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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D: Censorship & Counterintelligence Operations



NOTE: This podcast is a continuation of the series I have been doing with Ramola D, since April of this year. We were interrupted for nearly two months by technical sabotage of communications, which this discussion covers.

I should also mention that the “comments” section has been shut down, at my request, to which Ramola graciously agreed.

I do not solicit comments from the public on my own site, and I have decided that I will not appear on any programs on which the public is invited to comment. I am not a participant in the Internet free-for-all, where anything goes, where trolls, shills and belligerent igmoramuses are welcome to contaminate the information I have to offer.

In the comments of previous podcasts, not only have I been grossly misrepresented and defamed with false information, but also my privacy has been invaded. My name has been linked with irrelevant issues, and with individuals with whom I have no connection whatsoever. Unsolicited amateur “medical” diagnoses have even appeared, with no basis in fact, by people who do not know me. This is inappropriate and outrageous, especially considering that there is more than enough of that going on outside any venue in which I work.

I do not engage in discussions, arguments or debates with the reading/listening audiences of my presentations, nor do I answer questions on my work.

For the record, I need to establish the fact that what I present, in any venue, is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The viewing audience may make of my information what they will.

Barbara Hartwell
September 20, 2018

Report # 82: Part 8, Conversation with Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower: Censorship

Open conversation with CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell on a variety of related subjects with a focus on Censorship by private corporations and Intelligence agencies of our podcasts, websites, open conversation and free speech in today's fallen USA.

Returning to our conversational series highlighting Barbara Hartwell's experience and insights with the CIA and FBI, her journalistic work, and her knowledge of the “Alternative” media scene over the '80s, '90s, and '00s, we start with looking at the reasons for the hiatus, which include sabotage of communications. While most people today in the US would be shocked at sudden loss of Internet access, breakage in phone services, or odd audio interference, these unfortunately haunt the lives of whistle-blowers and other unwarranted targets of today's misled surveillance. Barbara reports extreme sabotage in recent times with her phone service dropping off, Internet access cut, and telecom technicians professing ignorance after examination.

Could it be that her podcast series revealing the truths of limited hangouts and controlled opposition online are disturbing the CIA Disinformation Brigade who've littered the Web with variously bizarre, chaotic, and mythologizing piles of Disinfo whose deceit is becoming increasingly clear to the rest of us?

FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee's podcasts also appear to be under attack, Barbara reports, as she reads her own and Geral's report on his recent experience of trying to access his own recent podcasts on Ramola D Reports from the lobby of a DoubleTree hotel in a city in Texas. These podcasts were restricted there but not in other hotel lobbies where he checked, giving rise to the speculation that a federal magistrate judge had permitted Doubletree to restrict access in an act of selective censorship.

Censorship and restricted access as related to Barbara's own websites have led in the past to false charges of violence, hate, and racism; while liberty, truth, and justice have guided her reportage, she notes that we live currently in a climate of chaos and faulty reasoning where the FBI has confused itself and others over many matters, viewing interest in the Constitution and a healthy Republic as signalling extremism or terrorism.

The exercise of free speech therefore becomes doubly important, and Barbara recommends that anyone experiencing censorship of their work online publicize these facts broadly and openly question public libraries and hotels should they restrict access to websites.

We also covered the subject of infiltration of social movements and activism groups in relation to the recent dissolution of Techno Crime Fighters Forum where NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart, Dr. Millicent Black, and I parted from Dr. Katherine Horton on the basis of irreconcilable differences, covering especially general issues related to action as agent provocateur—seeking to tar movements and groups as violent or inciting violence—and spoke openly about our views on Katherine's specific projections of victimhood in exaggerated form to the point of spectacle, as well as other aspects which point to what Barbara termed “theatrical production,” within the context of classic CounterIntelligence infiltration tactics which seek to discredit/disrupt/mislead activists and groups in the face of real crime and victimization, to disappear their real work and testimonial.

In light of my own ongoing investigation and pending disclosures and analyses on what Katherine really may be doing in our midst as human rights activists exposing Neuro/DEW Targeting/Surveillance/Military/Medical Experimentation Crimes—a subject of continuing interest to me given events and occurrences over the course of my close work with her—this is an ongoing conversation, and will be picked up in our next podcast, as Part 2 on Counter-Intelligence.

In the interim, and in the interests of furnishing others with many undiscussed facts here, I will further publish my observations, experience, and analyses on this subject.