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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

False Accusers Abound: Once CIA, Always CIA

"Barbara Hartwell is CIA". "Once CIA, always CIA". 

These false accusations have been hurled at me countless times, by everyone from high level government officials (former and current), to their stooges and shills, to the intelligence groupies and camp followers, to the charlatans and grifters, to the hordes of nameless cowards, hiding behind silly screen names, who populate the Internet, especially social media –those who seem to have no more important use for their time than to parrot government-issue, fabricated stories and spread malicious gossip about people they don't know.

It has been more than a quarter century (1994) since I broke out of CIA operations, by a combination of supernatural warfare and trench warfare, but ultimately by the grace of God. (Thank You, Jesus!) And no one who claims, “Once CIA, always CIA”, can ever prove this statement to be true. Certainly not in my case. As it happens, I also personally know a few former CIA (whose names are not public as whistleblowers) who have got out, for good, and lived, have not gone to prison. There are others I don't know personally, but whose public testimonies as whistleblowers I deem absolutely legitimate.

True, their lives have been destroyed, they have been abandoned and betrayed by many, even some of those closest to them. They have been driven to bankruptcy and/or financial destitution. They have lost everything (or most everything) they owned. They have been treated like pariahs, shunned, ostracized, mocked, persecuted.

Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation. The psy op engineered against a political target. Such is the brutal nature of political persecution, the neutralization campaign against a government whistleblower.

I am so very tired of having this false accusation plastered all over the Internet, in every imaginable venue. There are often times when I deeply regret ever having gone public. But remaining silent was not an option for me, nor do I believe it would it be for any Christian, any defender of Liberty, crusader for Justice.

In 2013, the persecution drove me to homelessness, after I had already lost my home in Maine in 2010 (in which I had invested everything I had). Between 2010 and 2011 I was forced to live in motels, as no landlord would rent to me, due to the government-sponsored massive smear campaign, orchestrated to denigrate, discredit and destroy. (Anyone who does not believe this may easily verify it by putting my name in a search engine.)

When I finally found a rental, it was again by the grace of God. The landlords had no idea of my background, had not seen the libel campaign on the Internet, and were Christians.

In 2013, when the next disaster occurred, I could not find the help I needed, no matter how I tried. Nobody would help me, and so it happened that I was forced to sell most of my possessions, to give the rest to charities, knowing I would have no choice but to move again, by the end of that year, with no money, no prospects, no assistance, and nowhere to go.

I had to go to Christian charities, to food banks for the poor. I had no money, even to put food on the table. The Priest at my church helped as much as he could, but the church itself was struggling just to stay afloat.

And by far the worst disaster, in 2013, was a fraudulent, bait-and-switch offer of “sanctuary” by a person who claimed to be a concerned “friend”, but was revealed by his actions to be horribly dishonest and unscrupulous, driven by his self-serving ambition to make a name for himself as a “patriot” by attempting to latch on to a former intelligence professional, whose name he thought he could exploit.

He and his wife, to my consternation, revealed themselves to be devil-worshiping liars, deeply involved, for many years, in the anti-Christ heavy metal culture, where Bibles are burned onstage by demonic “rock stars”, and the idols of worship are violence, pornography and depravity.

I accepted this offer only in desperation (having no idea what I was really walking into), to avoid ending up homeless in the street, with an elderly cat I refused to abandon, come hell or high water. For 29 miserable days, I was stranded in a filthy, cold, dark-as-hell basement (a true dungeon), reeking of toxic black mold, during which time I was relentlessly harassed and pressured by these godless reprobates and their low-life friends. I had no money and nowhere to go.

By the grace of God, I managed to escape the dungeon, much the worse for wear and now penniless, ill, exhausted, with no prospects of recovery from the ordeal, no way to replace my massive losses.

In January, 2014 I finally managed to find a rental in New York, again by the grace of God, where I still live today.

In desperation, I applied for disability benefits, which I was granted in 2014. They sent me for a medical exam, in which I was deemed to be physically disabled (which had been diagnosed by other doctors for decades). However, Social Security insisted that I “prove” that I had no government pension. I found a pro bono attorney, from legal services for the poor, elderly and disabled. She was able to produce documentation that I had no official employment history on record, as I had been a ghost in the system for decades, by design.

But still, I am so far below the poverty line with the crumbs they have thrown to me that I am unable to pay the monthly rent and bills, much less afford other basic necessities. I think most people would be shocked at what I am expected to live on.

But it gets worse. I am disabled by severe injuries caused by several arranged car crashes (not accidents), over a period of years, when the government tampered with my vehicles, and in one case, when they sent goons to crash into my small foreign car with a huge truck, which totaled my vehicle.

I have not been able to afford the medical care I need, in all the many years since. The worst crash resulted in severe head trauma, injuries to the spine and temporary amnesia, and left me permanently blinded in one eye.

Due to lack of medical care, the injuries to my spine finally resulted in severe osteo-arthritis, a very painful and debilitating condition. My purpose is not to seek sympathy for my medical condition (sympathy is useless to me, unless it results in material support), but only to document for the record what relates to the government's continued egregious ill-treatment and its dreadful consequences.

For the most part I don't trust allopathic medicine and have used naturopathic and chiropractic medicine for my entire adult life, except in acute injuries where surgery was required, or emergency room visits.

The government Medicare system for senior citizens does not cover the kind of medicine I need. But when I took a bad fall in April, 2019, resulting in injuries, including a broken hand, and which exacerbated previous injuries (which went untreated due to lack of funds), I went to the emergency room for X-rays and was told I should “follow up” with my primary care physician. I don't have one, as I told the ER doctor.

It took me two weeks to find an orthopedist, during which time I had only a temporary cast on my hand. He tried to get me help, in the form of someone to come in and assist me with chores I could not do, but the application was denied. There was no one nearby I could call for help.

I was in a brace until July, during the three months I continued to go for treatment with the orthopedist, who fortunately for me was a great doctor, and very kind. He also took X-rays of the older spinal injuries (the major source of disability) and gave me the same diagnosis I'd had for years (including by chiropractors, naturopaths and MDs) of severe osteo-arthritis, now degenerating from lack of treatment over many years.

He recommended that I go for physical therapy (and gave me a written prescription), which Medicare does cover, and said they might cover some chiropractic as well.

During that time, during my visits to the orthopedist at the medical center, I happened to find a notice for a Medicare advocate available for senior citizens to help them navigate the system. I had never had health insurance in my life, so I decided to seek assistance, which was available at no charge.

I had been signed up with a provider I was not at all happy with. I would not let anyone (especially from the government system) “manage” my health care. I was getting constant harassing phone calls, asking intrusive personal questions about my health, which I of course refused to answer. I refused to fill out their forms, and told them that I would use what care they covered, by my own choice, when necessary, and that was the end of it.

I attended a meeting at the medical center, where I spoke with the advocate and set up a private consultation. He helped me choose a different provider which he thought would suit my needs, and signed me up.

He was very helpful, but as it turned out, there was a series of problems, which he later told me were particularly anomalous. First, the new provider was supposed to send me the paperwork within 2 weeks of being enrolled. This was in early June, 2019. I checked the mail, every week, but the documents did not arrive. I called the advocate and explained. Meanwhile, I still had no medical care. More time passed, still no documents. Long story short, I did not get my documents, or insurance card until late August, nearly 3 months later.

When I asked the advocate why this was happening, he told me that he had “never seen anything like this” before, in all his years as a Medicare advocate. He told me he had kept calling the provider, with no results, and did not understand why, in this case, there was such difficulty. Finally, he called me and said that he had “given them hell”, and at long last, they did send the documents. 3 months later, rather than 2 weeks, as was the normal procedure.

But it did not end there. Now, I was receiving bills in the mail from the medical center for my treatment with the orthopedist, stating that they were overdue. According to my coverage with the previous provider, I don't have any co-pay, which the advocate knew. Bills were also coming from the previous provider, denying coverage.

Again, I called the advocate. Again, he said he had never seen anything like this happen before. He tried to help, but the bills kept rolling in, and now, I was denied any medical care due to the unpaid bills –money I did not owe. And still, no medical care.

Then came the collection agencies, dunning letters and harassing phone calls, all for what I could not pay, and more to the point, did not owe. And still, no medical care.

I don't have any dealings with collection agencies. I know the law and know that since I did not contract with them for anything, they cannot legally hold me accountable. I let the voicemail pick up the harassing calls; some of the letters I had stamped REFUSED at the post office, and returned to sender. Some, I kept for evidence.

Finally, in sheer frustration, in early March, I called the legal services which had represented me in my disability case, and made an appointment. I explained all that had happened, and that I need this matter to be settled, to get the collection agency harpies off my back, and to be able to finally get the medical care I need, which had been denied for no good reason.

The attorney, too (who had access by my permission to the previous disability case file), said the case was “unusual”. She sent cease and desist letters to the various parties, and documents I provided, showing the facts of the case, that I did not owe any money, but was being denied medical care. It was probably just a glitch in the system, said the attorney. But apparently, there is something else going on here.

It is now late May. The harassing phone calls continue, every day, and the bogus demands by letter for payment, which I do not owe.

And still, I have no medical care.

But even had this mess been straightened out (which it has not), then came the so-called “pandemic”, which now made it impossible for me to get medical care without the risk (which I refuse to take) of outrageous government interference, just by walking into any medical center or doctor's office. No thanks, I'd rather live with the pain, debilitating as it is.

But I won't be talking about it anymore, to anyone. I am beyond disgusted. I am done. I have decided on a vow of silence, regarding my personal life, until such time (if ever) that I am able to get the medical care of which I am in desperate need.

My problem is poverty, plain and simple.

My car is 21 years old, repeatedly in need of repairs, which I cannot afford. I dare not drive more than a few miles, only to local stores, due to the total breakdown which is coming, sooner or later, for lack of money for needed repairs.

I live at constant risk of losing Internet service (which I did, last month, for lack of funds).

Aside from a disability check, I can't rely on donations from the public, as I don't offer any “exclusive” content or benefits for sponsors, as many journalists do. This has become the nature of the Internet, and I won't be a part of it. I would not criticize those who do, it is not my business, but such arrangements are not for me.

I don't run a high-traffic, commercial website. I have nothing to sell. I won't be pressured under deadlines or obligations. I don't seek sponsors, nor “followers”. All the content on my site is free, and will remain free. I don't engage in quid pro quo deals, not where my work is concerned.

I am entirely independent, always have been, always will be.

I don't seek publicity, outside my own website, which is not a “news” site, not meant to follow “trends”, but is very simply an archive of my work.

I don't seek interaction with the public, and do not use social media. I don't join groups, I am not a team player. In point of fact, I am a recluse who prefers solitude (for the most part), with few exceptions.

I belong in a monastery, out of the World, but this is not likely to happen, unless by the will of Almighty God, Who is the only Authority in my life.

For now, my home (such as it is) is my sanctuary, my cloister, where there can be peace, as long as intruders are repelled and my privacy defended, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

So, for those many ignorant and/or malicious detractors who will continue with spreading and parroting the utterly preposterous fabrication that I am a CIA agent, living the high life, promoting disinformation and black propaganda, courtesy of a hefty government paycheck, those whose outrageous lies have contributed in any way to this injurious and egregious injustice, and fomented much pain and suffering, for me, and others in a similar situation, I can only say:

May God's swift and terrible JUSTICE be visited upon you.

Barbara Hartwell
FORMER CIA, Pauper, Recluse
May 27, 2020



"You admit you were once in the CIA. There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die."

"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came."

FBI Chief/COINTELPRO KINGPIN Ted Gunderson to Barbara Hartwell

Source: Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell from Ted Gunderson, published by Ken Adachi.

From Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee:

"There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die"... the rule, but you are proof that he is wrong; the same applies to me and the assassins of the fbi who are trying to kill me in the only cowardly manner they know. My question for gun is why he does nothing to expose the crimes against Humanity that are currently on going; and further, with his vast experience as a fbi chief, why he has not confessed to the world of his many crimes against the American people.

ted gunderson, former fbi chief, verbally assaults a true American Hero, Barbara Hartwell, by the use of language that reveals gun's own warped character.

Ted Gunderson (hereinafter referred to as 'gun') recently wrote the following words to my good friend and professional colleague, Barbara Hartwell:

"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came.

Ted L Gunderson, FBI-SAC(Ret)"

Sosbee writes:

Such words as quoted above when directed against one of the true and great Defenders of Liberty (Barbara Hartwell) offend all sensitive persons who read them, but especially those of us who know and respect Barbara for her stand against government corruption. Indeed the 'righteous' as you call them reject the use of such descriptions above because no human being merits such a label.

However, gun is steeped in the use of labels, especially those that send good and innocent people to torture chambers, to prisons or to their deaths; gun is an expert by his own proclamation of his credentials (i.e.:SAC) in a) black operations, b) mind games, c) secret agent-provocateur dirty deeds worldwide.

No, gun, you are wrong. The world needs Barbara Hartwell more than you could possibly know/imagine; and as you have sold out to the evil forces of a corrupt government (the United States of America) in return for your petty benefits, you are the one who must someday atone for the atrocities you approved, directed, or condoned against men and women over the past half century.

Come clean, gun, about your knowledge regarding offenses and crimes against Humanity; help save the lives of targeted individuals; and renounce the fascist state that you presently support; then, maybe intelligent and informed people will listen to you.

You dare pretend to show a concern for the people of the United States when in fact you exploit the ignorance and fear of all who listen to you in order to further your own private interests and in order to perpetuate the destructive agenda of the cia and the fbi. The downfall of this country into a fascist state is in part your doing, gun, and you should not be proud of that, no matter how high an office you have attained.

Sosbee writes for the record on April 30, 2005:

gun indicates on his website that he was chief inspector for the fbi in 1973; in such capacity, gun had the responsibility to investigate Sosbee's reports of fbi crimes during that year. Not only did he fail to perform his duties as chief inspector, he continued thereafter to serve in high level positions in the fbi at a time when Sosbee was being harassed for reporting the criminal conduct of numerous fbi agents as set forth in

In early 1971, the FBI's domestic counterintelligence program (code named "COINTELPRO") was brought to light when a "Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI" removed secret files from an FBI office in Media, PA and released them to the press. Agents began to resign from the Bureau and blow the whistle on covert operations. That same year, publication of the Pentagon Papers, the Pentagon's top-secret history of the Vietnam War, exposed years of systematic official lies about the war.

Open Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson from Barbara Hartwell (2005)


The best I can do for now is stand up for the truth as I know it, upon information and belief; citing the facts and the evidence to substantiate those facts wherever possible; and ask for God's protection in making my stand, as I have done these many years. Despite the several attempts on my life, so far, this approach has worked well enough for me; but more importantly, I have no doubt that God's justice will prevail, if not in this life, then certainly in God's eternal time.

Someday we will all have to stand before God. This holds true for everyone, whether one believes in God or not. As for His grace, I cannot presume to say whom He will extend that to, though I have certainly been the recipient of God's grace enough to know that it continues to be possible for me.

I also find it necessary to state, once again, for the record, that I was delivered from CIA by the Grace of God. None of the lies being disseminated, none of the false allegations being made against me by you and many others can change that. It's a done deal. God knows it and I know it. What others may believe is a matter of no concern to me. It's also none of their business. But I'll say it again, right up front: I do not work for CIA; nor have I had any professional dealings with them; nor been hired under any contract by them or their proprietaries, for over eleven (11) years [since 1993]. Furthermore, it is my contention and belief that you, Ted Gunderson, know this to be true.

I'm certain there are at least a few persons (including my witnesses) who will believe me when I say that as God is my witness, all that I will state herein is the truth, information which I now find it necessary to provide for the public record. I will also state the same, under oath, in any court of law in which I may find myself testifying and in any formal, notarized affidavits on which I may place my signature. I will never commit perjury, just as I have never lied in any public reports I have written.

But only God knows what is in my heart, as in yours. Only God knows who among us is telling the truth and who is not. And so, I have no reason to fear that any testimony given here, in writing, can ever be proven false.

As for those who would attempt to use any portion of the testimony given here against me, let them try. They have done it before, with only disastrous consequences to themselves when their plots and lies were exposed. I have committed no illegal acts. I have no criminal record. Nor has anyone ever won a judgment against me in any civil lawsuit. In fact, to date, I have never been sued by any person, for any reason. If you'd like to be the first, be my guest.