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Saturday, May 27, 2017



Since I began publishing my reports on the Internet (1995) I have received thousands of letters (by e-mail and post) from people seeking assistance, asking for guidance, those who had been targeted for government harassment, persecution, counterintelligence operations.

Some sent legal files, asking me to investigate their cases, some sought consultations, quite a few of whom were under the mistaken belief that I am an attorney.

(My professional training is in investigations, intelligence analysis, profiling, psychoanalysis/counseling and Christian ministry, to set the record straight.)

There are thankfully, quite a large number of people who have told me that reading my reports helped them to understand what was happening to them, and why. Some said they felt relieved in the knowledge that they were not the only ones in such a situation: that there was a pattern operating in their lives which had been engineered by covert government operatives, and that they were not at fault for the circumstances in which they found themselves.

But the most serious problem they faced was, what could they actually do about it; how to deal with it, and ultimately, how to survive it.

Those among my readers who were former intelligence professionals (FBI, CIA, DIA, etc.), ex-military (including DOD, SOG, Special Forces, Army Rangers, etc.) were particularly interested in the psy ops reports. Some of them had been involved in MK Ultra operations, and had been trained, groomed and programmed, either from early childhood (as I was), or after they joined the services.

Most of them did not remember much (if anything) about the programming, or even about some of the operations in which they were utilized, they told me, not until their memories began to be “triggered” (I hesitate to use that word, but it is the most accurate), by my reports. They recognized certain events and circumstances I had described, and knew, if only subconsciously, that something had happened to them, and that it was deeply distressing.

(For example, Operation Gladio and Operation Phoenix are two joint intelligence/military programs which used government-issue assassins, some of whom were not “officially” military personnel and quite a number of whom were utilized under MK Ultra and related sub-projects. Some were “official” military, but were exploited in black operations outside the normal parameters.)

Because of my own circumstances of extreme hardship, since breaking free of CIA operations (1994), I was unable to do as much as I might have to help these people, though I wanted to. I investigated and worked selected cases, but I lacked the resources, especially to pay the related expenses. I did not charge anyone for these professional services, though those who were able made donations to support my work. Most often, they were as financially deprived as I, as a result of the targeting.

(Using every tactic available to them the perps of these campaigns against a Target will orchestrate a situation which leaves the targeted person stripped of as many resources as possible. Lacking such, he is hard pressed even to survive, much less to take action in his own defense and to pursue justice against those hell bent on destroying him.)

In this report I offer some ideas based on my own personal/professional experience and investigations, which I hope will be useful to others, especially those targeted for psy war of one kind or another. Forewarned is forearmed.

DISCLAIMER: The material presented here is not legal advice. The purpose is to offer information which may help the reader to make informed decisions and to better understand and cope with circumstances of having been targeted for unethical/illegal aggression, be it by government entities or their agents, operatives, minions, hirelings.


The first questions I would ask, in conducting an interview with a person so targeted, are:

What is your background, personally and professionally?

Have you, or anyone in your family, been involved (officially or otherwise) in government service/operations? If so, where, when, and what sort?

If you were not directly involved/employed in government operations, which members of your family were? Siblings, parent(s), spouse, or other relations/in-laws?

If employed by any government entity, under what circumstances did you leave your position? Were you terminated, asked to resign/retire, resign under coercion, or did you quit of your own volition, and for what reasons?

Were there any legal actions taken, by you, or by your employer?

Have you gone public as a whistleblower under your own auspices and/or by disclosing information to any media outlets?

There are cases where the family members of intelligence operatives were issued a security clearance, without their knowledge or consent, even when they had no direct involvement in operations. If they happened to witness anything of a sensitive nature, or inadvertently viewed classified documents, they were “covered”.

But it is safe to say that if anyone in your family was directly involved, then you are deemed to be “involved”, whether you want to be, or not. This is emblematic of the culture of control, secrecy and manipulation which is pervasive in the intelligence community. More than being a “culture”, it functions as a cult.


The most serious cases of targeting tend to occur when the Target has been directly involved in government service, most especially covert operations, espionage (or counter-espionage), and black operations.

It is a known fact (or should be) that government entities (especially intelligence services) do not abide by the law and do not obey the Constitution. From my experience, they operate with hubris, as if they are above the law, and it is a near impossibility to hold them accountable under the law. They always have a lot to hide, and a lot to lose if their unlawful activities are discovered, and worst of all, made public by credible sources.

A high-profile Target is a person who has gone public as a whistleblower, exposing government corruption, and whose knowledge comes from direct personal/professional experience and/or involvement (knowingly or unknowingly) and/or as a witness and/or victim of the operations.

Anyone ever involved, in any way, with government entities, especially military/intelligence services, will have been the subject of extensive data collection and profiling. The quantity of which is determined by such factors as family history (especially other family members in government service), level of clearance (officially assigned or otherwise), IQ and personality type, and projected outcomes (probabilities) as to the likelihood of the individual posing a threat by “rocking the boat”, stepping outside the designated parameters, or placing conscience over “obedience” and “conformity”.

It has been my observation that people of conscience, decent and honorable people, are those who remove themselves from government service, or are removed (usually forced out under irregular circumstances), because of these very qualities. A genuine whistleblower fights corruption, rather than going along to get along. He places principle over ambition, ego-gratification and material gain. He defends Liberty and God-given unalienable rights of the individual over the totalitarian systems of collectivism.

And as has been demonstrated throughout history, he or she will pay a (usually terrible) price.


I have covered this formula in many of my previous reports, but it can't be repeated too many times. The purpose of the neutralization campaign is to destroy the Target's life.

Since the government entity is always guilty of some form of wrongdoing (and in some cases felony crimes and capital crimes), the Target who has been a witness and/or victim of that entity's abuses of authority and power will be considered a threat, not because of what he knows, or how much he knows, but because of WHO HE IS. Meaning what, according to his fundamental character, he is likely to DO ABOUT what he knows, has witnessed and/or been victimized by.

The same qualities (intellect, talents, courage) which make for excellence in an intelligence professional can also be put to use to fight back against corruption in the intelligence community.


If you have a conscience, you will become a conscientious objector to corruption and tyranny. You will be a non-compromiser, surrounded by compromisers. You will hold to moral absolutes, rather than practice moral relativism. You will defend virtue and denounce evil, wherever you may find one or the other.

In any society, throughout history, it has only been a small percentage of the populace (in the American Revolution, for example, roughly 3%) who will stand up against the tyrants, the evildoers, the liars, the manipulators, the criminals in government.

You will be willing to stand up for the truth, and on principle, even if you have to stand alone. You will scrupulously eschew 'agenda politics'; you will not bow to consensus; pragmatism will play no part in your decisions. Rather, you will be dedicated to a code of honor which respects the individual liberties, personal boundaries, privacy and fundamental rights of others.

These united States once held great promise: “the consent of the governed”; “liberty and justice for all”; “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. “The people” are the individuals of the several States, and the purpose of this Constitutional Republic is to secure the rights and liberties of individuals against tyranny by the government.

Tragically, these founding principles are long gone, at least in practice. The government has become a raging beast, seeking whom it may devour. The overwhelming majority of its elected and appointed officials are dreadfully corrupt. And there is no end in sight to its lawlessness, in every branch, executive, legislative and judicial.

So, what can one person of conscience do?

He can stand up against the corruption. He can expose the corruption by revealing the facts he has discovered by his own experience, by his own investigations. He can collect and develop evidence to substantiate the facts. He can name the names of those who are engaging in the civil and criminal offenses. He can pursue justice through any and all lawful and ethical means available to him. He can hold the perpetrators accountable for their offenses.

He can do all these things, just as one person of moral courage. Even if no one will support him in his efforts. Even if the odds are stacked against him. Even if he is treated as a pariah, marginalized, mocked and scorned by mobs of ignorant persons, the masses of asses who care nothing for the principles he defends. Standing up against evil is always a free-will personal choice. For the genuine whistleblower it is more than a choice, it is a duty, a moral imperative.

The whistleblower is a defender of unalienable rights and liberties, never an aggressor. The person of conscience does not engage in acts of aggression. He knows that aggression of any kind is always wrongful, that it is the most basic source of the evil that plagues this nation, as well as the entire world.


When it comes to corrupt totalitarian systems of government, there is no one more hated than the whistleblower. It should be understood that the hatred is based on fear. Tyrants, despite their hubris, know that even one person, if focused, dedicated and uncompromising, armed with factual information, backed by evidence, can be a force to be reckoned with. They also know that one person can be the catalyst who can raise awareness in others, who may then decide to add their support to the cause taken on by the whistleblower.

In order to gather solid and lasting support for the cause, it must be one which is based on timeless, universal moral absolutes, not subject to modification, not bound by any form of government regulations:

God-given (natural), unalienable rights, protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, for each and every individual, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, creed, religion (or lack thereof).

Equal rights for one and all, not “special rights” for selected groups.

Equal justice for one and all, not “social justice”, which is based on the attempts of special interest groups to get what they want, at the expense of all others, and by its very nature is bound to divide a nation into camps of totally incompatible supremacist and “victim” ideologies.

The Rule of Law, under the Constitution, a nation of laws, rather than a nation ruled by the changing whims and shifting ideologies of men.

A sovereign nation, with no interference by foreign entities, or collectivist totalitarian organizations such as the United Nations. Without sovereignty there can be no liberty.

The understanding that collectivism, in any form, and rule by consensus of the majority, always ends in tyranny. Communism, socialism, fascism (or any other “isms”), and the mistaken notion by many who would otherwise defend liberty and unalienable rights, that “democracy” is a virtuous form of government, when it is nothing more than mob rule. This nation was founded as a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy!

Violent mobs of left-wing agitators have become a serious threat to life, liberty and property in this country. They take to the streets, assaulting law-abiding citizens, throwing projectiles, setting fires. They carry banners which claim they are against fascism, but their behavior tells the true story of their utterly lawless mindset. They brandish communist flags, but in their abject cowardice, hide their faces with black masks, so they cannot be identified (or so they think) when they commit their violent crimes against persons, when they destroy private or public property.

They plan riots (funded by globalist totalitarians with money to burn) to disrupt lawful assemblies of persons who defend the right of free speech, in attempts to stop any speaker with whom they disagree, and to stop an audience from hearing what that speaker has to say.

Worse, the left-wing agitators have formed an unholy alliance with the Islamic State, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal is to dominate the entire world, under Sharia law.

Islam is in fact a totalitarian political system, whose “religion” requires jihad to subjugate entire populations. Under Sharia, women are held as property (including in polygamy), are subjected to brutal genital mutilation, rape, beatings, “honor killings”, and a total dearth of individual rights.

Under Sharia, Christians and Jews are required to pay a “tax” if they refuse to convert to Islam, or else they will be murdered. As for homosexuals, they can be killed with impunity, they are simply deemed to have no right to life.

Muslim rape gangs in Europe are on a rampage, abducting women and children in huge numbers. This too, is permitted under Sharia law. And what is absolutely astounding is that the authorities have done nothing to stop them. No, they would rather have “tolerance” for these evildoers. They fear being accused of “Islamophobia”, while they allow these criminals to run roughshod over innocent, law-abiding people.

Islamic jihadis commit terrorist acts, by suicide bombers, murdering men, women and children, all for their “god”, Allah. The greatest honor they can receive, under Sharia, is dying for Allah. They are told they will go to paradise, with access to scores of virgins, for their self-gratifiying pleasure. How twisted, what an abomination, is that!

This is insanity, a mass psychosis. And these atrocities are beyond despicable. Why do so few people recognize this for the evil it is?

In this country, Sharia law is in flagrant violation of the Constitution. It is not “protected” as a “religion” under the First Amendment, though many ignorant people believe this to be the case.

A “Women's March” on Washington, D.C., led by “progressives”, had women with “pussy hats”, claiming they are feminists. Joined by women in hijabs marching in the streets with their comrades on the hard left, demanding “justice”. Justice for whom?

Do these women (the pussy-hat feminists) have a clue what they are actually supporting? By this alliance, they are supporting the worst sort of misogyny.

And the Islamist jihadis will kill them, too, after they have exploited them for their own nefarious ends.

This has become a nation of hypocrites, cowards and quislings, a nation inculcated into defending oppression, tyranny and evil, all in the name of “tolerance”.

Any reasonable person, any decent, honorable person, any self-respecting person, any defender of liberty and unalienable rights, of fundamental human rights (male or female) will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for such evil, perpetrated against themselves, their families, their fellow citizens.

And the bastards can only get away with this if nobody stands up to stop them.

It is We the People who must stand up and stop them.

Do you support torture, violence, terrorism on American soil?

Do you support the indoctrination of our children and grandchildren, turning them into delusional zombies, in the false belief that “tolerance” of evil will be their saving grace?

Then may we forget you were our countrymen.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 27, 2017

In PART TWO I will cover the way whistleblowers are treated, by those who are indoctrinated and deceived by evildoers, by the pervasive propaganda they have swallowed, hook, line and sinker.

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