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Monday, August 12, 2013

Agenda Politics & Media Whores: Selling Out America

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false"
--William Casey, CIA Director (1981)
Al Gore. George Soros. George W. Bush. Barack Hussein Obama. The United Nations. The Federal Reserve. Neo-Nazis & White Supremacists.
Can any self-respecting defender of God-given unalienable rights and liberties, as protected under the Constitution, any true patriot, say they would support, promote or traffick with these godless individuals, groups or entities?
Not on your life.
And yet there are a number of individuals who have proved by their actions, by their words, by their ever-shifting and opportunistic personal and political alliances, that not only are their claims of being patriots false, but who have sold out the true patriots among us, those of us whose principles remain firm, unchanging, and uncompromising, year after year, decade after decade, no matter the consequences to ourselves, those of us who stand up for our country, who stand against tyranny in any form, against the criminals, liars, political hacks and traitors who are running this country into the ground. 
"According to my belief, and I have as good of, uh access to information as anyone in the world, probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what's written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn't write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write...anything I write I write between the lines."
--Gordon Duff, from radio program hosted by Mike Harris, RBN (2012)
In this statement, Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, openly admits to being a liar. And makes the pathetic excuse that the "false information" he promotes is necessary to keep him alive. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about Gordon Duff? Why then, would any intelligent person believe anything he has to say? Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, in legal terms. And why would any honest person associate with him, or become a columnist on his website?
Answer: Nobody, except someone for whom agenda politics (of one kind or another) takes precedence over everything else, including the truth.
Promotion for Gordon Duff:
Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, surveillance technologies, intelligence analysis,defense technologies or acting as a UN diplomat and "special consultant."

Duff currently serves on the boards of the Adamus Group, one of the world's largest energy technology firms and of a private financial institution participating in the Federal Reserve Banking group.

His most recent project adapts advanced military technologies to wildlife and land management in cooperation with the UN, USAID and International Wildlife Federation. 
I won't bother overstating the obvious (see text in red), but let me just add that Gordon Duff has also claimed, most outrageously, that George Soros, mobster, criminal, mover and shaker of the New World Order, is one of the good guys, who is "helping people". Now, who in the hell could possibly take anything Duff says to be true.
Gordon Duff is clearly a media whore, a propagandist, a shill for the intelligence community and their controlled opposition, who works not to serve the truth, nor to see justice done, nor to defend Liberty and God-given unalienable rights, but to serve a dishonest and duplicitous agenda, while lining his pockets with ill-gotten gains. He has boasted of his vast personal wealth, all the while promoting the very lies, and participating in the very criminal conspiracies, that most harm the hardworking, honest people who care about the future of this country, about securing Liberty for our children and grandchildren. Since I am one of those people, as are my friends and allies, I take it very personally.
Stew Webb, a former colleague and personal friend of Barbara Hartwell, who has taken it upon himself to attempt to destroy my professional reputation, who has engaged in character assassination of the lowest order, since our association ended in 2006, is now a regular "columnist" on Veterans Today and does numerous radio broadcasts with Gordon Duff and his cronies, including Mike Harris, a racist/bigot and White Supremacist, who now hosts his radio program on the Jeff Rense network. Rense, another propagandist and longtime supporter/promoter of White Supremacist David Duke ("former"KKK) and others of Duke's ilk, has also forged an alliance with Gordon Duff. Need I say more?
Before he jumped on Duff's bandwagon, Stew's longtime cohort was Tom Heneghan, who bills himself as an "International Intelligence Expert."  Heneghan is a former campaign manager for Al Gore, the psycho-babbling, gun-grabbing leftist who never defended the Constitution a day in his life, but who certainly violated his oath to defend it on countless occasions. 
Heneghan has also been libeling/slandering Barbara Hartwell since 2006. Were it possible, his outrageous lies trump even those of Stew Webb, who has accused me of being a "CIA hit woman", and claims I am still "on the payroll at Langley", according to his "U.S. Intel" sources.  (Tell that to the Salvation Army, whose Christian charity I have had no choice but to gratefully accept, in order to put food on the table.)
Heneghan has accused Barbara Hartwell, of all things, of being part of an "Israeli spy ring", which he and Webb broadcast on various radio programs, including Cloak and Dagger (Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall) and the Hal Turner Network. (Hal Turner, the FBI informant, now doing prison time since his fed masters decided to "retire" him.) And Heneghan and Webb have posted other filthy lies, including that I am "working" with the notorious fed snitch, career criminal, predicate felon, psycho-stalker, Timothy Patrick White, who has in fact been engaging in criminal harassment, and vicious libel/slander against Barbara Hartwell since 2001. 
Did I leave anything out? A lot, actually, but there's only so much I can include in one report.
But wait, I can't forget this one...

Barbara Hartwell VCIA Blogspot
Barbara Hartwell and Ken Adachi FBI CIA Stooge Game
The Good Cop Bad Cop Continues

Breaking News November 8, 2012

How deep are their pockets we all will find out very soon?

November 8, 2012 it seems that the Bush Crime Syndicate has an Old CIA Stooge Barbara Hartwell back in action doing slanderous statements against those who are exposing them and have filed suit against them. Barbara will be sued by me Stew Webb for slander and defamation of character soon.
Barbara Hartwell infiltrates people by playing friend then she passes all the information she can get to her Handler’s at CIA Headquarters.

Barbara Hartwell according to many U.S. Intel Officers say as of March 17, 2013 she still is on CIA payroll to infiltrate, slander the character of real Whistleblowers and others.

Beware anyone associated with her are probable stooges.

Scamsters, Spies and Trolls an Internet Story

Intelligence Organizations Partner with Internet Crime

Schwarz has been promoting Depleted Uranium as what our Military suffers from in Iraq. Depleted Uranium does not cause radiation poisoning. Only live Nukes will cause the Radiation Poisoning which is what Bush dropped on Iraq. Schwarz has now become nothing more than a liar and promoter of lies.

Among those being promised money by Schwarz is Barbara Hartwell who suddenly promotes Schwarz lies. Hartwell is now working with the Tim White-Schwarz crowd her so called enemy. Schwarz associate V.K. Durham has been talking directly with George H. W. Bush and Schwarz admitted this to Tom Flocco. Beware of this clown Schwarz. Schwartz laundered drug money from Hillary Clinton to the Republican National Committee. The American Revolution Continues.
Now, for the truth.  As always, it is very simple: Webb and Heneghan started their libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell when I refused to become part of their operation to promote Al Gore, and refused to promote their bogus "news stories", which included the use of fabricated (forged)  documents, which they KNEW were not genuine, just as I did, having seen and assessed the original documents myself, before they were presented to Webb. Which happens to be among my areas of expertise, but certainly not of Heneghan and Webb, the so-called "international intelligence experts". But the point is, Webb and Heneghan are simply not hemmed in by the truth. Like Gordon Duff, they don't care what is true and what is false, only what serves their agenda du jour.
Now, Stew Webb has changed his position from staunchly supporting and blindly following, to "exposing" Tom Heneghan, for his "yellow journalism". No news flash there, I told Stew Webb back in 2005 exactly who and what Heneghan is, which is why I refused to get involved from the beginning of Stew's association with Heneghan. Stew disregarded my warning and eagerly allowed Heneghan to lead him down the primrose path, foolishly thinking Heneghan's false promises could be believed. 
Posted on Stew Webb's site:
VK Durham & Lee Wanta Unite Against Heneghan Blog's Yellow Journalism Promoting Civil Unrest
"Tom and I go back many years with a solid exposure of the truth."
No, I'm afraid not, Stew. The two of you were in collusion to promote outrageouly false "news stories", geared not to "exposure of truth", but rather bilking your "fans" to support your scams and hoaxes, many of which have been exposed as such, including by Barbara Hartwell and associates.
Related by Stew Webb: 3 months ago I cut off all communications with Tom Heneghan.

2 years ago I noticed a very distintive change in Tom Heneghan and quite providing information for his postings Tom and I go back many years with a solid exposure of the truth. But three months ago after Heneghan tried to drive a wedge between myself and others I cut him off….Heneghan’s side kick Mary Schnider cannot be trusted and tries also to drive wedges between people of which I have experienced her radical hatred for men…
This is the reason I no long post Tom Heneghan’s information on my website for 6 months 1/2 of what he and DHS Employee Mary Schnider claim is bull and many of his links in the past 6 months are full of tracking cookies and viruses….

Stew Webb Whistleblower

--Stew Webb addendum to article, VK Durham & Lee Wanta Unite Against Heneghan Blog's Yellow Journalism Promoting Civil Unrest (August 2013)

Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

Tom Heneghan explosive intelligence briefings ALL patriot Americans MUST know, with sources inside American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL, reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly propaganda U.S. media’s massive deceptions.

--Promoted by Glenn Canady, government stooge & lackey of Stew Webb & promoter of Gordon Duff (November, 2012)

Note that Canady, who has also been a part of the libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell (still is), only on the say-so of Webb and Heneghan, is still promoting Heneghan at the time Stew Webb claims to have cut Heneghan off. More lies, more hypocrisy, more agenda politics.
So first, Stew Webb attacks VK Durham (2005-6), apparently only because she was talking to Karl Schwarz. Then, he decides that he has found greener pastures, and switches sides once again, now that VK Durham has allied herself with Lee Wanta, and against Tom Heneghan. And now that Gordon Duff has become a mouthpiece for the Wanta-Durham alliance. How convenient. And how  very typical...any way the wind blows, there listeth Stew Webb...
But before I move along to VK Durham, here is the testimony of my friend Geral Sosbee, which he contributed to a report I wrote (2012) exposing the many lies, the libel and slander of Stew Webb, and his threats to file a libel/RICO lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell. Just as a number of other government-sponsored criminals have done, including former senator/CIA black ops John DeCamp, CIA agents Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra. Why? Because I exposed their many crimes against persons, including innocent children, which they were desperate to keep covered up. 
This message is in support of my very best friend in this life, the splendid Barbara Hartwell, and against Stew Webb who is our former mutual friend.
I first met Barbara on line when I was being tortured by psyops, various bio/viral assaults, and other assaults and battery on my person by fbi street thugs in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the fbi was to drive me insane, or to kill me. Barbara and I immediately became friends, more than a decade ago, and our close professional association has increased every day since then.
Briefly stated, Barbara stayed a constant and loyal ally during the worst time in my life when the fbi was trying to harm me and when everyone else abandoned me. Further, she helped me through the crisis that I was facing in my efforts to grasp the horrors confronting me by the fbi's 24/7 campaign of terror which continues today. For that and for her superb support of me (at her own great personal risk and cost) and of others who are similarly being tortured and murdered by the United States of America's intelligence community, she is truly a heroine & a liberator of mankind by showing all the world the cruel methods and murderous objectives of the fbi/cia/dod, etc.  I believe that history records Barbara Hartwell as one of the bravest and most spiritually blessed leaders of our time and that her service to humanity is beyond compare.
Now when a one time friend of Barbara attacks her, as Stew Webb recently did on a radio show, as documented by Barbara and her associate, talk show host Howard Nema at:  
I am reminded of the many instances when Barbara came to my defense (and to the defense of many others) under attack by so-called friends. One such example in my life was the psyop campaign run against me by one Charles Bruce Stewart who pretended to befriend me at a time when I needed a friend, then abruptly turned against me for no apparent reason and attacked me in a most vile manner. Barbara addressed the fraud of Charles Stewart and suggested to him that he has no right to attack me and no legitimate basis to do so.
The recent claim on air by Stew Webb that Barbara engaged in certain criminal conduct [including murder] when she was associated with the CIA is one of the most blasphemous lies I have ever witnessed and I cannot withhold my contempt for Webb's low verbal assault on Barbara Hartwell.
I first met Stew Webb through  my contact with Barbara; I drove from my residence in LA to Las Vegas to meet Webb in person because I felt that he was a bright and promising figure in the resistance efforts against the fbi/cia assassins (including the Bush clan mafia group which underpinned the presidencies of both Bush men). I found Stew Webb to be very knowledgeable on numerous issues and to possess a wealth of information on corruption in government.
I also learned to my dismay that Stew Webb is arrogant and self possessed beyond reason. For example, at one point during my visit with Webb, he interrupted the dialogue by invoking the name of God to chastise me for my language. In doing so, he displayed a disrespect for my personal boundaries that all civil men should honor and I felt that I was in the wrong place in his company. I cut short my visit with Webb, but I remained friendly with him until he turned against Barbara.
I point out parenthetically that a verbal attack by a former friend hurts a great deal, and Webb knows that he inflicted pain on Barbara by his lies against her on the air. His complete disrespect for the personal boundaries of Barbara Hartwell, as shown in the radio show referenced above, is as despicable as it is unforgiveable; for what can motivate a man to try to destroy a former friend with lies and contrived calumny by association.
Stew Webb should apologize and retract his absurd, libelous lies against Barbara and he should get in closer touch with the God on whose behalf he pretends to speak from time to time. God is never a party to evil and Stew Webb has crossed into that domain (absent God's company) by his gratuitous lies against one of America's national treasures & spiritual giants, Barbara Hartwell.
VK Durham & Lee Wanta Unite Against Heneghan Blog's Yellow Journalism Promoting Civil Unrest (August 2013)
“Give the American people the truth and they will always find the best, most constitutional answer to any problem,” 

--V.K. Durham, from above article

Now, we have VK Durham. During the time I was posting my material on Rumor Mill News, I gave some of my time and efforts to supporting VK. VK sought me out only because I was former CIA, as far as I could see. I supported her because I believed her stories about what the government had done to her and her husband, and I certainly empathized with her.

However, I soon realized that I was being exploited for a political agenda, one that had nothing to do with the most important principles for which I stand: Defending Liberty and God-given unalienable rights.

VK used to call me numerous times, at all hours of the day and night, and expected me to drop everything to listen to her rants, while she barked orders at me over the line. Finally, I had enough and cut her off.

Here, a report I posted on Rumor Mill News (2003), which clearly explains my position, and which exposes VK Durham's agenda politics.

I should also mention the fact that Rayelan Allan, the editor of Rumor Mill News, after I had resigned my posting privileges, in disgust, due to the selective censorship and harassment by meddlesome New Age busybodies, also came out as an apologist for GW Bush, making the absurd statement that he was part of "Faction 2", which would save us from the New World Order, and even went so far as to condone the Patriot Act, encouraging her followers to do the same. But what else can be expected from Rumor Mill News, a government-disinfo site, controlled opposition all the way.



I find it necessary to respond to public allegations about myself made by VK Durham, some of which have been posted on the RM News Forum; some in the Daily Updates and others which have been sent to large e-mail lists.

Let me make it clear that I do not presume to speak for anyone but myself. My only purpose is to set the record straight about my OWN position as regards these issues.

I have no animosity toward VK Durham and my intent is not to try to discredit her nor any of the accurate and truthful information she may have made public to date.

However, since it appears that I have irreconcilable differences with VK, regarding the larger issues, I do feel the need to clarify my own position and to refute any inaccurate statements she may have published about me personally.
For starters, VK has repeatedly publicly stated that she stands behind and supports President G.W. Bush.

As for my own position re Bush, here are my comments in response to a posting written by VK.

Sorry, V.K. but with all due respect, I must beg to differ. This is no reflection on your credibility or bona fides as regards the accurate information and facts you have exposed about the Ekkers and their GAIA cult.

No, this is a different issue altogether. In good conscience, as a patriot and defender of the Constitution, I cannot possibly support GW Bush's treasonous actions. The simple facts are there for all with eyes to see and ears to hear:
The president is a traitor, a liar and a coward. He and his political cronies have betrayed our country by passing unconstitutional legislation, in the form of the USA Patriot Act and he has allowed the Department of Homeland Security to become a de facto enforcement agency for the police state which is now the REALITY in our country.

He has failed to honor his sacred oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. There's really NO EXCUSE and nothing left to say that could possibly justify his actions.

As for that 'twinkle' in his eye....I saw the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. Looked more to me like a cocaine glaze.

And as far as G.W. Bush having 'balls' ???? He hasn't got the ones he was born with. He's nothing but a puppet on a string. But whatever game he thinks he's playing, with the economy or with any other aspect of our lives, it sure isn't a "SHOWDOWN".

The REAL showdown will be between the REAL Patriots who are willing to die, if necessary, to defend our Constitution and protect the hard-won liberties our founding fathers fought and shed their blood for.

Now, whether you're a man or a woman, THAT takes balls.


There you have it... my sentiments about G.W. Bush, in a nutshell....and I can't make it any clearer than that.

But this was not the first time I have disagreed with VK. In order to demonstrate the nature of these disagreements, I will start with excerpts from some e-mail exchanges between myself, Richard (Patriotlad) and Rayelan. I will include only that written by myself and VK Durham, so as to respect the privacy and confidentiality of Rayelan and Richard.

The dispute started, at least for me, when VK aggressively attempted to persuade myself, Rayelan and Richard that she thought that the three of us should be using ALL our time and energy to publicize HER case and disseminate HER material and that we "should" be following HER agenda, while putting our own priorities on the back burner.

All of us repeatedly assured her that we were on her side; had done all we could to support her; sympathized and empathized with all the harm done to her, especially the murder of her husband, Russell Herman.

However, none of us were WILLING or ABLE to just DROP EVERYTHING and take orders from VK, which is clearly what she expected us to do, individually and collectively.

To begin, here are some excerpts from an e-mail message I wrote as a response to VK, Rayelan and Richard. My comments are preceded by my initials, BH. VK's comments are preceded by her intials, VKD and enclosed in brackets.


First, the main reason that I paid serious attention to VK's information to begin with was because of Richard. I didn't know VK but I do know Richard and know that he is a serious, professional researcher and journalist with a knowledge of the subjects on which he writes. He also presented the material with editorial comments which explained the story and the facts, which otherwise I would NOT have understood.

I don't know the Ekkers, but have dealt with people connected to them. And I do know a lot of these UFO cult people and know that many of them are being run by CIA. I did UFO research from about 1986 and had many of the 'contactees' abductees and researchers on my radio and TV shows.

CIA and AF Intel were very upset with me because I exposed much of their disinfo re the UFO cults and I had evidence from field research that the underground bases were military-style black ops with high-tech equipment, etc. etc. and a lot of the UFOs were U.S. gov't, not aliens. I have not even begun to publish anything about that stuff, I just haven't found the time.....

I can only take on so much work and have to choose my projects and battles carefully. I was happy to assist VK in any way I could, since I believe her to be sincere, as long as it didn't require large blocks of my time. I also know virtually nothing about the financial end. All I could do was evaluate her material and when she asked me to post it, choose the pieces I felt comfortable with which relate in some way to what I DO know about.

There are many people who contact me with requests that I investigate cases, help them publicize their material, etc. etc. Maybe VK doesn't realize that she is but ONE of many such people. I tell most people I just don't have the time, and I can't afford to work for no pay. It is not that I don't have interest; it's not that I am questioning VK's bona fides or her intent...I JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME.

I can only do so much. I am methodical and slow because if I present info, especially that of someone else, I need to make sure it is done in such a way that will be of value to people and engage their interest. Like Richard and Rayelan I am a professional journalist, and we all have our own way of doing things. I also have my own priorities and no one can establish those for me, but ME. I don't work FOR anyone, only occasionally WITH someone.

I don't know if VK understands this, but I am literally at this time so poverty stricken I cannot afford food!  Yesterday I went to the market and could only get cat food, not anything for myself.

I still don't have enough to pay this month's rent and am stalling for time with the landlord. I have no idea IF I will be able to stop a total crash financially, IF my phones and electric will be shut off, IF I will be able to pay the car insurance, and on and on.....

I also still have not recovered from the latest illness. Unless I can find some way to be paid for my work, I won't be doing this much longer, if only just because I will have no base of operations to work from. I am in a brutal struggle just for survival and it can't go on much longer this way.

I can't just put everything else on hold and give all my time and energy to this project. So many people want a piece of my time, and I just have to parcel it out as best I can.

I know that ALL of us have been screwed by the gov't, some perhaps worse than others. I know that I have a lot in common with Rayelan and VK, as to some of the persecution and atrocities committed against us.

Yes, VK and Rayelan lost their husbands. CIA murdered both my parents, though I can't prove that. No one of us is more "important" than the others, at least not in my view. As far as I can see, we all have our stories to tell, information to share and we all have the best interests of our country and citizens at heart.

The issues VK presents are very important, no doubt, but I also know that the rest of us have other issues we feel the need to address and to us, those issues are equally important.

I am barely able to do what I do now without exhausting myself. I usually work 10-12 hours a day, weekends too.

I haven't had a vacation in over ten years, have no social life, all I do is work.
So I can only hope that VK might understand this when evaluating the whole situation. I'd still be happy to use some of her material, if and when it is appropriate, but other than that, there's nothing more I can do, not until and IF I am able to stabilize my OWN situation.

Excerpts from VK's response.



Barbara, look at it this way; In a battle, if the amunition bearer falls, does another sit on the sidelines and refuse to provide the AMUNITION NEEDED TO DEFEND THE POSITION, and cry "I" don't feel like doing it right now.. I have this and that I must take care of before I PROVIDE THE AMMUNITION TO THE FRONT LINES FOR SELF DEFENSE? I don't think BATTLE is like that Barbara. You get off your dead end and PASS THE AMUNITION to HOLD THE LINE OF DEFENSE!

I do not have the luxury of "not feeling well" or any other excuse I might find convenient to "lay down on the job."

I am not in this for EGO. My agenda is KEEP THIS NATION FROM GOING DOWN. It should be all of the agents on RMNews AGENDA ALSO. I do not contend with "egos" or "excuses" very well, not when a JOB HAS TO BE DONE THAT WILL PROVIDE THE AMUNITION TO THE FRONT LINE OF DEFENSE OF THIS NATION OF PEOPLE.
These latest articles have been posted on RM Updates; NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU COULD LET GO OF YOUR "EGO'S" or whatever to POST THIS PERMANENTLY on RMNews? So much for PATRIOTISM]

Excerpts from my response to VK.


No, VK, I'm sorry but you do NOT understand. We do not ALL have the 'same financial problems'. Are you about to lose the roof over your head? Do you have food in your icebox? Are you about to lose your phone, internet service and electric power?

You can accuse me of 'non-productivity'??? I really tried to keep my temper, but this is too much!

I wish you the best with what you need to do, but with an attitude like you have, of NO RESPECT and seemingly little sensitivity to others' needs or feelings, there's nothing more I can do to help you.

I am not a satellite which revolves around another person's agenda or what he or she thinks is most important, when it may not be the most important thing to me personally. I can't stop a financial meltdown in the nation, no matter what I do. I may not even be able to stop the worst from happening in my OWN life. My life is hanging by a thread, I need to take care of my own problems before I can help anybody else.
Excerpts from message to myself, Rayelan and Richard.


[Will you "children" quit playing these childish games? I am appreciative of what you have each done, however, at this time you are acting like "prima Donna's"..
Here you are nit picking with me? I am the last person you should be "nit picking with." You admit I have many years of research ahead of you... WHY DO YOU KEEP EDITING that which WAS RESEARCHED FOR 28 YEARS?

Please, get rid of this "ego trip all of you are on." This is so dammed destructive to the overall agenda, it will ultimately allow the BLACK HATS to win.

This is so childish of all of you. What a shame. I thought you were professionals...-- Again, I was wrong.]

My final response to VK in this thread of messages:


VK, I am not going to argue this thing back and forth, I have neither the time nor the inclination, but I will respond this one last time.

I do not make 'excuses' to anyone, nor am I required to do so; nor do I even owe anyone an explanation. I was only trying to explain my position in a courteous and respectful manner, in the hope that you would understand. You don't, but that's no longer my problem.

My problems have nothing to do with my ego, they have to do with SURVIVAL but you apparently don't understand that either. And for me, this is not just a 'financial and ecomonic war' as you say. I've been in this war all my life, and for me it's a spiritual war. To each his own.....

The last time I checked, I was not a soldier in anyone's army, including yours. But your attitude is like that of a C.O. who expects the 'good soldiers' --namely, me Rayelan and Richard-- to snap to! every time a directive is issued....

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

RM News is not the only website on the net and we are not the only journalists in the country. Speaking strictly for myself, as I don't know how Rayelan or Richard feel about this, I suggest you find some good soldiers elsewhere.

I truly wish you all the best, love and God's blessings.

More responses from VK.

[What in the world is wrong with you people?

This world involves more people than Rayelan, Richard, Barbara.. People rely heavily upon each of us! This is not a time for this bull crap! You were a military wife! You know what the rules of engagement are! You also know WHEN AMMUNITION IS NEEDED ON THE FRONT LINES, AS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE; YOU DO NOT LEAVE THE AMMUNITION SITTING ON THE DAMMED WAGONS BECAUSE "YOU HAVE A HANGNAIL."

You people have sorely let the people of this country down. The People rely heavily on you for getting the information to them that REGULAR MEDIAS "CONCEAL FROM THEM."
I really do not have time for these childish games.

I would have, and have supported you until HELL FROZE OVER. But for this show of pettyness & childishness at this nations HOUR OF NEED.. I am at loss as to what further to say.]

Now let's move on to excerpts from the recent public postings and messages written by VK Durham. My comments follow.


[All of you have "keys" and "bits and pieces"..of THE CAUSE of this current mess confronting all of us at this time in regards to the GLOBAL WARFARE OF ECONOMICS & BANKING.....

Barbara, it is very clear, you are not aware of any of this, or you would not have responded as you did yesterday.]


I have never claimed to be knowlegable about economic matters. This is not my area of expertise. But my response (my comments about NOT supporting the treason of G.W. Bush, given above) would certainly have been made under ANY circumstances, regardless of what I know and understand --or don't--about economic matters or other issues addressed by VK Durham.

My position is based on my OWN knowledge, many years of personal experience, research and areas of professional expertise. More importantly, I am and will remain, a patriot and defender of the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic until the day I die.


[You had better read what has been posted. This is no time for "ego's" of the FEMALE'S. I know what went on regarding BONUS 3392-181. You guys know what you know, and it sure as hell is NOT BONUS 3392-181.]


No, I do not know about the bonus. As for 'egos of the females', that is a non-issue. My gender is irrelevant and my ego has nothing to do with my position.


[We have a problem with UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES which effect us all. This is why I keep pounding "UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL."]


United on WHOSE agenda? Who appointed VK Durham as Commanding Officer for the rest of us?

Speaking strictly for myself, I do not 'unite' with anyone unless that individual concurs with my principles, and vice versa. United we Stand is in fact the latest motto of the Bush administration, in an effort to force citizens to march willingly into his Police State and endorse his warmongering and tyrannical, treasonous and outright pathological behavior. On that, count me out!


[Right now, I am "guarding the backside" of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY. I would do the same if it were CLINTON under the same set of circumstances.]


Fine, that's her choice. That's HER decision and HER position, not mine.
[THE AL QAEDA-AL KADA mess has been tossed into the air, and it will, I assure you, it WILL FALL ON THE SHOULDERS OF THOSE "WHO DROPPED THE NATIONAL SECURITY BALL."

First, I must explain to Ms. Hartwell, my statement earlier made that she was not fully informed to wit.

There has never been the "option" of airing "personal issues-grievances" to the American People. NATIONAL SECURITY came first.]


My duty as a patriot is to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, NOT to protect so-called "National Security". As I have stated publicly since 1994, any 'National Security' oaths I may have taken, either by verbal consent, or signed by me, were taken under coercion, duress and/or mind control. I feel absolutely NO loyalty to the corrupt bastards (including members of the Bush Crime Family) who forced me into these 'agreements' against my will.


[All of us are aware of the GROSS MISTREATMENT and ABUSE received by MS. HARTWELL. Ms. Hartwell was also TRAINED not to allow PERSONAL HURTS & GRIEVANCES to CLOUD HER JUDGMENT.]

Well, VK got at least one thing right. Yes, I was trained in this manner. I was taught to compartmentalize and disassociate from my feelings. Otherwise they could not have utilized me in Psychological Operations as an intelligence analyst, much less as a field operative.

What VK apparently does NOT understand is that my personal grievances do NOT cloud my judgment and never have. Anyone who knows me well, including Rayelan and Richard, can attest to this.

In my public presentations I deal with facts, evidence and the testimony of reliable witnesses. This is how I form my judgments. I certainly have my emotions, but I am not RULED by those emotions, whether I choose to express my personal feelings publicly or not.




I do not take my 'orders' from any human entity or agency, including orders long ago issued by JFK. My 'orders' come from God, as received by me in prayer and meditation.


[Even though all of us have SUFFERED BEYOND ANY "CIVILIAN'S" COMPREHENSION, it is our DUTY to CONTINUE doing that which we SET OUT TO DO.

I have formally retired. This is my last posting regarding these issues. It is now INCUMBENT upon all of you who TOOK THE OATH to DO YOUR DUTY.]


Yes, I have suffered a living hell. But my duty, AS DETERMINED BY ME, is to defend our God-given INHERENT rights and freedoms, NO MATTER WHAT ELSE MAY BE GOING ON.

[Then, there is the matter of BARBARA and her HOSTILITIES at the "WHATEVER'S".. which bleeds out into outright rage. We all know each have been hurt tremendously by these parties that we are all fighting; BUT DAMMIT! YOU DO NOT SIT AND SUCK YOUR THUMB and THROW CHILDISH TEMPER TANTRUMS just because someone has HARD, IRREFUTABLE, UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE regarding WHAT IS, AND HAS GONE ON...]

It would appear to me that VK Durham is the one throwing the 'childish tantrums' in her 'rage' and frustration that I and others will not blindly follow her lead. I am very capable of doing my own critical thinking and making my own decisions and I am not required to recognize VK Durham --or anyone else-- as an external authority in my life. Her attitude to me is disrespectful and arrogant.

In summary, just let me say that I support Rayelan in her decision to revoke VK Durham's posting privileges in the RM News Daily Updates, as VK had taken over the whole message board to the point that there was NO ROOM left for anyone else.

Some of the people posting there complained that RM News public message board had gone downhill because VK Durham and her issues were monopolizing the board.

As for myself, I have more important issues to address and other priorities than VK Durham and her agenda. I bear no malice against VK in my heart. I sincerely wish her the best and all of God's blessings.

But this "child" has no intention of further draining my precious time and energy in arguments and conflicts with VK.

And that's about all I have to say.

Thanks Y'all, for listening and God bless.

Barbara Hartwell
February 2, 2003


Now, to 2008, and the 'election' of the unconstitutional usurper, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. Here, an excerpt from a report (2008), in which VK Durham's glowing accolade for Obama is included, as an example of exactly the mentality which is destroying this country. So much for VK Durham's "patriotism" and her defense of the Constitution...just more agenda politics, more of the same old, same old...


NOTE: I am reposting this report from November, 2008, exposing Barack Hussein Obama.

Why? Because all that I have predicted about the communist usurper is coming true, with a vengeance. Because I am absolutely disgusted with the utter stupidity, the lunacy, the idiocy, of the New Age Obama sycophants, especially those like James F. Marino and the "news agents" of Rumor Mill News (see their comments on Obama here) who have vilified Barbara Hartwell and others who issued the same warnings.
As far as I am concerned, the leftists and liberals, the communists, the socialists, the progressives, the proponents of "democracy"...all of them are mentally ill. It is a form of insanity to defend any form of political ideology that would even begin to encroach on the God-given rights of the Individual.

Are these morons happy now? Somehow, I don't think so. But they will have to live with the knowledge that they will be held accountable by those of us who stand for the Truth, and who defend Liberty with no compromises.

To all those who defended, promoted and embraced Barack Hussein Obama:

May we forget that you were ever our countrymen.
By: V.K. Durham

A new broom did a 'clean sweep' making history happened in this 2008 presidential election.. We saw a young man declare his principles which we also heard from another young presidential hopeful many years ago.. that being John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

As we mingled with Americans of our generation who, in the 1950's-60's fought for Equal Rights. We heard the same voices we heard all those many years when Thurgood Marshall and our groups who years ago were speaking out against "Un-Equality and In-Justice", who were voicing thier reasons for supporting this young black American running for the office of the president of the United States..being the same as ours those many years ago.

As the world watch's.. We as Americans must "practice what we have preached" around the world.. As the world watch's.. Black Americans now have that chance to "practice what they preach" regarding Global Peace, Jobs, Housing, Education, Equality, Health Care, Equal Protection and etc..

We must go forward into a new generation of World Leaders who claim to speak the new language of the Old Democratic form of Government.. We must do so .. for if we do not.. God help us all.. the People will not support more corruption, more despotism, or more omnipitance from those in offices of public trust in Washington, District of Columbia.. which in essence was the reason the WE the People spoke so loudly voting thier choice of Representation in THE WHITE HOUSE in 2008.

Barack Obama makes history

Obama speaks as the first black president-elect, affirming that "change has come."
You political hacks and media whores, with your agenda politics, your scams and hoaxes, your backroom deals and bogus news stories, you who willfully and knowingly promote false information, as well as promoting your fellow liars who are peddling it, at the expense of those of us who love this country, who stand only for the truth, and are willing to fight to the death to secure Liberty for our children and grandchildren, there is NO EXCUSE for you.
In your self-interested pursuit of all your political shenanigans, of ego-gratification and material riches, it may have escaped your notice that people are being tortured and persecuted, right here in America, simply for standing in defense of what we hold most dear: Our God-given rights and liberties. I know and love many of those people, they are my friends and family.
And when I die, as I'm sure I will, possibly sooner than later, as a direct result of the government's longterm and continuing assaults on me --including, but not limited to the fact that they have driven me into such dire poverty that, having no support whatsoever I can rely on from anyone, I haven't much of a chance even to survive-- my blood will be on your hands, as will the blood of all others whose lives you helped to destroy with your calumny, your lies, and your offensive against our precious Sovereign Liberty.
May we forget you were ever our countrymen.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 12, 2013
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Old Orchard Beach
Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA