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Sunday, April 9, 2017


Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

John 8:44


This morning I had planned to go to church, but was unable to get there. So here I am at home, posting this report, sent to me by my best friend, Geral Sosbee.

But before getting to the report I want to stand as a witness for Geral and explain why I was unable to attend church today.

In 2014 when I relocated to NY State from Maine, I found a church I love close to home. While living in Maine, I was a member of another great church, which I attended for 5 years.

Because of my background, I have an ethical “duty to warn” any establishment I join. Which means that I contact the person in authority (in this case the Priest) and explain that it is possible that his church may experience some problems as a result of having me as a member.

This may sound very odd, at least to those who lead “regular” lives, but is unfortunately the norm for someone like me – a person targeted for political persecution via counterintelligence operations.

As documented in my reports, over decades, and in Geral's, we have been in the cross-hairs of corrupt government organizations, most notably FBI & CIA.

One of the main objectives of the neutralization campaign against a Target is to destroy his relationships, with friends, family, colleagues, to render him isolated and alienated and bereft of any sort of aid, comfort and support.

I have never encountered even one person so targeted (mostly former intelligence professionals), over a period of many years, who managed, no matter what they tried, to have any kind of “normal” life.

The targeting is engineered in such a way as to allow the perps plausible deniability for their crimes against the Target, many of which are felonies (including attempted murder).

I have personally been fortunate that the churches I have attended have been very supportive of me. The Priests have been kind and welcoming and have listened with compassion when I explained what I have been through as a result of the targeting. They have also helped, as much as they were able, with material support, especially when emergencies arose.

And never once have I felt anything but safe inside the Sanctuary, or with the people, all of whom are my friends, as well as Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

In the last report by Geral, he described how he and his wife were being stalked and harassed by FBI operatives inside the church, but this additional report (below) shows the situation to be far worse. Imagine it if you will: most cannot, as it goes against everything they have been led (one way or another) to believe.

But briefly, back to my own situation. Like Geral, I suffer from chronic illnesses and disabilities, all of which are a direct result of assaults (of one kind or another) by criminals in government.

As Geral has described in his documentations, his hearing has been destroyed by longterm assaults with DEW (directed energy weaponry). He and his wife have been assaulted with toxic fumes in their homes, from which they have been forced to move multiple times in attempts escape, to no avail.

As for me, because I have been driven to such dire poverty, I have not been able to get the regular medical care I desperately need, not for many years. For most of my adult life I have used naturopathic and chiropractic care, almost exclusively. I don't like drugs, and rarely use them, except when absolutely necessary. And I don't trust most allopathic doctors, (otherwise known as the medical mafia), who do more harm than good.

And although I have found great doctors here in New York state, I can afford to see them only occasionally and have not been able to be under the regular care and treatment plans I would need in order to have a hope of any degree of recovery.

So, as time goes by, the condition of my health has continued to grow worse. The pain is constant and I often fear I will become an invalid, rather than only disabled.

I am not seeking sympathy for this 'sob story', but this is the truth of my life, brought to me courtesy of the U.S government. 

It is hard for me to plan ahead of time for any activity, since I never know when I will be totally debilitated. Last year, I was so ill I was unable to get to church for 6 months, and sadly had to give up a position I had taken in the ministry.

As happens on a somewhat regular basis, I suffer extreme sleep deprivation, which exacerbates the chronic illness and knocks me down for the count.

And although I haven't had the severe assaults from DEW as I had in the past, where I was knocked unconscious or had to go to the emergency room, I often become aware of a more subtle assault which stops me from sleeping and results in such exhaustion and illness that I can't go out, can't drive.

So this morning, after the torture (and it is torture, which anyone who has experienced it, including Geral Sosbee, can attest) of the night before, I finally got up at 9:30, with only a few scattered hours of sleep.

I received Geral's report by e-mail, which I would have posted later this afternoon, after church, had I been able to attend.

Then, I heard the reports of bombings at Coptic churches, on Palm Sunday, with “credit” being taken by the Islamic State.

I am more appalled and heartbroken than I can possibly express.

And I completely agree with Geral's statement in his previous report:

Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church as I document today with the authorities there; understand please that, as I explained to the Padre, the fbi mentality and character is the same as those who tortured, nailed to the cross and slowly murdered JESUS.

May God help us all.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 9. 2017


By Geral Sosbee

In one of the most sacred and beloved churches in the State of Texas, the Basilica of San Juan, the fbi marches in to immediately take command of the entire staff/security force and to direct them to follow and harass me and my wife on campus every time we visit the church for four months.

The staff there surrenders all common sense, all pretense of decorum and all respect for the very purpose of the church as the house of God, as they intimidate and insult us repeatedly.

We often strolled the grounds of the Basilica where numerous statues of Jesus tell the story of his brutal persecution, horrid torture (before and after being nailed to the cross) and his death at the hands of brutal savages who worked for the State. I often tried to imagine the physical and psychological torture and pain the Jesus endured while being beaten and maligned by the human monsters and some spectators as he was carrying the cross, and later nailed and hung on the cross. What evil in men's hearts, I asked myself, could allow them to tear the flesh off of Jesus, to mock and ridicule him, to viciously rip him apart on the bloody way to the final kill scene.

I at long last in my 72 years of life (during the last 30 years of which the fbi's own assassins tortured and abused me) came to understand in my own way the meaning of the suffering of Jesus for all mankind.

Now, allow me to draw a parallel of the plots against Jesus by so many government murderers, mindless soldiers and demented civilians with a sinister plot against me globally for three decades and now on the campus of the Basilica of San Juan is more real than apparent in my mind. The guards in the Basilica, in complete disrespect for the meaning of the church as a place of worship, reflection, study, remembrance and refuge, carry out the orders of the fbi serial killers to terrorize me every moment that I am in the church and on the campus grounds.

I do not accept the notion that the employees of the Basilica are simply ignorant men who are not accountable for their part in the sacrilege by fbi in and around the Basilica. They, like others whom the fbi command en queue, were easily and willingly conscripted into the diabolical ranks of fbi torturers & killers by proxy.

Never mind that these security guards on campus did not kill me; they certainly worked on behalf of fbi agents who have tried to kill me for three decades. So, I consider all such servants as fbi operatives who seek to harm me and my wife in a most unholy manner.

The chief of security there now denies knowledge and orders all staff to deny as well.

The beauty of the church is symbolically stained by these rascals who are not qualified to walk the grounds, much less as servants of God.

I recall the many criminal assaults on me for 30 years globally by the enemy of mankind, the fbi. Now, I must confess that these maneuvers by Basilica staff against me and my beloved wife are in a sense more alarming than many other attacks because these assaults on church grounds and inside the church confirm that the evil of the time when Jesus lived continues to this moment in the plotting and destructive minds of fbi human monsters and all who take orders from them. The appearance of Satan himself could not have made a more dramatic appearance at the church than the fbi assassins and guards approaching from different directions.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessing to all who suffer and die under the ruthless and murderous oppression of the fbi/cia and their operatives everywhere.