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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Howard Nemaizer & “Truth Talk News”: Unscrupulous Assault on Truth (2)

PART TWO: Nemaizer's Dishonest Plots, Plans & Set-ups

In December, 2012, I was co-hosting a radio program with Dr. Antonella Carpenter, The Medical Conspiracy, on Orion Talk Radio network. Much of what we covered on the program concerned COINTELPRO. Dr. Carpenter had been targeted for a neutralization campaign by the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma, so there were a series of programs on counterintelligence tactics, one of the areas of my expertise.

Dr. Carpenter (like Barbara Hartwell, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, and a number of others I have known), has suffered outrageous injustices, harassment and persecution, which eventually drove her into financial destitution and homelessness. Her property was stolen or destroyed by the feds. Her business was raided by the FDA, and thus shut down; she was later arrested, and finally wrongfully indicted on false charges. A horrible travesty of justice against a brilliant doctor whose “crime” (according to the FDA and DOJ) was saving lives of cancer patients. Dr. Carpenter had previously been persecuted as a whistleblower while working in the Defense Industry.

This kind of nightmare is what often happens to government whistleblowers. Your life will be destroyed, piece by piece. You will lose most everything you own You will be slandered/libeled and falsely accused. Unjust and baseless rumors will fly. You will be blacklisted, personally and professionally. Your relationships with family, friends and colleagues will most likely be ruined, by abandonment and/or betrayal, due to pressure applied and/or threats by the perps, who in these cases are are government agents.

Having no resources myself, there was not much I could do to support other whistleblowers, targeted as I was. The one thing I was capable of doing was to help Dr. Carpenter publicize her case, in attempts to raise public awareness of her plight, and of what is actually at stake, not only for the individual whistleblower, but for the larger issues of human rights and Constitutional protections of those rights, including freedom to choose one's own health care.

I give this brief background summary to provide context for some of the issues covered in this report.

During that time, I had also been an occasional guest on other radio programs, as time permitted, one of which was Howard Nema's (aka Nemaizer) “Truth Talk News”, on which I discussed various subjects, including COINTELPRO. “Truth Talk News” (as I later discovered, a misnomer) was broadcast on “Truth Broadcast Network” (another misnomer), owned by Harry Link.

In December of 2012, an issue came up which involved Fritz Springmeier, a very well-known person claiming to be an expert on CIA MK Ultra. Earlier that year, Howard Nemaizer had requested that I provide him with some information about Springmeier. I e-mailed him some documentation, along with a summary of my considered professional opinion, having conducted investigations on Springmeier and some of his associates, going back to the 1990s.

Nemaizer had previously interviewed Springmeier on his TV show, believing him to be legitimate. But now, he said he was interested in anything which would give him another perspective as to Springmeier's credibility. I told him (as I would tell anyone who asked) that he could not develop an informed opinion or reach a reasonable conclusion unless he did his own research, that I could only suggest some areas he could look into.

I received some e-mails from Nemaizer, in which he stated that he had a “plan” to “expose” Springmeier by inviting him on a program, co-hosted by Harry Link and another of his associates, Vincent Blasone. The “plan” involved using a pretense of supporting Springmeir, and then setting him up to later be “exposed”.

The e-mail exchanges that follow are mostly self-explanatory. I have removed any irrelevant and/or personal information, as well as certain names, to protect privacy. But, as will become clear, the issues themselves were (and are) very public.

Hartwell to Nemaizer:

Got both messages re Springmeier. I've told you what I know about him, and some months ago, sent you some documentation from other sources.

In my opinion, he is a charlatan and a phony Christian, as well as a MC handler. I've exposed some info on Monarch on my website and have probably told you more, can't remember what precisely.

I would not want to be involved in anything re Springmeier myself and don't have anything to say re Harry or Vinny, it's not my business.

I don't want my name to be brought into this, but I can't stop others if that is what they choose to do. My policy is, if someone else brings up my name publicly (say, Harry or Vinny) I would then probably address it in a report to set the record straight, and the same, should "the enemy" (Springmeier) say anything.

All I would ask, should YOU decide to interview him, is that my name not be brought up on the air, nor discussed with him off the air. I am asking this as a friend.

I have no interest in any kind of "debate" on these issues. My policy is to expose the liars and shills, not engage them.

Nemaizer to BH:

"Fritz clearly has an agenda. I'd like to know what it is. I know he was working on a new book when Vinny invited him on several months ago. Incidentally he has posted very positive things about us on his Facebook page including us as one of his favorite shows he's been on since his "return".

I know Harry would like to hit him with some tough questions. Of course, I would never bring you up, Barbara, neither would Vinny -- and if you were brought up by F.S. I would defend you to the end.

I must say, I am intrigued. I spoke with Vinny and we both would like to see where this goes. Very odd. We would like to feel him out then question him about Alex Jones cointelpro. We know if we hit certain things like Cisco Wheeler and plagarism he will walk and that would be that. Looking to give him enough rope to hang himself. Not looking for an abush, or a love fest. I would like to milk this into 2 even 3 interviews before we hit him with the really tough questions and then when we've "used" him enough we can ask the really tough questions and expose the truth about Cisco Wheeler, plagarism and his associations with cointelpro shills like AJ. What are your thoughts about our plan?"

BH to Nemaizer:

No e-mail in response to this. I simply repeated (as I had told him before) that I considered his “plan” to be dishonest, and wanted no part of it. It had nothing to do with me. He seemed to believe (falsely) that I was somehow involved, which is apparently why he kept asking for my opinion.

I also told him I did not want anyone “defending” me. I only wanted my name to be LEFT OUT of any of his dealings with Springmeier, including this dishonest plot. And in this case, Nemaizer was not qualified to “defend” me, since he lacked the knowledge and experience to know what he was talking about.

Note that Nemaizer talks of “using” Springmeir to extract information. No honest exchange of ideas, not even a straightforward discussion, allowing the so-called “tough” questions to be asked and answered. This is very telling as to Nemaizer's character. Don't be honest. “Use” people for what you can “get”, and then spring a trap after you have misrepresented your intentions, insincerely, on false pretenses.

(Which, as it turned out, is exactly what Howard Nemaizer later did to me, with his false pretenses and promises of “sanctuary”, placing me in a horrible position, even endangering my safety, which resulted only in more extreme stress, losses and damages from Nemaizer's lies. I should have seen it coming....)

So, Nemaizer went ahead, along with Harry Link and Vincent Blasone, and did the interview with Springmeir. When I watched this interview, it became clear to me that the hosts had no intention of doing anything but promoting Springmeier with entirely favorable comments, sympathetic responses to anything he said, treating him with great deference, kow-towing and toadying to him, as if he were a heroic figure, who had earned their admiration and respect.

There are two ways to view this: 1) They were sincere in their expressions of “support” for Springmeier, despite their claim that their “plan” was to set him up. Which would probably mean that they were operating out of profound ignorance. 2) They were insincere, laying on the phony praise. Either way, it shows dishonesty, rather than a search for the truth.

Frankly, it made me sick. I believe in honesty, no matter the circumstances, not manipulation and set ups. Do that, and you might as well be working for the government.

But they never did “expose” him. The show ended with accolades for Springmeir from the three toadies. There was also a huge promotion of Springneier's books, in large banner ads. Nobody watching this show could ever get the impression that the three hosts were anything but advocates and supporters of Fritz Springmeier, “True Believers” in all he was selling.

But here's the issue for me: What Springmeier claims to be true, and in fact what he has succeeded, over a period of years, in persuading large numbers of people to believe, goes against what I KNOW to be true, personally and professionally, from both direct experience and extensive investigations, and actually misinforms his large audiences, most of whom are probably sincerely seeking the truth.

Like other charlatans selling “Monarch”, never a CIA operation under MK Ultra, but a sideshow to misdirect attention from the actual operations, Springmeier has made money off the sale of his books and tapes, cashing in on the misery of innocent victims of the government's abuses of human rights.

What about the people whose children have been horrifically abused and exploited in government mind control programs? What about genuine, sincere Christians, seeking the truth about these demonic government operations? Springmeier touts himself as a Christian minister. Again, it makes me sick.

As I can attest from personal experience, MK Ultra is hell on earth, a nightmare from which you cannot easily awaken. The damages are extreme and severe, and in almost all cases, permanent, even if one manages to recover some semblance of a "normal" life. I was only delivered by the grace of God, with my sanity and principles intact. (Thank You, Jesus!) Most are not as fortunate. 

I told Dr. Carpenter about the Fritz Springmeier debacle, and about how I could no longer in good conscience promote anything from Howard Nema (aka Nemaizer), not his show, nor “Truth Broadcast Network” where his show aired. We decided to comment on this on Dr. Carpenter's program, which aired the evening after the Springmeier interview.

Harry Link was also promoting Alex Jones. Alex Jones, the notorious government shill, who had done damage to both Barbara Hartwell and Dr. Carpenter (as well as many others), with his censorship and sabotage of our legitimate exposure of information.

Here, an excerpt from a report (2012):

.Howard Nema had co-hosted a program on TRUTH TALK NEWS with Vincent Blasone and Harry Link, an interview with Fritz Springmeier, on December 10, 2012. Springmeier was shortly thereafter heavily promoted by Harry Link on Truth Broadcast Network, including a large banner which exclaimed: SPRINGMEIER IS BACK!!! Additionally, there were large advertisements encouraging the public to buy Springmeier's books.

Considering the fact that I had thoroughly investigated Fritz Springmeier since the mid-1990s and long ago reached several conclusions, based on facts and material evidence, that Springmeier (among other things) is a charlatan, a false Christian, a mind control handler and a criminal whose books, articles and radio/video presentations are filled with disinformation about a number of subjects, most notably government mind control operations.

Some time back, in the Spring of 2012, Howard had asked for my opinion on Springmeier, whom he had interviewed on his program a few times; these interviews took place before Howard and I were acquainted. In response to his request, I sent Howard some documentation. And I made it very clear in several telephone conversations what I thought of Springmeier and some of his associates, who promote the "Monarch" project as a CIA operation under MK Ultra, when in fact it was not.

It is important to state that my knowledge of these issues is based on my professional background, my extensive personal experience and many years of research and investigations, as well as my expertise on counterintelligence operations.

So frankly, I was outraged when I watched the Springmeier interview on TRUTH TALK NEWS, in which he was touted as a "political prisoner" (in fact, he did prison time for bank robbery), and "mind control expert" (those who consider "Monarch" to be a CIA operation, out of ignorance, or for an agenda, might agree, but that does not change the facts.)

Shortly thereafter, I decided that I could not allow this promotion of Springmeier to go unchallenged, so I did a show with Dr. Carpenter (The Medical Conspiracy), on which we exposed the facts about Fritz Springmeier (aka Victor E. Schoff aka Arthur Alexander Jr. --and yes, I've seen the forged I.D.s in both those names, of which I may still have copies in my files, and if I find them, will publish them as evidence.)

I also, as a matter of principle, removed the links on my website for TRUTH TALK NEWS and Truth Broadcast Network. As I explained on the air, I refuse to promote any network or individual who is promoting liars, charlatans, disinformation specialists, government shills, criminals or other wrongdoers. That is my policy and not subject to compromise.

Before the Springmeier interview on December 10, Howard had told me he wanted to "expose" Springmeier on the air, after a series of interviews, and asked me what I thought about that. What I told him was that this would not be my way of dealing with anyone; that I do not condone such a "set up"; and that lastly, I did not want my name connected to any of this, nor mentioned on the air, nor used as a "source", should he choose to go through with this plan, which I considered unwise.

Aside from this, there were others involved, namely Harry Link and Vinny Blasone (who unlike Howard, were not my associates or friends). I explained that I did not want to get in the middle of any of this, and wanted no involvement whatsoever. And though I refused to give advice on this matter, when asked, I told Howard the truth about what I thought: that this would backfire and in the process compromise his own credibility.

As it turned out, the consequences I had predicted came to pass. Howard later told me that I was "right about everything" (including Springmeier and Laibow) and after much consideration, made a decision to sever his ties with Truth Broadcast Network.

End of excerpt.

Now, here is what happened next, which I did not cover publicly, but which I find it necessary to address now, considering the circumstances, being that Howard Nemaizer has added insult to injury by his libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell.

He took offense when I addressed the issue of the promotion on “Truth Talk News” of the charlatan Fritz Springmeier, on Dr. Carpenter's radio program.

It was none of Nemaizer's business how I chose to conduct my own professional work, which had nothing whatsoever to do with him, but he clearly had the false notion that he had a “say”, given that he seemed to believe that there was some “team effort” underway.

Shortly after Dr. Carpenter's program aired, I received a series of irate phone calls from Howard Nemaizer. He left messages which were extremely disrespectful, in attempts to pressure me to call him back. I regarded these calls as harassment, and did not respond.

He even threatened, in one such message, that he would set up an interview with Fritz Springmeier, and would confront him with the accusations from “my source, Barbara Hartwell.” This statement was made in a very aggressive, even nasty, tone of voice.

This intrusive, disrespectful behavior should have been the red flag that alerted me to the true character of Howard Nemaizer. It was the behavior of an aggressive busybody, trying to horn in on my business, entirely lacking respect for my personal boundaries.

I should have cut off communications with him then and there, but decided that I would give him the benefit of the doubt, by giving him the opportunity to see the error of his ways. As later became clear, it was a mistake, one that I have paid for many times over.

I decided to e-mail Nemaizer, if only to set the record straight, and to once again clearly state my position.

I got the following e-mail in response.

Nemaizer to Hartwell:

"I understand your position, however, I agreed not to mention your name on air with FS so I am a bit confused as to why you undermined my plan and blocked me on skype? I told you exactly what we would do."

Hartwell to Nemaizer:

First of all, I did not block you on skype. I was on another call, and had no time as I was busy with something else, and I don't use skype for personal messages, there is no privacy at all. You had asked me to call, and I would have, as soon as I found time.

I don't ever use my cell phone, so I keep it turned off. I have asked people who have the number not to call me on the cell, unless in a case of emergency. It was only when I turned it on to charge it that I got your messages this morning.

I was accused of dodging your phone calls. Not true. And to try to pressure me to call is not something I would respond to.

I did not "undermine" anything, and I'm sorry you would interpret it that way.

Yes, you had told me about this plan re Springmeier. But please remember, I was not involved in it in any way. In fact, I told you I refused to be involved, because I do not condone or participate in "set ups" of that nature, that is not the way I do things. I am always direct and blunt, that is how I deal with everything and everyone.

It was not my place to tell you what to do, nor to give unsolicited advice, and there were other people involved, namely Harry Link and Vinny. They are not my friends, nor even my associates, and I don't interfere in other people's business, that is my policy. I did not think this plan was wise, and when you asked for my thoughts, I tried to tell you it was dishonest and risky, but you chose to go through with it, and that is your right.

I had simply asked you, as a friend, not to discuss me with Springmeier again, nor to allow my name to be part of any discussion on air. As I told you, I want NO INVOLVEMENT in any way with Springmeier or anything connected to him, and that is my prerogative.

Springmeier to me is the enemy, and I made that clear to you from way back. I do not directly engage my enemies (unless in extreme circumstances where I am being attacked physically or verbally), and I ask my friends to please respect my wishes in not discussing me with them, and that is all I asked.

I operate independently, always have, always will. I am not a team player. No one has any say in my decisions except me and I don't allow myself to be influenced by any consensus of others.

I have been exposing FS for many years, and investigating him for almost 2 decades. I know what I'm talking about, and I have the documentation. If someone chooses to take my word for it, they are free to believe me, or not. I have been repeatedly attacked by Springmeier's cronies and supporters, and his disinfo has greatly damaged me and my family in many ways. For me, this is not only professional, but personal.

So, no one has the right to expect that I will have a "gag order" on me, or expect that I will suddenly cease in my work of exposing criminals/shills/liars, simply because exposing the truth (as I always do) might be inconvenient with someone else's "plan" --one that has nothing to do with me.

When I saw the show with FS, in which it appeared that all of you were extremely supportive of him, I knew that I could not in good conscience allow this to go unchallenged. Whatever your plan was, you still were, in all ways apparent, promoting and supporting Springmeier. And that disinfo was going out over the airwaves to anyone watching, who might well believe it to be true.

Then I saw the big banner ads, promoting FS and the sale of his books. Yes, I know Harry Link runs TBN, but I knew I could not be associated with any network that promotes FS, along with Alex Jones. I had no way of knowing if you were involved, or not. You had not contacted me during all this time, so I had to go by the evidence which was right before my eyes.

So I removed the links to the sites, since I was not going to be involved in promoting anyone who promotes Springmeier or Jones.

During the show, Randy said he received a message from you, stating "Barbara jumped the gun". No, I did not, as I was never INVOLVED in your plan re Springmeier, and I have the right to comment publicly on something that has been made public (your show with FS, and the banner ads and big promotions of FS's books, etc.)

You may not understand this, but any promotion of FS not only does not serve the truth, but damages those like me who are telling the truth about MK Ultra and other related issues. You don't know a fraction of what has gone on, or what I have been through, because I have not made it public (for my own reasons), and have only told you a small part, in confidence.

Re the Dec 21 show. I heard it advertised by you only a few days ago, and there was a notice promoting it, but I never received a call from you to let me know if it was still on. I had already decided not to be on the show, due to the Springmeier debacle, and had you called me, I would have told you that, but since I never heard from you, I just let it go.

Lastly there is the issue that you said in your phone message that you would be using my name as a "source" re Springmeier? And make a video with him? And making assumptions (untrue) that this was what I wanted?

Not at all. My original request to you is that you not use my name in any way, shape or form, in connection with Springmeier. That request stands. If you want to expose him, as you say, then please do it on your own, not involving me.

I do not want my friendship with you to end, regarding something like this. I would be happy to discuss it with you, but I have no free time today, or tomorrow, not until after Christmas. I have some very serious problems of my own to deal with, plus I have not been well.

And I hope you understand my position on this. If you want to sever ties with TBN, then that is your choice. Again, it's not my business, that is between you and Harry Link. But in any case, I don't want any involvement with his network, because he has shown his true colors, and I can't condone nor support what he is doing. So I would ask you to please remove any references to me, or my previous reports you posted on the site, that is, if they have not already been removed by Harry.

Howard Nemaizer's response:

"First off, I way overreacted and I am very sorry. I do sincerely apologize for all the misunderstandings on my part regarding last night's show. Thank you for the clarifications.

I would never want anything to come between our friendship and mutual respect. I must say, this has been eating at me.

In retrospect, you were right all along regarding FS and I should have listened to your advice not to proceed the way we did. But I will make amends.

That said, Harry has pulled AJ off the network (which is still under renovation) and we had a long discussion about the direction of TBN and my place in it. I understand your feelings toward Harry and TBN and realize the way we cat and moused the FS interview and Harry's actions could have a damaging effect on my own reputation.

That said, I will be absolutely direct in my actions in the future. Straight as an arrow, like you. I will expose FS in the future by asking him the tough questions we were hoping would be asked by callers.

Of course I will be doing this on my own, but I would appreciate any info you can send me regarding him so I can be prepared.

I am also sorry since I am aware how devastating this FS debacle was to you, due to your own MK Ultra past and the lies about monarch, etc

My hope is that you will consider supporting my work on the for I will always support you, your work and your reputation. I am hopeful we can move forward and continue our efforts working on projects together in the future."

So, Nemaizer apologized to me and acknowledged that he was in the wrong. But was his apology sincere? Looking back on it, I don't believe so. Note that he tries to shift blame onto Harry Link, when he was a full and willing participant in the “plan”. He says he is concerned about his own reputation being damaged, but did he ever consider the damage to me, had MY NAME been dragged into his foolishness?

Also, note that he states:

"That said, I will be absolutely direct in my actions in the future. Straight as an arrow, like you. I will expose FS in the future by asking him the tough questions we were hoping would be asked by callers."

Howard Nemaizer had always told me he admired me for my honesty. I had even heard him talking about me on his program, stating, “Barbara Hartwell is the most honest person I know.”

But like others (former friends) I have known, he clearly does not like it when my “straight arrow” honesty and bluntness becomes too hot to handle, when HE is confronted for his dishonest behavior, or when I state the truth and the facts, even when they may “offend” someone.

Since that time, he has publicly accused me of being a “liar” and a “con artist”, even a “sociopath”, simply because he refuses to admit his own wrongdoing. He lacks integrity, and rather than make a REAL effort at honesty, tries to twist things around to blame me for his own unethical behavior. For that kind of crap, I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.

He then states:

"I am hopeful we can move forward and continue our efforts working on projects together in the future."

In fact, I had never worked on any “projects” with Howard Nemaizer. I had only been an occasional guest on his radio program. Again, he seems to believe that there was some “team effort”, where none existed, at least not involving me.

Shortly after I received this e-mail, I got another. The subject header stated: “Important NEW information”.

The e-mail was about another charlatan, one Rima Laibow. This referred to Laibow, the liar, and her hoax, who stated in a widely promoted video, “I am Adam Lanza's doctor.” As I stated in a report: Bullshit!

Nemaizer jumped on this, believing it was true, as did Harry Link. They actually set up an interview with Rima Laibow, on “Truth Talk News”, which they heavily promoted. But after I apprised Nemaizer that Laibow is a liar and a government shill, married to General Albert Stubblebine, a perpetrator of massive crimes against persons, including mind control programs, as well as horrific abuse of animals, Nemaizer cancelled the interview.

Here is my response to Nemaizer's e-mail about “Important NEW Information”:

You asked me what I think about this? I'll be blunt, as always, so I hope you understand.

There is no "new" information here. This woman is a demon, and so is her husband, Stubblebine (both listed in my HALL OF SHAME), who have both been heavily involved in MK Ultra, psy ops and behavior modification for years.

I know all about them, and none of it is good.

Their "natural solutions" are phony. I've already seen these videos (Alex Jones interview, 2009), and the new one is nothing but a psy op. I have no reason to believe this woman was Adam Lanza's doctor, in my opinion that is a lie. Anyone with any discernment, watching this, will know that and will know who and what she is. But sadly, most people will not see that and will believe the lies.

They pretend to be against drugs? Nothing could be further from the truth!

I looked on Truth Broadcast Network and saw the big promotions for the Rima Laibow interview on TRUTH TALK NEWS, presented AS IF this were "truth".

Meanwhile, people reading this may believe this is "real" when it is not. Just like the Fritz Springmeier promotions.

I must say, I don't understand why you would choose to do this, even if your plan is to "expose" her. Again a false paradigm is being set up, which people reading TBN could well believe, attributing credibility where it is not merited. And will compromise your credibility, in my opinion.

But as always, that is your right, if that is what you and Harry Link have decided.

But again, please do remove all references to my name, including on the scrolling banner of the TV show. I do not want my name connected to any of this, and re your show, not until such time (if ever) that you and I see eye to eye on these matters.

This is not anything to do with our friendship, it is solely professional and on principle, so please take this in the way it is intended.

End of excerpt from e-mail.

Following this, more e-mails from Nemaizer, asking questions, for my opinions, for advice, etc. Now, talking about how HE was going to “EXPOSE” Rima Laibow. I was getting very tired of all this, and my patience was wearing thin, considering that my own circumstances were growing worse by the day.

So I sent this e-mail to Howard Nemaizer:

First I should say that my situation is so bad that most of my time is spent just trying to survive. I am flat broke with no money for even the most basic necessities, and am in pain with no way to get relief. I don't have the option of medical care, as I can't even afford to buy food. Other people are ill? Most can get help, where I cannot.

To add to this nightmare, I am currently snowed in and my car has been blocked in by a wall of snow, I haven't been able to get out for days, have no money to hire a plow and have not been able to get any help. Sorry, but I am not in any shape to get into heavy discussions on all this, not at this time.

The only thing I can tell you is that you have chosen a path which I cannot condone and do not agree with. But I can't advise you, as our viewpoints are so far apart I don't see any common ground. I don't allow myself to get into conflicts or arguments with people, it is too stressful and I don't try to impose my views on others.

But I can give you a few ideas to consider, which you can take or leave.

In my opinion, you have aligned yourself with a person, namely Harry Link, who does not hold the principles to defend truth, no matter the consequences, but will exploit anything in order to draw publicity for his own agenda.

Frankly, I don't have any respect for him, and have now seen enough to know that I want no dealings with him and no association with his network.

How can someone promote such obvious disinformation and claim he is all about truth?

As far as exposing the bad guys, my way is to do a thorough investigation and present my findings in a report, and/or on the air. An investigation takes time, so if you are rushing in attempts to "expose" someone, you won't have enough solid information or facts to make a valid case.

Speaking for myself, I do not engage the bad guys directly, nor do I play any kind of games, such as presenting false information in order to lure someone into a trap.

If you really believe you must confront them directly on the air in order to expose them, then I can't advise you. However, presenting disinformation ahead of time, as part of this set up, is not something I believe in. That is a compromise of the truth, and can only as a result compromise the credibility of the person engaging in such tactics.

This is 'the ends justify the means' philosophy and it does not serve truth.

The way I see it, there is only one weapon to be used against the bad guys: UNADULTERATED TRUTH. Without that, you are fighting a battle you can never win. To quote Sun Tzu (Art of War): Know the enemy and know yourself.

First, I would free myself from any alliances where you do not have complete sovereignty, where you don't have to change your ideas or compromise your principles in order to work with anyone else.

That is what I have done, a long time ago, and it is the only thing that has ever worked for me. When you have to constantly confer or argue with someone who does not serve truth, or you are "at the mercy" of someone because you are dependent upon them in any way, it drains your energy, warps your priorities and stops you from standing up for the right thing and ultimately, defending TRUTH.

But that is me, and my way.

I truly hope you will find a way that works for you, but I believe you will have to find it on your own, through some direct revelation, not from the advice of others, including me.

Lastly, ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Would He promote disinformation, even for a minute, in order to "expose" the enemy? Or would He call out the enemy and admonish them for their lies, and their demonic behavior?

You are my friend, Howard, and I don't want that to change. I can't support some of what you are involved in, but know that I still support YOU, as my friend and Brother in Christ. But I have told you all I can for the time being, so please take it for what it is worth.
[Note: I later learned that Howard Nemaizer was in fact NOT my "brother in Christ" and never had been. As for being a "friend", his totally unscrupulous, self-serving  behavior revealed that to be a falsehood also.]

End of excerpt from e-mail.

The evidence presented here shows that I gave Howard Nemaizer every opportunity to understand my position on various issues. I also told him the truth, whenever he asked for my opinion. I repeatedly gave him the benefit of the doubt, and accepted his apologies for his indiscretions, believing them (at the time) to be sincere.

But what Howard Nemaizer eventually revealed to me, through his words and actions, is that he is fueled by self-serving personal ambition, rather then by the desire to do the right thing, to serve the truth, no matter the consequences.

It also became clear to me that he did not even seem to “hear” what I was actually saying, on any number of occasions, which was always based on principle. Instead of considering principle, he interpreted everything through pragmatism, by how it would serve HIM and HIS interests, HIS agenda, which it became clear was to make a name for himself, to seek public attention and approval, when he did not have the knowledge or experience as a basis for such an achievement. He thought he could ride my coattails to gratify his ego and glorify himself at my expense.

Instead of showing a willingness to learn, from others who DO have the knowledge, the hard-won personal/professional experience and expertise, and who hold the necessary principles to serve truth, he bulldozed ahead, scavenging from the legitimate work of others, trying to make himself APPEAR to be an authority or expert on issues, where in fact he so obviously lacks understanding that he only exposes himself as a pretentious fool.

I left off in the last report with Howard Nemaizer's phony comment to me in his latest public smear piece:

"If you truly are a sovereign child of God, Barbara and not a CIA disinformation agent, do what Jesus would do. Turn the other cheek as I am going to do–and get on with your life."

Now. This statement shows the true arrogance of Howard Nemaizer. He “copies” my sincere statement to him:

"Lastly, ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Would He promote disinformation, even for a minute, in order to "expose" the enemy? Or would He call out the enemy and admonish them for their lies, and their demonic behavior?"

Now, I have this to say to Howard Nemaizer:

How dare you, you aggressive, obnoxious, self-serving little punk!

Nemaizer accuses me of being a CIA disinformation agent”, when he knows damn well this is untrue. No, he tries (as usual) to twist things around and blame me for his own dishonesty, aggression and the outright idiocy of some of his promotions, when all this started simply because I exercised my RIGHT to protest his misrepresentation and exploitation of MY NAME and website for his own unscrupulous ends.

Which he continued to do, even after I publicly demanded that he REMOVE the false and fraudulent information and notices in connection with my name. To this day, no public apology. No public retractions of his fraudulent promotions, going on for more than two years, as the damages continue to mount to my good name. Only more lies, more character assassination. More monstrous invasions of my privacy and now, even that of my family, who are not involved in any way.

If Howard Nemaizer is really so blind and/or so stupid as to think I will allow him to get away with the arrogant, dishonest, and utterly despicable offenses he has committed against a person who has never once done anything wrongful to him, he will be hit right between the eyes with the true meaning of “straight arrow” honesty, in word and deed.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Stating the Truth in Good Faith for the Public Record
December 26, 2015

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA