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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Fight to the death for Truth, and the Lord God will fight for you.

Ecclesiasticus of Sirach

Former FBI agent Geral Sosbee on Ken Adachi and Ted Gunderson:

"Succinctly, Ken Adachi is a malicious liar and a petty fraudster for writing the following statements about Geral Sosbee (regarding Gunderson, I have reason to believe that all statements written about him by my greatest friend, Barbara Hartwell, are true):

Adachi writes: "...Barbara Hartwell's ... gets little coverage beyond Gerald Sosbee or Stew Webb or other government-controlled "whistleblower" flunkies. ...You can find most of my articles ... on my Ted Gunderson page"

Ken Adachi (a pseudonym) runs a large, well-funded, commercial, high-traffic website called “Educate-Yourself”, which promotes New Age occultism, government-sponsored disinformation and black propaganda. Adachi is the primary PR shill for the late FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson. Adachi is a member of a criminal conspiracy which has engaged in fraud, racketeering, massive defamation campaigns against legitimate government whistleblowers and journalists.

CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell has been one of Adachi's primary Targets since 2000, when I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Ted Gunderson, for cause, and began to expose Gunderson's criminal activities, both during his FBI service, and after he retired in 1979.

Aside from continuing J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO against those deemed “enemies of the state”, such as Barbara Hartwell (CIA), Geral Sosbee (FBI), the late Michael Ruppert (LAPD), Jackie McGauley (McMartin Preschool whistleblower), Gunderson ran scams and defrauded people out of their life-savings.

Among the operations I have personally exposed:

Gunderson sold Stinger Missiles to CIA asset Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman (1979).

Gunderson married Diana Rively, former wife of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan (1998).

Gunderson solicited porno king Larry Flynt for COINTELPRO, claiming it was a “legal” operation.

Gunderson was in collusion with former senator/CIA black ops/Phoenix, John DeCamp to cover up child sex-trafficking. The book by DeCamp, 'The Franklin Coverup' was in fact a coverup of a coverup.

(Documentation is available in reports on this site.)

When Gunderson was exposed, for these and other criminal offenses, he engineered a massive defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell, using Adachi's website as his main platform, directing his army of minions and stooges to destroy my personal/professional reputation. His BIG LIE? That I am a “CIA disinformation agent.”

I was subsequently threatened with lawsuits by Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, which were promoted with lurid sensationalism by Ken Adachi and his criminal cohorts, including Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White (known as the demonic duo), using 'alternative media' talk shows to spread the false stories and continue the coverup of their crimes.

I recently discovered that Ken Adachi is also promoting a more recent recruit to the defamation campaign, one Howard Nemaizer. Adachi has published a smear piece written by Nemaizer in 2015, which has also been disseminated far and wide by criminal accomplice, Todd Brendan Fahey.

Howard Nemaizer, using the pseudonym Howard Nema, has, since 2012, been promoting false and fraudulent information about Barbara Hartwell, on his website, Howard Nema dot com and on a program he calls 'TRUTH TALK NEWS”.

Nemaizer is an amateur wannabe, a gate-crasher, name-dropper and an extremely aggressive busybody, who foolishly thought he could exploit the name of Barbara Hartwell, a legitimate government whistleblower, to make a name for himself.

Nemaizer disregarded my public demands that he remove the fraudulent material exploiting and misrepresenting my name, later stating in a defamatory notice that he refused to remove his own falsehoods unless he was PAID to do so.

He then published a more lengthy smear piece, which was picked up by Ken Adachi, Todd Brendan Fahey, and the devil knows how many other demonic liars of their ilk.

Nemaizer wasted no time in calling me a “CIA disinfo agent” (among other epithets), parroting the same old lies of his fellow stooges. How tiresome it gets...

I have published numerous reports exposing the civil and criminal offenses of Howard Nemaizer, all of which may be found on this site. I have already refuted the many outrageous lies of Howard Nemaizer and his wife, Maureen Nemaizer (at least the ones I know about), just as I have exposed the other malicious liars named here, over a period of years.

But just to make it crystal clear the type of “source” used by Ken Adachi in his libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, here are some excerpts from previous reports.


Ken Adachi started his massive and venomous libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell in March, 2001. He arrogantly --and ignorantly-- presumed to write and publish completely false and defamatory statements about Barbara Hartwell, a person he does not know (and never will); a person about whom he knows absolutely nothing (nothing that is factual or truthful) --in his foolish, clearly desperate, and seemingly implacable "defense" of Ted Gunderson.

And Adachi has been at it ever since. Make no mistake: For Ken Adachi, Ted Gunderson is THE issue here, not Barbara Hartwell. And since Adachi has not the slightest bit of truthful or factual information at his disposal, he can only "defend" Ted Gunderson's credibility by attempting to destroy that of Barbara Hartwell, along with any others who have exposed information about Gunderson's crimes and cover-ups.

Ken Adachi has continued relentlessly to promote the many outrageous lies (his own fabrications as well as those of others) which have resulted in extreme damages to my personal and professional reputation.

Adachi and his accomplices have fabricated a totally inaccurate and extremely negative "profile" of Barbara Hartwell, in which he presents me to the public in a blatantly false light which is, in fact, diametrically opposed to the actual truth about my character; the facts about my background (in connection to CIA and otherwise); my formal education and professional credentials; my relationships (personal and professional; past and present); and in fact, any area of my life he thinks he can destroy and sabotage by his libelous falsehoods.

As a direct result of Adachi's long term diabolical calumny, many unwitting souls (at least those who lack spiritual and intellectual discernment) have come to believe these utter falsehoods; and to consider me, as per Adachi's smears, a "CEO of Liars, Inc"; a "robot"; a "CIA disinfo agent"; a "mind-controlled slave"; "the Crimson Viper"; "the Merchant of Venom"; a "psychotic"; a "nutcase"; a "fraud"; a "fake survivor of CIA mind control", etc. etc. etc......

New Age/government disinfo shill Ken Adachi has been so desperate to discredit Barbara Hartwell (since March, 2001, when he was tasked with his "mission" by COINTELPRO operative Ted L. Gunderson), that he resorts to using ANY "sources" willing to come forward with their purported "important inside information" on Barbara Hartwell.

No matter that these "sources" are unrepentant criminals. No matter that they are stalkers and sex-predators. No matter that they are porno freaks (including using, collecting child pornography --what could be more despicable, more utterly diabolical?)

No matter that they are psychopaths and pathological liars. No matter that the "sources" often hide behind various aliases, a mark of their abject cowardice.

No matter that they are blackmailers, extortionists, grifters, scamsters, identity thieves/forgers, in collusion with others of their ilk to destroy the reputations and very lives of anyone who has exposed the truth about their criminal government overlords, for whom they are nothing more than stooges, shills, flunkies and toadies.

Who could ever attribute "credibility" to such individuals? Clearly, Ken Adachi, for one.

Worse yet, these lies are published, not only on Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself (the name is a bad joke: no "educational" material at all, only attempts to indoctrinate readers with New Age gobbeldygook and government disinformation) but have, over the course of more than seven (7) years, been disseminated all over the World Wide Web, some posted by Adachi himself; some by other stooges being exploited by the COINTELPRO; and by numerous other idiots and dupes who have been deceived into believing them.

As well as by those whose personal agenda involves hatred and fear, not only of Barbara Hartwell, but of Truth itself. Because Truth is the enemy which will surely foil their totalitarian agenda and expose them for what they truly are: criminals, liars, cowards and traitors. Shills for the New Age movement and its demonic counterpart, the New World Order.

How disgusting is this? As far as I am concerned, there is nothing --absolutely nothing-- more despicable, more contemptible, than a liar. All liars are cowards, by definition. They may lie for a number of reasons, but the bearing of false witness against another always boils down to cowardice.

Cowards lie first and foremost because they are filled not with the spirit of Truth, nor have a love of the Truth; but rather live in thrall to fear. Fear that the truth about themselves; about their own crimes; their exploitation, abuses, duplicity, deception, etc. --even their own ignorance and stupidity-- will come out into the open and thus stop their political/personal agendas (whatever they may be, but which are, at the very least, narcissistic and unjust) from reaching fruition.

Liars are sociopaths with negatively-inflated egos. They lie not only in attempts to protect themselves from exposure, but with malice, to destroy the lives of their targets and to wittingly deceive anyone who will lend an ear to their falsehoods.


Just as it was a foregone conclusion that Todd Brendan Fahey would publish the outrageous defamation of Howard Nemaizer (see reports on this site for details), so it was with Fahey's accomplice, Ken Adachi.

Now, it appears that Howard Nemaizer, the aggressive, ambitious amateur wannabe, the scavenger and fraud, has achieved his goal: He has made a name for himself as just another morally bankrupt, unrepentant, malicious liar and lowlife government stooge.

By their fruits shall you know them.

For summary, details, legal notices and regular updates see:


In Profound Disgust,
Barbara Hartwell Percival
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May 9, 2017

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