of my privacy, to stick her nose where it most certainly does not belong, and to spread malicious gossip, based on nothing but her apparent delusions that I, or anyone connected to me, has now, or ever had, any relation whatsoever to her or her activities, in any way, shape or form. 

I don't go looking for the trash such characters publish (in fact, I dread putting my name in a search engine, as such trash abounds, along with the liars, opportunists and whackjobs who promote it), but, as anyone with a public website knows, it comes with the territory. Sooner or later, I usually come across it, most often when someone alerts me to its existence.

And so it was that I discovered yet another idiotic article, where my name was once again dragged in, completely irrelevant to anything but her obvious burning malice against a person she does not know, who had never done anything wrongful to her; but had only, in righteous indignation, directed her in no uncertain terms, in a public notice, to MIND HER OWN BUSINESS and to STOP EXPLOITING MY NAME.

I have limited this report to covering the excerpts in which Penny Shepard is exploiting and defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell, and where she also presents false information about herself in connection to CIA. I have no interest in anything else she is promoting, or in any of her claims. For my purposes, they are meaningless.

I should also make reference to the fact that she is dropping the name of a well-known person, specifically a government whistleblower, former CIA, in what are clearly attempts to latch on to his credibility and legitimacy, to link her own claims with his published testimonies. It is clear to me that Penny Shepard is an intelligence groupie of the worst kind, who falsely thinks that by crashing the gates of legitimate persons, she can somehow become legitimate herself.

I would not dishonor any legitimate whistleblower by using his name on this website in connection with the likes of Penny Shepard. The reader may see what she has done by going to the link given here.

Following the excerpts given here, in quotation marks, is my further analysis.

Chapter 22: Secret Government, Deep State, XFiles, Hellywood & Me

"Does the CIA know who I am? Yes. Was I an agent and covert operative of the deep state? Yes. I had many aliases under MKULTRA. My agent operative name was X:11, and by the way Barbara Hartwell, fuck you."

What could possibly be the relevance of throwing my name in here, as a non-sequitur, with her crude insult? Naturally, there is none.

From what I have seen, she was at first calling herself “Agent X”, then later decided to change it to “X-11”. It sounds like a character from a comic book in the 1950s. (Did she also get her free decoder ring in the cereal box?)

And I have no reason to believe this woman ever had any connection to CIA. In my estimation, she is a CIA wannabe, throwing around some code names and some extravagant claims. But I can guarantee, this woman was never any kind of CIA agent.

"At birth, my name was taken away and I was called by my day of birth 11. I was called L, by my middle initial. Eleven from Stranger Things is based on me. I was married to Dr. Xenos, whose name MEANS STRANGER I was literally MRS STRANGER. Stranger Things Eleven is NOT Preston Nicoles, it is NOT Ellen Atkins, its not ELEVEN Atkins. After Ellen talked with me she began doing podcasts and claiming that she was Eleven. She also is working with a woman who PROMOTES BIG PHARMA AND BUSH. She also claims to have copyright on the little girl who is promoted from the 60s as the MKULTRA victim. Barbara Hartwell claims that is HER sister Irene. I simply say she looks like me, Joseph Mengele is my actual family and there is a number at the bottom that looks cut off. The number is 581. was born in 1958, August 11, 5811. The photo was taken in 1960s sometime. 1966 I would have been eight years old. I think Ellen is five years younger than me. She would have been three. Ellen is not Eleven. She was not MRS STRANGER, she did not marry and divorce Dr. Xenos whose name means Stranger. That character is based on my actual life in Project Genesis. I can’t even tell you the immeasurable characters analyses of the series who are all in my real life. I will expound upon it later."

Now, more gibberish, and she drops the name of Preston Nichols (which she misspells as “Nicoles”), of the Montauk Project.

Again, she stakes her claim that she is “Eleven” from the TV show, “Stranger Things”. She brings in Ellen Atkin (which she misspells as “Atkins”), another loudmouth fraud, who makes the same claim, apparently her rival for the fame and fortune they seek, bickering among themselves like a murder of shrieking crows, as they attempt to win the spoils of the same dead carcass.

And now, of course, she drags in the name of Barbara Hartwell again, when I have nothing to do with any of these people, or their petty sniping at each other. I do not know Ellen Atkin, either. Yet she too has defamed my name, making absurd false accusations against me, after she was exposed as a fraud and liar in my reports.

Atkin makes the false claim that she is “MK Ultra Girl”. And now (surprise, surprise), Penny Shepard decides that being “Eleven” is not enough. No, she needs to claim the photo as well, using the flimsy pretext that the photo “looks like me”. No, it does not, any more than it resembles Ellen Atkin.

According to Penny Shepard, many, many people “look like” her, as she continues to add to the list, including (of course!) Gillian Anderson, from X-Files, whom she claims plays the character based on her life. I see no resemblance whatsoever. This whole charade is patently absurd.

"Karen Molten Stewart, friend and former NSA whistleblower, speaks about her experiences with Fusion Centers orchestrating gangstalking."

Now, interestingly enough, she cites Karen Melton Stewart (whose name she misspells as “Molten”), as a “friend”. Were that true, it certainly would come as no surprise, given that Karen Stewart has also falsely accused me of being CIA, and even a “handler”, among other smears, such as accusing me of taking bribes from persons with no connection to CIA, while at the same time collecting a government paycheck.

(Nice work, if you can get it...perhaps Karen Stewart is projecting her own schemes and lack of integrity on me.)

"Let me make this clear about my affiliation with the CIA. I was an ASSET OPERATIVE for my deep state shadow government Mengele family, all of my life. I was not EMPLOYED, drawing a paycheck, like those CIA, FBI and NSA whistleblowers who are coming forward, who actually worked for “the Agency”. I was never on the workforce for the Federal Government. I was a deep state CIA ASSET AGENT, for my evil family which are Hitlers, Eichmans, Mengeles and Speers. So as to avoid any misinterpretation when I say I am a CIA whistleblower on covert MKULTRA projects understand that although I did not “officially” work for the Federal government, I was, nonetheless, an agent who carried out their covert missions under mind control."

Now, she actually claims to be a “CIA whistleblower”. Unbelievable. But not in the least surprising, considering her many boastful and pretentious claims. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Aside from my outrage at this woman exploiting my name, defaming my good name for self-serving purposes, there is another larger issue here, which should be addressed.

Penny Shepard, by attempting to insert herself into a realm (CIA operations) where she was not involved, but where actual legitimate persons, former intelligence professionals turned whistleblowers, have literally shed blood, sweat and tears, who have fought evil and exposed it, to bring factual, truthful information to the public, in the cause of JUSTICE, has only served to muddy the waters for those seeking the truth.

Some (including intelligence professionals) may think only a gullible rube would believe her self-aggrandizing claims, but unfortunately, most people don't have the background or experience to discern between what is factual and what is not.

In my considered professional opinion, Penny Shepard is a name-dropper, a gate-crasher, an intelligence groupie and a CIA wannabe.

I find her to be despicable in the extreme, on behalf of all the decent people whose names she is exploiting, whose lives could be damaged by her false claims, and in unwarranted denigration of them.

And once again (how tiresome it gets...) I demand that she STOP exploiting my name, the names of any of my family, and that she immediately CEASE & DESIST.

Barbara Hartwell
May 19, 2020




Aggressive gate-crasher who targeted Barbara Hartwell for defamation, exploitation and harassment and falsely accuses Hartwell and Craig Sawyer of being CIA.

"Hey Hartwell you are a lying POS; Fiona is telling the truth; Sawyer is #CIA, so are you; you are cointel pro; I get why you would write this CRAP; because you are a malicious evil woman who is an ORDAINED MINISTER; humm what "church" would you be ordained in Babs? Get bent."

"Ramola stands with Barbara Hartwell; A #CIA cointel pro agent, who is a Minister promoting #Satanic Agenda, discredits me, Fiona Barnett, Fritz Springmeyer"

-Penny Shepard on Twitter


Aggressive liar, fraud and anti-Christian who has appropriated and profusely exploited a photo of MK Ultra survivor, taken in 1961, DOB 9-17-1953, who in actuality happens to be my sister.

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