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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

THE SHADOW KNOWS: Former FBI & CIA Counterintelligence Experts on Celebrity Super Spook Ted (The Gun) Gunderson (3)

Rhetorical invocations of Nazi evil aside, Gunderson could be found at a 2006 historical revisionist/Holocaust denier conference for the American Free Press/Barnes Review. A post-conference report describes the wine & cheese social where their “old friend” Ted was in attendance, as well as a “Mr. Theo Junker […] former member of the Wiking division of the S.S. who,” the author of the report gushes, “courageously opened a Museum in Wisconsin dedicated to the memory of Adolf Hitler. It was indeed one of the highlights of the conference meeting this courageous patriot who continues to fight the good fight well into his 80’s. God bless you, Herr Junker!”

Defending the FBI’s use of Civil Liberty violating investigation techniques, such as wiretapping, mail opening, and surreptitious entries, he [Gunderson] would claim, “When we had the counterintelligence effort called Cointelpro going in the ‘50s and ‘60s, [these methods] helped break the backs of people dropping bombs everywhere and wrecking millions of dollars worth of property. Extreme tactics were needed if we were to stop them.”

--On Ted Gunderson, excerpts from Death of a Public Paranoid

"If Satan himself, with all of his super-human genius and diabolical ingenuity at his command, had tried to create a permanent disintegration and force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews."

Willis Carto, Editor of American Free Press

The American Free Press (AFP) is a publication launched by Willis Carto, who previously published Spotlight magazine through his now-defunct Liberty Lobby, an organization which worked with racist segregationists and neo-Nazi holocaust deniers. AFP was launched by Carto in August 2001 following the court-ordered closure of Spotlight. Many of the staff of Spotlight continued on with American Free Press.

Carto continues to publish deceptive materials in which history is treated as a huge Jewish conspiracy. During the war with Iraq, for example, his Barnes Review attempted to exploit anti-war sentiment by publishing fake whistleblower memos on media bias in the Iraq war, which cast the Iraq war as a conspiracy by "Jews who run the media and government."


From The Barnes Review (published by American Free Press):

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize

“If anyone deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, it was Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not want war. World War II was forced on Germany.”


Banner on Rense dot com, published by Jeff Rense, longtime promoter of Ted Gunderson (April 2015)

Excerpts from Hartwell reports:
Ted Gunderson is not only acknowledged in many public articles as "AFP correspondent", but his name appears on the paper's hardcopy masthead in an official capacity.

Longtime Gunderson crony (and Jew-hater) Anthony Hilder, has also been a "correspondent" for AFP.

The Spotlight magazine (which has since become the American Free Press) claims Gunderson as a CEO (or something along those lines). But that fact is not promoted; nor do most of the readers know that COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson is responsible for much of the disinformation disseminated in the newspaper.

Personally, I don't read it, and never have done. But I have looked through copies, left with me by friends who thought it was a respectable newspaper. And although I tried to persuade them otherwise, they didn't listen and continued to subscribe.

What I find most disturbing about American Free Press (formerly Spotlight) is the Jew-bashing that is the trademark of the paper. I am no supporter of Zionism, nor the ADL. I also hate the political atrocities committed by Mossad and the Zionist state of Israel.

(Just like I hate the political atrocities committed by FBI, CIA and the U.S. Government.)

But I do not approve of any sort of generic hatred and demonizing of Jews; nor can I condone the holocaust deniers who claim that the Jews were never persecuted; and who try to minimize the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Ted Gunderson, when I was still his friend and colleague, tried to get me involved with the Spotlight (run by Mike Blair) and Free World Alliance (Anthony Hilder), but I refused. And I did see, firsthand, the type of propaganda pieces which Gunderson considered “news stories”.

"I can also understand your sudden determination to distance yourself from Timothy Patrick White, and aversion to posting substantive responses to my previous request to you to “come clean” in-so-far-as your ties to Gunderson, White, Millar, Szymanski, Nicoloff, and Phelps.
You have all published e-mails and articles referencing your similarly racist ideologies, that appear to originate with Mr. Phelps, best explaining your group’s “anti-Khazar”, “anti-Zionist,” and widely perceived to be “anti-Jewish,” rantings. Since you are only one member of this obviously well-organized and outspoken libel and harassment team, you are unable to provide the relief necessary to remedy much of anything, since everything published is already archived and circulated in the public domain.
FYI, all such attacks against Sherri Kane and myself are transparent and stupid, far more degrading to you, than me. You and your allies’ allegations... [are] ludicrous, especially considering the weight of evidence being advanced to your disadvantage.

Every reasonably intelligent reader of your team’s libelous propaganda can only conclude your evasion of Ted Gunderson’s handwritten letter to Barbara Hartwell, and other substantive material facts as stated above, indicts you and undermines any good you think you are doing, offensively or defensively."

--Dr. Leonard Horowitz, to Alma Ott aka “Dr. A. True Ott”, Gunderson crony, white supremacist, Jew-hater extraordinaire

Stop hating. Stop judging. Stop discriminating.”

Dave Champion, host of Dave Champion's Liberty

Please read PARTS ONE and TWO before continuing. They are parts of a whole and not meant to stand alone.

In PART THREE of the series, I will cover the topic of racism, bigotry and white supremacism, which has become alarmingly prevalent among those who call themselves “patriots” and “truth tellers”.

Some of the characters named here have been operating in a loose-knit network, for a number of years, but have one commonality: They were under the tutelage or influence (one way or another) of the late FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, the COINTELPRO Kingpin who worked directly under J. Edgar Hoover, from the inception of the FBI's primary counterintelligence operations, targeting American citizens as dissidents, deemed enemies of the state.

These “enemies” came from across a broad spectrum of political and/or religious ideologies, and included the Black Panther Party, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., members of militia groups, American Indians (Leonard Peltier et al), Constitutionalists, animal rights name it, they infiltrated, disrupted, sabotaged, spread propaganda, with the objective being to “neutralize” their Targets.

I find it important to state that many of the individuals and groups exposed here have self-identified as Christians. But what kind of “Christian”? 

Some call themselves “White Nationalists”. Some have joined a group called “Christian Identity”. Some are members of “Aryan Nations”, or Neo-Nazis, who promote Adolf Hitler as a great leader, and can be heard on “patriot” radio shows, spouting passages from Mein Kampf. 

And some are just hidebound fundamentalist religious zealots who, in my opinion, have no clue as to the genuine message contained in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They desecrate Christ's message for self-serving ends, and as far as I am concerned they “are of their father, the devil”.

Be that as it may, I think it's safe to say that, whatever belief system they have adopted, most of them bear a very real hatred against “The Jews”. They are Holocaust-deniers, or as some describe themselves, “historical revisionists”.

Many among the Jew-hater mentality will stand in staunch defense of Ted Gunderson, claiming that their adversaries are CIA, FBI, Mossad, or “crypto-Jews”, Zionists, etc. etc. I myself have been on the receiving end of these libelous falsehoods for many years, simply for exposing the rampant hatred and bigotry and taking a stand against it.

So let me state for the record that I adhere to none of these ideologies, nor do I support any such groups or organizations. Very simply, I defend the principle of God-given (natural) unalienable INDIVIDUAL rights for all and sundry. Equal rights for all, special rights for none.

And although I am a devout Christian, I have never attempted to impose my beliefs on others. On the contrary, I respect the right of others to believe as they will, as long as their beliefs do not compel them to infringe on the rights of others, mine included.

In PART TWO of this report, I had placed the spotlight on a man calling himself “Jim How”. And though he himself is not well-known, but just one of numerous loud-mouthed parrots of the “legitimacy” of Ted Gunderson, his mentality certainly exemplifies the bigotry which runs rampant in the siege on the unalienable rights and liberties of the Individual.

After writing the last report, I did some further research on this character, Jim How. As painful as it was (I find stupidity excruciating), I forced myself to watch a few more of his (thankfully, short) videos.

I was not surprised when I learned that he is using a pseudonym. It seems that Jim labors under some serious paranoia, in his belief that the government is “out to get him” for his “truth telling”, as he described it in more than one of his wild-eyed video rants.

But I'd rather let Jim speak for himself.

Here are two promotions on Jim's You Tube channel.

"I discuss the "real" causes of the world's problems and "real" solutions. The problem is religion. All religions have flaws and the flaws of religion are the causes of most of the evil in the world. The problem is most people cannot think outside of the box and cannot see how their religion is causing problems. I am not perfect, I have many flaws but I am one of the very few who can think outside of the box and lead others to truth. Now, its just a matter of convincing people and getting them to change their behavior."

 "I am not fancy I just put out the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am conspiracy researcher. I attempt to go deeper than anyone else, I peal the union to its core. If I make a mistake (not as a rule) I attempt to set the record straight. Few have delved as deep on these subjects. If you want to "know" this is the place. If you don't want to know go back to the united press."

I think Jim meant to say “peel the onion”, but “peal the union” is close enough, I guess, for a functionally illiterate “conspiracy researcher”.
Jim talks about “getting people to change their behavior”. By what means? By filling their ears with Jim's conspiracy theories? By getting them to stop “demonizing Nazis”? (See PART TWO.) By “educating” them with his videos? Small wonder then, that he is promoted by Ken Adachi, on his disinformation site, 'Educate Yourself', (otherwise known as “Indoctrinate Yourself”).
And it seems to me that Jim's boast of being one of only a few who can “think outside the box” (can there be a more trite phrase?), is rather a function of the pathology whereby his thinking has actually been reduced to a tiny corner of a very small box, from which he will not be able to free himself unless he recognizes that he has been heavily indoctrinated by the very system he claims to be “exposing”.
I don't want to waste too much time on this paranoid conspiracy theorist, and quoting further from him is really too much to bear, so here are just a couple of titles from Jim's video collection on his You Tube channel.
"Stupid Goyim, Stupider Jews"
"Race mixing doesn't work"
If the titles don't speak for themselves, go right ahead and watch them. Personally, I've subjected myself to all I can take of Jim How, the anonymous coward and bigot, and his paranoid fantasies.
But before moving along, here comes Ken Adachi (another coward using a pseudonym), the primary PR shill for Ted L. Gunderson and his crew of liars, toadies, stooges and minions.
Ken Adachi posted the video (featured in PART TWO of this report) in which Jim How “defended Ted”. Here is Adachi's comment:
"I could keep going down the list, but one guy on Youtube (further below) did a fair job of defending Ted against most of the idiotic accusations invented by Stew Webb."

A fair job? Adachi, as usual, lies. Go to PART TWO of this report to see my rebuttal, or better yet, watch the video and decide for yourself.

Speaking of “idiotic accusations”, I repeat: go to Ken Adachi's website, “Educate-Yourself”, see the idiot Jim How in action, on video, which includes Jim's falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell (accusations of fabricating/forgery of a letter from Ted Gunderson to me), whom he is too cowardly to call by name.

Then, there are the comments, posted on this issue. Here, a sample.

Jeneane Zant:

"Not sure if I trust that Barbara Hartwell person. Look at her bio on that website. Claims to be a former member of the CIA, Black-Ops surivor, now she's a big Christian "exposing" lies of the government? I don't know if there's any "illuminati" crap on her blog, but if there isn't then I guess I would trust her more than Ted Gunderson."

Well, why would anyone have reason to “trust” a person she does not know? And what is a “big Christian”? I've been a Christian all my life, and never made claims to be any “bigger” than anyone else.

The ignorance here is so very typical. She admits she does not know what is on my website (like the possibility of “illuminati crap”?) Why doesn't she take the time to read it, and come to her own conclusions? Because she is apparently not capable of critical thinking or analysis, she lets others decide what she will believe, and seems to think she has to “take a side”, of “trusting” either Barbara Hartwell or Ted Gunderson. More unadulterated stupidity, to rival even the likes of Jim How.

Anonymous Coward:

"That "educate-yourself" site that Emcada linked me to tries to "expose" her [Barbara Hartwell] as a "CIA disinfo agent" and defends Gunderson. Although that educate yourself site is full of alot of crazy stuff. Are there any links that can confirm Gunderson's condition besides that blog? I wouldn't trust her either, but Ted Gunderson being mentally unwell is fairly common knowledge, it was just the first place I could find to show the details."

Again, the issue of “trust” is raised. By my standards, trust is earned, not given blindly to any stranger who publishes on the Internet. And for the record, I have not focused on Ted Gunderson's “mental” issues. No, that is Stew Webb, who claims Ted was a “paranoid schizophrenic”. I don't know if that is true, I have no evidence of that, and have not commented on it, so I have no idea what “details” are referenced here. But naturally, the rumors have been running wild, about things I never said, issues I have not addressed.

But speaking of Stew Webb, a longtime adversary of Ted Gunderson, he too displays an appalling level of bigotry. As I remember, it started during the time when Stew and Tom Heneghan had a radio show on the Hal Turner Network. (See reports on this site for details on FBI snitch, racist/bigot Hal Turner.)

Just recently, I listened to one of Stew's radio shows, now being aired on “Veterans Truth Network”. On this particular program (April 2015) the topic was “Gordon Duff Roast”.

Stew Webb started this new network after his affiliation with 'Veterans Today', run by Gordon Duff, went bad. On the program with Stew were a few of the former 'columnists' and radio hosts of VT.

I won't bother going into the whole Gordon Duff extravaganza.
But it does amaze me that anyone could be taken in by this absolutely flagrant con man and propagandist. Duff himself has publicly admitted to being a liar, to promoting “40% patently false information on his website, and this was years ago, while Stew Webb was still affiliated with VT. It didn't bother him then, so why the change of heart?

But here's my point. The former staff members of Veterans Today (including one Dean Henderson, one Bruce Campbell, one Donald Fox, and one Jim Fetzer) all had a profusion of anti-Jewish comments to offer. One said he didn't trust Gordon Duff (get this) “because he is a Jew.” Another (or maybe it was the same guy) gave quotes from Mein Kampf, in support of the ideology of Adolf Hitler.

There was more...but this statement, intoned after a weighty silence among the broadcasters, summed it up: “We have a Jewish problem.”

So, it's not so much that Gordon Duff is a liar, a con man, propagandist, or any other such attribute. No, it is “a Jewish Problem”. Gordon Duff is a Jew. Case closed.

Stew Webb declared that he had been “duped” by Gordon Duff, whose real name he claimed is Bob Foote. Stew went on to tell his audience (and his ex-VT comrades) that he had only been “duped” three (3) times in his life. The con men who duped him were: 1) Ted Gunderson 2) Tom Heneghan 3) Gordon Duff.

I almost fell off my chair laughing at this ridiculous statement. I happen to know that there were many more than the three individuals mentioned by Stew Webb.

For one, an FBI agent named Mark Hostlaw. When I first knew Stew (2001), he was involved with Hostlaw, whom he spoke with on a regular basis. I told Stew that Hostlaw was not a “friend” and not to be trusted, mark my words. I myself wanted nothing to do with Hostlaw, and made that clear. Stew continued to harangue me about Hostlaw, claiming he was trustworthy and “one of the good guys”.

Stew wouldn't listen to me, and clearly had no respect for my wishes regarding my refusal to have dealings with Hostlaw. He even went so far as to make a conference call with Hostlaw, without my consent, while I was on the line talking to Stew.

(Stew made a habit of this. He would just start punching numbers in, and suddenly, what I thought was a private conversation turned into a party line, with people I did not know, and had no interest in speaking with. This aggressive behavior, lacking all respect for the wishes and personal boundaries of others, was typical of Stew's M.O. Still is...)

As for Hostlaw, once he came on the line I had nothing to say, except within a few moments, Goodbye. This, after I was subjected to Hostlaw's thinly veiled snide remarks about me – he knew who I was, not because of an unwanted “introduction” by Stew Webb, but by virtue of the fact that I was one of the Targets of FBI Division 5 out of Denver, where Hostlaw (former NSA, then FBI...but who's counting?) ran his operations.

And by the way, Hostlaw was one of the agents with whom career criminal/predicate felon, notorious fed snitch, Tim White, made a deal for a get-out-of-jail-free card, in exchange for harassing, threatening, stalking, libeling/slandering Targets, including former intelligence professionals/whistleblowers, journalists.

Shortly thereafter, Stew went ballistic when he finally realized that Hostlaw was exactly who I said he was, a government goon, when he discovered that Hostlaw had tried to set him up in a murder-for-hire plot.

Damn! You were right about Hostlaw! Sonofabitch! Damn!

(I don't criticize Stew for his language, which was a lot more, let us say... “colorful”, as I can curse up a storm as well as anyone. I just try to avoid such language in my public reports.)

Then , there was some crazy preacher (I don't remember his name) whom Stew swore was for real, a “prophet”. I told Stew that this guy was no Christian, but rather an imposter, and that he would try to harm Stew, given the chance.

Sure enough, Stew came back from a 'prayer meeting' with the guy after I had practically begged him not to go (I feared for his safety), and told me, You were right about the guy. Damn!

I don't remember now exactly what happened, but Stew became violently ill after the meeting and vowed never to have anything to do with this character again.

And so it went....time after time, Stew would get involved with extremely unreliable persons (some predatory and dangerous), all with their own agendas, none of which had anything to do with Stew Webb's stated objectives of standing against corruption in government, or defending the rights and liberties under assault by the government.

As for Tom Heneghan, why would Stew continue to work with Heneghan for at least SEVEN YEARS (2005-2012) before he saw the light? He may have been duped, but he was sure as hell a willing and eager participant in all of Heneghan's wild schemes, scams and hoaxes. I don't believe Stew Webb to be that stupid. In fact, not stupid at all. But definitely very misguided, lacking in discernment, and unprincipled.

His alliance with Tom Heneghan was the beginning of the end of my association with Stew Webb. Very simply, I refuse to get involved with liars, con men and shills, nor to associate with anyone (friend or not) who teams up with them. For this reason, I have lost many friends over the years, people I truly cared for (including Stew Webb) and it has been heartbreaking. But as always, it is a matter of principle.

But back to the issue of the “Jewish problem”. Around 2012, Stew began an association with yet another extremely aggressive, ambitious and dishonest character, Glenn Canady, who has served as Stew's minion ever since.

Canady promotes Stew Webb as if he and his “patriotism” were the saving grace of America. Anything Stew says, Canady parrots, and then spreads all over the Internet on social media sites, while also indiscriminately attacking anyone who does not agree with Stew Webb's political agenda, which of course changes every few months, not on principle, but to accommodate “what the market will bear”.

It's all about the publicity, it's all about the money that can be extracted from “patriots” who are gullible enough to buy into the various schemes touted , which will “save America”.

Canady, unsurprisingly, is a salesman, who promotes his get-rich-quick schemes and “guerilla marketing” (I teach Patriots to make up to $10,000 a month! Call me! I will help you!) on all his sites and on the radio broadcasts on his You Tube channel.

(Question: If Canady is so flush with cash, why doesn't he himself contribute to Stew Webb's fundraising drives to Save America? Considering that he is broadcasting out of his mother's basement, what overhead could he possibly have to worry about?)

Canady too, boasts of being a Christian and claims he is “risking his life” with his evangelism.

Here is just one example of Canady's “godly” messages.

Glenn Canady:
"Trust No One that doesn't talk about the fake Jews. If they don't they are an agent of these fake Jews and are there to waste your time, take your money and make sure you never learn the shocking truth. They will blame everybody but the fake Jew zionists. They'll blame it all on the "Democrats", "Progressives", "Globalists", "Liberals", or the "Bilderbergs". We must all learn more about these fake Jews and the lies we've been told as Christians.
Shame on all of you supporting those not discussing the fake jews while you let the patriots putting out the truth on them struggle to pay the bills to host the network! All of you doing this will be guilty of being a traitor to humanity if we do end up in the fake Jew FEMA camps because you supported their fake jew mouth pieces so the truth couldn't go viral!"

Could this guy be any more ridiculous (or obnoxious) in his exhortations? According to this parading buffoon, anyone who does not talk about the “fake jew zionists” is one of their “agents”.

That would be millions upon millions of people, wouldn't it? Where are all these agents? Where do they live? And why don't we hear anything from them? Because, according to Canady, they are not talking.

The “patriots putting out the truth” about the Jews (those on “Veterans Truth Network”, hosted by none other than “federal whistleblower” Stew Webb) are struggling to pay the bills! YOU are guilty of being a TRAITOR to humanity if you don't SEND MONEY NOW!!!!

The exact same idiocy, the same hype, was being promoted by Glenn Canady about Gordon Duff (a multi-millionaire) and Veterans Today (another motley crew of Jew-haters), that is, until Stew Webb left that network.

But there's more...

Another promotion of Stew Webb et al by Glenn Canady, this one about Ted Gunderson. This was posted on the New Age/government disinfo site, Rumor Mill News, by one of the morons using the screen name “Lymerick”. (Whoever it is often posts such idiocy from Glenn Canady and his ilk.)

This FBI Cointelpro Agent Fooled Entire Alternative Media and YOU!


"These are two very important interviews that shatter the myth and completely expose the king troll of the FBI COINTELPRO program who infiltrated the entire alternative media and fooled almost everybody including me at one point or another! When I first woke up I saw this man give a talk in Pensacola, Florida. He said he was a “retired” FBI agent and he was now exposing the “truth” but as you’ll now see, he was actually an Illuminati demon in disguise! He was gathering information from whistleblowers and having them arrested or neutralized in one way or another! You’re going to hear the shocking confessions of this Illuminati agent’s wife, Bruce Campbell and Stew Webb in the interviews below."

Oddly enough, Canady does not even call Gunderson by name, though he makes many accusations, none of which are supported by evidence.

"I’m not going to name this man in the article because I’ve discovered that certain names set off the censoring algorithms in social media and this story must go viral so just listen! I guarantee that you’ve NEVER heard any of this information before....!"

How presumptuous. The “information” in the interview (I listened to it) was old news, which I'm sure many people have heard before. Not only that, but some of the information was that which I myself had exposed (in my written reports and on radio) more than a decade ago.

Shocking confessions! Illuminati demons! All this, from someone who did not even know Ted Gunderson, and has never been involved in any way with the issues/events he thinks he is “exposing”. More hype, more exclamation points (!!!)

But remember the bottom line: In order to be enlightened by this shocking truth, YOU, who have been fooled by Ted Gunderson, MUST SEND MONEY to support these courageous patriots, letting you in on THE TRUTH you can't possibly get anywhere else!

Glenn Canady, presumptuous fool that he is, automatically projects his own ignorance and gullibility on anyone and everyone reading his messages. How could he possibly know how many people have been “fooled” by Ted Gunderson? Why does he assume that EVERYONE falls into the same category?

Stupidity, plain and simple.


Orion Talk Radio extends its remorse over unexpected and regretful incidents of anti-Semitic hate speech that went out over our station air waves and wrongly conveyed that all people of Jewish ancestry and religion are evil or bad. To be fair, commenting about Zionism and the Israeli government are one thing, but to claim that all Jews are bad is an extreme far right viewpoint that has no place in the media, and most especially not on Orion Talk Radio.

We fully support the right to free speech, but we also understand that free speech does not sanction or support the right to hate speech, that which denigrates an entire ethnic culture, or singles out those of a specific color or religious affiliation. A precious, hallowed right such as the first amendment was never intended to be used for hate speech, nor to target specific groups by ethnicity or color.

Let us be public and perfectly clear on this divisive issue: Orion Talk Radio does not condone ideology such as this and has already taken internal steps to remedy the issue, implementing policy within to ensure that such an incident doesn't happen again, by setting procedures in place that allow for immediate dismissal upon violation of said policy.

NOTICE on Orion Talk Radio

This policy was implemented on Orion after a few of the talk show hosts started spewing hate, mostly against “The Jews”, and promoting Nazi ideology and the “merits” of Adolf Hitler.

(At the time I was co-hosting a program, The Medical Conspiracy, broadcast on Orion by Dr. Antonella Carpenter, so I was acutely aware of the controversy.)

Two of the hosts whom many people (including me) considered offensive were Dr. Rebecca Carley and Maggie Roddin. I have commented extensively on these individuals in previous reports on this site, so I won't elaborate here.

But I will address the notice posted on Maggie Roddin's website, “The Unsolicited Opinion”.


These “labels” are used in an attempt to silence people to prevent you from hearing what they have to say: racist, hater, bigot, anti-Semite, White supremacist, homophobe, xenophobe, NaziwhowantstokillsixmillionJews and conspiracy theorist.

Don’t fall for it. Open your ears and eyes. I offer people the opportunity to be heard. I don’t censor people, that’s what Marxists do.


Truth is not racist.

Facts are not hate. Facts are facts.

There is NO such thing as hate speech.


Now, my analysis of Roddin's statements, in what I find to be a very typical use of slogans in defense of what, in my opinion, is indefensible, namely racism and bigotry.

I will start with Roddin's assertion about censorship. I have seen this claim numerous times by persons of Roddin's ilk. They insist that they are being “censored” (a case in point being Orion Talk Radio), if the owners of the station decide that they do not want to support the type of ideology or viewpoints promoted by the likes of Maggie Roddin.

The owners and administrators of any private enterprise (such as a radio station) have the right to decide what type of content they will, and will not, broadcast. It is, quite simply, an executive decision.

Most radio stations (including Orion) have sponsors who advertise their products or services, which is where the money to run the station comes from. How many sponsors (unless they are selling swastika banners, jack boots or swagger sticks) would want to advertise on a station on which the hosts are Nazi zealots, white supremacists, spewing hate and bigotry?

For example, were I the owner of a radio station (or other media outlet), I would have the right to decide what my enterprise stands for. I would have the right to promote the ideas, principles, viewpoints which best serve the purposes of the enterprise. I would have the right to decide which talk hosts, or writers, would best represent the entity I have worked to create. For me (and I'm sure for many others, including Orion) it would be a matter of principle.

Would I hire someone like Maggie Roddin? Hell, no!

Why would I be willing to give such a person a platform, when her ideology goes against everything I believe in, everything I stand for? Why would I allow my hard-earned money or other resources to be used for such a purpose? The very idea is not only appalling, but ludicrous.

And the same goes for any persons who produce radio/TV shows, or are editors of a publication. They, and they alone, have the right to decide what will –and what will not-- be a part of their enterprise. It is THEIR MONEY and THEIR TIME, to be used as they see fit.

There are a plethora of radio networks and publications that DO seek out such persons (bigots, racists, Nazis, KKK, etc.) and welcome them with open arms. What is to stop Maggie Roddin from broadcasting her views on these networks? As far as I can see, only her total lack of talent and professionalism, which is a separate issue altogether.

Nonetheless, she is still free to promote her viewpoints on her own website, or anywhere else, among those who share them, or to get into arguments, debates or shouting matches with those who do not share her views, assuming they are willing.

Roddin claims that using the “labels” such as bigot, racist, white supremacist, etc. is employed as a tactic to “silence” people.

Certainly not in the vast majority of cases I have ever seen. When I use these “labels”, I use them because they are accurate descriptors. When I see (or hear) someone (like good ol' Jim) saying “race mixing doesn't work”, I will call that person a racist, because that is what he so obviously IS.

When I heard Maggie Roddin, on a radio show, boasting, “I call a spic a spic!” (her actual quote), I will call her a bigot, because that is what she so obviously IS. When I hear her praising Adolf Hitler, I will call her, at the very least, a Nazi sympathizer.

Speaking for myself, though I am outraged at such bigotry, I have never tried to “silence” anyone by calling them what they are: racist, bigot, white supremacist, etc. No, on the contrary, I support their unalienable RIGHT to free speech, as protected under the Constitution.

Not only that, but I find it important to know what they are saying. I take the time to listen to what they are saying, to analyze their viewpoints. How else could I possibly attempt to refute them, or take a public stand against them, if I refuse to listen to them? Were they silenced, I would have no such opportunity.

To attempt to “silence” them would not only be counterproductive, but hypocritical. They have the same right to speak as anyone else, and I respect that right, regardless of whether or not I respect them as persons.

Roddin states: “I don't censor people, that's what Marxists do.”

So, not only is she accusing those of us who call them as we see them (racist, bigot, white supremacist, etc. etc.) of “censoring” her and her ilk, she is suggesting that it is the Marxists who are responsible for such “censorship”.

I have news for Maggie Roddin and her cohorts: I have a loathing for Marxism, just as I have a loathing of Nazi ideology. They are really two sides of the same coin, or two wings on the same bird of prey. 

Both attempt to control others, to oppress others, to infringe on the unalienable rights of others. Neither of them have any respect for the Inviolability of Personhood, which means the EQUAL rights of all and sundry as INDIVIDUALS.

My objective is not to silence them, but to EXPOSE them and their evil, to rip away the cloak of false “righteousness” under which they operate.

Roddin parrots one of the stupidest slogans I have ever heard, used frequently by those whose agenda is to propagandize for bigotry and hate:


Such a statement defies logic. “Truth” is a concept, a description of objective reality, not a sentient being, not a person. How can a concept be capable of “fear”, which can only be described as a feeling, an emotion, or a perception?

It might be logical to say that a person who is telling the truth does not fear examination of that truth, with the qualifier of “in certain cases, not all cases.”

That would depend on who is doing the examining. What about the Inquistion? What about CIA's so-called “enhanced interrogation” (torture)? What about the Crusades of the Catholic Church? What about the person falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, wrongfully prosecuted and/or convicted in a court of law? What about the genuine whistleblowers right here in America, who are persecuted by the government for telling the truth, from direct personal knowledge, about crimes and corruption?

I can't count the times when I had every reason to be fearful that I would be assaulted (in one way or another), tortured, or even killed, simply for telling the truth. I'm certain that many others would stand in agreement with me.

Will that stop me (or certain others) from telling the truth? No, but it does not mean that we pretend there is no fear of “examination” of that truth. Just look at WHO is doing the examination, and the answer is clear for any reasonable person to see.

For Roddin to say that “there is no such thing as hate speech” is beyond preposterous.

Free speech means exactly that. Free speech, a constitutionally protected right, would certainly include any form of expression, including that based on “hate”. (As well as speech based on ignorance, delusions, arrogance, insanity, foolishness or stupidity.)

However, there are unlawful forms of “speech”, such as, shouting FIRE! in a crowded theater. Such as making threats to do bodily harm, or kill someone. Inciting violence and terrorism is another unlawful form of “speech”. Which sometimes includes certain forms of “hate speech”.

I vehemently disagree with any government criminalizing “hate speech”. That is tyranny, no doubt about it. It is a grievous violation of one of the most fundamental unalienable rights.

Who is to decide what constitutes “hate speech”? Who would have the discretionary power, and under what authority?

The fact of the matter is that “hate speech” does indeed exist. Most of the time it falls into the category of lawful “free speech”. But does that mean that those of us who find racism, bigotry, any form of supremacism (by ethnicity, race, gender, religion) appalling should just sit back and allow it to go unchallenged?

In most cases it is not a matter of “law”, but rather of a moral imperative. Those who truly advocate Liberty, equal unalienable rights for all, AS INDIVIDUALS, must also exercise our right to free speech, with the purpose of exposing and denouncing the attitudes which lead to the perpetuation of hate, racism and bigotry. If we don't do it, who will?

If we fail to confront the evils of hate and bigotry, then we are to be held accountable for allowing them to flourish unchallenged.


Who is responsible for allowing hate, bigotry and unjust discrimination to grow and flourish? Not only those who publicly promote such ideology and attitudes, but each and every individual who supports them, who enables them, or who fails to stand up against them.

Here, some examples. Let's start with the aforementioned American Free Press. I have known a number of people who paid for subscriptions to this newspaper, and even purchased additional subscriptions for others.

Even when I explained, in great detail, who runs the publication (including the late Ted Gunderson, Willis Carto et al), what they stand for, and furnished evidence to support my statements, they chose not to listen, and said things like, Well, they have SOME good information.

They seemed not to understand that by sending money to this publication, for a subscription, they were aiding and abetting the very ideology, attitudes and propaganda which any freedom-loving person would be standing up against. What is the value of “some good information” (assuming it is even factual) when weighed against the vile propaganda which serves to indoctrinate the readers with falsehoods?

The money paid for subscriptions also funds the conferences, such as the Holocaust denier/historical revisionist event, in 2006, where Ted Gunderson (and Nazis) made an appearance. Yes, they have the right to hold such gatherings. But do you want to be involved, by providing the money to make it happen?

Then, there are the radio talk hosts who regularly and consistently promote racist ideology, and who blame “The Jews” for every evil on the face of the earth. Some (like American Free Press) boldly promote a show of support for Adolf Hitler.

The person who comes immediately to mind is Jeff Rense (Rense dot com). Rense, one of the most well-known talk hosts, considered a “celebrity” by many people in the so-called “patriot” circles, was first known for his programs on UFOs and other related subjects.

I have known quite a few people (mostly researchers and journalists), over a time period of almost three decades, who have appeared as guests on Rense's show. Some were legitimate, others were not. 

Among those individuals, most of those whom I once considered friends, are former friends. Not because they appeared on Rense's show, but because they were willing to go along with the propaganda in order to get the publicity, which was clearly more important than integrity, honor or truth. Speaking for myself, I take friendship seriously, and won't have “friends” who are trafficking with the enemy, especially out of a lack of integrity.

Rense has consistently advocated and promoted Ted Gunderson, and has never, to my knowledge, spoken a word publicly against him. Even when Rense was confronted with the truth about Ted Gunderson, along with evidence, he refused to acknowledge it.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who had been a personal friend of Jeff Rense (and appeared as a guest on his program), for more than a decade, had been told by Rense that he could not address these issues, out of some sort of “fear” of the consequences.

Dr. Horowitz (who had also considered Ted Gunderson a “friend”, until he learned the truth that he himself had been targeted by COINTELPRO), expressed his outrage about Rense's obvious reasons for sticking with the Gunderson party line. Rense chose to end his longtime association with Horowitz, rather than “make waves” which might threaten his ensconced position, his obviously vested interests, which certainly were not in service to any kind of truth.

Rense regularly promotes guests who denounce “the Jews”, some of whom also share Rense's admiration of Adolf Hitler.

Ask yourself, what kind of person would be celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hilter? Rense does, openly and brazenly, including with a picture of a cake in Hitler's honor. He also promotes the artwork of Adolf Hitler, collections of paintings on his website. Why?

I find it difficult to listen to Rense, and don't do so often, for the same basic reasons I don't like to listen to Maggie Roddin, Jim How, or others who claim that people like me are “demonizing Nazis”.

Frankly, they make me sick.

But Rense, unlike Jim How or Maggie Roddin, is not stupid, crude or unprofessional. He is a very polished and eloquent speaker. Which makes him all the more dangerous as he promotes anti-Jewish propaganda. I've often heard him calling Jews, “the tribe”, with a derogatory sneer in his inflection. He also tries to correct his guests, if they mention “Nazis”, by saying, “Let's call them Germans.”

Strange, why not call them what they actually are: Nazis. If you want to speak on behalf of the political ideology, why not call it what it actually is?

Rense dot com offers a regular radio program hosted by David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon. Duke, too, is educated and polished, and has a talent for drawing in his audience with his smooth-talking rhetoric. Duke is a politician with an agenda, not a defender of Liberty or unalienable rights.

Duke, who identifies himself as a Christian, is a white separatist (who insists he is not a “white supremacist”), who claims he supports the rights of all people. But clearly, he is a racist, who is trying, via his propaganda, to stop certain people from exercising the right to freedom of association, especially marriage (and breeding), with certain other people.

Why is it that so many people can't seem to perceive the obvious truth, that Rense, Duke and their colleagues, like Texe Marrs (another regular guest on Rense's show), who runs a “Christian” ministry, are weaving a web of deception with their propaganda, and drawing in more and more people, in support for their agenda?

(I remember, back in the days when I first started publishing my reports on the Internet, I would receive, by post, copies of the Texe Marrs newsletter, connected to his “ministry”. I had never asked for these newsletters and had no interest in them. Yet they continued to arrive, month after month. Why was my name added to this mailing list?

After seeing what the agenda was –lurid propaganda against “The Jews”, I started using the publication as kindling in my fireplace –just as I would use the copies of American Free Press which were sent to me, unsolicited, even after I had made it crystal clear that I did not want them.)

Again, as with American Free Press, I've known people who have paid to subscribe to Rense's radio archives, which are not free.

When I've asked them why they would provide material support for Rense, they have replied, saying things like, Oh, well, So-and-So is a regular guest on Rense and I want to hear her. Or, It's only a few dollars a month....

Have they considered what, exactly, it is that they are paying to support? They are providing sustenance for the dissemination of bigotry, racism, and hatred of “The Jews”.

The same holds true for those who support other talk show hosts, such as Deanna Spingola, another rabid Jew-hater and adoring fan of Adolf Hitler.

I've known people who have appointed themselves as unwanted “matchmakers”, contacting some of these hosts, with the idea that Barbara Hartwell might be a guest on their programs.

I have no interest in having dealings with these people, nor engaging them in discussions, arguments or debates. If I have something to say about them, I write a report, or say it on a radio program. 

And if I had any interest in contacting them (I don't) I would have done so myself.

Even when I have tried to explain my position, or point out that someone like Spingola, for example, is a Nazi pimp, they will say something like, Well, I think she's of German extraction....

So what? That means she would, simply by virtue of her bloodline, want to be an advocate of Nazis? What the hell?

What disturbs me most of all is that many people are being bamboozled, hoodwinked, deceived, led astray by these propagandists, these wolves in sheep's clothing, these racists and bigots, simply because they have failed to exercise their capacity for critical thinking, and seem to be ruled by their emotions, reacting to the sensationalist, fear-mongering rhetoric, rather than employing reason or the most basic discernment.

I don't expect them to agree with me, or to change their position based on what I say. I can only offer them truthful information, and explain that my position is based on principle. I can hope that they will see the truth, but I won't try to force it on them.

If they wish to continue supporting people who promote bigotry and racism, using the money they have provided, or via disseminating their propaganda, that is their choice.

However, so many of them seem to feel compelled to put pressure on me, trying to get me to compromise my principles to accommodate the ideology of the propagandists, even after I have clearly stated that for me, the issue is non-negotiable. My position is not based on emotion, ignorance, or lack of information, but on many years of research, investigations, and direct personal knowledge. But most importantly, on the principles I uphold. And so, sadly, one friendship after another has come to an end.


In June of this year, Dave Champion hosted what he said was the “final” Dave Champion TV show. I first heard Dave's radio program in 2010, which later became a TV show.

I immediately became a “fan” (a term I don't usually like or use, except in rare cases), and have listened to the show ever since.

Dave Champion is also the author of INCOME TAX Shattering the Myths, the best book by far I have ever read on the subject.

But the most important attribute about Dave Champion that made me a fan is his no-nonsense, uncompromising stand for Liberty.

Many people talk long and loud about Liberty, especially citing all the infringements of rights committed by the government. But all too many of them refuse to respect the very same unalienable rights of others that they so vociferously demand for themselves.

Rather than seeing the fundamental truth that unalienable rights are for all and sundry, for each individual, they compartmentalize rights into categories: black rights, white rights, women's rights, men's rights, gay rights, elder's rights, rights of the disabled, religious rights, secular rights...(fill in the blank...)

In the “final” TV program, Dave gives a presentation of which the theme is this: Stop hating. Stop judging. Stop discriminating. It is a message about the injustice of bigotry, that such attitudes are antithetical to Liberty.

I won't try to paraphrase his message further, because that's not my place. Instead I would ask my readers to watch the program. (Link provided below.) For those of my regular readers who do find value in the reports published here, I believe that you will greatly appreciate the work of Dave Champion.

I will say that I am in wholehearted agreement with Dave's message, that I believe it is based on many years of hard won knowledge via his research/investigations, personal/professional experience, critical thinking, reason and principle. It is a message filled with honor and integrity, as well as the most profound spirit of Liberty.

It is the same basic message that I have sought to deliver for many years, and although each person who has an understanding of the principles of Liberty may have his/her own way of expressing it, and although we may not agree on every single issue, it encompasses the same basic truth.

Unalienable rights for one and all. The same rights, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof). Equal rights for all, special rights for none.


This report began with an examination of the counterintelligence operations run by FBI Chief Ted Gunderson and continued with testimony from former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, whose career was sabotaged by J. Edgar Hoover, Ted Gunderson and their cronies, and who has endured relentless persecution ever since, all for standing up for Liberty, for honoring his oath to defend the Constitution, for defending the unalienable rights of all, as protected under the Constitution.

Geral Sosbee's detailed and extensive documentation of government persecution, and the neutralization campaign against him, is by far the most comprehensive and credible I have ever seen. And because I have been priviliged to be his friend for nearly a decade and a half, I have also been privy to much of the unpublished documentation in our personal conversations. I know his testimony to be truthful. I myself have become a witness to many of the atrocities, the torture, the relentless assaults.

I have direct personal knowledge, as does Geral Sosbee, of every issue addressed in this report. This report has not been based on speculation, or theories, but rather on real events, real persons, identified and quoted, using their own words.

As for Ted Gunderson, though he has been a focal point of this report, what I find most important are the issues themselves, and how the beliefs and attitudes of the citizens of this country have been influenced by propaganda generated by the government, most specifically the FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA and other agencies, which rather than serve the interests of We the People (protecting our unalienable rights, defending our Liberty, pursuing justice), have rather served an agenda of control, manipulation and ultimately, tyranny.

The government, rather than being the servant of the people, as a sovereign Constitutional Republic, with the “consent of the governed”, has become a behemoth, an institution in which individual liberties and unalienable rights are cast aside, in favor of a collectivist global totalitarian state.

The endless wars declared by the government, the “war on poverty”, the “war on drugs”, the “war on terrorism”, are in reality one (undeclared) war: The war on We the People.

The government in fact drives the people into poverty, pushes drugs on the population (drugs for arms operations), and makes enemies around the world via their wars of aggression, conquest and nation building.

Then, they call other nations “terrorists”, when in fact they may be only defending themselves against invasion and corporate imperialism fomented by the U.S. Government and its accomplices in the United Nations. The U.N., which masquerades as promoting peace, justice and universal human rights, all the while working for a One World Totalitarian government, which accords no respect whatsoever for the unalienable rights of the Individual, which are subsumed by the purported “rights” of the collective.

Here is the problem. It is those who refuse to respect the Inviolability of Personhood, the unalienable rights of the Individual, but instead throw their support, their resources, their hearts and minds, into agenda politics of one variety or another, especially an agenda which serves only a designated group of persons, or excludes any designated group of persons, by race, by ethnicity, by gender, by religion (or lack thereof).

We who are true and uncompromising advocates of Liberty, shown by our actions, rather than by cheap and easy rhetoric and empty slogans, have a duty to hold them accountable (individually and collectively) for the injustices, the abuses of authority, the grievous wrongs which would threaten the unalienable rights of one and all.

Do you love Liberty? Then defend it for everyone. Every single person, one by one. Stop the aggression. Stop the hate. Stop the bigotry. Stop demanding rights for yourself, while denying those same equal rights for others.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 7, 2015

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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA