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Friday, May 25, 2018

USA, A Nation On A Collision Course With Its Own Decadent Values

Report from Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee

No former fbi Special Agent in the 100 year history of fbi has ever documented more effectively than I the sick, murderous and traitorous culture of that group of assassins who claim to represent the highest law enforcement group in the country, the fbi.

For 18 years I have labored to document fbi atrocities committed against me & others, even while the fbi and their psychopathic federal magistrate judges et al., tortured and tried to maim and kill me (often using chemicals, DEW and ELF attacks). Extensive and choreographed psychological operations are also executed against me 24/7/365 globally, costing tens of millions of dollars over decades.

Yet, most media including Indymedia groups provide no coverage of my plight. This fact alone is an indictment of controlled media for cover up of the crimes against humanity that I reference: systematic torture, forced suicide, covert assassinations, blackmail and many other high crimes and misdemeanors against Targets of fbi clandestine operations everywhere.

I have learned through my battles with fbi that the agents, operatives, hoodlums, thugs and murderers are the essence of all fbi operations, even though the fbi puts on a charade of semi respectability on popular media. The fbi is in reality a global MAFIA syndicate and most people fear or idolize them. Fbi agents and the federal judges whom fbi control are small minded, petty, prejudiced and self centered egoists who embody the worst traits inherent in our species. Worse, fbi and all who support them are not interested in truth, justice, human rights and constitutional values. I have proven these observations over decades of survival under excruciating attacks by fbi agents and operatives.

My testimony also stretches back about a half century whereby I show extreme corruption of fbi and their complete abandonment of respect for the citizens of USA.

Yet, Congress and SCOTUS ignore my pleadings and the overwhelming evidence of the overthrow of this government by fbi/cia.

I am now almost 73 years of age and the fbi continues their 45 years of retaliation against me, causing serious bodily injuries and life threatening illness.

I am sad to fight for my life against these psychopaths, but I must continue to the end because my work, like the efforts of my friends BARBARA HARTWELL & RAMOLA DHARMARAJ is larger in importance than my suffering. Many may someday benefit from the humanitarian perspective that I and my associates embrace.

Today, as fbi thugs follow and assault me regularly I realize that each fbi hoodlum represents a federal judge; that any response by me to their provocative assaults and attempts on my life, is immediately reported to the deranged federal judge; and that judge is eager to silence me because I expose his insanity to the world. (Note that the federal judges in El Paso, and in RGV Texas exemplify the corruption of our judiciary.) Remember please that God Does Not Bless This Evil Regime and our people are imprisoned in plain sight by the illusion of an humane government.

For more data see my websites and see:


My recent podcast (PART 4) with Ramola D on punitive/political psychiatry was again heavily sabotaged, the worst yet. It took more than six hours to complete the program, after being knocked offline twice and freezing Ramola's computer. Ramola then had to get tech support, in attempts to retrieve three separate segments, and as I heard her explain on this forum, she still has not been able to complete the job.

In the same vein as Geral's report, please see this video, a discussion of some of the gory details of these outrageous crimes against humanity, including journalists and government whistleblowers.

Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 62: Punitive & False Psychiatry, Affidavit Template news

Dr. Horton offers an update on the Affidavit Template and we discuss the many shapes and forms of deceitful abuse meted out to whistle-blowers, journalists, and outstanding citizens by power-crazed psychopaths in Intel and the military, who threaten, suppress, intimidate and silence people with forced psychiatric commitments, demand for psychological evaluations, and rigged psychiatric diagnoses.

Especially discussed are aberrant activities and policies at the NSA, where Karen Stewart worked for 28 years yet was denied full retirement benefits from, as well as deceit being pulled off by Law Enforcement, compliant media, collusive psychiatrists and psychologists and other doctors.

By these means, public awareness of the use of DEWs and neurotech on the populace is being held back. Reporting victims are being silenced and discredited, to keep these illegal operations of targeting and assault going.

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