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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fight to the Death for Truth

Fight to the death for truth and the Lord God will fight for you.
Ecclesiasticus of Sirach
I was a guest on The Medical Conspiracy Saturday, December 29, 2012, hosted by Dr. Antonella Carpenter and Randy Simmons, on which we exposed psychiatrist Rima Laibow and her husband Major General Albert Stubblebine as governnment-sponsored perpetrators of mind control, among other atrocities, such as heinous abuse of innocent animals in voodoo-science psychic warfare  experiments.
The Mind Rapers
On January 4, 2013 I posted a report, which again exposed Laibow and Stubblebine for their demonic activities and crimes against humanity.
I also included a short summary written by Harry Link of Truth Broadcast Network, his favorable  comments promoting Rima Laibow, advertising a forthcoming show hosted by Howard Nema, on which Rima Laibow had accepted an invitation to be a guest. Harry Link called Laibow a "whistle-blower", which she most certainly is not.
My decision to expose Rima Laibow was based on her psy op video, "I am Adam Lanza's Doctor", which was posted all over the Internet, and was not prompted by Harry Link's promotion of her.
But the way I saw it, Harry Link was promoting false information about a fraudulent (and dangerous)  individual, which needed to be refuted for the benefit of those who care about the truth. So I presented some facts from my own research, and information based on my considered professional opinion as to the Psy Ops run by Laibow and her corrupt government cronies.
Prior to this time, Howard Nema had co-hosted a program on TRUTH TALK NEWS with Vincent Blasone and Harry Link, an interview with Fritz Springmeier, on December 10, 2012. Springmeier was shortly thereafter heavily promoted by Harry Link on Truth Broadcast Network, including a large banner which exclaimed: SPRINGMEIER IS BACK!!! Additionally, there were large advertisements encouraging the public to buy Springmeier's books.
Considering the fact that I had thoroughly investigated Fritz Springmeier since the mid-1990s and long ago reached several conclusions, based on facts and material evidence, that Springmeier (among other things) is a charlatan, a false Christian, a mind control handler and a criminal whose books, articles and radio/video presentations are filled with disinformation about a number of subjects, most notably government mind control operations.
Some time back, in the Spring of 2012, Howard had asked for my opinion on Springmeier, whom he had interviewed on his program a few times; these interviews took place before Howard and I were acquainted. In response to his request, I sent Howard some documentation. And I made it very clear in several telephone conversations what I thought of Springmeier and some of his associates, who promote the "Monarch" project as a CIA operation under MK Ultra, when in fact it was not.
It is important to state that my knowledge of these issues is based on my professional background, my extensive personal experience and many years of research and investigations, as well as my expertise on counterintelligence operations.
So frankly, I was outraged when I watched the Springmeier interview on TRUTH TALK NEWS, in which he was touted as a "political prisoner" (in fact, he did prison time for bank robbery), and "mind control expert" (those who consider "Monarch" to be a CIA operation, out of ignorance, or for an agenda, might agree, but that does not change the facts.)
Shortly thereafter, I decided that I could not allow this promotion of Springmeier to go unchallenged, so I did a show with Dr. Carpenter (The Medical Conspiracy), on which we exposed the facts about Fritz Springmeier (aka Victor E. Schoff aka Arthur Alexander Jr. --and yes, I've seen the forged I.D.s in both those names, of which I may still have copies in my files, and if I find them, will publish them as evidence.)
I also, as a matter of principle, removed the links on my website for TRUTH TALK NEWS and Truth Broadcast Network. As I explained on the air, I refuse to promote any network or individual who is promoting liars, charlatans, disinformation specialists, government shills, criminals or other wrongdoers. That is my policy and not subject to compromise.
Before the Springmeier interview on December 10, Howard had told me he wanted to "expose" Springmeier on the air, after a series of interviews, and asked me what I thought about that. What I told him was that this would not be my way of dealing with anyone; that I do not condone such a "set up"; and that lastly, I did not want my name connected to any of this, nor mentioned on the air, nor used a "source", should he choose to go through with this plan, which I considered unwise.
(To give credit where it is due, Howard honored my request regarding my name.)
Aside from this, since there were others involved, namely Harry Link and Vinny Blasone (who unlike Howard, were not my associates or friends), Howard's co-hosts, I explained that I did not want to get in the middle of any of this, and wanted no involvement whatsoever. And though I refused to give advice on this matter, when asked, I told Howard the truth about what I thought: that this would backfire and in the process compromise his own credibility.
As it turned out, the consequences I had predicted came to pass. Howard later told me that I was "right about everything" (including Springmeier and Laibow) and after much consideration, made a decision to sever his ties with Truth Broadcast Network. It's not my place to speak for Howard, but he did send me this announcement, with permission to post on my website:
I have severed all relations to Truth Broadcast Network and all other affiliated websites to dedicate my time and resources to and my own show, TRUTH TALK NEWS which can be viewed on and, Archives @   I am on hiatus until future notice.
Howard Nema
January 4, 2013
All of the above being said, it came as no surprise that Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski, leaped out of the woodwork to assault Howard Nema, whom he had been harassing ever since early 2012, when Howard began to have Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane (all of whom are high-profile Targets of COINTELPRO, as well as personal Targets for stalking, harassment, libel/slander by White) as regular guests on his program.
Predicate felon Tim White targeted Barbara Hartwell for criminal harassment in 2001, at the behest of corrupt feds with whom he made a deal for a get-out-of-jail-free card. A dozen years...and counting, this career criminal and government stooge is still on the case.
Tim White obsessively monitors my website, and no sooner is a report posted than Tim White springs into action, harassing anyone whose name is mentioned (good guys promoted or bad guys exposed), making false accusations, calling vile names, spreading government-sponsored disinformation and outrageous lies against me and anyone I promote or support.
Here, Tim White's harassing e-mail to Howard Nema:
From: Tim White
To: Howard Nema/
Cc: Todd Brendan Fahey friend of liberty; Xena Carpenter/who is NOT Todd Fahey
Sent: Friday, January 4, 2013
YOU ARE AN IGNORANT ASSHOLE NEMA....................................
The Medical Conspiracy Exposes Rima Laibow & "The Mind Rapers"  
Tim White accuses Barbara Hartwell of "attacking" Howard Nema. But, as usual, with the idiotic pronouncements of this Busybody-from-Hell, nothing could be further from the truth.
I suppose, according to the likes of Tim White, that stating facts which expose the truth about perpetrators (such as Rima Laibow) constitutes an "attack".
I must also reasonably conclude that Tim White considers presenting factual information about a person (Howard Nema) who is involved with a network (Truth Broadcast Network) who is promoting a government shill to be an "attack".
At no time did I "attack" Howard Nema. Furthermore, Howard knows that and never considered my exposure of Rima Laibow, or Fritz Springmeier, or the fact that Truth Broadcast Network (run by Harry Link) is promoting these shills, as an "attack" on him personally.
Rather, Howard Nema recognized the fact that I was simply making my very clear and adamant position on these issues public, which is what I always do; that if there was at any time a disagreement between Howard and me, on any issue, that I would recognize his right to disagree, and independently go about my own work as a journalist without interfering with his. And let the chips fall where they may.
People are entitled to express their opinions, to write articles and reports, to broadcast on radio or TV, and if they disagree, so be it. It happens all the time. It's called freedom of speech. Does this mean that someone expressing a dissenting opinion from another person is "attacking" that other person? Not to any reasonable person, it doesn't.
There was never any animosity between me and Howard Nema. Howard is my friend, and that has not changed. I decided to publicly state that I could not in good conscience support or promote Truth Broadcast Network, because of a series of events I could not condone.
Howard himself subsequently made the decision to become independent of Truth Broadcast Network, for his own reasons, which it is not my place to elaborate on, and not my story to tell.
Unlike Tim White, I am not a busybody, a false accuser, nor have appointed myself a Town Crier for other people's business.
I am completely independent, and as such, I will continue to do my own investigations, my own research and report my findings, based on the facts and the evidence I compile. I will continue to practice the principles I believe in, and to denounce liars, shills, mountebanks and criminals.
My interest is in the truth, and if I offend others by refusing to stray from the truth, so be it. If others want to consider my reports, based on truth, to be "attacks", so be it.
I'm not here to curry favor with anyone, nor to win a popularity contest. I am not a people-pleaser, nor approval seeker. I couldn't give a tinker's damn "what people think". 
A friend of the world is the enemy of God. But the true believer in God will always have a love of the truth.
"Fight to the death for truth and the Lord God will fight for you."
Ecclesiasticus of Sirach
Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 9, 2013
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