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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again.

--Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism, 1709

argumentum ad ignorantiam ("arguing from ignorance") -- A fallacy that occurs when someone argues that because we don't know something is true, it must be false, or because we lack proof that a statement is false, it must be true.

Ignorance or lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean a position or claim is true or false. Common Examples: "No one has ever proven that UFOs exist. Therefore, they don't exist." (Something can exist despite the absence of confirmation. Lack of proof is justification for caution or even scepticism, but not dogmatic assertions.) "There is simply no proof that God exists. Therefore, God doesn't exist." (God might exist even though there is no way empirically to prove it.)

SOURCE: Philosophical Society dot com

Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a rhetorical device where adverse information about a target is preemptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say. Poisoning the well can be a special case of argumentum ad hominem, and the term was first used with this sense by John Henry Newman in his work Apologia Pro Vita Sua (1864). The origin of the term lies in well poisoning, an ancient wartime practice of pouring poison into sources of fresh water before an invading army, to diminish the attacking army's strength.

SOURCE: Wikipedia dot com

I charge homicidal thugs of government with treason and crimes against humanity. No nation may justify support of this evil regime, and in time each human being on the face of the earth must condemn the assassins and torturers as beasts unworthy to rule in any capacity.

They all have avoided accountability because the congress, courts and president approve of all heinous offenses. The ruling elite of this nation place ungodly miscreants in high office who in turn give fbi & associates (cia, dod, nsa, irs) carte blanche authority to run massive kill campaigns against human beings globally.

As these maneuvers are inhumane and contrary to the rules of man, nature and God, the overthrown USA must necessarily FORFEIT ALL PRESUMED GAINS because life and human decency take precedence over power, money, military might. I therefore suggest that the overthrown government here is destined to bring upon the people the destruction that this regime imposes on others, foreign and domestic. My testimony is available on my sites for anyone who seeks evidence particularly describing atrocities committed against me and many others.

Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee


Before I begin on the main subject of this report, involving the logical fallacies of arguing from ignorance and poisoning the well, along with a hefty dose of arrogance and the outright idiocy of some of those whose aggression I am exposing, some background might be helpful.

I have worked in the intelligence business for my entire adult life. To clarify: a trained intelligence analyst and field-trained agent, who defected from CIA in 1994. Not retired, rather a defector, and still working, not for CIA, but strictly independent. That would be since 1969 when I reached the age of eighteen (18), legal adulthood, and could be “officially” recruited.

Even before that, my training for intelligence work began at the age of three (3), in 1954. My father, a WWII veteran, a cryptographer (and what all else, I will probably never know) in Army Intelligence (G-2) instructed me in reading, writing, map reading, as well as various military-style drills and memory exercises. My life was co-opted by CIA (the “family business”), to be exploited for their ungodly agenda. But they never owned me, as they so arrogantly believed. They could not steal my soul, though they tried their damnedest; my soul belongs to God, always has, always will.

I left CIA (as a defector) in 1994, not an easy task to fight my way out, with no resources and no backup, and live to tell. Most important, this was by the grace of God; but I also had the training I needed to do just that –the best training money could buy, courtesy of the U.S. Government. It cost me blood, sweat and tears, in abundance, and the losses and damages I've sustained, in every area of my life, are beyond measure.

I've been driven to financial destitution, and at one point, homelessness (2013). I've had most of my property stolen or destroyed (one way or another); been driven from place to place, uprooted repeatedly so I could never have a stable home. I've had most of my family relationships sabotaged to the point of (seemingly) irreparable damages (though hope springs eternal in my heart; I love them all and always will...). 
I've sustained numerous physical injuries, the result of assaults with electronic anti-personnel weaponry, arranged car crashes (severe head injuries which permanently stole the vision in one of my eyes (1986), and caused severe spinal/neck injuries (1998), for which to date, I have never been able to get the regular ongoing medical care I needed, and which have now turned to permanent damages of severe osteoarthritis, causing constant pain, coupled with fibromyalgia (caused by the government's use of biological/chemical weapons, from which so many of my friends, ex-military/intelligence professionals, also suffer.) 
Then, there were the implants placed in my body, and the bionic “enhancement” technology (for which I still carry the scars and damages, outside and inside). And that's only the short list...

Oh, I forgot to mention the (additional) torture, including traumatic psychological abuses galore.

Then, there were (and are) the massive libel/slander campaigns, which effectively destroyed my good name, prevented me from renting a place to live, hiring an attorney, conducting necessary business, and made me a pariah, an outcast to be shunned, reviled, scoffed at, blacklisted, and which made me a Target of outrageous lies, gossip and rumors – only a small fraction of which you will hear about in this report. (If you doubt this claim, put my name in a search engine, and see the incoming tide of trash, calumny and utter nonsense. Which, by the way, will never be expunged, but will continue to float around the Internet, like so much recycled junk.) Try clearing your name, once it has been demolished in such a way.

These demonic bastards have driven me into dire poverty, caused severe and permanent disability, and destroyed every area of my life. They have made certain I could never get the help I needed, by spreading outrageous lies, by manipulating, bribing, or threatening/intimidating those who might otherwise have cared or helped.

Even in efforts to present the facts, so that others close to me (friends and family) might understand the truth, mostly I have been the recipient of judgment and criticism, not compassion or concern. Blaming the victim is easy, and convenient. It allows people to remain intellectually and spiritually complacent. Not changing their view of the world, to accommodate the truth.

Isolation, alienation, deprivation. Right out of the CIA Psy Ops manual. If you don't cooperate, if you refuse to go along with the program designed for your life, if you dissent, are defiant against control and tyranny, if you stand up in your own defense, or in defense of others, if you call the bastards out and take a stand against their evil...

They have gone for the slow kill, far more painful (and far less compassionate, if such a word could ever apply) than a good old fashioned executioner's bullet to the head.

And the one thing I want on the record is this: When I pass away, no matter the “obvious” or reported cause(s), it will be a direct result of the evildoers of the U.S. government, and their cradle to grave assaults.

I want it on the record that none of the false accusations against me were ever warranted, none of the disrespectful and callous treatment, were ever based on anything but ignorance, fear and the self-righteousness of those who lack any understanding of the truth of the government's grievous injustices against me, and the direct consequences I have suffered.

[Note: My best friend, Geral Sosbee, has documented in great detail, the persecution directed against him, since he was forced to resign from the FBI in 1978. In all my life, I have never known anyone whose case so closely parallels my own, and for the same basic reasons. For those (sadly, this includes most people I have ever known) who find it near impossible to comprehend that the government would be engaged in such massive evil against its own people, as I report, please see his website, Sosbee v. FBI for corroborative testimony and additional documented evidence. And for the record, we are not seeking sympathy. We are not seeking revenge. We are seeking justice.]

Since leaving CIA operations (1994), I've put my training to the best use I possibly could, and not to serve a corrupt agenda, for which it was certainly intended. Training in any field can be used for evil, or for the pursuit of justice. It only depends on the free will, character and decisions of the person(s) in question. That's why there will probably always be the good guys standing up against the bad guys, and never the twain shall meet, except in mortal combat.

There has never been any question in my mind (even as a child, when I resisted in every way I could) as to exactly what my intentions were: I was going to tell the truth about what the government was actually doing –or die trying. All the lies, the deception, the conspiracies, the plotting to control the populace, the atrocities, such as mind control programs, the eugenics agenda (also involving genocide); the exploitation of innocents (especially children and animals); the wars of aggression and conquest, where the young men and women of this nation are sent as cannon fodder to die for a lie, while the elite plutocrats laugh up their sleeves while raking in the spoils of these unjust (and undeclared by Congress) wars.

I don't exaggerate when I say that I believe this nation has become a hell on earth, at least for those who have been disenfranchised, oppressed, railroaded into prisons on false and wrongful charges, or had their lives hijacked by a government which is way out of line in their betrayal of, and tyranny against, its own people. This is not rhetoric, but a statement of fact. These grievous injustices and atrocities have happened to many people whom I have known personally, some my friends, colleagues and relatives.

What is the answer, what is the solution?

It is very simple, though so few seem to grasp it: Defend the God-given (natural), unalienable rights of the Individual, as protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. If you don't believe in God, or if you are “non-religious”, no matter. Call them “natural”, or “unalienable rights”.

But if you don't believe you have inherent rights, or, if you believe that rights are “issued” by the government, then you will live in a self-imposed state of slavery, you will never draw a breath in true freedom.

The true understanding of unalienable rights demands the practice of moral absolutes. Do the right thing, the ethical thing, the honorable thing. Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others, and equally important do NOT do unto others any offense, criminal or otherwise.

The scrupulous practice of moral absolutes rules out “moral relativism”, “situational ethics”, and “social engineering”. It rules out manipulation, deception and any form of aggression against others.

Defend these unalienable rights, as EQUAL RIGHTS, for all and sundry, AS INDIVIDUALS, not as “special rights” for those of any collective, gender, religion, ethnic origin, race, creed or other designated category of persons. Not the “universal declaration of human rights” of the globalist totalitarian United Nations, in which individual rights are subsumed by the collective –which means no rights at all, but rather slavery under a New World Order.

The Inviolability of Personhood, that is what I defend.

This one solid and irrefutable principle leaves no room for bigotry, racism, sexism (gender discrimination), child abuse, elder abuse, or any other “isms” or abuses. It leaves no room for hate of others, simply because they are different from ourselves. It leaves no room for unjust discrimination against others. It leaves no room for interference, manipulation, aggression, oppression or attempts at control over others. It leaves no room for tyranny, in any form.

Your unalienable rights as an individual are curtailed only as far as the point where you would infringe on the unalienable rights of another/others.

And if you don't respect the unalienable rights and liberties of others, as well as their privacy and personal boundaries (the Inviolability of Personhood), then nothing you can say or do will ever make one bit of difference, whatever your claims may be, to be promoting truth, liberty and justice. You will be part of the problem, never part of the solution. You will be an accessory to tyranny, rather than a warrior for Liberty.


All that being said, now let us take a look at just a small part of what has been directed at one person (Barbara Hartwell), by some of those who operate not out of the pursuit of truth, or of justice, or in defense of Liberty and unalienable rights, but rather out of the hypocritical and unscrupulous pursuit of self-aggrandizement, via aggression, self-serving ambition and opportunism, and infringement on the personal boundaries and rights of others.

I will start with the misrepresentation of a report written by Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee, titled: EXTREME PREJUDICE: The Government's War on American Whistleblowers (2).

I found this report posted on Howard Nema dot com. (2014)

"Category Archives: Project Mockingbird"

EXTREME PREJUDICE: The Government's War on American Whistleblowers (2)

First, it is important to say that posting my report on his website was against my clearly stated wishes, which had been made crystal clear since 2012 (in a public statement).

Secondly, note that Howard Nema (aka Nemaizer) has posted this report in a “category” where it does not belong: “Project Mockingbird”. The content of the report has nothing to do with Project Mockingbird (a CIA op).

But then, the worst offense follows. Howard Nema(izer) has placed my name and website in a fraudulent promotion, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”.

This promotion directly follows my report, and is a gross misrepresentation of the person, name and website of Barbara Hartwell.

Included in this list of so-called “trusted partners in truth” are Howard Nema himself, Janet Phelan (a left-wing agitator for global government and advocate of the U.N.) and Harry Link.

Aside from the very salient fact that I have never been a “partner” of anyone on this list, I had made it very clear to Howard Nema (since 2012), that I did NOT want my name ever promoted in connection with these individuals, nor on “Truth Broadcast Network” (a misnomer, if ever there was one), run by Harry Link (a person I do not know and have never had any contact with), an extremely aggressive and dishonorable individual, and a misogynist to boot, who promotes some of the worst liars and charlatans on the face of the earth. (Examples: Fritz Springmeier aka Arthur Alexander Jr. aka Victor Schoof; Alma Ott aka “True Ott”; Rima Laibow; Alex al, et al...) Howard Nema has frequently referred to Harry Link (on air and off), as “my brother”. Fine for him, they are birds of a feather, but he's no “brother: or “partner” of mine, any more than is Howard Nema.

Howard Nema's program, “Truth Talk News” (TRASH TALK NEWS) was affiliated and running (still is) on Harry Link's network, “Truth Broadcast Network” (TRASH BROADCAST NETWORK).

On December 15, 2014, I first made a public request, in response to this public posting by Howard Nema, politely and “with all due respect” that he REMOVE my name from this promotion, as it is fraudulent in nature, and exploiting and misrepresenting my name and website.

When two (2) months had passed and he had failed to remove the offensive material, my request turned to a demand, in February, 2015.

At that point, Nema aka Nemaizer chose to attack me in a public posting on his website, Howard Nema dot com, making false accusations against me, dragging in irrelevant issues, and arrogantly stating that he would not remove the offensive and fraudulent material. I refuted the lies of Howard Nemaizer, and made it clear that I would not tolerate the continued misrepresentation and exploitation of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nema, to date (September 2015), has chosen to totally disregard my requests, demands, and most recently (August 3, 2015) a formal warning to CEASE & DESIST using my name, in his misrepresentations and exploitation of a legitimate, bona fide government whistleblower and to REMOVE all such material from his websites.

I have covered these issues in detailed reports on this site, so there is no need for further elaboration. However, Howard Nema's exploitation and misrepresentation of the name of Barbara Hartwell did not stop there. While continuing to indiscriminately drop my name all over his websites (and in his video presentations), he posted articles written by him, which also are not factual or accurate, the subject being CIA operations.

As any genuine former intelligence professional who has gone public as a whistleblower might imagine, this has created a nightmare for me, having false information about me splashed all over the place, along with false information about CIA operations in general, and in specific cases. As if the situation were not already bad enough, with all the disinformation and black propaganda out on the Internet, directed against Barbara Hartwell.

Here are some brief quotes from Howard Nema's articles, which clearly show his lack of knowledge about the subject matter, which he presumes to promote as “truth”. Were he not using my name, on the same page, or in the same “categories” (which in fact do not apply), I would simply ignore him, as I do many others who display their ignorance by writing on subjects they know nothing about.

Nema's statements are in quotes, followed by my comments.

NEMA: “In 1973, CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of all documents pertaining to MK-Ultra. Due to the destruction of these records, it is difficult or impossible to perform additional research into MK-Ultra or the 150 individually funded sub-projects that operated under the MK-Ultra banner.”

First of all, though Helms issued a directive for the documents to be expunged, that was merely a token gesture for public consumption. The documents were not “destroyed”, as per Nema's claim, but are still in existence, as is all such “deep black” classified material.

There were 165 “official” sub-projects under MK Ultra (not 150), but even the remaining documents (those available to the public) would not provide sufficient information, especially to an amateur “researcher”. The only ways to find factual, accurate information about such a project, are to interview those who were actually involved (as perps, targets, victims, or those who otherwise had direct access to documents or related information); to conduct a thorough investigation (not some cursory research on the Internet), which would take years; to have been involved in some capacity, having direct personal knowledge and/or documentation.

NEMA: “In 1977, the Church Commission uncovered the many heinous and sadistic clandestine operations executed by the CIA such as Project MK ULTRA.”

The Church Committee (not “Commission”) was able to procure only a fraction of the documents related to these CIA operations. Those actually “exposed” were heavily redacted documents; there were selective omissions of others. The government (especially CIA) engages in lying as an occupational specialty. Does anyone really believe that they are going to tell the truth, and “expose” their own crimes? Not unless they are forced (one way or another) to make an admission; even then, the public will get only a fraction of the whole story, which will always be mixed with false information.

NEMA: “Both John Hinkley Jr. and Mark David Chapman were MK ULTRA assassins. Books, phrases and sounds are used as triggers in MK ULTRA mind control programming as in the case of Mark David Chapman, who sat down after shooting John Lennon outside the Dakota Apartments in NYC and began reading from a copy of the novel Catcher in the Rye.”
How could Howard Nema possibly know that Hinckley [accurate spelling] and Chapman were “MK Ultra assassins”? Yet he states this as if it were fact. Where is his evidence? Who/what are his sources? He doesn't name them. But this unwarranted conclusion (whether true or false) smacks of the charlatans like Fritz Springmeier, or Ken Adachi, who claim to be “experts” on CIA mind control, including MK Ultra. And how would Howard Nema know anything about the methodology, or the “triggers” of such a system? Only from what he has read or heard (including from dubious sources) and is simply parroting. 

This is what happens when amateur “researchers” have a “little knowledge”, or a “little learning”, which is a dangerous thing. They think they know far more than they do. Then, they make it public, which only clouds the issue for those who do seek truthful, factual information.

NEMA: “All of the drugs and environmental conditions forced upon Jonestown residents were also employed in the CIA’s notorious MK ULTRA program, which was implemented to test brainwashing and mind control techniques.”

Aside from parroting public sources (reliable or not), again, how does he know that these statements are true?

As for MK Ultra, no, not at all. The original purpose of MK Ultra was to “create the perfect spy”, during the Cold War era. To recruit children who could be trained and groomed to be exploited for the government's agenda. As for the “brainwashing and mind control techniques”, the testing of such preceded the actual implementation of the operations, by decades.

NEMA: “A 1974 government report admitted that certain “target populations” were used, namely blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, children, and inmates of psychiatric wards.”

Oh yes, another “government report”, making an admission. Which works well for the agenda of misdirecting attention to these so-called “target populations”. This also provides cover for the actual operations, which utilized carefully selected persons with the desired capabilities, talents and genetic makeup which were deemed suitable for the operations.

NEMA: “Which leads us to Auschwitz. Yes, Auschwitz. Auschwitz, after all, was not just a death camp: It was also a slave labor camp for Nazi military-industrial monolith I.G. Farben. There, the outcasts and refuse of society who no one cared about faced similar abuses, while an elite few profited from their misery.”

More dramatic rhetoric. But what does any of this have to do with MK Ultra? The atrocities perpetrated by Josef Mengele and other Nazi war criminals are directly related. But he is comparing the so-called “target populations” (which were not MK Ultra trainees for intelligence purposes) and the so-called “outcasts and refuse of society”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is important to recognize that CIA's recruits for MK Ultra were considered anything but “refuse and outcasts”. No, they were mostly the children (male and female) of CIA/military intel families, who considered themselves to come from “elite” bloodlines. This was part of the selective breeding and eugenics programs, by Nazis, and even prior to that, in the U.S. And which actually had been ongoing for hundreds of years, in Europe and Asia, via 'arranged' marriages in the 'blue' and 'royal' bloodlines.

NEMA: “The brains behind the Final Solution became the brains behind MK ULTRA. The MK stands for “Mind Kontrol” in German and “Mein Kampf”. After all, they are Nazi’s.”

The “MK” does not stand for “Mein Kampf”. How silly. And they are Nazis, NOT “Nazi's”. (Why do so many people use the possessive form instead of the noun? They add the apostrophe where it does not belong. Ignorance of basic use of the English language.)

NEMA: “In 1980, Ryan aide Joseph Holsinger received a paper entitled “The Penal Colony,” which explained that CIA MK ULTRA operations did not terminate in 1973, as officially proclaimed, but instead continued in public hospitals, prisons, and religious cults which were used as fronts. The program continues to this day as a Black Operations.”

Well, so what? Of course the operations continued, there has never been any question of that, long before 1980. But whether or not offshoots continued in these designated locations/venues, that does not mean that the original operations were not running in the channels where they began. I know this for a fact. I was there, and not in any prison, religious cult, or hospital. “a Black Operations”? Which is it, singular or plural?

NEMA: “PLEASE TAKE NOTE: John De Camp is a COINTELPRO operative, who steered attention away from Satanic Ritual abuse, the White House and the Bush Crime Family with the help of CIA Director William Colby.”

Now, this is a totally absurd statement. Does Howard Nema know John DeCamp? No. Does he know, or has he ever known, anyone who is a reliable source of information about John DeCamp, who would have led him to believe such a thing? Not to my knowledge, but then, I do know that Nema does not have the discretion or discernment required to separate fact from fallacy.

Again, he makes this statement AS IF it is a statement of fact, thus misleading the reader to take it at face value.

In fact, John DeCamp is not a COINTELPRO operative. He has never “steered attention away from Satanic Ritual Abuse, the White House and the Bush Crime Family”. On the contrary, DeCamp FOCUSED attention on these very issues, in collusion with the late COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson.

Former Senator DeCamp was involved in Operation Phoenix (also connected to CIA MK Ultra), and his “official” position was an “aide” to Bill Colby.

John DeCamp threatened to sue Barbara Hartwell (2005) after I exposed his involvement in child sex trafficking, which he claims to have “exposed” in his book, The Franklin Coverup, which was in actuality a double coverup, a coverup of a coverup.

How would Howard Nema know anything about John DeCamp, Bill Colby, or anyone else he talks about? Answer: He wouldn't, he doesn't. He is merely speculating. And he is arguing from ignorance.

And even if he is scavenging from my published material on John DeCamp, he has made false assumptions and drawn erroneous conclusions from what I have exposed, which was a result of a longterm investigation (since 1997 and ongoing), including testimony of reliable witnesses, documented evidence and admissions of collusion, including from Ted Gunderson himself.

Howard Nema does not know what he is talking about, and considering the fact that he is using MY name on the same page, with his uninformed speculation about CIA, MK Ultra, and other operations of which he knows nothing, he has shown himself to be nothing more than an aggressive busybody, a name dropper and gate-crasher, sticking his nose where it does not belong, and promoting false information which can only muddy the waters, for anyone reading what he promotes.

If he is so hell-bent on making a name for himself, by exploiting the names of legitimate people (like Barbara Hartwell), by misrepresenting them and any information available to him, to suit his own purposes, I can guarantee that his only audience will be some credulous rubes, eager to buy into any conspiracy theories which come down the pike, no matter how dubious the source.

And now, to more of the loud-mouthed individuals who don't know what they're talking about, this time in their libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell.


Some time back (2012), I was a guest on Howard Nema's program. The topic was “federal whistleblower” Stew Webb's outrageous slander of Barbara Hartwell, and his threats of a RICO lawsuit against me. (For which there were no grounds whatsoever.)

But first some background. Stew Webb had been libeling/slandering Barbara Hartwell since late 2005, when I broke off an association with him, for the same reasons I usually cut ties with a friend or colleague: Webb had overstepped his bounds, and began pressuring me to get involved in unscrupulous agenda politics. He actually expected me to promote bogus (forged) government documents; to back him up by promoting false, and sensationalist “news stories”, and to become a part of his campaign to promote Al Gore, as “the duly elected president”. (Barf bag alert!)

Stew had also, at that time, begun an association with Tom Heneghan, a political hack who touts himself as an “International Intelligence Expert”, and a former campaign manager for Al Gore. Heneghan approached me with all kinds of schemes, about a “whistleblower fund” for those of us who needed material support to continue our work; and even told me (along with others, such as my friend, 9/11 investigator Karl Schwarz) that he could offer “protection” via ex-military bodyguards, etc.

I never believed any of Heneghan's extravagant stories, and never at any time did I work with him. To me, he was just the friend of a friend (Stew Webb), whom I had no reason to consider credible or trustworthy. Heneghan clearly wanted me to believe he was acting under some sort of “federal” authority, intimating that he “carried a badge”. If he thought this would impress me, he was dead wrong. He seemed to me to be a garden variety con artist, whether he was a fed, or not.

I told Heneghan, in one of our few conversations (he always called me, not the other way around), point blank, that I do NOT support Al Gore, never had, and never will. I gave him my reasons (not necessary to repeat here), and that was that.

And I refused, on principle, to get involved in any way with Stew's misguided and dishonest schemes. In fact, I exposed the truth about what he and Heneghan were doing, and made it clear that I had no involvement in these shenanigans. 

I found this necessary also because my name had been linked with Stew Webb, as a “known associate”, since 2001, mostly in connection with investigations of FBI Chief Ted Gunderson (a former colleague of mine and Webb's), who had become a mutual adversary, and Gunderson's lackeys and minions, such as predicate felon/career criminal/fed snitch Timothy Patrick White, who made a deal with corrupt feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, in exchange for harassing, threatening, stalking, libeling and slandering Targets, such as Barbara Hartwell; and Brenda Negri, another criminal whackjob/psycho stalker, a woman posing as a male FBI agent. (You couldn't make this stuff up...but that's U.S. Government operations for you.)

Stew, rather than simply accept a parting of the ways, or “agreeing to disagree”, chose to attack me because he felt threatened by the fact that I would continue, as I have always done, to stick to the straight and narrow, in a pursuit of truth and justice, which of course included telling the truth about anything and everything which related to my association with him.

Webb and Heneghan then began to slander me on radio shows, including on 'Cloak and Dagger', hosted by Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall; and on the Hal Turner Network, the notorious fed snitch, bigot, racist, misogynist, etc. etc. where they had their own program. (What does that tell you about their choice of affiliations?)

In their sensationalist melodramas on radio, I was accused of being part of an “Israeli spy network”; of being a “fallen angel”; and of being a “CIA hit man”. Anyone who knows me would be laughing at the absurdity of these smears, but I wasn't about to stand by silently and let them get away with this.

On Stew Webb's “Halloween Special” (2012), he finally went off the deep end, and not only accused me once again of being a CIA hit man, but also ranting about how I am still “on the CIA payroll”, as confirmed by his “Intel sources”, and much, much more.

This show was hosted/produced by Glenn Canady, a recent sidekick and lackey of Stew Webb, whose goal in life seems to be nothing more than promoting Stew Webb, as a “Super Patriot”. Canady is also hell-bent on attacking and discrediting anyone and everyone who does not agree with Stew Webb, who declines Stew's aggressive approaches to talk show hosts to interview him, or who had exposed the truth about Webb's agenda politics, hoaxes and scams.

This broadcast, the so-called “Halloween Special”, was an act of extreme provocation. I wrote a series of new reports (to add to the previous detailed documentation on Webb and Heneghan, since 2005), and went on a number of radio shows (including Late Night in the Midlands, hosted by Michael Vara; The Insight Hour, hosted by Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, The Medical Conspiracy, hosted by Dr. Antonella Carpenter; and 'Truth Talk News', hosted by Howard Nema.


The following comments are taken from Howard Nema's You Tube channel, on which he posted the video of the program on the subject of Stew Webb's outrageous slander of Barbara Hartwell.

Here, you will find some of Glenn Canady's verbal assaults against Barbara Hartwell, along with those of a number of anonymous cowards, using silly screen names. As I've stated many times, anyone not using their real name has ZERO credibility in my book, no matter what they have to say. And of course, Glenn Canady, even using his real name, has no credibilty either. If you doubt this (assuming you are not a moron), read his comments and decide for yourself.

But first, I should make it clear that my longstanding policy is not to ever engage these fools in discussions or arguments. I don't post comments on public message boards. I don't go to the sites where such comments are likely to be posted, and don't go looking for them.

When I do happen to find such comments, I usually ignore them, except in cases where they are useful to address an issue. In such a case, I write a report which sets the record straight, refutes the lies and exposes the idiocy and malice of the commentators.

As for what is given here, I found these comments very recently, but they serve my purpose well.

I should say that Howard Nema was aware of my policy about public message boards, and that I made it clear to him from the time I first knew him that I did not want anyone speaking for me, or about me, in response to such comments. But apparently, Nema just couldn't restrain himself, and disregarded my clearly stated wishes (the same pattern of behavior which has continued to date). He appointed himself as an unwanted spokesperson, and although his comments here claim to be in my “defense”, he wasn't doing me any favors by mixing it up with these characters.

For the record, Howard Nema(izer) has no business speaking about me, and he most certainly does NOT speak FOR me.

My statements follow each of the comments by various persons. Where a silly screen name is given, I use ANONYMOUS COWARD for the author.

Please note that my comments are given, not as part of this exchange, but after the fact.


"Contact me through Youtube when you have the guts to put me on your show and call me a government shill when I have reached more people about the new world order than YOU! Hartwell took alien DNA into her body - the DNA of the fallen angels and you have let her lie about me and Stew and Heneghan. I DARE you to have me and Stew on your show just once and do a poll from ALL your fans and see who they believe - me and Stew or CIA stooge Hartwell. I DARE you! :)"


Well, how typical of this aggressive little stooge, Glenn Canady. He boasts that he has “reached more people about the New World Order” than Howard Nema, and clearly seems to believe that there is a popularity contest underway. Then, he segues into his false accusations against Barbara Hartwell (of whom he knows nothing), poisoning the well with his sensationalist bluster.

Canady says: “you have let her lie about me and Stew and Heneghan.” AS IF Howard Nema has any say, or any control over what I do? I've been saying the same things, consistently, for many years. Howard Nema was the host of a program on which I appeared, nothing more.

Now, Canady starts in again with his foolishness about a “poll”. According to Canady, the truth is determined not by its absolute value, but rather by “what people think”, and how many people think it. The truth is not a numbers game, nor does it change just because large numbers of people believe it, or disbelieve it. What unmitigated stupidity.

Canady's talk of “fans” is also revealing. Again, seeking “fans” (and thereby attention, approval and fame) is obviously his goal, not the truth, nor anything based on principle.


"LOL, I'm Glenn Canady, this Truth Talk News is desperate to attack Stew so they are traitors to the United States. Go to sw d com and see what US Intelligence says about Stew! They say his information was CRITICAL to them in figuring out some of the Illuminati families operating in the United States. Go see Stew's articles that he is writing now for US Intelligence that is helping to put NWO scum in prison. Meanwhile these frauds try to attack myself and Stew Webb. I have nothing to do with anything. I simply had a radio show that gave Stew a voice before he hooked up with the patriots at Stew has been fighting the NWO for 30 years and suffered greatly for it. Stew knows more about Hartwell and Gunderson than anybody commenting here because he worked with both of them for a while until he found out who they worked for. So if you want the truth go to who have the evidence needed to INDICT Illuminati member - Adelson who is a billionaire scumbag that bought both parties in the US. What has Hartwell done? Nothing! NO arrests, no indictments, nothing of value. That's how you judge somebody. VeteransToday and Stew Webb have put bad guys in PRISON!"


Again, Canady is placing emphasis on “Truth Talk News”, where it does not belong. Nobody (including Howard Nema) would have a reason to be “desperate to attack Stew Webb”. Nema doesn't even know Stew Webb. As for myself, all I have ever done is expose the truth and the facts (along with hard evidence), and respond, with righteous anger, to Webb's very real and very vicious attacks on Barbara Hartwell.

Now, Canady gets even more aggressive (and more idiotic) by his idea that anyone who might be against Stew Webb is a “traitor to the United States.” 

Who does he think Stew Webb is? The Grand Poobah of Patriotism? The Ultimate Yardstick by which Truth and Justice are measured? Anyone who does not agree with Stew Webb: Off with their heads! Execute them for High Treason!

I must say that Glenn Canady is one of the most stupid characters I have ever encountered. His aggression seems to be only superseded by his stupidity...or maybe it's the other way around. But whatever the case may be, ignorance, arrogance, aggression and stupidity are a very bad combination, and Canady exemplifies the worst of it.

Canady claims that Stew Webb is working for “US Intelligence”. This claim is vague, but even if he identified the persons/agency in question, what exactly does this mean? What is Canady trying to prove? There are no facts given, nor evidence to substantiate these claims. And why would anyone think that working for any intelligence agency would be something to boast about?

And who, exactly, among the purported “NWO scum”, has Stew Webb sent to prison? Tell us, Canady. Inquiring minds want to know.

"Stew knows more about Hartwell and Gunderson than anybody commenting here because he worked with both of them for a while until he found out who they worked for."

Really? Stew Webb, regardless of what he knows, has done nothing but fabricate outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, followed by threats of frivolous lawsuits. Stew knows damn well (and always has) that I am not on anyone's payroll, just as Gunderson knew it. But being the extremely aggressive and dishonest opportunist that he is, Stew would sell out anyone who he deems a threat to his self-serving ambition.

Canady then states that Stew “hooked up with the patriots at” ...

Oh yes, Gordon Duff et al, whom Glenn Canady praised to the skies, in typical obsequious fashion, bowing and scraping, that is, until Stew Webb was thrown off that network. Subsequently, Canady, like the foolish little parrot he is, attacked Veterans Today. Why? Because Stew Webb, the Great and Powerful Super Patriot, said so.

"What has Hartwell done? Nothing! NO arrests, no indictments, nothing of value. That's how you judge somebody. VeteransToday and Stew Webb have put bad guys in PRISON!"

How would Glenn Canady know anything at all about what I have done? He does not know me, nor is in possession of any factual information; only the slanderous falsehoods furnished by his idol, Stew Webb.

And if Canady wants to “judge somebody” by whether they have been arrested, gone to prison, or been indicted, then he is certainly free to his opinions, stupid as they may be.

And again, who are these “bad guys”, whom Stew Webb and Veterans Today have allegedly put in prison?

I'm very sure I would have heard about this, had it actually happened.

NEMA (responding to Canady):

"All I did was respond to yours and Stew's attacks on Barbara Hartwell. THis is not about fans, or reaching more people, it is about sharing truth. Barbara Hartwell is a close personal friend and she has NOT been injected with alien DNA, This kind of irrational debate only serves to confuse the truth and discredits everything and everyone, including yourselves. That is the essence of COINTELPRO,by design or by chance. If you are not aware."


First of all, at the time in question, I had known Howard Nema only a few months. And although I considered him a “friend”, his claim of being a “close personal friend” is not true, at least not on my part. And why would he think he had the right to speak for me, stating his opinions about an issue he knew nothing about?

As far as I know, Howard Nema's “little knowledge” about COINTELPRO came from what he had read of my work, and what I had exposed on radio shows, including his own. If he wants to get involved in a debate with the likes of Canady, that's his choice, but he should have left my name out of it, as per my wishes.


"there are a lot of stooges, and stooges exposing other stooges. so many of the people who supposedly expose MK Ultra are stooges living very long lives like Ted Gunderson. some claim to be Ex-CIA or are Ex-FBI, which in itself is pretty fishy.... ex? no they are all bickery around with each other like Hartwell and Webb and Gunderson. what we need are people investigating these supposed victims stories, and confirming them... basic fact checking and credibility checking."


What is the meaning of this nonsense? I can only surmise that this character uses the word “stooges” because that is the term Glenn Canady slings around, parroted from his mentor, Stew Webb.

Now, some idiot uses my name, clearly not knowing anything about me, but just feels compelled to add his/her two cents of meaningless gibberish.

Fact checking and credibility checking? By whom? The likes of YOU?


"I have the evidence that Alex Jones has lied and censored and I have presented that evidence and have far more people voting that I'm right - something is fishy when you censor the best cancer doctor in the world - Dr. Coldwell and Stew Webb - Federal Whistleblower who has done a hell of a lot more than me or you could ever do to this country. Stew has information on Hartwell so since you gave somebody still on Gov payroll access then why don't you give me and Stew time to rebut ???"


Now Canady brings up Alex Jones, boasting that he “has the evidence”. Some background here is definitely in order. This goes back to the time when I was a guest on Late Night in the Midlands, hosted by Michael Vara. At the time, Canady was a co-host with Michael.

There were three guests on the program that night. Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. The topic was COINTELPRO.

Len, Sherri and I exposed Alex Jones on that program (which I had been doing for well over a decade, based on my direct personal/professional knowledge, experience and expertise.) But Glenn Canady did not like that, no indeed. In his gross ignorance, he was a staunch (and very vociferous) supporter of Jones, even going so far as to admonish those who did NOT buy into what Alex Jones is peddling.

Canady waited until Horowitz, Kane and I went off the air, and then launched into a tirade against Horowitz, Kane and Hartwell, in attempts to discredit us, simply because we had expressed an unfavorable view of Alex Jones. Who are these people, anyway?, Canady ranted. And the insults went on...after all, we had dared to tell the truth about Canady's (then) Hero of the Day, Alex Jones.

It was only when, shortly thereafter, Canady became the new sidekick (and lackey) of Stew Webb (his new Hero), that he changed his mind, with a vengeance. Since that time, he loudly proclaims that HE is the authority on Alex Jones. HE has the evidence. HE KNOWS THE TRUTH.

"I have presented that evidence and have far more people voting that I'm right."

Again, Canady thinks that this is a competition, a popularity contest. AS IF Alex Jones hadn't been thoroughly exposed already, by legitimate people? No, HE, GLENN CANADY, wants to take the credit for other people's hard-won knowledge and efforts.

Yes indeed, Glenn Canady KNOWS THE TRUTH. People are taking notice. They are “voting” for him in his crusade for TRUTH.

Just like he “knew the truth” about Tom Heneghan (whom Webb later dumped, and Canady followed along, little parrot and toady that he is). Just like he “knew the truth” about Gordon Duff and “the patriots at Veterans Today”. The ones “putting the bad guys in prison”. That is, until VT dumped Stew Webb. Suddenly, Gordon Duff is now a bad guy, too.

Where will it end? Will Glenn Canady ever know the truth? Doubtful, as long as he continues his idol worship of, and blind loyalty to Super Patriot Stew Webb.

Canady claims that Barbara Hartwell is on the “Gov payroll”. Just another outrageous lie from Stew Webb.


"PITIFUL Cointelpro is alive & well. He Said She Said drive-by insults, put-downs & disinfo distraction, self-righteous outraged indignation makes for terrible Truthspeaking, it hurts everyones reputation & credibility just as Deep State managers cleverly intend. Does Webb's malicious character assassination of Hartwell mean his 'other' targets Alex Jones & Ted Gunderson are actually legitimate & genuine Truthspeak Warriors? Anyone calling out shills should be direct & succinct, not go on & on."


It might help if this person could write a sentence in English. Other than that, I don't see the point, aside from the obvious fact that he/she knows nothing about COINTELPRO.


"whe cant tell any lies hes said. shes a fuckin lier herself. if they were lies they would be removed from his website as slander. stupid bitch"


It's hard to make heads or tails of this piece of gibberish. But I thought it would help to show the level of “intellect” of these commentators. Good luck with'll need it.


"lol, what a joke. Barbara Hartwell works for the CIA Stew Webb is a Super Patriot. How sick are those that are so foolish that they support the CIA shills
character, cause none of em seem capable of telling who's who?? idiots.. and how exactly do all these pathological miscreants keep convincing the next dupe to host them, when all the last lot who swallowed their tripe are all now on their radars for being COINTELPRO???"


For the record, I have never had to “convince” any talk show host to have me as a guest on any program. As with all others, just as with this particular program, I was INVITED. I know that's a hard concept for you to understand, Canady, being that you and Stew Webb are a pair of bulldozing gate-crashers. People who use this tactic of extreme aggression are generally unwanted as guests. So they use pressure and try to force their way in.

And by the way, Canady, what you know about COINTELPRO wouldn't fill a thimble, you little squawking parrot. Why don't you do the world a favor, and just sit down and shut up? Your efforts at selling snake oil haven't been successful. Go back to selling your car wax, that's about all you're qualified for.


"Stew Webb is totally legit, keep listening to these disinfo stooges that's r paid to tell us the wrong thing. These ppl are assholes w no credibility, stew webb might be the most credible American when it comes to this. Wise up & break off from these crumbs that tell us the wrong thing"


Well, finally someone using a real name. But that won't do him much good, considering the content of his message. Just another belligerent ignoramus, mouthing off, about issues and persons of which he clearly knows nothing.


"Really? Legit. Barbara Hartwell is an alien? P-lease --Hey, MIke, would you like to pay me, since I have to sell my house to survive no thanks to you or the gov't you asshole.. FUck you, you stupid drone. You wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the face. Do some research you wet behind the ears motherfucker!"


Now, it might become obvious why I do not want anyone (including those who claim to be my friends) discussing me with this gaggle of morons on a public message board.

Howard Nema, saying he has to sell his house to survive, and blaming this guy he probably doesn't even know? What does that have to do with the subject matter? Nothing whatsoever.

And he thinks this emotionally-driven outburst, filled with F-bombs, will do anything but make him look like a fool? It certainly does nothing for me but make it seem that my “supporters” are whackjobs.


"I risk my life spreading the truth about cancer cures, God and a lot of other things such as the Bush's satanic activities a story that we broke and then went Viral. Jones censored all of this. I praise Jones for his work but I don't let anybody lie to the truth movement or censor when MY life is one the line here. So if you call me a shill or Stew a shill and allow somebody to lie then YOU deserve to let Stew and I speak! Let the people vote with thumbs down if they believe Hartwell over us"


Could he possibly get any more absurd in his claims? Risking his life? What could Canady possibly know about cancer cures that would make anyone want to kill him?

As for his claims of risking his life for “God”, he's really over the top. If he were even a genuine Christian, as he claims, he would not be behaving in such a blatantly unChristian manner. He would not be bearing false witness, but would be seeking God's truth. And he sure as hell would not be an aggressive busybody and gate-crasher, sticking his nose where it does not belong, talking about people and subjects of which he is woefully ignorant. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil....

The old story about the Bush Crime Family's satanic what? As if Stew Webb had not been promoting that old “news” for decades? Glenn Canady thinks HE “broke” that story, and takes credit for it?

Canady behaves like a delusional ego-driven narcissist, not a Christian.

Again, Canady cares not for truth, but for the “vote”. Worried that Hartwell will be believed over his Hero, Super Patriot Stew Webb. Heaven forbid.


"Again equal time is all I'm asking - you said I was a shill here along with Stew and Tom so give the other side and let the PEOPLE decide if they want to listen to CIA that told Stew she was injected in Alien "Fallen Angel" DNA. That's what Stew says not me! I don't care about Hartwell she gets no attention compared to Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan who are Patriots! Give us equal time and let the people vote - put up a graphic at beginning - thumbs up for Glenn and Stew or thumbs down!"


How much more ludicrous can it get? For the record: I have never told Stew Webb that I was “injected with Alien 'Fallen Angel' DNA”. Canady rants on about this, parroting this idiocy, because Stew cannot come up with anything truthful to say against me.

Here is a great example of poisoning the well: Don't believe anything Hartwell says! She is a FALLEN ANGEL!!! Evil Incarnate!!! BEWARE!

Then, he says:

"I don't care about Hartwell she gets no attention compared to Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan who are Patriots!"

Well then, if he doesn't care about Hartwell, WHY IN HELL is he spending so much time with his idiotic rants against me? Why bother?

And for Canady's edification (were that possible) I am not seeking “attention”. Unlike Canady and Webb, who will break down doors to get it, any way they can, from anyone they can, no matter who gets trampled in the process.

How utterly shameful and pathetic.


"ha ha ha lol... fu*kin christian conspiracy whack jobs!! Hartwell, Webb and most of em are full of it.. they all throw out platitudes of having the documentation and evidence and NEVER show it? So Webb/Hartwell initiated some court cases! wow, the charges were nonsense and thrown out, thats not evidence. they all supported each other when attacking others like Ted Gundersson, and now he's gone, they all eat each other?? For such proclaimed super investigators, they have a useless sense of..."


For the record, I have never, at any time, filed any court case(s) with Stew Webb. He didn't hesitate to put my name on a plaintiff's list, though –without my permission or knowledge. He did the same to a number of others (ex-military/intelligence), who were not happy about it.

So here's another loud-mouthed fool, arguing from ignorance and poisoning the well.

And speaking for myself, I have plenty of evidence, some of which has been published on my website. But I would not expect a person of this ilk to bother looking for it.


"LOL, I see you are shilling for CIA asset Barbara Hartwell who admitted to Stew Webb she was injected with Fallen Angel DNA! Stew Webb has been completely vindicated by US Intel over at VeteransToday com that say everything he told them about the Bush/Millman/Mizel crime syndicate was true! You will go down as one of the FEW traitors that continued to lie about Stew Webb! Congrats your'e a stooge for Gov and don't even know it!"


Why does Canady keep repeating the same idiocy? Fallen angels. Veterans Today. Stew Webb. US Intel. More talk of stooges and traitors. And more exclamation points!!!!!! In case we didn't get it the first time...


"Glenn you are a liar and a SHILL!  The absolute opposite is true STEW WEBB is the stooge and anyone who listens to his cointelpro attacks against Barbara Hartwell is being terribly deceived, as you are aware, GLenn. STEW WEBB IS A LIAR! Exposed by my friend, Barbara Hartwell, who is former CIA and the most attacked whistleblower by cointelpro. For those who wish to know the truth: Read Barbara's blog. Stew Webb's lies and insanity is exposed there: Google Barbara Hartwell vs CIA"


To be fair, at the time of this writing, I don't think Howard Nema meant any harm. But, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.... the point is, he had no business disregarding my clearly stated wishes about discussing me on a public message board.

Unfortunately, since that time, by his words and actions, he has shown himself (in many ways) to be lacking in discretion, honor and integrity, and, like some of the others exposed here (Stew Webb, Glenn Canady) it is clear that his ideas of “truth” leave much to be desired.

People who are operating on what they think they know, and pretending to know more than they do, are seeking public attention. It is more often the rule than the exception.

All I can say is that I've had enough of all of them, especially when they are misrepresenting and exploiting MY name, for whatever their agenda.

I know one thing: If that agenda were really “truth”, they would be a lot more prudent before going out into a public forum and shouting from the rooftops that THEY KNOW THE TRUTH.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival

Not a Fallen Angel

Not on the CIA Payroll

Nobody's Fool

September 9, 2015

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA