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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Howard Nemaizer & “Truth Talk News”: Unscrupulous Assault on Truth

PART ONE: Nemaizer Misrepresents COINTELPRO

Over a period of many years, I have been asked on numerous occasions, by friends and colleagues, why it is that I “bother” to expose those persons who are inconsequential in the larger picture of the events and issues of greatest concern, those who are mere amateurs, wannabes, and in some cases, stooges or minions of corrupt government operatives. Why not just ignore them?

My answer is consistently as follows: These characters may be “nobodies” and seemingly not worth the time or effort it takes to address their offenses. However, their aggression and burning ambition to “be somebody”, to seek public attention and approval, does create serious problems for their Targets, those of us who are already overburdened with the necessity of standing against political persecution, including libel/slander campaigns orchestrated by the government. These aggressors may be idiots, but by their unscrupulous worldly ambition, they pour fuel on an already raging fire.

Furthermore, it is a matter of principle. I won't stand by and allow false information to be promoted in connection with my name, or have my honor and integrity insulted, along with everything I stand for, when I can easily refute the lies with the truth and the facts.

The truth for the record, that is what matters to me. I don't care if they are world class evildoers or just garden variety busybodies. If they are crossing my line, invading my privacy, meddling in my business, promoting outrageous lies in connection with my name, I will not remain silent in the face of their wrongdoing, but, come hell or high water, will set the record straight.

Howard Nemaizer (using the pseudonym Nema) is a rank amateur, an extremely aggressive busybody, a name-dropper and gate-crasher who is attempting to make a name for himself by exploiting the names of well-known, legitimate journalists and whistleblowers. He apparently mistakenly believes that by riding the coattails of others, he can appropriate our many years of professional experience, hard work and hard-won expertise, and make himself seem "important" by association. And he has stirred up a world of trouble by his unconscionable exploitation and misrepresentation of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, followed by his unjust and defamatory assaults on my character and good name.

Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of Nemaizer's ilk engaged in the same type of endeavors, polluting the Internet with false information. These aggressive and ambitious amateurs scavenge information from sources (both legitimate and not) and post their shoddy "research" all over countless sites of social media, the 'comments' sections of websites, discussion groups, and in some cases, such as Howard Nemaizer ("Truth Talk News"), set up their own websites, which purport to be promoting "truth", when in fact their agenda is self-promotion and self-aggrandizement, usually at the expense of those whose names and work they are exploiting for their own unprincipled ends.

Aside from creating a nightmare for those legitimate persons whose work is being exploited and misrepresented, the result of this onslaught by aggressive and ambitious amateurs is that any person seeking truthful information on any number of subjects relating to unlawful and morally reprehensible government operations is faced with so much muddled information that sorting through it for any grain of "truth" becomes a daunting task.

And that's just the way the government likes it – in fact, they have orchestrated the control of the flow of information, along with carefully crafted propaganda, in such a way that even many of those who sincerely seek the truth won't be able to see the forest for the trees.

One area where Nemaizer has tried to latch on to the work of others concerns COINTELPRO, a program initiated by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in 1956. The fact of the matter is that Howard Nemaizer does not know what he is talking about, as regards COINTELPRO, or any other government operations. He merely parrots the words of others, those who DO know whereof they speak. But it's more complicated than that, because he also parrots the words of others who do NOT know whereof they speak, and/or, he parrots the words of charlatans and shills who have the purposeful agenda of spreading false information. But any way you look at it, Nemaizer is nothing but an aggressive little parrot, entirely lacking in credibility.

As if this were not bad enough, Nemaizer mixes it all up until there is only a mish-mash of inaccurate information, some of which constitutes outright idiocy. But worst of all, as far as I am concerned, this aggressive fool has been exploiting MY NAME in connection with all of his misinformed opinions and promotions.

When, outraged by his wrongful actions, I protested his fraudulent public promotions in connection with my name. But rather than acknowledge his wrongdoing, rather than removing the fraudulent promotions, rather than issuing a public apology and retraction, he chose to launch defamatory assaults on my personal and professional reputation, and to engage in monstrous invasions of my privacy, even going so far as to drag my family into issues which are completely unrelated. Not only that, but he has fabricated outrageous lies in connection with all this, in attempts to justify the unjustifiable, to defend the indefensible.

In this series of reports, I will address the various issues on which Howard Nemaizer has made public comments, including most specifically in connection with my name. I will make the truth available for anyone who seeks it, and as always the readers may make of it what they will. I have used excerpts from previous reports as well as adding additional clarification where necessary.

My policy is to expose wrongdoers by very specifically citing their own words.

Howard Nemaizer:

"Many truth tellers have been targeted by COINTELPRO slander and sabotage such as myself, Truth Broadcast Network owner Harry Link and other patriots like Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS AND EBOLA: NATURE, ACCIDENT OR INTENTIONAL, investigative journalists Sherri Kane, Janet Phelan, former CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and many others."

Note that Nemaizer places himself into a list of names and identifies himself as a “truth teller” and a “patriot”. He tries to make it appear that all the individuals listed are somehow connected (as he did in his fraudulent notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”), when nothing could be further from the truth.

And this statement by Nemaizer was made in full knowledge of my very public and clearly stated position AGAINST two of the persons named here, Harry Link and Janet Phelan, for cause.

Nemaizer KNEW, at the time he made this statement, that 1) I do not consider either of these individuals to be “truth tellers”, 2) that both Harry Link and Janet Phelan are heavy promoters and associates of liars, charlatans and disinformation specialists, 3) that I consider Janet Phelan a left-wing agitator for global government, and that she is a known advocate/supporter of the U.N. I broke off my association with her (2012) when I recognized the full extent of her leftist politics; when I finally realized that she was a collectivist who refused to respect the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals, including mine; and lastly, that she was trafficking with my enemies, going so far as to discuss me with them. And I do not even know Harry Link.

WHY would Nemaizer place MY name in a promotion with these individuals, who represent so much of which I vehemently oppose? If he cared in the slightest about “truth”, he would never do such a thing. And if he respected the personal boundaries and the clearly stated wishes of others (in this case, Barbara Hartwell) he would have left my name OUT, even assuming he wanted to promote these others.

Instead he tries to make it seem AS IF I am in some way connected to these individuals, when in fact I am not.

And there are many more such statements, made by Howard Nemaizer, which he has published in articles on his websites and in his videos, all exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell. Contrary to his recent claim that ALL statements using the name of Barbara Hartwell have been removed from his websites, they most certainly have not.

It became clear to me that Howard Nemaizer was trying to create the impression that there is some sort of “group endeavor” among various individuals. But this has absolutely nothing to do with me. I am strictly independent, always have been; I am not a team player.

He throws my name in because he thinks promoting a former CIA agent in connection with his name will give credibility to anything he does, when in fact his whole agenda is based on falsehoods.

Now, regarding COINTELPRO: Howard Nemaizer has never been a target of any counterintelligence operation, which, as a counterintelligence expert, and a veteran of counterintelligence wars for decades, I can guarantee. He's a rank amateur, nothing more. Same goes for Harry Link. In fact, these two loud-mouthed grandstanders are actually serving the agenda of COINTELPRO by spreading false information and indiscriminately buying into all sorts of hoaxes, scams and carefully-crafted disinformation, which emanates from the very government-sponsored liars they claim to be “exposing”.

The one and only reason for “targeting” Howard Nemaizer would be if he had REAL GOVERNMENT TARGETS on his program. Legitimate persons are targeted wherever they go. They will be sabotaged and slandered as a matter of course. People like Nemaizer just get caught in the crossfire, hit with bullets that are not aimed at them, and then their egos get puffed up, when in fact the government considers them nothing more than collateral damage.

Here's another silly boast from Howard Nemaizer:

"Independent journalists and activists like myself are more often than not targeted by COINTELPRO in an attempt to quell truthful information the secret government wishes to suppress."

Well, first of all, Howard Nemaizer is not a journalist, nor is there anything “independent” about his activities. He is in fact a used car salesman (and it shows). He has no professional training or background in any field or discipline which would qualify him as an expositor of “truthful information”, except that which he scavenges from others. Even that is meaningless, because he corrupts the information with his own subjective and uninformed opinions and unwarranted assumptions.

So, why would the “secret government” be worried about “quelling” information from the likes of Howard Nemaizer? They wouldn't. The thought is laughable. He is not the source of anything that could possibly concern them. It amazes me how these amateur wannabes always try to make themselves appear to be a part of some cloak-and-dagger world they know nothing about.

Howard Nemaizer also makes accusations against various persons, calling them “COINTELPRO agent” or “COINTELPRO operative”, when in fact, though these individuals may be criminals or bad guys, they are not agents or operatives of COINTELPRO.

Like many rank amateurs, who do not know whereof they speak, Nemaizer seems to believe that he can slap this label on anyone he dislikes, or about whom he has heard nasty rumors. For example, he states that Michelle Wolven is a “COINTELPRO agent”. No, Michelle Wolven is an extremely aggressive busybody and stalker. She is a liar who makes false police reports against people, dragging them into court on her perjured testimony. She was running a massive libel/slander campaign against Dr. Antonella Carpenter, and targeted Barbara Hartwell for the same because I am a supporter of Dr. Carpenter . But Michelle Wolven is not a COINTELPRO agent, that I can guarantee.

Nemaizer has publicly stated (as if it were a fact) that John DeCamp is a “COINTELPRO operative”. No, John DeCamp is certainly a criminal and extremely corrupt, but he does not function as a COINTELPRO operative.

Then, there is the notorious career criminal, psycho-stalker Tim White.

Nemaizer writes:

"White and other COINTELPRO bad guy operatives began a relentless attack campaign against me for my association with Len and Sherri and other reputable people in the truth community such as former CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell. Take a moment to read what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White on her blog."

First of all, Tim White is not, and has never been, any kind of "operative". He is merely a career criminal, a government stooge, exploited by actual COINTELPRO operatives. Howard Nemaizer clearly does not know the difference between an operative and a stooge. His ignorance of COINTELPRO is exposed, as he tries to present himself as some sort of authority on the subject. What's more he talks about “the truth community”. I am not a member of any such “community”; in fact I don't believe any such thing exists.

There was no “relentless attack campaign” against Howard Nemaizer by Tim White, only a few harassing e-mails and phone calls, just the usual directed against anyone who had Barbara Hartwell as a guest on a radio/TV show.

Then he makes another outrageously false statement:

"...what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White..."

No, I have never at any time "put up" with anything from Tim White. How idiotic! I have, on the contrary, always done just the opposite: I have exposed the outrageous lies of Tim White. I have reported the criminal offenses of Tim White to the appropriate authorities.

Nemaizer is way out of line here. He can't seem to mind his own business, but tries to insert himself into an issue that has nothing to do with him. He tries to make it seem as if HE is a "target", when in fact he is not. Tim White harasses anyone who has ever had Barbara Hartwell as a guest on a radio/TV show, or who has used my name in any way other than in a negative context.

Again, Nemaizer gets caught in the crossfire and jumps at the chance to present himself as a target.

Here's another gem from Howard Nemaizer:

"PLEASE TAKE NOTE: John De Camp is a COINTELPRO operative, who steered attention away from Satanic Ritual abuse, the White House and the Bush Crime Family with the help of CIA Director William Colby."
Now, this is a totally absurd statement. Does Howard Nema know John DeCamp? No. Does he know, or has he ever known, anyone who is a reliable source of information about John DeCamp, who would have led him to believe such a thing? Not to my knowledge, but then, I do know that Nema does not have the discretion or discernment required to separate fact from fallacy.
Again, he makes this statement AS IF it is a statement of fact, thus misleading the reader to take it at face value.
In fact, John DeCamp is not a COINTELPRO operative. He has never “steered attention away from Satanic Ritual Abuse, the White House and the Bush Crime Family”. On the contrary, DeCamp FOCUSED attention on these issues, in collusion with the late COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson.
Former Senator DeCamp was involved in Operation Phoenix (also connected to CIA MK Ultra), and his “official” position was an “aide” to Bill Colby.
John DeCamp threatened to sue Barbara Hartwell (2005) after I exposed his involvement in child sex trafficking, which he claims to have “exposed” in his book, The Franklin Coverup, which was in actuality a double coverup, a coverup of a coverup.
How would Howard Nema know anything about John DeCamp, Bill Colby, or anyone else he talks about? Answer: He wouldn't, he doesn't. He is merely speculating. And he is arguing from ignorance.
And even if he is scavenging from my published material on John DeCamp, he has made false assumptions and drawn erroneous conclusions from what I have exposed, which was a result of a longterm investigation (since 1997 and ongoing), including testimony of reliable witnesses, documented evidence and admissions of collusion, including from Ted Gunderson himself.
Howard Nema does not know what he is talking about, and considering the fact that he is using MY name on the same page, with his uninformed speculation about CIA, MK Ultra, and other operations of which he knows nothing, he has shown himself to be nothing more than an aggressive busybody, a name dropper and gate-crasher, sticking his nose where it does not belong, and promoting false information which can only muddy the waters, for anyone reading what he promotes.
If he is so hell-bent on making a name for himself, by exploiting the names of legitimate people (like Barbara Hartwell), by misrepresenting them and any information available to him, to suit his own purposes, I can guarantee that his only audience will be some credulous rubes, eager to buy into any conspiracy theories which come down the pike, no matter how dubious the source.

Howard Nemaizer has actually gone so far in his misrepresentations of COINTELPRO as to make a video, titled "UNDERSTANDING COINTELPRO".  

In this video, he drops some names (including Barbara Hartwell) and presents himself as an instructor to the audience, when in fact he is only parroting what others have said or written. Nobody watching this video could possibly come away with any real understanding of the subject. For those who do have knowledge or understanding, they would probably fall of their chairs, laughing, before they shut off the video. And remember, MY NAME was exploited here by Howard Nemaizer, in his bumbling attempts at "exposing" a subject about which he knows very little, and certainly is far from understanding. 

Now, moving forward to Howard Nemaizer's more recent comments about COINTELPRO, from a smear piece he published in efforts to discredit Barbara Hartwell.

"I am certain BH will take every word I write and in true COINTELPRO fashion, twist my words and the truth in an attempt to justify her lies and con-artist-like deceptions, and try to further discredit me as she was so skillfully trained to do by the CIA."

Here are the FACTS: I have never, at any time, spoken, nor written any “lies” about Howard Nemaizer. I am not a “con artist” nor ever have been, and I have never, at any time, attempted to promote any “deceptions” in connection with Howard Nemaizer. HE is the sole liar and deceiver, which I have documented in great detail, citing the specific incidents and situations in which Nemaizer's lies and deceptions caused massive damages and distress to me.

Nor have I ever “twisted” the words of Howard Nemaizer. No, I have addressed his words and refuted his false claims, always with precision, with hard facts and evidence of his wrongdoing.

Howard Nemaizer, on the other hand, has never once been able to cite any specific “lies” or “deceptions” on my part. The reason being simply that there have been none.

As for “the truth”, anyone with half a brain would be able to see that Nemaizer's claims of “truth” cannot possibly be taken seriously, because he lacks facts and evidence. Nemaizer's ideas of “truth” are his own subjective speculation and his emotional responses to being exposed for his wrongdoing, which he refuses to acknowledge. Therefore, like all liars, he projects his own wrongdoing, his own character flaws, his own evil intent, on me.

But, for the sake of argument, why would I have any reason to try to “discredit” Howard Nemaizer? My training has nothing to do with the issues he raises. He does not know anything about my training, any more than he knows anything about CIA.

Howard Nemaizer discredits himself, by his obvious ignorance, his foolishness and his malicious smears against a person who has never, at any time, done anything wrongful to him.

From the same idiotic smear piece, comes this:

"If you truly are a sovereign child of God, Barbara and not a CIA disinformation agent, do what Jesus would do. Turn the other cheek as I am going to do–and get on with your life."

Here it comes....the same old, same old accusation made by so many others of Howard Nemaizer's mindset: A “CIA disinformation agent.”

This libelous falsehood was first widely disseminated by FBI Chief, COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson, then spread by all his minions and stooges, people like Ken Adachi, Tim White, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson....and on and on....

But here's the real question: WHY would any actual “CIA disinformation agent” target the likes of this amateur wannabe, this loudmouth busybody, this name-dropper, gate-crasher and unrepentant liar, Howard Nemaizer? Who is Nemaizer that anyone would bother to target HIM for spreading disinformation? Utterly ludicrous, absurd and preposterous!

As far as his remark about doing what Jesus would do, he is only parroting something I said to him when he asked for my advice. He was planning to do something dishonest, which I told him I wanted no part of, and in which I took no part. He did it anyway, then apologized to me after I made it clear that his aggressive attitude towards me (including pressure tactics and even threats of using me as a “source' against my clearly stated wishes), would not be tolerated.

This issue was related to the criminal and charlatan, Fritz Springmeier, and a scheme by Howard Nemaizer and Harry Link to “set up” Springmeier, a foolish and dishonest plot which failed in its intent, but only exposed these two as parading idiots.

I will go into more detail on this, and other issues, in PART TWO of this series. I will again refute the lies of Howard Nemaizer, citing his own words and presenting the facts and the evidence to substantiate my truthful claims.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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December 17, 2015

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