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Saturday, March 2, 2013


NOTE: This report comes from former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee. It describes some of the tactics used against him by corrupt government agencies and their minions.
You will notice that in the campaign against him, the assaults on his person are accompanied by outrageous libel, especially here: 
"They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater."
I have known Geral Sosbee for twelve (12) years, as a friend and professional colleague, in fact he is my best friend, a status he has earned by his unwavering loyalty, support and respect in his treatment of me.  This statement by the provocateur and anonymous coward, "paint me doubtful", is absolutely ludicrous. (How dare you, you lowlife punk!)
Geral is one of the most non-violent persons I have ever known. He does not advocate violence, he does not employ violence, he does not condone violence.  Even in cases where he has been physically assaulted, he does not allow himself to be provoked into responding with violence. (Provocation is the name of the game, and he knows it.)
And in making these statements, I speak from many years of hearing and reading his testimony regarding the atrocities visited upon him. Like Geral, I have documented much of his history as a Target of government persecution on my own website. No one in their right mind, no one with any discernment, could possibly believe that there is any criminal intent on his part.
I can absolutely guarantee (I would stake my life on it) that Geral Sosbee would never commit any act of terrorism, against innocent people, or otherwise.
On the other hand, the rampant criminality of the FBI, DOJ, CIA et al (all of whom have been persecuting him for more than two decades) is clearly defined in his reports, and may be easily understood by anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 2, 2013
By Geral Sosbee
Employees of doj, fbi, cia  and other government agencies have participated in or covered up  (and thereby served as accomplices to) multiple and ongoing felonies against my person for at least two decades, such offenses including aggravated assault, attempted murder, torture, etc.

The doj’s  (and fbi’s ) own lawyer, Sara R.  Robinson, by her own words of admission to guilty knowledge should be disbarred and prosecuted for her part in the fbi’s crime spree as outlined at

See her statement at

where she pleads to the corrupt judges who are also accomplices to the same crimes: “Sosbee…”   alleges  “…that he is the current target of extensive fbi surveillance and that agents of the United States government are engaging in ‘abusive and unlawful electronic surveillance of Sosbee  …invading his home and car…and planting drugs in his food.”

All who read my Writ may readily understand the damage to the United States that  is done by the lies of the US Attorney who brings disgrace to that office and simultaneously  increases the animosity already extant in the world against the assassins and torturers of the United States government.


History now records the demise of the United States of America and all persons  who allowed this nation to sink to the status of World Terrorist Supreme.

My work is nearly finished and my legacy in exposing the terrorists of the United States government may be found in the expanding list of friends of freedom  and allies of humanity whom  I discover in every region of the globe.


The fbi and Army team up with a homicidal operative using alias "paint me doubtful" to attempt to scare the public as a result of my recent reports.Today, the fbi operative states as follows at

"They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater."

No doubt the homicidal sociopaths of fbi and Army in fact seek a way to silence this reporter of their atrocities, even after years of violent assaults on my person by fbi, police and their operatives. My responses have always been to record by testimony in court and by personal reports on line such assaults. Two incidents of attempts by fbi to provoke a violent response by their operatives are documented here by police reports:

Then see :

The site meter entries below show the visits to the following report by fbi and Army.

Here is the evidence that Army maniacs and CJIS thugs commiserate over their quandary:

Note: This portion removed due to formatting. Please see original report at this link:

After the above report was published at

fbi disinformation operative and provocateur who calls himself 'doubtful' enters the following libelous smear:

"The most incompetent government agencies in the world

26.Feb.2013 13:30

paint me doubtful

Millions upon millions of dollars and man hours wasted watching this imbecile and no results. What in the world justifies spending so much time and money watching this goober? They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance."

A careful review of the above quoted verbal attack by 'doubtful' may reveal to some readers the following facts: The fbi operative admits to multiyear and illegal surveillance on Sosbee, costing millions of dollars;


the real reason for the fbi campaign against Sosbee is to provoke an unacceptable response so that he may be arrested and confined; the goal of the fbi is to feed off of violence (like a vulture feeds on carcass), but first the homicidal fbi/cia need violence and a carcass which are denied them by Sosbee.


The fbi operative also reveals his fixation on mass murder and his fraudulent suggestion as to how to prevent such carnage is a hint of fbi/cia domestic operations against whistleblowers and others who report on US government atrocities.

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