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Friday, March 6, 2020

Karen Stewart Makes False Claim: “Barbara Hartwell is CIA”

I do not use social media, on principle. Never have done, never will do. Facebook and Twitter are government surveillance devices, data extraction operations.

Social media is a hotbed of snoops, snitches, gossips and busybodies; a free-for-all where anything goes, and where the most aggressive and ambitious for worldly acclaim, the approval-seekers and people pleasers, vie for supremacy and jockey for position, each for their chosen agenda.

There is no respect whatsoever for the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals. It is a vast echo chamber, where the users parrot and repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, the posts of their chosen “friends” and “followers”.

Competing for “likes” (approval) is the name of the game. To the ones with the greatest “social credit” scores go the spoils of ego-aggrandizement and material gain. And so the propaganda spreads, the fear-mongering, the crackpot conspiracy theories, the sensationalist falsehoods. 

Ultimately, the result is the indoctrination of those foolish enough not only to believe anything they read, but to regurgitate it like robots, passing on the smears against legitimate people in a veritable carpet-bombing campaign.

But as those of us whose names have been destroyed by social media gossips can attest, the damages are very real.

Speaking strictly for myself, as someone who cannot even directly access most of the outrageous lies posted about me, because I refuse to “sign up”, “sign in”, “follow”, refuse to be drawn in as a participant in this toxic system, I can guarantee, most of it I have never even seen. Even if I had, it would literally be a full time job to counter it, a pursuit for which I have neither the time nor inclination.

I only occasionally learn of the defamation against me by friends and colleagues, those who do have access.

Which is how I was informed of some of the latest defamatory remarks by Karen Stewart, who, for no reason I can clearly ascertain, has decided to make some very public false accusations against me, now including the same tired old lie which has been promoted by hordes of government stooges and toadies for decades: that Barbara Hartwell is CIA.

Here is a post on Facebook, by Karen Stewart, under a category she titles “PERPS and Nutcases”.

PERPS and Nutcases

"I noted Ramola also emailing me and others in what I call her wolf pack on-call, e-mails from Barbara Hartwell, who is CIA (handler?) showing screen shots of my tweets which Barbara had taken and from Ramola showing screenshots she had taken as indications “they were watching me” though the inocuous tweets chosen were ludicrous to be alarmed about. But it did indicate a Weinstein-like snitch network in place to try to intimidate with them making a point to SHOW me THEY were WATCHING ME. Ramola even sent me and the sycophants a tweet...."

So, according to Karen Stewart, I am designated as either a “PERP”, or a “Nutcase”. Possibly both. Nothing new here...just a parroting of black propaganda against a legitimate government whistleblower.

In past defamatory comments, Karen Stewart has claimed that I took a bribe from my friend and colleague, Ramola D, for the purpose of “attacking” or “libeling” her.

I have refuted that false accusation (and others) in a few reports. (See links below)

Now, she has ramped up her attacks and claims I am CIA. So, if that were the case, why would I need a bribe from an independent journalist who has no connections to CIA?

I have news for Karen Stewart, and anyone who buys into her outrageous lies: I've been out of CIA for more than 26 years. There is no payroll, no gravy train, no benefits.

I've been a Target of a brutal neutralization campaign by CIA, for more than a quarter century, which I've had to face alone, with never anyone I could rely on for support.

I was recruited, without my knowledge or consent, into CIA operations, the “family business”, in early childhood. I, and I alone, chose to fight my way out, through my own blood, sweat and tears, and was successful only by the grace of God.

I am nobody's snitch, nobody's sycophant, nobody's proxy, and more to the point, nobody's fool.

I first heard of Karen Stewart in 2016, when I found some radio interviews on the Internet. At that time, I believed her to be legitimate, as a government whistleblower.

I don't know her personally. I had never said a word against her, not until she took it upon herself to make defamatory comments in an obvious attempt to discredit me. And then, I only spoke up in my own defense. I have not called her any names, nor made any accusations.

I can't say for certain why she is doing this, and I refuse to speculate. I deal only in facts, backed by evidence.

The evidence is clear, as presented in the published words of Karen Stewart, which I have documented in several reports.

Of course, I am outraged. But I probably should not be surprised. For the record, I no longer consider Karen Stewart to be legitimate. I have lost all respect for her. No genuine whistleblower, no person with any concern for Truth, in exposing government corruption, no person of integrity, would attempt to discredit others, using false accusations and absurd fabrications, as she has done.

Lastly, for an “intelligence analyst”, and a self-proclaimed “Christian”, if she truly believes the falsehoods she is promoting, she has shown herself to be sorely lacking in discretion, in spiritual and intellectual discernment.

Otherwise, she is simply a malicious liar with an agenda.

I don't know which, and no longer care.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
March 6, 2020