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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America (3)

Please read PARTS ONE & TWO before continuing with PART THREE. They are parts of a whole and not meant to stand alone.


We may not play with the truth, or else it will destroy us.”
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer, No Rusty Swords

With the following two words J. Edgar Hoover at once institutionalized and perpetuated his grand macabre scheme of intimidation and murder that thrives today in the fbi and is dubbed 'Cointelpro' (counterintelligence program) against their Targets globally: 
'Neutralize them.'”
--Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee

"A person whose face and presence are unhappily quite familiar to me":



When I began this series of reports, the first of which was originally intended for Independence Day, 2014, I was interrupted by a computer crash on July 4, which set me back six months. By the tme I finally got my files back, transferred into another computer, and was able to get access to my own website (I had been locked out), it was December 2014.

A few concise words will explain why this happened: dire poverty, sabotage, and lack of support, all (one way or another) courtesy of the U.S. Government, ever vigilant to protect 'National Security' (read: lies, corruption, conspiracies and coverups), at the expense of those of us who dare to exercise our freedom of speech, as well as other unalienable rights and liberties.
Political persecution is a fact of life, and unfortunately defines in large measure how those of us targeted for neutralization are forced to live, having no choice but to deal with what is being thrown at us, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year...
A life which can hardly be imagined by those not targeted for such a campaign.
Such occurrences are not unusual for me, having been a Target of government surveillance, hacking, sabotage and other forms of interference and intrusion for as long as I've been using a computer to document events and write reports, which began in 1987, continued (and got worse) as I began publishing my work on the Internet (1995), and as I write this, there is no end in sight...
Of course, by now, everyone knows that the government is unlawfully spying, not just on those of us deemed “persons of interest”, but have expanded their operations in their obsessive pursuit of COMPLETE CONTROL, in what has become a de facto police state.
After the massive public revelations of NSA expositor Edward Snowden, via mainstream media, most people are finally willing to consider, with an open mind, the true stories of those of us who have had direct personal knowledge and experience of this spying/surveillance for many years.
Through the 1970s and '80s, I used a manual typewriter before I switched to a computer (1987), and looking back on it I'm amazed I was able to get anything done. But at least there was no electronic interference from the government, which became a serious problem from the moment I began working on a computer –even long before I had a modem or any connection to the Internet.
I am not a scientist, nor have any expertise in technology. I was forced to learn what I do know about wireless (or remote) technology because it was used as a weapon against me and associated persons. This applies not only to computer hacking, but also to directed energy weapons (DEW) and psychotronic weapons, used to assault the Target, and as a computer/brain interface for the nefarious purpose of mind control.
And although I probably know a lot more than the average person about these high-tech war toys (anti-personnel weaponry), falsely labeled “non-lethal”, rather than taking the time to study the technology itself (I am not naturally suited for such studies), I have further developed my knowledge in the areas where I do have expertise –that being the underlying purposes for deploying this technology against Targets, known as psychological operations.
When I first went public as a government whistleblower (that being the time when I openly acknowledged my former employment with CIA), I wrote and spoke (radio/TV and lectures) extensively about this weaponry, from the perspective of a Target. I had been able to document and publish a number of detailed incident reports exposing how this technology was deployed against me, and in other cases I investigated.
Most of those reports have not been published online, but in hardcopy periodicals. And most have been lost (along with any hard evidence I had), including through black bag jobs, the burglaries/home invasions committed by government operatives. As for the video and audiotapes of my public lectures, they're all gone too, a result of being forced to move from my home (2013) without being able to get the assistance I needed to secure my possessions. Left behind--hundreds of radio and TV shows (most as the host/producer of my own programs), as well. Gone forever...either dumped in the trash somewhere, or (more likely) covertly confiscated by the government, once I left my home.
One of the reasons I have not focussed heavily on this technology in my reports online is because I lack expertise on the science; the other is that it is near impossible (at least for me) to offer evidence. 
In past times I did have the advantage of being able to work with investigators with expertise in this field, who had the equipment to sweep for bugs, to identify frequencies (such as military signals), and to locate devices such as hidden microphones and cameras used for surveillance (targeting me and my associates). But those days are long gone. My adversaries in the government have made damn sure I can no longer get access to such assistance and support, and have stolen most of the evidence I once possessed.


As just one example among many, here is a brief anecdote about the tactics used to stop me from collecting evidence, which occurred in 1994.
I had managed to find a private investigator who was also an expert in electronic surveillance, who had state-of-the-art equipment, and who offered his services pro bono.
He found bugs in both my home (at that time in Connecticut) and in an office I was using (Upstate New York). He also accompanied me in my field investigation of a military base (located underground) involved in covert operations.
Although I had warned him what he would find, he was shocked to discover a “National Security” tap on my telephone (no device on the phone, but remotely accessed), and a whole lot more (the rest of which is beyond the scope of this report).
Long story short, here's what he got for his trouble, and for helping me. He was assaulted with directed energy weapons (electronic “bullets” which forcefully hit him in the head) and microwave pulse beam.
Then, the government goons harassed him with helicopters, hovering right outside his windows in an apartment in Stamford, CT. And to put the icing on the cake, a SWAT team broke down his door while his wife was home alone, claiming that they were responding to a 9-11 call from her telephone number about an impending “suicide”.
His wife (who spoke very little English) told the cops that she had made no such call. That she was NOT about to commit suicide. But once inside, they searched the apartment (no warrant, no probable cause) and finally left, having found nothing, but leaving the investigator's wife in a state of great emotional distress.
When my friend, the investigator called the police to make a complaint about the bogus “raid” to his home, he was stonewalled and the police claimed it had been a “mistake”.
(Some “mistake”. Sending a SWAT team in flak jackets with heavy-duty military terrorize a lone woman who had purportedly called 911, threatening suicide? Even had they received such a call, sending SWAT is ridiculous and would never happen...except in the Police State of America.)
But the government's message was crystal clear: Stay away from Barbara Hartwell...or else.
I give this brief background information about high-tech anti-personnel weaponry (otherwise known as DEW –directed energy weaponry) because it figures significantly into the neutralization campaign against my friend and professional colleague Geral Sosbee, which is the main focus of this segment of the series.


Geral Sosbee served his country, always with honor in his heart. He is a decorated combat veteran (U.S. Army, Vietnam); former FBI Agent (1971-1978); Judge and Prosecutor; FBI Certified Police Instructor, FBI Academy; Adjunct Professional Instructor in Law at the Graduate School of Webster University, Ft. Bliss, Texas.
He is the recipient of several letters of commendation (FBI), including for his work in civil rights cases, and of the American Jurisprudence Award.
I stress these credentials and accomplishments because there should be no doubt in the minds of the readers that Geral Sosbee has been targeted BECAUSE of his direct knowledge and experience in the workings of the government, coupled with his willingness and dedication to standing up in opposition to government wrongdoing and corruption.
For those who are not familiar with the history of the case, Geral Sosbee was forced to resign from the FBI (1978) in one of the most egregious and multi-leveled assaults on an honest federal agent, and on Liberty and Justice for All, in American history:
Because, as a person of integrity and honor, he refused to participate in FBI corruption; because he reported internal corruption and FBI crimes. Sosbee reported perjury, suppression and manufacturing of evidence, and fraud, in civil and criminal cases in which he was personally involved as a FBI agent. Because (unlike most of his colleagues) he honored his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And as he learned to his dismay, the FBI is chock-full of domestic enemies.
Geral Sosbee, FBI whistleblower, has been exposing FBI/CIA crimes and corruption on his website, Sosbee v. FBI, since 2000, and has been targeted for neutralization, through a brutal campaign not only meant to silence him, but to systematically destroy every area of his life.
I have known Geral Sosbee for fourteen (14) years. I have thoroughly investigated his case as a targeted whistleblower; have been a direct witness to the tactics used against him, and wrote the first comprehensive report, Targeted for Terror: Ex-FBI Agent's Gruesome Ordeal (2004), after three (3) years of investigation.
Since that time Geral and I have collaborated on numerous reports exposing institutionalized government corruption and crimes perpetrated by FBI, CIA, DOJ, involving every branch of government, its elected and appointed officials, and their minions, shills and operatives.
Here is one of Geral's recent reports which gives an overview of what he describes as a “quasi-criminal justice system”.
I find this report to be of particular significance, as it explains the methodology by which corrupt government operatives (including judges) have been able to implement a covert system of “law” whereby the Target is caught in a convoluted web of deception, and is thereby prevented from accessing legal remedies, which might otherwise disarm the evildoers.
Geral arrived at his conclusions (which I find to be brilliant) after many years of study and research of the legal system, and most importantly, as a result of his personal experience of being targeted for political persecution. Because he is an attorney (Doctor of Jurisprudence), his understanding of these issues is far greater than mine. Geral and I have had many lengthy discussions about this, in which he has enlightened me as to the nature of the legal schemes used to harm innocent people and trample their most fundamental rights and liberties. He has also given me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the law, by patiently and clearly explaining the issues, some of which I have never heard presented by other sources.


Fbi engages in widespread fraud in efforts to silence whistleblower.
See my report:
Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by FBI

See evidence that the fbi secretly turns civil court judges into operatives and at the same time uses the internet to try, convict, and punish innocent Targets of fbi for intelligence purposes and with the implied acceptance of the general public. 
For more data on the inexcusable barbarity and unbridled criminality of the fbi, see "My Story In Detail" in twenty parts with related links as set forth herein and at

Fbi crimes online help forge new, covert, fraudulent & murderous criminal courts (no constitutional protections apply because the procedures are ostensibly civil in nature)!

I refer to such quasi CJS as a thoroughly corrupt manipulation of law and authority because the secretive fbi program is as perverted and abusive in its conception as it is sinister and deadly in its execution.

The quasi CJS must be exposed and dismantled; the participants who administer the quasi CJS must be held accountable for the suffering and
deaths occasioned by their evil deeds.
This report is significant globally as I present information on the new and largely unseen program by the fbi/cia, et. al., to use the internet in the sweeping execution of an unfamiliar form of criminal law born of extreme abuses of civil law.

Specifically, the fbi now has in place in the United States of America a system of trying, convicting, sentencing, torturing, forcing suicide and killing people for a variety of fraudulently alleged charges.
The Target of such a hideous program has no idea that he is now being pursued by the fbi and company and sometimes by the global population who are the de facto vigilantes enforcing the orders of the invisible, secret and quasi criminal court. The people of the world are not aware that they play an integral role in the destruction of people’s lives; the general population is indoctrinated by the main street media (like fox, cbs, nbc, msn, cnn, and local subsidiaries, etc., globally) to unwittingly support government atrocities in order to secure their own imagined liberties.
The mind programming of the masses also includes causing the people to fear war, disease, famine, and other calamities that may threaten them. In all instances the people are led discreetly to think that they are performing a legitimate community service that advances community security. Such a program of mind manipulation is not unlike a similar system in government and corporate sectors where the individual is led to conform by expecting certain rewards:

BEHAVIORS REWARDED: participation, conformity to ideas/behavior, zeal, personal changes” (1).

In my case the fbi obtained fraudulent and corrupt civil process in order to discourage me from reporting their atrocities and in order to complete their potentially deadly vendetta against me.
Then, the fbi spread the word that this Target is to be followed 24/7, globally, for life, as an alleged threat to public safety. See also the fraudulent police BOLO issued on me by the lunatics of the University of Texas Police in concert with fbi who also ran a joint counterintelligence operation of assault and battery on my person by an operative named Alonzo Yanez. (2).
The judge who issued the corrupt and abusive order at the request of the fbi is actually an operative for the fbi and knowingly violates fundamental human, civil, and constitutional guarantees that are intended to protect all individuals. *The judges who assist the fbi in their illegal operations are also accessories to felonies (including torture, forced suicide, attempted, or actual murder and other crimes that I have outlined for the past twenty years). 
See my writ on the refusal of all courts to stop the crimes by the fbi and their civil court judges (3).
Also note the recent and thoroughly corrupt ruling by the United States Supreme Court that police and fbi are authorized to kill suspects fleeing in their car.

Additionally, the fbi now comes online to announce that their operatives and thugs are monitoring the Target in his home by electronic and physical surveillance for harassment purposes (4) (5) (6). During the entire process of terrorizing the Target, the fbi and friends & associates, engage in multiple felonious assaults (including DEW attacks 24/7 for life) and mind games on the Target. For more on the types of crimes committed by the fbi and witnessed by me, see my sworn affidavits below and related links and reports online.

The current program of fbi abuse of our people is accepted by the general population and is furthered by the use of online message boards and discussion forums which are often dominated by the very thugs and assassins whom I describe in my article.
[NOTE: Please go to this link for original report & links:
Some links given here may not be accessed directly.]
1) Mind Control:

2) Modern Cointelpro

3) My Writ:

4) Evidence of fbi Forging New & Murderous Public Policy

5) See Dirty fbi Retaliatory Response To This Report In Comment Section Here:

6) fbi operative cries, "murderer" online:

Abusive civil court judges acting as fbi operatives:
Discreet methods used by fbi to torture and attempt to kill this Target as impliedly authorized by civil court judge:


Related evidence, four items:
My sworn affidavits against fbi and their de facto operatives

PI Knipfing & DPS Rodriguez.


UT Police Sgt. Wilson's & Bleier's fraudulent 'BOLO' on me, even as they directed operative Alonzo Yanez to commit a provocative assault and battery on my person, all such crimes being coordinated with and jointly orchestrated by fbi:

See Also:


The fbi efforts to silence me are extreme as I have previously outlined, and today the frustrated thugs of your beloved fbi sends neighbors and others to engage in provocative criminal assaults (via gas lighting) even as the fbi tortures me 24/7 with incapacitating DEW assaults.

You (whom I now address) can do nothing when cops/fbi/cia engage in the following crimes against persons:

3--strangle to death
4--murder with a firearm, or other killing device
6-- slander or libel


Geral Sosbee posts his reports on a number of sites, most notably Indymedia, worldwide.

One of the tactics used by FBI/CIA is to send their paid hirelings to harass and/or cyberstalk a Target, in attempts to discredit his information and defame his character.

Here is one example of a cyber-stalker who came out of the woodwork.


Trevor Ray:

Yeah, I've already read your sites, and even your writs.

To be completely honest with you, I have trouble taking it seriously when not a single piece of solid evidential fact is presented. It's not surprising that the juries didn't take it seriously either.

If you need people to listen, why not provide some evidence for your claims? Otherwise, it's just gonna sound like wild, outlandish claims of someone suffering paranoia...

Keep in mind I'm not calling you paranoid. Far from it. But without any solid evidence, this is all just hot air...

I'd really like to see some photographic, or disclosed internal documents that prove you right.”


Evil is the mind that makes excuses for, covers up, or otherwise defends fbi/cia torturers & assassins, especially while such a devil's advocate also engages in ad hominem assaults on this reporter and deceitfully misrepresents my factual accounts of the hideous crimes committed by fbi, cia, & their operatives. Such a low intellect is the enemy of the people and is forever remembered as such.

Barbara Hartwell:

Mr. Ray, in his verbal assault on Sosbee, using pseudo intellectual gobbledygook, offers nothing in support of his contention that Sosbee provides “not a single piece of solid evidential fact”. (His syntax reveals not only his gross ignorance, but his idiocy.)

He claims to have read the documents on Sosbee's site (doubtful). Would it have been too much trouble then to peruse the links –which certainly do comprise the evidence?

Geral Sosbee's website in fact offers a number of official documents which anyone who takes the trouble may easily find.

Note Ray's use of the word “paranoia”.  A lame attempt to discredit Sosbee by slapping him with the hackneyed label used by those in possession of no factual information (and in Mr. Ray's case, a dearth of intellectual capacity to interpret or understand such information) to impugn his sanity.

No “juries” have been mentioned in Sosbee's reports, clearly just wild speculation added in Mr. Ray's impotent arsenal of pseudo intellectual assault weapons.

Lastly, Geral Sosbee has never made the statement that he “needs people to listen”. He posts his reports on the Internet so the information is available to the general public.

I won't bore the readers further with Mr. Ray's silly comments; just the sample given here will suffice to expose Mr. Ray as a belligerent ignoramus, puffed up with pride at being a servant of government evildoers. Shame on you, Mr. Ray.

But the harassment of Geral Sosbee didn't end with verbal assaults by fools like Trevor Ray. Posting his report resulted in other retaliatory actions.

Geral Sosbee:

Note: After I discussed the above report with my friend, Barbara Hartwell, the fbi disabled my internet connection on my T Moblie 4GLTE, Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I confirmed this with T Moblie. Then, the fbi kept me awake all night by extremely intense DEW assaults, January 3, 2015.

The people do not seem to care much about my reports of DEW and related criminal assaults by the fbi, cia, nsa, and this portends ill for the future of the human race, especially as future *extermination (such as we may remember in the science fiction movies like "Logan's Run") may be achieved via lasers, tiny drones, and new technology not yet made public.


From the time that I entered the United States Army and continuing today for about a half century I have learned from personal experience, as a soldier, fbi agent and civilian, that the United States government is the most ruthless, murderous, torturous nation that exists today on the planet. Furthermore, the fbi and the cia have ruined and overthrown this government and the cowards on the courts (including the United States Supreme Court) and in congress are totally subdued and controlled, as is the general population, by the traitorous intelligence community.

In short the homicidal psychopaths of the fbi, cia, dod, nsa, etc., rule and the frightened or otherwise subjugated employees of government and the civilian population accept without question the horrendous state of affairs that I describe in my reports. 

One example of the crimes ongoing by the fbi is described as follows: The fbi targets whistleblowers, or activists/dissidents for torture 24/7, for life, and forces many of them to commit suicide even as the fbi watches the event. When the fbi fails in its near demonic purpose, the thugs of fbi and DOJ use a hidden program to drive the Target insane and into prison.


Neutralization campaigns against whistleblowers, dissidents and human rights activists, right here in the USA, are a brutal reality that seems to escape the notice of the general public.

We can't get the mainstream media to cover these issues --they only report on terrorism perpetrated by foreign political entities such as ISIS (or ISIL) & etc.

Any high-profile American whistleblower who has been targeted has true stories of terror, most often ongoing for years, but they don't seem to matter. There's no money in it, no personal benefits to the reporters of such atrocities.

In the final segment (4) of this report, I will delve deeper into the psychological operations against whistleblowers, especially focussing on the way we have been treated by others –essentially as “non-persons”, as pariahs, as social outcasts, and generally with great disrespect. All for our willingness to stand up for the truth with no compromises.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 4, 2015

To be continued...

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