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Monday, March 18, 2013

Political Targets & Medical Malpractice

Appreciation for your courage
Dr. Carpenter:
Few human beings face the corrupt prosecution of the United States Department of Justice, who seeks out the best among us for total destruction. Fewer still maintain their integrity as you have in resisting such outrageous and illegal attacks. As you struggle to overcome the evil forces imposed upon you by such thugs in power, you have my prayers and admiration.
-- Note to Dr. Antonella Carpenter from former FBI agent Geral Sosbee
On the Saturday, March 16 broadcast of The Medical Conspiracy, Dr. Carpenter and I discussed the issue of widespread and pervasive medical malpractice, including the false diagnoses of patients, the pushing of drugs where they are inappropriate and unnecessary, and the connections among the medical establishment, pharmaceutical companies and intelligence/law enforcement agencies, which comprise a massive network of Big Government corruption.
As a case in point, we brought up a recent incident in the life of former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, in which Geral had gone to see a medical doctor for an exam. Here is his report. My comments follow.
Also see copy of medical report at this link.
Incorrect or False Medical Report Seeks to Discredit Victim of DEW Assaults
From Harlingen, Texas
March 16, 2013
This medical update is provided for two primary purposes:
1) assist all Targets of inhumane DEW and related attacks, so that each person so affected can fully realize the threat of misdiagnosis posed by some medical professionals
2) to provide a record of the utter failure of the medical community to provide a presumption in favor of the patient (a victim of high tech and other disturbing assaults) that in fact his condition and symptoms do not constitute, nor indicate, any form of paranoia
As shown in the medical report attached hereto, I presented for a routine medical exam on March 5, 2013, to Dr. Robert F. Holder of Harlingen, Texas. [I am referred to Dr. Holder by Dr. Asase who saved my life and who has the highest praise for Dr. Holder. ]
I explained to Dr. Holder some of the symptoms related to DEW assaults and I briefly outlined my belief that the fbi is engaged in a high tech vendetta against me for reporting their crimes to the US Congress. I stated that sleep deprivation and related crimes against my person by government thugs are causing many medical symptoms
Dr. Holder entered his findings in his report which is comprised of three (3) pages; I edited and patch worked the relevant portions of his report for this update, so that one page of his report is shown here. The exam took place on the fifth of March, 2013, but on the seventh of March, 2013, the doctor revisted his medical chart to add the finding of "Paranoia Delusional Disorder".
I believe that the doctor is probably an excellent physician (unless the reader infer otherwise) and I hope that all medical doctors will better inform themselves of the need for patients to feel free to accurately report high tech assaults against them without concern that the doctors may incorrectly enter a startlingly false 'psychiatric diagnosis.' I also believe that Dr. Holder may have read some of my reports on line and that perhaps such a reading tended to confirm in his mind his initial incorrect determination on March 7, 2013.
This report is not intended to disparage any person, and in time I trust that government officials and professionals in medicine, dentistry and law (inter alia) will become truthful in dealing with some of the most urgent high tech (DEW) issues of our time. Otherwise, actual delusion sweeps over the world within the ranks of the very intellects we all look to sometimes for guidance and/or assistance.
Any person who calls another person delusional must take care that such name calling may reflect a de facto delusional state with respect to complex matters outside of the immediate expertise or experience of both the layman and the doctor.
After reading his report, I have discussed this situation at length with Geral, and have drawn my own conclusions.
First, I should make it clear that I myself have been a Target of such DEW (directed energy weapons), and I am well acquainted with the attendant symptoms. When I first went public with my case of persecution by the government (1995), I did speak often of these assaults, in public lectures, on radio & TV programs and in my written reports.
(In one television interview, in February 1998, I briefly described some of the assaults with this weaponry. Former CIA agent Chip Tatum, also being interviewed with me, corroborated my testimony, which included being knocked unconscious, and admitted that he himself had used such anti-personnel technology against Targets during his tenure with CIA.) 
I am not a scientist, nor have any expertise on this technology; however, I have learned a great deal about these anti-personnel weaponry systems, through my own research, which I found necessary, given that they had been deployed against me, as well as others close to me. I have also worked with experts on this technology in field investigations, in which we were able to document the use of this technology against Targets, including myself. 
What I do know, beyond a shadow of doubt, is that the assaults on Targets are very real, and in some cases, continue over a period of many years. 
Such has been the case of Geral Sosbee, who was forced out of the FBI in 1978. His "crime"? Defending the constitutionally protected rights of all and sundry. Honoring his oath to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Refusing to become a part of the internal corruption running rampant in the FBI.
And what was the method employed by the FBI, in order to force him out? He was surrounded by half a dozen of his fellow special agents, who threatened: Retire now, or you will be incarcerated in a mental institution. So, according to these thugs, defending God-given rights and liberties constitutes not only an unpardonable "crime", but indicates insanity?
This hideous mentality (which in and of itself is not only insane, but criminally insane) is what we are up against. Anyone who defends Liberty, who refuses to compromise with evil, in any of its many forms; anyone who reports the truth about the ways they are being targeted for persecution, will be labeled as "insane". The crazies are in charge of the asylum.
In this case, the doctor issues a diagnosis of  "Paranoia Delusional Disorder." But on what basis? Is Dr. Holder a psychiatrist? No, he is not. He is therefore not qualified to make such a diagnosis. Did Geral Sosbee seek out any form of psychiatric care? No, he did not, nor was that ever an issue of concern to him.
Geral Sosbee presented himself for a physical examination. He described certain symptoms, which he knew from many years of being assaulted with this directed-energy anti-personnel weaponry, to be a direct result of the assaults. For example, sleep deprivation, which has been used as a standard method of torture by intelligence agencies around the world. Yes, torture. That is what we are dealing with, in case anyone thinks otherwise.
One of the purposes of a neutralization campaign against a Target is to maintain long-term states of  extreme stress to destabilize every area of a Target's life. Assaults with high-tech weaponry certainly accomplish this goal, as aside from the physiological symptoms and damages, there is intense emotional distress which cannot possibly be avoided in such a situation. But there is a great difference between "paranoia"  and "delusion" and the natural physical and emotional effects of such assaults.
To label a person as "delusional" is to claim that the reported assaults are imaginary, rather than an actual event. Thus the purpose is to discredit the Target (in this case a de facto whistleblower, whose credentials are well established and documented for the public record), so that anything else he reports (government corruption, crimes, conspiracies, coverups) will also be disbelieved.
According to Geral, Dr. Holder spent a period of less than half an hour with him during the examination. At no time was there a discussion of anything but the nature of the specific symptoms, and Geral's truthful statements about the assaults on his person with the weaponry.
Also note that Dr. Holder only added his diagnosis of "Paranoia Delusional Disorder" to his report  two days AFTER the examination. Why? During this time he had no further contact with Geral Sosbee.
So, here we have a "psychiatric" diagnosis, by a person not qualified to make such a diagnosis; for which there was no basis whatsoever to make such a diagnosis; but which now appears on a formal medical report in connection with Geral Sosbee's name. The very same tactic which had been used against him in 1978, when he was forced out of the FBI. The very same tactic used against him repeatedly, over more than three decades: to impugn the sanity of the Target so that he will be dismissed as a nutcase.
Lastly, I have my own opinion about Dr. Holder. And, unlike Dr. Holder's, my opinion is one I am qualified to make, as it is a "considered professional opinion", based on the areas of expertise I have developed, due to my own background and training. Among my areas of expertise are psychological operations and counterintelligence operations.
My opinion is that Dr. Holder is acting as an agent of such operations against Geral Sosbee. He is acting in collusion with others of his ilk, engaging in a malicious effort to destroy Geral Sosbee's life. Dr. Holder has not only made a false diagnosis, he is engaging in medical malpractice and violating the ethical standards which all physicians are sworn to uphold.
Dr. Holder should therefore be reported to any and all medical boards for his abuses of his patients. I use the plural "patients" because it is unlikely that Geral Sosbee is the first, or only patient to be treated in such an abusive and hostile manner.
Dr. Holder, and all his brethren, must be seen for what they are: inductees of The Brotherhood of Death and Destruction.
Note again Geral Sosbee's comment to Dr. Carpenter, also a Target of counterintelligence operations, involving the medical establishment and the FDA.
"Few human beings face the corrupt prosecution of the United States Department of Justice, who seeks out the best among us for total destruction."
"Total destruction".  Make no mistake, that is the objective of the network of evildoers, the Brotherhood of Death and Destruction, who target anyone who is deemed a threat to their New World Order Police State. Whether it's an honest FBI agent who defends Liberty and constitutionally protected God-given rights, or a doctor who practices holistic medicine, which "does no harm", who is now in the crosshairs of a Grand Jury Investigation, falsely accused of "fraud".
These individuals are treated as if they are criminals, when in fact they are true heroes for humanity.
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.
Isaiah 5:20
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 18, 2013
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