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Monday, October 1, 2018

JUSTICE for Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Even a small amount of rudimentary research on the career of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will reveal two salient facts: He is a conservative and a Christian.

No matter what else may be said about him, be it true or false, these categories alone are guaranteed to incite virulent hatred and hysteria from leftists of every stripe. I don't care what they choose to call themselves: communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, democratic socialists, or just plain democrats; they are all using the same authorized version of the Devil's Playbook; they are subscribers to the doctrines of demons.

And so these reprobates spawned a plot to destroy Judge Kavanaugh “by any means necessary”. To destroy his reputation, to assassinate his character, to scandalize his good name, by orchestrating a circus and trotting out a parade of false witnesses.

Such is the diabolical plot of leftists to destroy this nation, to expunge our borders, to shred the Constitution, to abdicate our sovereignty, to label the Bible (or anything else they don't like) as “hate speech”. And just to make sure we can't defend ourselves against the lawless mobs, they march in the streets, screeching for gun control, falsely claiming they want to “protect the children”.

But, no problem. Forget the guns. Antifa preaches that it's A-okay to attack law-abiding people with bicycle chains, to set fire to police cars, to destroy private property. But then, to the mobs of lunatic leftists, there is no such thing as private property.

The leftists want free abortion on demand, funded by taxpayer dollars. They want “partial birth abortion”, up to the ninth month, as promoted by the Jezebel spirit, Hillary Clinton and her Baal worshiping entourage. Socialized “medicine” is already a horrific reality, thanks to Hillary and her acolyte, Barack Hussein Obama. Liars, traitors, career criminals, still on the loose after perpetrating decades of corruption, fraud and destruction on We the People.

Sleazoid celebrities such as Madonna, along with Linda Sarsour (aka The Cockroach) lead the Womens' March (funded by George Soros), where the pussy hats mingle effortlessly with the hijabs. The unholy alliance straight from the pit of Hell. And they want America to follow along, in a handcart.

Anyone (especially Christians) who dares to stand up against this vile onslaught from the leftists, this utterly pathological mindset, is labeled as “hater”, “racist”, “Islamaphobe”, “white supremacist”, adherents to “white male privilege”.

And, on a personal note, I have never known a leftist who was not an aggressive, manipulative, power-hungry hypocrite. Those who will do or say anything, who will lie, cheat and steal, to get what they want, at the expense of anyone who stands in the way of their objectives. For leftists, the end justifies the means, and they will stop at nothing.

And so, the mob of rabid leftists, otherwise known as social justice warriors, turned out to present their usual freak show, paid for by George Soros, on behalf of his “Open Society”.

In the first confirmation hearings, Linda Sarsour, among many of her screeching sisters (useful idiots and paid “protesters”), was arrested. No worries, George Soros provided funding for bail.

LEFT WING FREAK SHOW: Starring Christine Blasey Ford

Who is this woman, Christine Blasey Ford?

Lo and behold! She suddenly appeared, like a bolt from the blue, with perfect timing, to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of a sexual assault, 36 years ago, when she was 15 years old and he was 17 years old.

After watching days of hearings, after listening to her testimony, as well as that of Judge Kavanaugh, after sleepless nights and prayer vigils, there is no way I can remain silent on this issue. 

Kavanaugh is the Target of a witch hunt and smear campaign, politically motivated, from Day One when he was nominated by President Trump.

According to “news reports”, this debacle began with a letter from Christine Blasey Ford (hereinafter referred to as CBF or Ford) to senator Diane Feinstein, the “ranking member”.

Read the letter from CBF:

The letter is dated July 30, 2018. It was marked “CONFIDENTIAL”.

There is no way to determine the actual purpose of the letter. Nor is there any way to determine the actual author of the letter. Although I don't doubt that Ford is a pawn of the leftists (being one herself), I do not excuse her behavior, as so many seem to do, simply because she is exploited for a political agenda. Ford has become a pawn by her own choice, whatever her motives.

CBF makes some accusations and offers to speak with her chosen confidante, Feinstein.

Feinstein claims, in the hearings, that she did not “leak” the document, nor did anyone on her staff.

Then, who did?

And why did Feinstein hold back this information until the eleventh hour? When it was guaranteed to do maximum damage to Judge Kavanaugh.

The mobs of pontificating leftist politicians had already found him guilty as charged. No need for anything but the unsubstantiated claims of a woman, any woman, any time, anywhere.

According to one such moron, Mazie Hirono: Not only must we listen to them, they must be BELIEVED!

Why? Why “must” anyone believe any accuser? Based on what? Because she is a woman?

Before going further, it is important to state that there has been NO evidence and NO corroboration whatsoever for any of the claims made by CBF.

All those Ford has claimed were present at the time of the alleged assault have already testified, under penalty of perjury, that they were not present, and had no knowledge of any such events.

Quoting from the letter, CBF claims:

"With Kavanaugh's hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me."

Now, this ratchets up the drama. Not only sexual assault, but possibly attempted murder! Which I find to be ludicrous, to say the least.

Now, to Ford's testimony at the hearings.

She claims she has stepped forward as her “civic duty”. Why then did she not step forward years ago, when Brett Kavanaugh first became a federal judge?

If this alleged sexual assault actually happened 36 years ago, and if she was so traumatized, as she claims, why did she not immediately report this to the police? Why had she no concern for other potential “victims”? And she did not tell her parents, or even her best friend, whom she claimed was present at the event?

How could it be that this event, as she claimed, was “seared into her memory”, and yet she does not recall WHERE the event took place. She cannot give a date, or an exact location. She cannot say how she got to the “party”. She cannot say how she got home from the party.

All she can say is that she is “100%” certain that Brett Kavanaugh was the perpetrator of the assault, along with a person named Mark Judge. Who has, under penalty of perjury, denied any knowledge of such an event.

As have all other purported witnesses, including her “best friend”, who has testified that she does not know Brett Kavanaugh.

Then, there is Ford's demeanor at the hearing, very telling in itself. She speaks in the tremulous, squeaky voice of a frightened little girl, not of a fifty-some-odd year old woman, a psychologist with a PhD. Her hair is continually falling in her face. She smiles, inappropriately, and simpers, while relating her story of an alleged sexual assault, in which she feared for her life.

When asked who paid for the polygraph, she professes ignorance, until her lawyers come to the rescue. Debra Katz, yet another rabid leftist.

Ford remembers an assault by Brett Kavanaugh, 36 years ago. But she does not remember if the day of her grandmother's funeral was the same day she took the polygraph.

She claimed she was afraid of flying, but then it is revealed that she was flying during the month of August, 2018, as she has regularly done for years.

If not her “civic duty”, what other motivation could this woman possibly have to make a spectacle of herself, for the purpose of ruining the life and career of Brett Kavanaugh?

Consider these ideas, just as hypotheticals.

The leftists are panicked at the nomination of a Christian conservative on the Supreme Court. So, they start digging for dirt on Kavanaugh. Finding nothing they can use against him in at least the past 3 decades (because there was nothing to find), they then go back further in time. They search for anyone with whom he may have attended high school or college. Surely, there must be something they can use against him!

They find one of their own, an avowed leftist (and apparently, a former “party girl”) who is willing to play the role of the abused woman, the victim. As a PhD psychologist and professor, she has some credentials which may influence the public (at least those lacking intellectual or spiritual discernment).

She is told that by accusing Brett Kavanaugh, she can “help the cause”. She will stop The Enemy (any Christian conservative) from attaining a position of influence that could bode ill for the agenda of the radical left. He will not support abortion! He will not support gun control! He may even work to overturn Roe vs Wade, the devil forbid! Just imagine the disastrous consequences of this man's confirmation to the Supreme Court!

There would be other perks. She will get national acclaim for her “courage”. She will become a “hero” to the radical left, the pussy hats and the MeToo movement. She may get rich off the donations (It's already up to three quarters of a million $ and counting...)

What about a book deal, the lecture circuit? The possibilities are endless...

And so, she agrees to do her “civic duty”, for “the cause”.

This, of course, is just a hypothetical. I have no evidence that this is the case.

But then, neither does Christine Blasey Ford have any evidence, nor do any of her confederates, not an iota, not a scintilla, which could possibly give credence to her claims.

I firmly believe, based on everything that I have seen, that Christine Blasey Ford is a fraud.

No doubt, she labors under some form of psychopathology, which is evident in her behavior. I don't know what may have happened to her; whether or not she was sexually assaulted by some person, at some time in the past. But even if so, there is no excuse for bearing false witness against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Whatever her problems, he is not the cause.

What she and her leftist accomplices have done to this man is absolutely despicable. I would expect finer morals from a sewer rat.

I listened to Brett Kavanaugh's testimony, too. He, unlike Ford, was eminently credible. He was rightfully outraged at the false accusations, and his sincerity in his own defense was as clear as could be. Watching him, I was not only incensed on his behalf, but was brought to tears for the suffering and the living hell inflicted on him and his family.

There is nothing worse than a false accusation. Nothing worse than a false witness, speaking lies. Anyone who has been the Target of a politically motivated smear campaign will know this – it is utterly devastating to every area of one's life. Once a person's reputation is wrongfully besmirched, the charges, even when false, will likely follow him all his days.

Judge Kavanaugh's entire family has been traumatized and brutalized. His wife has received hate mail, even death threats. I hate to imagine what this has done to his daughters.

Meanwhile, the demonic leftists are still plotting. More false witnesses (aside from Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, Liz Swish) will come out of the woodwork. 

The delays will continue, while the FBI conducts a further fruitless “investigation”.

I pray for God's swift and terrible justice on the plotters and liars, the demon spawn of the left.

The beauty of God's justice is that it also works for the righteous. And so I pray:

JUSTICE for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Barbara Hartwell
October 1, 2018


George Soros

Soros has supported and funded Barack Hussein Obama, John Podesta and other leftist scum.

"Soros has given more than $7 billion to a who’s who of left-wing groups. This partial list of recipients of Soros’ money says it all: ACORN, Apollo Alliance, National Council of La Raza, Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Soujourners, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women."


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