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Monday, November 7, 2011

Telephone Harassment by CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 800*463*9293


This morning I received yet another harassing telephone call from this number: 800-463-9293, which belongs to a collection agency called Capital Management.

The aggressors making these calls have been disturbing my peace and invading my privacy for many months. They never left a message on the machine, never identified themselves, just kept calling, day in and day out.

Not recognizing the number as an authorized caller, I ignored the first few calls, months ago, and just didn't pick up the phone. When the calls continued, I checked the number on my caller ID, and I called back.  I stated that someone from this number was making unauthorized, unwanted calls to a PRIVATE UNLISTED number and issued a very clear directive for them to STOP calling.

The woman who answered my call asked me for my name. I told her that my name was none of her business and made it clear to her that whoever they were, they had no business with me; that the calls were harassment and must stop immediately. You have the WRONG NUMBER.

"But you don't even know who we're calling for!", she said.  That's right, I told her. I don't know and what's more, I don't care who you are calling for.  In fact, I don't give a tinker's damn you you are calling for!  

The ONLY issue is that you people have NO BUSINESS with me, whose PRIVATE UNLISTED number you keep calling, and I am directing you to stop  the  harassing calls.  I then told her, I am going to hang up now, this conversation is terminated, and don't call this number again. Unbelievably, she said, "Well, I'll just try back tomorrow".  I repeated: DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER EVER AGAIN, and I ended the call. 

Un-f---ing believable! What the hell!

The harassing calls continued.  At the times I was in the room where the answering machine is, when I saw the number come up on the caller ID  (800-463-9293), I picked up the phone, just hit the answer button and then immediately clicked off, ending the call, nipping these bastards in the bud.  Other times, I would come home and see the number on the call log, but the harassers never left a message.

Today, at just after 8AM, my peaceful morning was disrupted by another harassing call. The machine was off, but I saw the number of these scumbags on the caller ID.  So (once again) I called back.  A woman answered the phone, with "Hello".  I stated (once again) that I continue to receive harassing calls from this number, despite the fact that I had directed them to stop.  I told her (once again) that whoever you are, you are making harassing calls to a PRIVATE UNLISTED number, to a person who has NO BUSINESS with you. You have the WRONG NUMBER.

The woman then said that she would hang up if I "kept yelling" at her. Now, I was at the blood-boiling point. Listen, you moron, STOP HARASSING ME. NOW. Do not call this number ever again. You have no right to harass me and you have NO BUSINESS with me!

The idiot then hung up the phone. So I called back. This time, she answered, "Capital Management", in a chirpy idiotic secretary's voice.  So that's who you are, I said. Capital Management. Now at least I know WHO is making these harassing calls. She then said, "If you keep screaming at me, and being abusive, I'll just hang up again, but I'll need your telephone number so I can take it off the list ."

You idiot! Abusive? You haven't seen abusive, you low grade moron.  You people are the ones harassing me, and you have a hell of a nerve to tell me that you will hang up the phone, when all I am trying to do is get you off my case and stop the harassment!

I gave the moron the telephone number, and said TAKE THIS NUMBER OFF YOUR DAMN LIST!   I told her that if I receive even one more harassing call after today I will report it to the police as  continuing harassment.

"Ma'am, Ma'am, wait... I need to get your name..." she whined.  No, you won't be getting any such thing. You have the number, now take it OFF your damn list. NOW. And I hung up the phone.

Who the hell do these scumbags think they are?

I looked them up online, along with their telephone number. I found out that they are a company called Capital Management.

Capital Management Services

726 Exchange Street
Suite 700
Buffalo, NY 14210

700 Executive Center
Drive Ste 300
Greenville, SC 29615

800-457-8220 (toll-free)
Greenville,SC :



Then I looked up their website: 

First thing, as soon as I got onto the website, I was accosted by some loud obnoxious "music", so I shut off the sound.

Here's a sample of the smarmy stupidity touted by Capital Management.
Capital Management Services Mission Statement

"To be the Best In Class Receivables Specialist throughout the industry through deliberate and definitive response to growth and change."



In my online search (surprise, surprise!) I found that I was only one among many people being harassed by these collection agency scumbags. In fact, they are notorious for their harassment tactics.

Here is just one testimonial.


Capital Management Services L.P. Harrassment of an individual the company knows is not the debtor in question Buffalo New York

In 2006, this company contacted me regarding a debt that was not mine. They used intimidation and threatening phone messages about my credit in an effort to obtain a return call.

I was finally able to speak with a supervisor. I was assured this situation was a mistake. My name and contact information would be documented so I would not receive a call again.

At that time, I gave the supervisor all information related to the debtor in question. This included the false use of my name on a credit application and the use of his social security information to avoid idenity theft. I even gave them the last known state and city location.

On December 17, 2007, I received a phone call from a Mr. Forke from Capital Management regarding my credit with Chase Bank. When I returned the call, Capital Management, of course, had the wrong individual again. I was told that this situation should not be upsetting if I do not have credit issues.

They also identified themselves as working for Chase Bank as a representative of the company. I asked specifically if Capital management purchased the debt or was working in conjunction with Chase. I was told Capital Management was working with Chase.

I contacted Chase to resolve the matter with them as I am a credit card member. I was told that Capital Management has no affiliation what so ever with Chase.

It appears that Capital Management uses misrepresentation as another harassment technique.

On Friday, December 21, I received a voice mail at my place of employment from the very same Mr. Forke.

It is obvious that Capital Management has assigned this debt to an agent again. It is also clear that any past documentation associated with the situation has been removed.

Being a very complex individual, the agent went to the internet and found my name and phone numbers. Clearly a genius at work.

Capital Management does not care who they harass.

Capital Management does not document any information that could help them locate the correct debtor.

Capital Management simply uses any and every available resource and harrasses every person with the same name along the way.

I understand that debtors need to be held accountable.

However, Capital Management must also be held accountable for unscrupulous tactics.

Loveland, Colorado


Attention All Scumbags, Usurers & Scavengers:

Your minion, the aggressive busybody I spoke to on the phone today, wanted my name. Well, now you have it, but not in the way you hoped for.  And I assure you, you'll be sorry you ever heard of it.

Capital Management has absolutely NO BUSINESS with Barbara Hartwell. Got that?

I have no dealings with usurers, scavengers and scumbags, and especially those who extort their blood money by working for --or using the services of-- a collection agency.

Your aggressive collection of "receivables", as you scavengers call them, by tactics of harassment, deception, invasions of privacy, threats and coercion,  have absolutely nothing to do with me.

You have no business attempting to extract information from me; no business harassing me at my PRIVATE UNLISTED telephone number; no business whatsoever in any way, shape or form, with me.

I do not owe you anything. I have no dealings with Chase Bank (apparently your primary client) or for that matter any bank. I do not use credit cards.  I have no "credit rating" because I do not use credit. Nor do I ever contract for the purchase of goods or services which I cannot pay for.  And that is the ONLY information you will ever get from me. It is information I have already made public for many years on this website, so I don't care who knows it.  I advise you to take it seriously, though, because I will not tolerate your continuing  harassment.

I was outraged, reading some of the many complaints about you in the reports all over the Internet, exposing you for the busybodies, liars, swindlers and scamsters you are.

My next step will be to track down your names and expose them as well. I will also file formal complaints with the Attorney General in the states of New York and Maine.

And, just for good measure, I will report your company, Capital Management, to the local police for harassment, which at least will stop the aggressive harassing calls.

You have been warned. You have now been directed in this public statement to STOP THE HARASSMENT OF BARBARA HARTWELL.

I state for the public record that I encourage anyone reading this who has also been a target of your malicious harassment and invasions of privacy to make a formal complaint against you; to document and publish their testimony against you.

And know this: You lowlife scavengers haven't heard the last from me. You can take that to the bank.

Barbara Hartwell Percival

November 5, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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