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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Michael & Rags

NOTE: In light of the recent release of documents by the FBI (Finders and McMartin Preschool case), I have decided to republish material from some of my older reports which expose facts and evidence on the late FBI chief Ted Gunderson.

I and others who actually knew him and/or were victimized by Gunderson are very disturbed by the fact that he is being lionized as a hero in media (and the general public) by many people (and organizations) who never knew him and had no access to the factual information, documentation and evidence that we have furnished for decades, but which has mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Ted Gunderson was a celebrity, no doubt. He wielded considerable power and authority during his tenure with the FBI, and subsequently, as he continued his counterintelligence operations, masked as “investigations” and presenting himself as a “whistleblower”, for more than 3 decades.

For this report, I present a letter by the late Michael Ruppert, with whom I was in contact during the time period between 1998 until about 2003, in connection with issues related to CIA operations, including MK Ultra and CIA drug-running. I considered him a friend, whom I respected for his stand against government corruption. Tragically, Michael ended his life by suicide.

Mike knew Ted Gunderson, and like me, had been hoodwinked until he found out the truth, at which time (like me) he came forward to set the record straight.

As for the documents Mike mentions, I still have a large hardcopy file of them, including from Michael Riconosciuto, and some, that to my knowledge, have not been published.

As I continue with this series on Ted Gunderson, I may make some of them available.

Barbara Hartwell
November 20, 2019


In March 2001, ex-FBI Senior SAC Ted Gunderson wrote an open letter to Barbara Hartwell, purportedly "in response" to a report in which he was named by me.

My report was an attempt to refute much of the disinformation being spread by government agents and their minions and stooges in connection with my name. Gunderson was mentioned as well, but at the time, I simply stated that I had "irreconcilable differences" with him, made a few comments (some even complimentary to Ted), and what I exposed was mild compared to what came later.

However, Ted's letter to me did not focus so much on addressing Barbara Hartwell, as it did on attacking a number of other journalists and expositors of government crimes and corruption. It seemed to me at the time that it was an exercise in "damage control", and that I was simply a convenient scapegoat for Ted's purposes.

One of these investigators/journalists was Mike Ruppert. When Mike realized that Ted Gunderson had accused him of being a "disinformation specialist", he wrote a brief commentary for News Making News, a site which features a "Gunderson Data Dump."

[This site no longer can be found online and is apparently defunct.]

Virginia McCollough, one of the journalists affiliated with News Making News, also published a report I wrote in 1999, at the time I was still associated with Ted Gunderson. I should make it clear that she published this report without my blessing, knowing full well that I had cut off contact with Ted Gunderson around that time (2000). Unfortunately, the report contained my endorsement of Ted Gunderson, who at the time was still my friend and professional colleague.

Virginia McCollough proved herself to be an unscrupulous person, as she continued to exploit my name for years, libeling me in the process, and even going so far as to try to implicate me in the suspicious death of another investigative journalist, Brian Downing Quig. A man, by the way, that I did not know; had never met and with whom I had never had any form of contact!

McCollough's "source" for this libelous falsehood about Barbara Hartwell? One Timothy Patrick White, predicate felon, career criminal and Gunderson groupie/minion/stooge. 

NOTE: Kate was an editor at News Making News. 


[re Gunderson's Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell]

March, 2001
Dear Kate:

Since I see that Ted Gunderson has taken a swipe at me too and accused me of being a "disinformation specialist" let me just take a minute to respond in support of all the brave women who have taken him on. And truly, a minute is about all the time that his pitiful message is worth.

I would also hope that at some point journalist Cheri Seymour - whose great book "The Last Circle," describes in detail Gunderson's relations with Michael Riconosciuto and the openly exposed CIA operative Robert Booth Nichols - might join the ranks of those nailing Gunderson for his rather comical actions. I have a copy of an envelope, given to me by Seymour, wherein Gunderson's own handwriting discusses his participation in a drug transaction. Her documentation of Gunderson's connections to weapons, drugs and Promis software and illegal activities at the Cabazon Indian reservation is above reproach.

As to Gunderson's reference to me let me just state that Gunderson was the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Los Angeles FBI office in 1978. It was then that I went to the L.A. Office of the FBI seeking help when, as an LA Police Officer, my life was in danger after discovering that the CIA was dealing drugs. Under Gunderson's direction the L.A. office took the public position that I was crazy and refused me any assistance even though I had a tape recorded death threat in my possession and an attorney at my side verifying my allegations and the documentary evidence I presented.

I did not know until 1999 that it was Gunderson who had been running the LA office in 1978. I even appeared on his Las Vegas radio show in 1997. But that was before his bizarre behavior revealed him to be what is now so obvious to so many people. It is strange that he never mentioned to me that he had directed the Bureau's efforts against me in 1978 even though FOIA documents clearly indicate that he knew damn well who I was in 1997.

As to my status as a "disinformation specialist" then, he ignores the fact that I was made unemployable and arrested by LAPD in 1980 or that, after having been homeless for nearly three years, The "LA Herald Examiner" wrote two front-page Sunday stories on me in 1981. That means, I guess, that Ted is saying that I went to all this trouble 20 years ago so that I could be in a position to trash him today. Forget mind control, the question is does Ted Gunderson have a mind at all.

My newsletter, "From The Wilderness" is now read in 17 countries, by 16 members of the US Congress and by professors at 10 universities in North America and Europe. Although belated, I would like to add my male voice to support the brave women who have told it like it so obviously is. My hat is off to all of you. Beyond that however, no one really takes Gunderson seriously anyway.

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Mike Ruppert
"From The Wilderness"