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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America (4)


You hate and punish evil without respect of persons in this world and the next.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Prayer from Prison

You love goodness and reward it on this earth with a clear conscience, and, in the world to come with a crown of righteousness.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Prayer from Prison

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Thomas Jefferson

Please read PARTS ONE, TWO & THREE before continuing with PART FOUR of this report. They are parts of a whole and not meant to stand alone.

Here is the final segment of this report. In PART FOUR I will cover more on the tactics of persecution used by the government in a neutralization campaign.

I will also cover the disrespectful and sometimes callous ways in which a targeted whistleblower is all too often treated by the persons associated with him/her, including friends, family and professional colleagues.

But first, more on the government's harassment tactics against former FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

On February 9, 2015, Geral Sosbee sent the following letter to the Inspector and Chief Counsel of the U.S. Postal Service. It is self-explanatory.

1) Chief Counsel

2) Inspector

U.S. Postal Service

475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW

Washington D.C. 20260-1135

Re:1) FOIA No. 2015-FPIS-00106

2) Corruption in USPI office

For over 15 years the US Postal Inspector has falsified records, covered up postal crimes committed against me by the fbi and (more recently) harassed me in my home by a fraudulent investigation of a crime committed by the fbi whose agents and operatives also planted my name at the scene of the alleged crime.

For background see:

I demand an investigation into the apparent many crimes committed against me by employees of the USPI office. Specifically, see Trey Knipfing’s phony and illegal intrusion into my home and his refusal to release the report to me following my several inquiries since 2013.



It is interesting that at the very time Geral Sosbee was at the library, writing the letter to the U.S. Postal Service, government operatives were breaking into his car, in the library parking lot.

That morning Geral had received a notice that a package had been delivered. The post office was closed for lunch, so Geral placed the notice on the front passenger seat of his car, before entering the library, planning to pick up the package when the post office reopened.

The package was sent from New York State. I know this because I was the one who sent it. Government spies knew that too. They'd been listening to our phone calls (as always), when I'd told Geral to expect the package on February 9. They also knew what items were in the package, which even Geral did not know.

How did the operatives know the contents of the package? It was because I'd had another conversation some weeks prior with another individual, arranging for an item to be sent to me, which I would later send to Geral. (They were listening in, as usual...)

When Geral got back to his car, planning to return to the post office to pick up the package, the notice was gone. The operatives had followed Geral Sosbee to the library, and while he was inside, writing his letter to the U.S. Postal Service, they stole the postal notice, committing one of the very crimes about which he was making a formal complaint. How's that for a coincidence?

As those of us targeted for these tactics can attest, such “coincidences” abound, and are often of the most blatant (and ironic) nature. But we ceased believing in “coincidence”, at least of a random nature, long ago. In fact, I've never known anyone who has been involved in the intelligence community who doesn't agree. “Coincidences” are planned events, part of a larger picture in which orchestrated events unfold.

There is also the fact that our adversaries love to throw their dirty deeds in our faces. They enjoy entertaining themselves with the hardships and sufferings of their quarry, while howling with laughter and high-fiving each other, fist-bumping, gloating and smirking, mocking and scorning. Something like the Roman Coliseum of bygone days. The fact that their idea of “entertainment” is harassing, torturing and otherwise doing grievous harm to innocent people leaves no doubt as to the depth and breadth of their evil.

(Note: Geral uses library computers because the government operatives destroyed two computers he owned, and he couldn't afford to keep replacing them. Just one of their tactics to make it more difficult for him to write and post his reports exposing their crimes and corruption.)

I received a phone call from Geral right after the incident occurred. As I explained to him, I wasn't surprised. I was expecting something like this. 

I have had my mail intercepted, opened, tampered with and/or stolen, whether I was the sender or recipient. On certain occasions, the contents of a package sent to me had been damaged, or totally ruined. This had been happening to me for many years.

And in the days when I received donations, in most cases there was no way to know if a donation had been sent –but not received. Unless the sender, being someone I knew, had told me to expect something in the mail.

Most of the donors were strangers from the general public. In such cases where my mail was stolen, I would never even know it had been sent, but the sender would reasonably assume I had received it, when in fact I had not.

How much money (most often hard-earned), intended as donations, was stolen in this manner? How many kind notes of support, which accompanied the donations? I will never know. I only know how I suffered in poverty, which could have been to some extent relieved by those donations.

(And how many autographed books written by my fellow whistleblowers? There was a time when I received those too.)

And I hate to think of all the generous people who may have tried to help, who wanted to support my work, and to whom I would have sent a thank you note, had I actually received their donations or other gifts.

Stealing my mail served multiple purposes, aside from ensuring that I would continue to live in poverty. It had been my experience that donors would often make repeated donations, as their finances permitted. But if they didn't know for sure that I had received the donation? Or, since they never received a thank you note from me, they assumed their contribution was not needed or appreciated? Unlikely they would send anything more, and with good reason.

And so I may also have been deprived of friendships that might have been developed with like-minded people. That is the last thing the perps would want --and which they will use all in their arsenal of dirty tricks to prevent from happening. They want to keep the Target isolated, alienated from all who might care or help, and deprived of all they need to survive.

Tampering with the U.S. Mail is a felony crime. But why would these government perps care anything about the law? They're above the law –or so they think.

And they will do anything and everything in their power to make damn certain sure that I will continue to live in poverty, so that just a struggle for basic survival must be the priority. So that there is hardly time, or resources, for anything else –especially exposing the truth about the criminals who run the government.

Getting back to the package I sent to Geral. These saboteurs give special attention to any communications between Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee, being that we have been high-profile Targets of their counterintelligence operations for many years –decades now, and no end in sight...

There were two items in the package: One was a piece of artwork I had made as a gift for Geral and his wife. The other was a Bible, inscribed with his name.

No secret 'eyes only' documents. No coded messages. Nothing that could have possibly been of the slightest value in their campaign against Sosbee and Hartwell.

Now, consider this: Why would the FBI be concerned about two completely benign items, sent by one friend to another, a piece of artwork and a Bible?

They wouldn't be concerned in the slightest. The purpose of their theft of the postal notice was simply to send this message: We are watching you. We are ON THE CASE. We know everything you are doing. And we will lose not the smallest opportunity to harass you and make your life ever more difficult in any way we can. WE ARE THE FBI.


In PARTS, ONE, TWO and THREE of this series, we exposed several of the stalkers sicced on Barbara Hartwell and/or Geral Sosbee, some going back as far as 2001.

(See previous segments for more detail and mug shots.)

Just a reminder:

Timothy Patrick White (aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski): predicate felon, career criminal, fed snitch, public menace, made a deal for a get-out-of-jail free card with corrupt feds in Denver, Colorado, in exchange for stalking, harassing, threatening, libeling/slandering Targets.

Brenda Negri: fed snitch, impersonated a federal agent (male FBI agent named Richard Wade). Briefly employed (2002) as a low-level baggage screener at LAX, TSA; terminated for cause, after her fraudulent/criminal activities were exposed by Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Brendan Fahey (uses more aliases and screen names than you could shake a stick at): fed snitch, blackmailer, identity thief, forger, malicious pathological liar extraordinaire. Past history: low-level flunkey for CIA-connected operatives, such as General John K. Singlaub and former senator John Decamp (Operations Phoenix & Gladio).

These loathsome characters, “coincidentally”, are all G-MAN wannabes, with no training or experience in intelligence work. They are merely poseurs, government stooges with an axe to grind, pretending to be what they are not, while focusing their malice on legitimate persons such as Sosbee and Hartwell, whom they hate and envy, with a vengeance.

Worse, they are sex perverts/predators (including targeting children), as well as being involved in heavy drug abuse, (in certain cases, trafficking). They have all made death threats against Barbara Hartwell, which were reported repeatedly to police and FBI –who did absolutely nothing to stop these perps in their crimes (including felonies) against persons.

And all have stalked designated government Targets, fabricated outrageous, libelous falsehoods about Targets, disseminated widely as massive libel/slander campaigns. All have been engaged in monstrous violations of privacy against Targets, including publishing UNLISTED, PRIVATE street addresses, in conjunction with soliciting crimes against Targets at their homes, by like-minded lowlife criminals.

(Which in my case resulted in thousands of $ in losses via theft & vandalism at my home in Maine.)

What's more, all these perps (and their partners in crime) have been in collusion in assaults on Targets. All were connected to the late FBI chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson cabal, which continues to wreak havoc on the lives of Targets, though Gunderson has passed away. All have been heavily promoted and supported by another criminal perp, Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), a scamster and con artist who served as the primary PR shill for Gunderson and his cronies. (Including but not limited to Anthony Hilder, John Decamp, Doug Millar, Alma Ott aka “True” Ott, James Rothstein, Don Stacey, Pam Schuffert, et al, et al, et al...)

And let's not forget the Beast of the Brownsville Library, a “large, ugly, foul looking beast”, a perp who stalked Sosbee not only in Brownsville, but at other locations, and who assaulted him in his home with toxic fumes (which required medical attention), when she was planted by the feds in an apartment next door. And as we speak, this vile perp is still on the case. Still stalking Sosbee at the Brownsville Library. Still showing up to taunt and bait him, using extreme provocations, hell-bent on getting the type of response for which Sosbee could be arrested.

(Is there no low to which these demons will not sink to persecute a Target?)

Stalking is one of the tactics used in a neutralization campaign to harass the Target; to attempt to intimidate; and in the hope of provoking a reaction, for which the Target (not the perp) may be arrested, should they respond, even in self-defense.

But before I go further in describing the tactics of stalkers, I should make it clear that never, at any time, have any of these stalkers had the slightest success in intimidating Hartwell or Sosbee, or provoking the type of violent reaction which would serve the purposes of the government agents who hire these stalkers as part of their campaign of harassment and persecution.

There is righteous anger, there is outrage, for sure. And we most certainly will expose them, by name, and where possible with photos and evidence. But our objective is very simply JUSTICE, not revenge. But just try getting “justice” when these lowlife perps are hirelings of the “justice system.”

The government-issue stalkers are most often criminals who are recruited by intelligence agents, who make a deal for a get-out-of-jail-free card, or similar quid pro quo arrangement. Stalk a Target, make threats, taunt and bait, libel and slander, and receive a reward from the government. (What is this country coming to???)

The stalkers are part of an organized operation against a Target. The categories of stalking include stalkers on foot; stalkers in vehicles; and, the most common these days, cyber-stalkers, who use the Internet to harass, to threaten, to libel/slander, to bait the Target, atttempting to get a response to their provocations.

They are also known as “time wasters”. The Target often finds it necessary to
stand up in his/her own defense, to refute the outrageous lies, to address the defamation which is injurious to his/her good name and personal/professional reputation. This takes time, time that might be better spent working on more productive pursuits.

Stalkers often operate in packs, like the filthiest of animals, jackals or hyenas, with the purpose of surrounding the Target so that wherever he goes, whatever he tries to accomplish, he is met with interference and a hostile environment.


The objective of a neutralization campaign against a Target is not only to shut down any work they are doing which might expose bad guys and put them out of business; not only to silence the Target, but to destroy his/her entire life. Make no mistake, this is exactly what the perps are aiming for. And they aim for three (3) primary goals: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation.

Isolate the Target by removing any support system they may have, friends, family, professional colleagues. Cause the Target to be alienated from those closest to them, so that they may not receive the help, support and companionship they need. Deprive the Target of any and all basic necessities they need to survive. This almost always results in the Target being driven into dire poverty, bankruptcy, and in all too many cases, homelessness.

Worst of all, the people closest to the Target often blame the victim for the serial disasters which befall them. When the target most needs support from others, instead they face criticism and blame. Sometimes there is just nowhere to turn for help.

In their psy war against a Target they will do anything and everything they can get away with, especially using plausible deniability in their operation, so that it is extremely difficult for the Target to collect evidence against the specific perpetrators, and even when we are possession of evidence, we end up facing a brick wall if we try to use the legal system in pursuit of justice.

Geral Sosbee offers this brief report, in which he gives an overview of the tactics used against him, these many years.


See my latest intelligence report which is prompted by contacts with me by fbi, cia, police, congress.
This report is prompted by messages delivered to me from the United States
intelligence community including fbi, cia, military and congressional chiefs. For additional background data see my articles and posts online, especially as set forth at and, Parts 19, a, b, c, of “My Story In Detail”, my affidavits dated 2007 and 2014, my medical/police clearances, and my writ.

[Note: I have not given direct links, as they often do not work. The reader may easily find them, using copy and paste. --BHP]

The United States of America (USA) engages in egregious and indeed unimaginable horrors in pursuit of world control. Any person (Target) who hinders the work of the USA intelligence community, or any other person selected for death/incarceration, may find himself in the midst of an unending avalanche of physical and psychological assaults designed to imprison or to kill him. No one will assist the Target because people fear being similarly treated and the courts and congress pretend that no such government atrocities occur.

The Target becomes an experimental animal (like a dog) subjected to a variety of attacks by various methods including assaults by chemical, biological, viral, directed energy and microwave, all of which are approved by a corrupt civil court order fraudulently obtained by the intelligence community.

During such a program which is carried out 24/7 for the life of the Target , he is extensively slandered and blacklisted everywhere he goes in a widespread campaign intended to destroy his social standing, to cause him to have mood swings, and to cause people (including neighbors, realtors, doctors, lawyers, etc.) to verbally and physically assault him.

He is also the recipient of intense psychological warfare including 24/7 physical and electronic surveillance and invasions into his home and car with crimes committed therein for life. He is treated as a diseased maniac and the tormentors watch him in real time in order to enter his home, terrorize and poison him repeatedly and to let him know that every aspect of his life is under siege. His only defense is the pen, and the gang stalkers destroy his computer and force him to use the public libraries where he is also criminally assaulted by the staff, police and operatives.

While the Target is being tortured and molested, the intelligence community follows him around everywhere he goes in order to document any reactions to his suffering. Operatives join in the program against the Target by falsifying reports against him and by portraying him as disturbed. In some instances the same operatives who are trying to kill or imprison the Target publicly and falsely label him as a murderer, or as a potential mass murderer.

These false reports are not immediately sent to the fbi’s CJIS because no crime is committed and because the fbi knows that anyone who sees such false entries into the CJIS would likely question the relevance of such.

Then, actual crimes are committed using his name and causing federal and state
police to investigate the Target for serious crimes actually committed by the intelligence community. In this way the file and profile of the Target gains at once a false relevance and the appearance of validity because of the ongoing yet illegal police investigation of the Target.

Psychological profiling is also used against the Target in order to provide such data to the United States congress, or others who make inquiry. Police send operatives and informants to commit assault and battery on the Target with the expectation that he will respond in kind and thus will be jailed. Police also refuse to take reports from the Target, but if a police report is generated at the request of the Target, he is listed as a suspect or subject and the report is further falsified so as to protect the criminal operatives.

In short the data gathered and fabricated by the torturers of the fbi/cia/police against the Target is stored in the files and ultimately is sent upon demand to the fbi’s CJIS for purposes associated with blackmail, threats, forced suicide, and incarceration.

At no time is the destructive program against the Target referenced in the record. So, anyone who reads the government file sees only the notes entered by the thugs who are actually assigned to drive the Target crazy. The only record of the multiple and ongoing felonies committed by the government (including murder by transferred intent, forced suicide, torture, and outright cold blooded murder) is authored by the victim himself, usually online. In my case I have extensively documented such crimes by the police and fbi with congress, the courts and the world community.

The people must understand the heinous and inhumane agenda underway in order to stop it.

Failure is not an option.


Here, another brief commentary by Geral Sosbee, documentation which I requested to inlcude in this report. As a result of the campaign against him, he was driven into homelessness.


As the fbi hijacked my life and tortured me for the past twenty five years they also mounted a program that prevents me from renting any apartment or other place to live. Everywhere I traveled in efforts to escape the criminal assaults on me by fbi operatives, police and others, the managers, owners and realtors of apartments and houses immediately refused to rent to me; on some occasions insults were thrown at me, but no explanation for refusal was ever provided.

Upon my return from Thailand where the fbi and the corrupt Thai secret police committed multiple felonies against me, I slept at the LAX for a week or two. On one occasion I recall that the fbi assigned a female airport police officer to hide behind my car (a few rows back) at the LAX parking lot to see if I might exit the car in the morning for a quick bladder relief. I saw the cop in my rear view mirror, so she could not make any arrest because I walked into the airport to use the restroom.

Then, in Brownsville, Texas, I had permission from Wal Mart to sleep in my car in the parking lot of the store for two or three weeks. One night, around 1 or 2 AM, I exited my car to walk to the adjoining Whataburger restaurant to use the restroom; upon return to my car, as I sat down, I abruptly fell back toward the backseat of the car and into the recline level because the fbi had adjusted the seat during my absence. The fbi watched me fall back in real time on their laptop.

Similar pranks were repeatedly used against me for several years. I have endured so many instances of fbi harassment and crimes against my person that the number and nature of their crimes defy description; suffice to say, I was and am today shocked at how these hoodlums and assassins in the fbi can get away with their unending string of crimes which continue at this very moment.

Finally, when Texas DPS Agent Conrad Rodriguez came to my home (as set forth in my Affidavit 2014) on his profiling assignment against me, he asked me if I am angry with the fbi. Then, he asked me if I do my work online for the benefit of humanity. Such questions reflect the criminal mind and intent of both Rodriguez and Knipfing (his accomplice) as they engaged in an illegal effort at intimidation on behalf of the fbi.


Geral Sosbee is my best friend, the most courageous and honorable person I have ever known. He is not only my friend and professional colleague, but one of my personal heroes. (It is a rare person I would place in that category.)

And of all the former intelligence professionals I have ever known, his experience, his fundamental story, most closely parallels my own – especially regarding the political persecution directed against him.

Over the past fourteen years that I have known him, Geral and I have had countless lengthy discussions, on just about every subject imaginable, but particularly about the corruption of the U.S. Government and their campaigns against targeted whistleblowers.

Geral, like myself, has documented in detail much of the horrendous campaign against him. The events and circumstances we document come directly from personal experience of many years.

We both know that people who have not had such experiences have a hard time understanding –or even believing-- that our experiences are real. They'll say: Oh, but surely the government wouldn't do such terrible things. Maybe not to them, but then, they are not the Targets of a neutralization campaign.

I believe that any reasonably intelligent, discerning person who reads our reports (at least two decades of detailed documentation, along with evidence), will be aware that there must be some truth in what we are saying, whether or not they agree with our viewpoints, our political ideology, or the general conclusions we have reached resulting from many years of investigations. How else could our personal/professional stories be so consistent, year after year? And what motive could we possibly have for fabricating such stories?

What happened to me was going on (and documented by me) long before I knew Geral Sosbee, or had become aware of his case. The same holds true for him.

Speaking for myself, of all of what I have had to deal with, it has been by far, the hardest and the most painful part of my life, to be treated as a “non-person”.

What does it mean, to be treated as a “non-person”? It means that your Inviolability of Personhood is continually assaulted. That your core of integrity is ignored, even at times by those closest to you. That your privacy is invaded, your personal boundaries violated, your clearly stated wishes about your own life, your own personal/professional business are disregarded.

All because you refuse to compromise your principles. All because you consistently stand up for the truth, and are willing to face the truth, rather than sticking your head in the sand, or “tuning out” the truth.

The U.S. Government, from our experience, has no use for the truth, any more than they have a use for respecting the unalienable rights and liberties of the Individual. That would interfere with their plans for COMPLETE CONTROL and domination of the people and societies all around the globe.

If there is one overarching principle that Geral and I agree on, which we believe to be the remedy for the ills visited not only upon us personally, but upon every individual in this nation, it is this: 

Respect the Inviolability of Personhood for every Individual, regardless of race, ethnic origin, creed, religion (or lack thereof), gender. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. “SPECIAL” RIGHTS FOR NONE.

We are all “special” in the eyes of God, each person a unique individual. But God has bestowed upon each one of us the same EQUAL rights, the same free will to exercise those rights.

Respecting the Individual Rights of others is a sacred trust, and the duty of any person who would truly claim to be a Messenger of Truth, a Defender of Liberty. 

It is in fact, the PRICE OF LIBERTY.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 24, 2015

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA