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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee has been the Target of a brutal neutralization campaign which has been ongoing, manifesting in various forms, since he was wrongfully forced out of the FBI in 1978. And I can't repeat it too many times: He was forced to resign for honoring his oath to defend the Constitution, and for refusing to participate in unlawful activities with his FBI colleagues.

These government-issue criminals (for that is what they are) actually threatened him with incarceration in a mental institution if he did not resign.

This counterintelligence operation has cost the perpetrators millions of dollars, has enlisted many criminals in its service, from the criminal element which prevails in the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA et al to common criminals, career criminals, street thugs.

Geral has documented the decades of political persecution, harassment, assaults on his person via directed-energy weaponry, chemical/biological weapons; the vandalism to his vehicles; the continuous surveillance in his home. The blacklisting by landlords; the gross mistreatment by police as he reports the many crimes against him and his wife.

The fraudulent reports by medical doctors, by government officials and police. The death threats and the actual attempts on his life. The set-ups in attempting to provoke him, the theft and destruction of his property, the home invasions, the black bag jos, the gaslighting and on and on....

Thousands of reports online, at least since 2000, on his website Sosbee v. FBI, as well as other publications, including my own website Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

Retaliation against a whistleblower. A vendetta against a person who told the truth about government corruption. A person who, rather than turn a blind eye to injustices, stood up for the innocent victims and actually received letters of commendation for his excellence in service, including in civil rights cases. Geral is also the recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award.

How, you might wonder, can such a thing as this, this horrendous persecution, which has to date, wrought destruction on every area of a man's life, happen, here in these united States?

I have worked with Geral Sosbee since we were first acquainted in late 2000, as upon first reading his testimony I discovered that the facts of his case, the occurrences of persecution, were so similar to what had happened to me.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am probably the primary living expert on the campaign against Geral Sosbee. I have not only read all his reports and legal documents (some of which I possess in hardcopy, sent to me by Geral), I have spent countless hours discussing the many crimes (including felonies) committed against both of us, as well as a number of other whistleblowers (FBI, CIA, NSA, Military) all of which fit the same basic pattern.

I do not enjoy being an expert on Geral Sosbee's case. I would like to live in a world where such atrocities did not happen to decent, honorable persons who have served their country, only to find themselves in the cross-hairs of corrupt government officials, agents, police.

To live every day in the knowledge that evildoers, in the most powerful country in the world, are plotting against you. That you never know what might happen next, what you may be forced to do in attempts to protect yourself and your loved ones. That when you attempt to explain that you are a Target of such a campaign (whether to police, medical professionals, or even friends and family) you may be dismissed as “paranoid”, or have your testimony be invalidated, negated, minimized, marginalized. To be answered with platitudes, rather than any actual support.

These campaigns against so many people I have known, including friends, colleagues and family, are the greatest heartbreak of my life, by far worse than anything I have experienced. They destroy lives, they break up families, marriages, friendships.

The worst of it is knowing that no matter what you do, however hard you try, it is near impossible to stop the perpetrators from their acts of extreme aggression, their crimes against persons. They have the resources, they have countless willing criminal accomplices, and in their hubris, believe they are above the law.

I have not been able to speak to Geral, who is my best friend, since some time in early August of this year. Now, even having a conversation has been made impossible. The criminals have destroyed his hearing, just as they threatened to do, a result of many years of assaults with directed-energy weapons.

So we can no longer speak on the phone. E-mail is no substitute, and I rarely use it except for brief messages or documents. I'd rather not put anything for a private communication in writing, given that the government spies are always on the case. And though the spooks and goons have always made their presence known on phone calls (with echo chambers, strange noises and cutting the line, or disabling phones) it didn't stop us from talking to each other. Until now.

I now find myself in the position where I can only communicate with Geral through my public reports.

Why do you people, all you employees of the U.S. Government, who, rather than honor your oath to defend the Constitution, rather than act to protect the unalienable rights and liberties of law-abiding citizens, rather than investigating real criminals who threaten our national security, squander your time and the vast resources available to you in persecutions, harassment, vandalism, assaults and smear campaigns against a true patriot, a Defender of Liberty, a Messenger of Truth, Geral Sosbee?

That, sadly, is a rhetorical question.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 30, 2016


By Geral Sosbee

This report is predicated on the fbi’s continuing terrorist assaults on me including attacks 24/7 by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), psychological operations (‘psyops’) and constant assaultive surveillance and harassment by police and neighbors (viz: assaults by neighbors, remote manipulation of car’s robotic features, vandalism, etc). Note, however, that recent police responses to my complaints against the fbi thugs and their vigilante assassins have been more positive.

Other corrupt and apparently criminally insane cops such as those whom I have previously documented include USPI Knipfing & and his sidekick, Texas DPS Rodriguez, who came into my home to threaten me and my wife, knowing full well that the fbi is responsible for planting my name at the scene of an alleged crime in Dallas; to this day Knipfing continues to unlawfully refuse my request for Open Records access to his fraudulent report on me.

Also, the notorious UT cops Bleier & Wilson will always be remembered for their fraudulent “BOLO” by which the dirty duo energized the entire UT campus (library, police, security guards, janitor) against me for a decade.


See my other reports on Brownsville, Texas, Detective Adrian Posada who under the heavy influence of the fbi threatened to arrest me and my wife for in his words, “filing a false police report”. Posada exemplifies the complete corruption of the police nationwide en queue by fbi hoodlums, as he also instructs me to “take the medication”. The DA and his investigator Delauney also engaged in illegal operations against me as they stayed in contact with fbi thugs. Other fbi criminals include Alonzo Yanez who coordinated his criminal assault & battery of my person with the full cooperation of the UT police, fbi, et al.

See also the false medical report from a man who seems to be acting for the fbi as he creates his charts on me:


Note that the same doctor also asked my wife on a separate date what she thinks of my fbi reports. He was apparently fishing for evidence that he might be able to use against this US Army veteran/ Target of fbi covert operations.


The same doctor today works for the VA, caring for veterans who surely need to be very careful of their statements to the doctor.

The fbi continues their efforts to kill me by pumping toxic fumes into my residences everywhere I go. I have been forced to move close to 20 times in 15 years, four in the past 6 months within the same complex (including an upcoming move in December, 2017).


So, one might understand that I and many others have been and are today deprived of the essential liberties set forth in many laws, a few of which are listed here:


See the Guarantees enumerated in the USA Constitution & the Bill of Rights

Consider Essential liberties as embracing:

Life, liberty & pursuit of happiness,

freedom from murderous government sponsored oppression ( i.e., torture, forced suicide, assassination ).

From my writ at the next link, note that today wicked men in high office and wielding life and death power over all people, are ambitious of their power, even as they display a contempt of law unprecedented in our country’s history.


Today our nation faces its darkest hour:


The names or descriptions of many fbi operatives, including cops, informants, et al., are found throughout “My Story In Detail” and their names will live in infamy for their dirty deeds. Many more are in your neighborhood.

Thank you and may Providence protect and provide comfort to all who are threatened, harassed, tortured, imprisoned and killed by the fbi and their murderous associates globally.


"Now, it is important to understand the concept of "plausible deniability". Quite simply, this means that the conspirators and liars running the COINTELPRO-style operations set up a little insurance policy to protect themselves; a contingency plan in case their criminal operations are exposed. They can then DENY any involvement or wrongdoing which might implicate them in the conspiracy. How do they do this? One way is to use lowly minions to do their dirty work: those who have no official status within the government, from whom they can easily distance themselves if their plans go awry."