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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A New Global & Murderous Reich Is Born in USA by FBI et al.

I have read every single report (numbering in the thousands) written by Geral Sosbee, and have done over a period of many years. Having conducted my own thorough investigation of his case, from roughly late 2000 until the present time, I know his testimony to be truthful, accurate, factual, backed by his documentations, published and unpublished.

Our adversaries have committed terrible crimes against us, driven us to poverty, homelessness; they have ruined our lives in every imaginable way, including the assaults on our health, resulting in severe disabilities.

Geral and I have often discussed, among other subjects, one of the most unsettling aspects of being a designated high-profile Target of government-sponsored campaigns against law-abiding citizens: the refusal of other people, seemingly the absolute denial, the unwillingness to even acknowledge, the reality of the government's multifaceted attacks. I still find this amazing, even after all these years.

I finally reached the conclusion that it is an exercise in futility to even try having a personal conversation with anyone (with a few exceptions) about these issues. Some have made it clear (implicitly) that it is a taboo subject, or I see their eyes glaze over at the slightest mention of anything which disturbs their comfort zone.

So, I have given up discussing it. I publish my reports on this website, and anyone who wants the information is free to search it out and make of it what they will.

Here, as example, is an excerpt from my report, COINTELPRO REVISITED: Targeted by a Legion of Liars (2006). Sadly, nothing has changed since that time; if anything, it has grown worse.

Following the excerpt is a recent report from Geral Sosbee, A New Global & Murderous Reich Is Born in USA By fbi et al.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 29, 2017

EXCERPT (2006)

I have been stunned by the behavior of certain of my friends in response to my affidavit. [published 2005] Most simply continue in their state of denial, not only about what is happening to me personally, but as regards the escalating outrages committed against even the average citizen in the Police State of America.

Some commented that, "You are not the only one with financial problems", while offering no help at all, though I had helped them in the past, even making sacrifices to do so. Some told me that they "don't want to know about it." Some now refuse to stand up as my witnesses in cases where their testimony and support would be vital.

Some, it is clear, never bothered to read my affidavit at all and simply continue acting on their false assumptions in their dealings with me. One thing I have zero tolerance for is people who operate on assumptions. As I've told them time and again: If you want the facts, just ask. Never, ever, assume anything. Some have attempted to foist unsolicited advice on me, in the form of their misguided New Age pop-psychology, such as, that "right thinking" or "releasing negative emotions" will solve all my problems; or insisting that every event in life is a "lesson".

In other words, blaming the victim, blaming the Target, for the persecution and the attendant damages over which the individual has little or no control.

I can say with no reservations, as to the misguided philosophy of these folks:

Either these persons have never been targeted by COINTELPRO; or they are too blinded by their own misperceptions to see the writing on the wall.

This is not about "lessons". It is about war. A war between good and evil where there are no gray areas, only right and wrong. It is not about situational ethics or moral ambiguities; but rather moral absolutes. No New Age gobbledygook can change that; nor can it change the truth and the facts.

As for others I know, some have simply abandoned me altogether, reneging on their various promises of support and assistance, knowing full well that I am utterly alone with no money, no backup. So be it. Despite all this, including the nay-sayers and their callous disregard, I still know that with God, all things are possible.

And for anyone really interested in the truth and the facts regarding my personal situation, I ask that they read (or reread) my affidavit. I stand by every word written there, so help me God. If nothing else, it stands as a testament to the lengths criminals in government will go to destroy the life of one their adversaries who stands up in denouncing their works of iniquity.

To make matters worse, the average person, putting my name into a Google search, might easily be persuaded --by the preponderance of listings based on outrageous falsehoods-- to believe I am one of the most dangerous and nefarious outlaws on the face of the earth, and a CIA disinfo agent to boot.

That I have been accused of being COINTELPRO is, at least to me, the most unsettling and unjust of ironies. As will become clear as you read on, other patriots and whistleblowers have suffered a similar fate, after being targeted by the COINTELPRO.

A New Global & Murderous Reich Is Born in USA By fbi et al.

By Geral Sosbee

This report should stir thinking people everywhere to ask, in Mr. Trump's words, "What the hell is going on?"

As the world trembles at the prospect of more mass murders, selective assassinations, new wars, new threats and continuing atrocities (all committed principally by the United States of America), a few individuals who survive torture and assassination attempts present proof that the USA is a new Nazi state reborn from the old of world war two. As a preface to this report on the birth of an evil nation (the USA) see this link to “ Media Culpable as Accessories”:

The crimes committed by the fbi/cia/doj/nsa/dod against people everywhere are often hidden from view by the controlled media. Thus, for example in my case the atrocities by the fbi against me receive no coverage from the monstrous media moguls. Even the so-called Rochester Independent (RI) media group suddenly blocks and bans me from all future postings on their forum. The chief of RI exemplifies the control over all media by the quasi Gestapo tactics used by the fbi.

The fbi/cia have in place globally, in concert with similarly motivated tyrants, controls over most media. Thus, all credible activists and human rights supporters such as I are subject to being forced into joblessness, homelessness, and degradation and a near impossible existence with the cooperation of the congress and the courts. See my portrayal of “World In A Box” and “Committed To Healing” online.

The type of media control by fbi/cia et al., is reminiscent of similar tactics also used by the
** Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Nazi Germany.**

Today, the fbi and company are on a crime and atrocities spree unprecedented in human affairs. See in many of my reports online how they use Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) to blind Targets and to rob them of their hearing, their life’s energy, and perhaps their sanity. See also my documentations of the fbi’s use of murder, forced suicide and the use of bio-chem-viral agents to attack the Targets.

The fact that no main street media group anywhere investigate these crimes is in itself evidence of the twilight of world oppression as engineered by the USA’s intelligence services (in concert with mi6, ss, surete, mossad, et al.) which have easily overthrown the constitutional government.

Furthermore, the powerful image of the Swastika is dwarfed by the fbi’s many propagandistic banners of their repulsive, inhumane and savagely wielded power.

The fbi and their comrades in arms spearhead the new Reich. Unlike the German Nazi Reich referenced in the first link of this post, failure is not an option which means that this nation views their ungodly power over all human beings as absolute and non- negotiable. These very deranged psychopaths who are the subject of most of my reports seek metaphorically to usurp the power of the Creator of heaven and earth. Nothing can stop them.

Such is the nature of man in allowing a group of murderers to intimidate and control all others.
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May Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who are tortured, imprisoned, threatened, maligned, tortured and murdered by the most inhuman of our species: the fbi/cia/nsa/dod/police et al.


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